Hades Moon Part 2

The Fallout When Pluto collides with Moon and Mars
By Anne Robertson Jan 2008
In Part One of this article I wrote about Judy Hall’s experiences of Hades Moon. In Part Two I will be sharing my journey when Pluto opposed my natal Moon and Mars. Judy Hall’s book gave me much food for thought while I pondered what would be in store for me when Pluto opposed my natal Moon and Mars. However, nothing could have prepared me for the drama that was about to unfold in my life and how it would involve a whole cast of players!
Astrological Family Tree and natal Pluto Moon Aspects
On examining my astrological family tree, I discovered that my mother had Pluto square Moon while I had Pluto sextile Moon. Judy claims from her research that even the harmonious Pluto Moon Mars aspects can have a very powerful effect natally or by transit. In my case it is not surprising to learn that when Pluto opposed my natal Moon Mars in Gemini in the 6th house that I had trauma in the areas of work and health. Issues that had been simmering beneath the surface exploded into consciousness so that they could no longer be denied. I was so stressed in my teaching job that I was forced to confront the boss and when he was unable to support me I walked out. Pluto transits are very much about survival, so with my health deteriorating from the stressful work situation, I had no choice but to follow my instinct for self preservation. There was another player at work in my journey in the form of transiting Chiron which for a while was conjuncting Pluto, thus intensifying my health issues. I also had an ovarian cyst which had increased dramatically in size.  I had a pathological dread of surgery but eventually with the help of therapy, kinesiology and bush flower essences etc. I surrendered to the inevitable – major surgery to remove a benign cyst.
Pluto Moon and Projections
However, it was not only health and work issues that had to be faced and resolved. It also involved a karmic encounter with a man who acted as a catalyst to turn my life upside down, transforming me at the very core of my being. During this transit I experienced losses, not only through deaths of relatives and friends, but also through falling out with friends. I lost some women as friends when I was forced to admit that they were friendships based on co-dependency. When I fell obsessively in love with this man who personified the demon lover archetype, reminiscent of Heathcliff, certain women in my life were drawn into this Plutonian drama of love, intrigue, jealousy and passion. It was if this man and I acted as Hecate and Pluto archetypes initiating these women into the Underworld to face their own unresolved rage and pain. It was like a scene in a play where the restaurant where he worked took on the role of Hades. These women projected their unresolved relationship issues onto me. Some of these women were older than I was and entrenched in the Demeter archetype of mothering which they projected onto me to the point where I felt so suffocated that I had to remove myself from their influence. These  Demeter archetypes had major issues with their own children. What was even more telling was the fact that they all had Pluto Mars aspects in their natal charts. Judy Hall says that Pluto trine Mars indicates old abuse and misuse of power, whether victim or perpetrator.  Long after I had completed my Pluto transit one of these women died a violent death at the hands of her own son. They both had Pluto trine Mars natally.
The Karmic Moon
 My demon lover also has the Moon in Gemini but at a later degree – mine is at 9 degrees while his is at 23 degrees. So he and I were in for another roller coaster ride of emotions when Pluto opposed his Moon. His marriage of 8 months and his business failed causing him to have a complete nervous breakdown. We first met when Pluto opposed my Moon Mars and the intensity between us lasted over 5 years until Pluto opposed his natal Moon when our intense karmic connection was suddenly severed as dramatically as we had first been connected. He served as my muse acting as a catalyst for my creativity. Judy Hall talks about the Karmic Moon and this was certainly the case with us. His Pluto squared my Moon’s nodes. Our intense relationship also embodied the Cathartic Moon as he acted as a catalyst for me to release the pain, grief and repressed passion of past relationships. It also involved the Psychic Moon when we discovered there was a strong psychic bond between us and astral travel between us also occurred.
Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld to meet Ereshkigal
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