Post – Election

The Australian Federal Election

Well, Australia has voted and what was predicted has come to pass – a hung parliament. It seems that the Grand Cardinal Cross has given birth to a new paradigm to the Australian political scene. People are obviously fed up with the spin of the two major parties and their blatant pork barrelling.


Rob Oakeshott, Bob Katter and Tony Windsor

The Role of the Independents

As I watched a special 7.30 Report on Sunday night  it seems that the three Independents, Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor seemed like the three wise men being the mouth piece for this new paradigm with politicians being more accountable to their electorate rather than their party. Bob Katter pointed to the fact that there are effective governments being run with multi party systems overseas and of course there are plenty of examples of effective minority governments in Australian states.

Elections Held during Retrograde Mercury

The markets are bouncing around with the uncertainty of a hung parliament which has not occurred federally since 1940 and all this under a retrograde Mercury where the final outcome will not be known for a couple of weeks. Mercury doesn’t go direct until 14 September. Another unforgettable occasion in recent history when an election was held under a Retrograde Mercury where uncertainty and confusion reigned was the US presidential elections – the Bush Gore contest with the farce of the hanging chads resulting in George Bush jnr.  being elected by default.

Senator Bob Brown

The Charts of the Independents lining up with Australia’s Federation Chart

Gregory Clare, the President of our astrology association  SARS who has great expertise in mundane and Hellenistic astrology has come up with some interesting info re the dynamics between the three Independents, Katter, Windsor and Oakeshott who are likely to share the power in the new makeup of the Australian House of Representatives and the significance of the Lunation Cycles. He also points out that the Node is about to regress to 8 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. Bob Katter has natal Saturn 8 degrees Cancer  the same as Bob Brown and this is the degree of the 1901 Federation’s chart 2010 Solar return Moon 7 degrees Cancer., while Tony Windsor has his natal Uranus at 8 degrees of Cancer and Rob Oakeshott has his natal Uranus at 8 degrees Libra…square to the natal Saturn and return Moon of the Australian Federation chart. See Greg’s blog for more in-depth analysis.

In laymen’s terms these three men have come to prominence by virtue of the strong link in their natal charts with the Australian Federation chart and other cosmic alignments.

Bob Katter, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott along with Senator Bob Brown all have 8 degree Cardinal planets in dynamic formation to the Australian Federation chart’s natal Saturn which is 8 degrees Capricorn.

Election cartoon

When the Mars of Gillard and Abbott collide – it’s game on!

Greg also observed that transiting Saturn will fall on 8 degrees Libra as Venus goes retrograde on October 8 2010. Venus will regress to 27 Libra the same degree as Abbott’s and Gillard’s natal Mars! Yes Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard have their Mars at the same degree – no wonder they are so competitive with each other with Julia challenging Tony with the words ” Game on!”, when she called the election. Exciting times!

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