My Poem – Me Astrologically


My Poem ‘Me Astrologically’

Dear friends,

I would like to share with you my poem ‘Me Astrologically’ that I wrote in 1980 at a poets’ group

 organised by Worldpoet Thom in Newtown Sydney. It is a tongue in cheek look at my astrological profile, marrying my newly acquired knowledge of astrology with my poetry. It was
published by Inkshed, an anthology of poems and short fiction, edited by students of the
University of NSW and friends and now resides in the archives of hallowed halls of the ANU, Canberra Uni. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing and performing it!

Me Astrologically
Dear Reader,
Can you cope with a resume of my horoscope?
I can explain me astrologically
I have my Sun in Cancer
That means I’m ruled by the Moon
I’m in tune with the Moon
I can be moody loony
It means I am a crab
I carry my home on my back
I walk sideways
I have a hard exterior
But a mollusc soft interior
I’m super sensitive to your harsh criticism
I retreat into my shell
I am home loving and maternal
I have my Venus in Cancer
It makes me drool
I’m a romantic fool
With men I just can’t play it cool
My Moon and Mars are conjunct in Gemini
They say that gives me my joie de vivre
Makes me the life of the party
Gives me my rapier like repartee
Makes me do crazy things such as dance on tables with a flower between my teeth
While stunned people look up in wonderment from underneath
I have dilemma however
My mother doesn’t remember the exact time of my birth
For what that’s worth
I have crisis of identity
What do I have rising?
Capricorn or Sagittarius rising
My astrology teacher keeps advising
it’s Sagittarius I have rising
After lots of speculation he did a chart of rectification
He says be under no delusion it’s forgone conclusion
After all I have a horsey mouth like Princess Anne,
An outgoing nature and a vulgar streak in me
That adds up to a Sagittarius rising astrologically
Others add to my confusion swearing
That I must have been born with an ascendant Capricorn
For I have the lean, hungry, youthful look of Capricorn
I could be on the cusp
Help I hope I don’t fall off!
I have Sun combust Mercury
It sounds quite painful to me
It means my mind just races
My pen can’t keep up with its paces
Help stop the pen I want to get off!
With badly aspected Mercury I might fall foul of epilepsy!
I have a lot of planets in the eighth house
That means in layman’s terms
I could be charismatic sexually speaking
My ninth house is tenanted with planets
It means I am seeking travel and the higher mind
I have the misfortune to have Venus square Neptune
Dear Reader I have a confession
It makes love for me an obsession
I put men on pedestals, I make idols of them
But they always come crashing down on me
Bringing me back to reality
I am guilty of love fantasies
Can’t fathom out realities
I’m made up of trines, sextiles, squares quincunxes, orbs and angles
I’m a mathematician’s dream
I have Pluto conjunct Saturn in Leo
That makes me powerful and predatory
Oh what the hell I’m me!
Copyright 1980 Anne Robertson
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