Hades Moon – Part 1

Introduction to Hades Moon
Hi again from Annefertiti. I am posting an article that I wrote for SARS website two years ago when Pluto was about to make its entry into Capricorn. I mentioned yesterday in my introductory post about the current Grand Cardinal Cross of which Pluto is one of the main players so I thought it would be timely to share this article with you. In my consultations of late I have had quite a few clients who have had Pluto transits to their natal Moon or crossing their Capricorn ascendant. After my initiation into the Underworld I have been able to share my journey and insights with them. I am presenting it in 2 consecutive posts as Part 1 and 2 so that it is easier for readers to process. I look forward to your feedback.

Hades Moon – Part 1 Jan 2008

Happy New Year everyone and what a year it is going to be with the entry of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn. Pluto has always held a fascination for me which is not surprising with my having Sun and Mercury in Cancer in the 8th house trining Jupiter in the Scorpio in the 12th. I was introduced to the mysteries of Pluto’s realm at the ripe age of seven when my schoolteacher parents gave me a book on Greek mythology, complete with illustrations of minotaurs and other scary creatures inhabiting Pluto’s domain.

My interest in Pluto and its effects on personal planets by aspect natally or by transit was intensified when transiting Pluto opposed my natal Moon and Mars in Gemini the 6th house seven years ago. A friend who had just gone through a Pluto Moon transit recommended that I read Judy Hall’s book, ‘Hades Moon’, hence the title of my article. Before sharing with you my personal journey into the Underworld I would like to share some of Judy’s insights.
Judy Hall – Karmic Astrologer
Hades Moon by Judy Hall
Judy Hall is a well known karmic astrologer in the UK who used to teach astrology with the late Howard Sasportas. In her book she acknowledges Howard’s vital role in encouraging her to write the book, ‘Hades Moon’.  Judy Hall herself has a tight square between her Scorpio Moon and Pluto so she is well qualified to write about this configuration. She has traced Pluto Moon aspects in her family back 5 generations and forward into the next 2 generations. Judy herself underwent a near death experience when giving birth this life time but chose to go back and continue living to work through the karma. The titles of the chapters of her book reveal the wide range of the scope of Pluto Moon contacts. She devotes chapters to the Mythic Moon, the Raging Moon, the Devouring Moon, the Prophetic Moon, the Cathartic Moon, the Karmic Moon, and the Psychic Moon etc. She draws on the birth charts of famous figures from royalty, literature, history and the arts to illustrate the effects of Hades Moon.
Portrait of Anne, Emily & Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Bronte
The Mythic Moon – The Bronte Family
To illustrate the Mythic Moon she relates the story of the Bronte family and in particular Branwell Bronte, the only son of a family of 5 girls. Branwell’s Pluto trine Moon is expressed by his dissolute life of addiction to drugs and alcohol, adultery, debauchery ending in his early demise. He served as a source of inspiration for the demon lover archetype for the characters inhabited by the books of his sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne – Rochester, Heathcliff and Huntingdon. The Bronte family carries the typical Hades Moon imprint with their lives being marked by scandal, secrecy, symbiotic relationships, and passion against the backdrop of the bleak Yorkshire Moors. Judy Hall claims that Pluto Moon contacts primarily concern Mothering karma. In the case of the Bronte children they lost their mother at a very young age. Other cases she cites include John Lennon whose Pluto Chiron Moon Mercury T square enabled him to express the grief of being abandoned by his mother. He also underwent primal therapy with Dr Arthur Janov which inspired his album, Primal Scream. Judy Hall refers to Pluto Moon contacts as the Prophetic moon. Both Branwell Bronte and John Lennon knew their deaths were imminent.
John Lennon & Branwell Bronte
To be continued
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