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Anne Robertson - SARS committee member and Speaker Reviewer

Anne Robertson

Introducing Myself – Annefertiti’s astromusings

Greetings from Annefertiti! Welcome to my blog and my first musing which I hope will resonate with you on some level.

You may wonder about my title – it is a play on words on with my name Anne and Nefertiti the wife of Akenaten and step mother of Tutankhamen – I have always loved everything to do with Ancient Egypt – an amazing civilisation and when I went there in 1992 I had the opportunity to visit Tutankhamen’s tomb. It had been closed for quite a long time for repairs but I took it as a good omen that it was again open for visitors when I was there. I also have the goddess Hathor alter ego of Isis as my logo on my business card. More about my Egyptian connections later.

What better time to start a blog than when the Moon is in practical earthy Taurus sextiling inspirational Neptune and the healing vibes of Chiron! I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while but finally with the help and promptings from my dear friends and astro colleagues Kerrie Redgate and Heather Cameron, this neophyte to cyberspace has taken the plunge! Even though I have a square between Venus and Neptune natally I have learned over the years to use this square to my advantage, tapping into my muse and writing poetry. I am also cognisant of the fact that Neptune is the esoteric ruler of my sun sign Cancer so regard it as a celestial guide on my life’s journey .

My friend and colleague Angelika, a wise Sagittarian, did a tarot reading for me last week and could see that I was having financial challenges – the final outcome card was the Fool indicating a new cycle and we both felt that it augured well for my earning money from an unexpected source – yet to be revealed!.

I am sure that many of you who view my blog will probably have some knowledge about astrology and will have heard of the celestial phenomena that is gracing our skies at the very time that I am writing my first blog and that is the Grand Cardinal Cross. It will affect many of us especially those of us who like me have planets in cardinal signs in our natal charts i.e. Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra.

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter/Uranus are currently forming a Cardinal T square in the heavens. With these diametrically opposed energies of Saturn representing status quo and restriction vying against the rebellious, unpredictable freedom loving urges of Uranus, magnified by the expansive energy of Jupiter and to add to the mix the transformative energies of Pluto, it is reminiscent of the clash of the Titans! We can all feel this pressure building up pushing us to change as individuals and as a collective to give birth to a paradigm shift in consciousness.

We can see this on a national level with Saturn in Libra making an exact square to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and Venus conjuncting Mars in Libra on Saturday August 21 – the very day we as Australians have our federal election and interesting to note that the male and female archetypes represented by Mars and Venus are personified in the choices we have, that is to elect a Venus ruled Libran woman, Julia Gillard, or a Mars ruled Scorpio male, Tony Abbott.

On  a personal level I can feel the planetary energies pushing me to rebirth myself and overcome my fears and blocks as Saturn, part of this planetary alignment, comes up to an exact square of my natal Venus representing love, money, values and creativity and soon after to conjunct my natal Neptune. At first I was overcome with fear which was even reflected in my dreams but as often happens I received the inspiration for a review of the role of Saturn in one’s life. Liz Greene said it all in her well known book, ‘A New Look at an old Devil’. However, another source of inspiration came in the form of a book I recently bought called ‘Business Astrology 101’ by American astrologer and writer Georgia Stathis. I was inspired by her lectures which I attended in January this year at the conference of Federation of Australian Astrologers in Brisbane. I felt a shiver of truth as I read in her preface that she, like me, had received her first book on Greek mythology at age seven. Her very first chapter entitled Thriving, Not Just Surviving was all about Saturn. She mentioned all the challenges that Saturn presents us but she also reminded me that the upside of Saturn is focus, direction, an ability to organise and prioritise, patience, wisdom and discernment.

Hence, with the help of Saturn, the Lord of karma, I am ceasing my procrastinating and finally getting my act together to launch my blog to expand my horizons, reach out into cyberpsace to do some serious networking. As my wise friend Angelika said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”! So I invite you my future visitors to share with me your experiences of Saturn transits and how the current celestial alignment is affecting your lives or anything else that is triggered by my musings.

Love and blessings


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