New Moon in Leo – a Time to Initiate New Projects

New Moon in Leo

In my first blog ‘Introducing myself’, I included a quote Necessity is the Mother of Invention in reference to transiting Saturn coming up to square my Natal Venus. What better time to begin a new project than when the New Moon is in Leo which occurred last Tuesday 10 August. I spent the day updating my flyer to do readings at my friend and naturopath Anthia Koullouros’ lovely shop Ovvio which features in my profile pic in my facebook and blog. Ovvio is situated in Paddington very close to Fiveways where there are lovely galleries, boutiques and restaurants. I’m indebted to my sister Sue who has her Moon in creative Leo for the design of my flyer. The New Moon being the beginning of the lunar cycle is the ideal time to initiate  new projects sowing the seed to allow it to culminate at the Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday 25 August.

Dane Rudhyar

The Lunation Cycle: A Key
to the Understnding of Personality

Balsamic Moon Types

The lunar phase we are born under shows our personality type, our potential and ultimate purpose in life. Each lunar phase is determined by the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. I was born under the Balsamic Phase of the Moon that is during the dark of the Moon which is the phase after the last quarter Moon. I share this phase with such luminaries as Bob Dylan, Dane Rudhyar, Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. In fact it was Dane Rudhyar who wrote the seminal work ‘The Lunation Cycle: A Key to the Understanding of Personality‘. 

Demetra George

Demetra George outlines the different lunar phases and their properties in her book ‘Finding our Way Through The Dark The Lunation Cycle‘. The Balsamic Moon is known as the dark of the Moon as it vanishes completely from sight. Demetra says that the Balsamic Phase personality is often the most complex of all the Moon Phase types and it is one of the significators of a karmic life time since they straddle the past and the future. This endows  the Balsamic Moon phase people with visionary qualities which give them the gift of prophecy. Balsamic Phase types experience an intense or fateful quality in their various relationships. During the Balsamic phase of the cycle people encounter all their previous partners with whom there exists unfinished karmic business. They are being given opportunity to reconcile old differences and heal broken hearts with their loved ones over life times. By doing this they can infuse loving kindness, decency and acceptance into the seed of the flower to bloom in future times.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Balsamic relationships are a means to something larger than the relationship itself; they serve a purpose where in full consciousness between the past and the future, some pattern that is working out over a longer span of time, can be resolved and transformed. Once each relationship has been taken as far as within the context of the perimeters of the particular lifetime, it ends since there are so many more partners to re-encounter with whom there also exist commitments.

Of all the phases, balsamic people are most moved by a feeling of special destiny. They have a sense of urgency that there is something important that they must do in this life. The Balsamic Phase destiny is to serve as a vehicle through which the wisdom of the past can become part of the seed of the future. Their mission is to leave behind a legacy to others and may accept sacrifice so that they can release the seed ideas to assist the future. The Balsamic Phase destiny is to teach in the largest sense of the word. I can certainly relate to all of the above, especially in the area of relationships. 

Bob Dylan

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  1. Ishani

     /  November 12, 2015

    Dear Anne
    Loved the explanation you gave regarding people born under balsamic moon. I was wondering about the relationship thing which you explained about people leaving when the karma is exhausted… its perfectly fitting my life..But I was wondering will there ever be a permanent lasting relationship like which leads to marriage. Like maybe with whom a lifetime of karma is left…or is there a possibility of a twinflame relationship?

    • Thanks for your comments re people born under the balsamic moon, Ishani. I am glad that it resonated with you as it does with me also being born under the balsamic moon. Being born under balsamic moon doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have an enduring committed relationship. Anything is possible – there are no hard and fast rules as there are many variables depending on what the individual’s karma is from past lives.
      Love and Light


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