Julian Assange – Embodiment of the New World Order

Julian Assange

Everyone is writing about Julian Assange, the enigmatic co founder of Wikileaks who was in gaol in London at the time I began writing this post. He is a controversial figure who is challenging the old world order and is acting as a harbinger of the New World Order in keeping with Pluto’s entry into Capricorn – more about that later. When his passport with his birth details were flashed across our screens astrologers who were intrigued with the power one man could have to shake up the world rushed to their computers to examine his chart. We don’t have any birthtime for him only his birthdate which is 3 July 1971. However, one astrologer called Lauren Delsack has rectified his chart that is she has calculated his birth time by taking into account the main events in his life

Julian Assange

He has the Sun in sensitive Cancer and Lauren’s chart time would put his Moon in Scorpio in the 12th house which fits with Julian’s secretive nature and at times he has been described as being paranoid but the Kafaesque circumstances that he now finds himself in would contribute to his fear of persecution. Lauren’s rectified chart gives him an early Sagittarius ascendant which certainly fits in with his nomadic existence travelling the world with only his knapsack on his back and sleeping at airports or friends’ or supporters’ places. A Sagittarius ascendant would also describe his crusading zeal to change the status quo by revealing the truth about matters of concern to the people concealed by the Establishment representing the old world order. According to esoteric astrology Cancer rules mass consciousness so Julian Assange is fulfilling his mission this life time in informing the masses.

When I began writing this post Julian had just been granted bail on the proviso that he wear a tracking anklet and remain at the one address and report daily to the police and surrender his passport. However, his prospects of being freed have now been thwarted by an appeal against bail by the Swedish prosecutor pursuing Julian for alleged rape and sexual molestation. Other aspects of note in his natal chart include the tight square between his Sun and Uranus which encapsulates his non conformist and rebellious nature. However, there is another powerful archetypal combination in his chart that sheds further light on his role. He has Chiron conjunct the transneptunian planet Eris. Chiron or the wounded healer was discovered on All Saints Day 1 November 1977. Because of Chiron’s mythological and astronomical role he is viewed as a maverick. When you add to the mix Eris, the biggest dwarf planet named after the goddess of strife and discord who threw the golden apple amidst the goddesses who were at the wedding you get quite a dynamic combination.

Eris in Mythology
In Greek Mythology, the apple was centre stage in the initiating events that would eventually lead to Paris’ abduction of Helen and ultimately, the Greek invasion of Troy so richly described in Homer’s Iliad.  Eris, the Goddess of discord, angry that she was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis (parents of Achilles), tossed a golden apple, inscribed with the words ‘for the most beautiful one,’ into the wedding feast.  Of course, this was the harbinger of much discord as Athena (Goddess of War and wisdom), Aphrodite (Goddess of love), and Hera (consort of Zeus and queen of the Olympian gods), each claimed the apple as their prize.  Paris (a prince of Troy) was selected to judge the matter and declare the winner of the ‘golden apple.’  As the fierce competition between Goddesses played out, Paris was offered bribes from each; Hera offered Paris the crown of Europe and Asia, Athena offered knowledge and skill in war, and Aphrodite offered Paris the love of the most beautiful woman in the world.  Paris, obviously a vain and sensual young man, chose beauty over kingship and knowledge awarding the ‘golden apple’ to Aphrodite and thus initiated the events that would culminate in the greatest war narrative of the western world – The Trojan War.

Apple Judgment of Paris by Rubens

Dwarf Planets & Asteroids & of the Kuiper Belt

The Transneptunian Planets Beyond Our Solar System

Eris is conjunct Chiron in Aries quintile his Venus and opposing his Uranus.Taking the role of Eris as the planet of discord, Julian Assange has certainly thrown an apple to the Establishment and to extend the metaphor has certainly upset the apple cart in diplomatic circles and the governments of powerful countries around the world. With the combination Sun square Uranus and Saturn opposite Neptune and Jupiter and Chiron conjunct Eris Julian would be a rebel, a maverick and a bit of a chameleon who would defy convention.

Julian Assange – The Geek who shook the world
On the front page of the Sun Herald Extra 12 December 2010 the headline is ‘The Outsider’ and the subheading ‘A personal Insight into Julian Assange, the genius who rocked world leaders.’
Inside is most insightful article entitled ‘Julian Assange The Geek who shook the world’ written by the journalist Suelette Dreyfus who collaborated with Assange to create ‘Underground’ a 1997 book about hackers in Australia and around the globe. In a curious case of life imitating art, Suelette Dreyfus relates how one of Julian’s favourite books is ‘Darkness at Noon’ by Arthur Koestler based on the Stalinist purges where the hero Rubashov a former revolutionary wakes in the middle of the night to find he is arrested and imprisoned. There are no charges, no due process and no justice. He is interrogated and forced to sign a false confession admitting his guilt in plot to assassinate the leader. Eventually he is summarily executed.

Pluto square Venus – the Honey Trap

Above Anna Ardin Below Sofia Wilen

There are some eerie parallels. In Assange’s case he he finds himself under house arrest in Britain awaiting extradition to Sweden which has a very alien legal system especially with regard to their rape laws. Assange has said it is not facing the courts that worry him but the likelihood that the US will try to extradite him from Sweden if he is forced to leave the UK. Astrologically we need to throw Assange’s natal Venus square Pluto into the mix which could explain how he was caught in such a ‘honey trap’ by two young Swedish women. Pluto Venus has powerful archetypal energy that can lend itself to sexual intrigue, power struggles etc. In his own writings Assange has described himself as a slut and his sexual magnetism drew two moths to the flame and the rest is history. Being charged with rape and sexual molestation for what the rest of the western democracies’ legal systems would regard as consensual sex has confounded lawyers here and abroad. In the words of Asssange’s lawyer James D. Caitlin: “It is not Julian Assange that is on trial here but Sweden and its reputation as a modern and model country with rules of law.
The Girl with the Broken CondomThe story behind the two young Swedish women and Julian Assange reads like a Stieg Larsson thriller with sex, politics and intrigue which some wits have given the title ‘The Girl with the Broken Condom’! A Sun Herald article 19 December 2010 entitled ‘Victims, jilted lovers or undercover agents’written by Andrew West and Sarah Whyte sums up the sexual intrigue in keeping with the Venus Pluto square in Julian Assange’s natal chart. The main protagonist in the sexual intrigue that is unfolding is Anna Ardin 31 who played the role hostess and lover to Julian Assange, organising a crayfish party for her celebrity guest while skiting on twitter and her blog about being with “the world’s coolest, smartest people, it’s amazing!” Journalists and leaders of Sweden’s libertarian anti-censorship Pirate Party attended this traditional summer party. Anna Ardin has been described as a rising star of Sweden’s Social Democratic Party. Unbeknown to her Assange was also having a sexual liaison with another woman 26 year old photographer Sofia Wilen whom he met at a public meeting he addressed that was organised by Anna Ardin. Sofia had admitted that she had become a little bit obsessed with Assange after seeing him on TV. Later when Wilen rang Ardin whom she did not know to speak to Assange they compared notes .The Long Arm of the Law
Two days later Ardin and Wilen went to Klara Police Station to ask advice not make a complaint on how they could force Assange to have a test for STDs since they claim that he had unprotected sex with both of them. .According to an Article entitled  The Truth lies trapped in a web of intrigue by Guy Rundle, after the interview with Ardin and Wilen the police decided to open a rape investigation. The senior prosecutor threw out the rape accusation. But then Claes Borgstrom a celebrity lawyer and major figure in the Social Democratic Party as well as its gender equality spokesman, petitioned the appeals prosecutor Marianne Ny, to revive the accusations. When she did in early September 2010, there were four accusations not three, the most serious being a new one – that of violent sexual coercion of Ardin. The new accusation created a substantial difference between the first and later accounts of events to police. Around this time Anna Ardin attempted to remove tweets and blog entries. Two tweets were removed were removed from Ardin’s twitter feed early in September – one saying “Julian wants to go to a crayfish party, anyone around’ and another tweet from the crayfish party Ardin organised for him that night “2 am – sitting outside with the most exciting, interesting people in the world”, both tweets sent in the 24 hours after the alleged violent sexual encounter took place.

Marianne Ny

Claes Borgstrom, the lawyer for the two women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in Sweden in August, talks to media at his office in Stockholm on Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010. Mr. Borgstrom, whose office is under police protection, denied that the case had anything to do with WikiLeaks or the current U.S. interest in Mr. Assange. (AP Photo/Anders Wiklund)

Claes Borgstrom

Ardin’s erased tweets and blogs – Miscarriage of justice
Simultaneously, two items disappeared from blogs written or co-written by by Ardin: a record of events making no mention of a violent sexual encounter, and a “7 step guide to revenge” on ex lovers. All four deleted items were retrieved from internet caches by Swedish bloggers including Goran Rudling an activist involved in a campaign to revise Sweden’s  2005 Sex Crimes Act which he claims has rendered the law unworkable. Rudling calls into question the procedures used by the Swedes, He says for example there is no full record of the first interviews, written, audio/video. The arrest warrant was issued before the interview proper had even begun, and one of the complainants  was only interviewed the next day, by telephone. Guy Rundle asks, ” Why was a warrant for a serious allegation issued so quickly. He suggests that one possibility is so that it could be leaked in time for the afternoon news, especially to the right wing tabloid Expressen.

It seems that Assange has been caught in a web of a bitter internal political struggle on issues of what constitutes rape in Sweden between those people drawn from the left and right and those on the centre-left, feminists and greens. Both Claes Borgstrom and Marianne Ny have their own agendas for pursuing the case against Julian Assange. When the Social Democrats were last in power, Borgstrom had helped draft the 2005 Sex Crime Act which made it possible to charge people with what has become known as “sex by surprise”. Crucially, the 2005 law had gone beyond simple notions of consent and elaborated the idea of “violation of sexual integrity” and non-financial “sexual exploitation” – that is, psychological or situational manipulation. It thus became possible to charge someone with a sex crime even if consent were present throughout, a feature of at least two, and possibly all four, of the accusations against Assange. A member of the Pirate Party Henrik Alexandersson claims that since Assange has antagonised all major parties “there is no chance of his getting a fair trial.” Assange has at no time been charged with any crime. His arrest warrant was issued in relation to questions the prosecutor’s office
wishes him to answer regarding the accusations.

One of the players in the bitter internal wrangle re the definition of rape is Gothenberg’s crime development unit, a department of the prosecutor’s office responsible for new modes for the development of sex crime legislation, and headed by the appeals prosecutor Marianne Ny.

Anna Ardin – Spy or Spurned Lover or Pawn in a Political Game?
In 2006, Assange, using the pseudonym Harry Harrison, wrote on UKCupid website: “Passionate, and often pigheaded activist intellectual seeks siren for love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy.” He also admitted to being” 87% slut’. This again epitomises the Pluto Venus energy of dangerous sex and spies. Rumours have abounded on the net about Anna Ardin being a spy because of her connections with Cuba and the Cuban emigre community in Miami that is fanatically opposed to the former president Fidel Castro. However, Australian journalist Philip Knightley who is a supporter of Assange in his battle with the British courts does not believe that Ardin is a CIA agent but he believes that she fits the model of someone who could be useful to intelligence agencies.

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” – The Mourning Bride” (1697) by William Congreve.
Ardin’s family also has links with the military and NATO forces in Afghanistan which adds to the conspiracy theory. In January 2010 long before Assange’s fateful encounter with her, she published a manual on how to “systematically take revenge” on someone who cheated or who dumped you”. She wrote: “Do a brainstorm of appropriate measures for the category of revenge you’re after…You can sabotage your victim’s current relationship, such as getting his new partner to be unfaithful or ensure that he gets a madman after him.”

Women supporting Julian Assange – Jennifer Robinson and Julian’s mother Christine

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and his lawyer Jennifer Robinson arrive at Belmarsh Magistrates court in Woolwich, London on February 24, 2011. Assange faces extradited to Sweden to face charges on grounds of sexual assault against two women. The judge decided that the European arrest warrant issued by Sweden is valid and didn't breach Mr Assange's human rights. Assange will appeal the ruling in the next seven days.   UPI/Hugo Philpott

Julian Assange and his lawyer Jennifer Robinson

Julian Assange and his Mother


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