Retrograde Mercury – the Trickster is here again

Retrograde Mercury

Hi again from Annefertiti. I have to share with you the experiences I had this morning that reminded me in no uncertain terms that the Trickster is on his way. Mercury or Hermes to give him his Greek name is about to turn retrograde again and do his backward dance in the sky. We are already in what is referred to as the shadow period of retrograde Mercury which is the week or so before the planet Mercury goes retrograde that is it appears to go backward in the sky. Mercury actually stations in Virgo tomorrow Friday August 20 and remains in its stationary position on election day 21 August and then starts its retrograde motion on Sunday and turns direct again on Tuesday 14 September after being stationary for 2 days.

Hermes the Messenger

The Mythology of Mercury/Hermes

Mercury/Hermes was known as the psychopomp who is a messenger of the gods who travelled through all realms from Olympus where the gods resided, down to earth and right down into the bowels of the Underworld, Hades that is Pluto’s domain. He was Zeus’s favourite son and was charged with delivering Zeus’s wisdom to the people on earth. For this reason he is also referred as the god of boundaries able to cross all boundaries. Mercury rules the rational mind, communication, short distance travel and commerce whereas Jupiter/Zeus rules over the Higher mind, Higher education, law, publishing and long distance travel. Hermes was also known for his practical jokes, cunning and deceit. He had reputation as deceitful flatterer, a robber and a cattle thief. He accomplishes his deeds through his guile and enchantment. Mythologically he finds his origins in Hermes Trismegistus who taught mortals the arts and sciences He is known as an arch wizard and patron of alchemists and magicians. He is known as quicksilver and like the liquid metal is hard to pin down.  

The Astronomy of Mercury

Christina Thomas who gave a talk for our astrology association SARS on retrograde during its last retrograde motion also explored the astronomical properties of Mercury to throw more light on its significance. Mercury has no atmosphere and from an astronomical perspective, Mercury eludes us hiding in the Sun’s glare hence his reputation as the Trickster. The planet is very tricky to see as it is never further than 28 degrees from the Sun. Retrograde Mercury occurs approximately 4 times a year. Mercury is retrograde when it is opposite the Sun from our perspective.

The Fallout from Retrograde Mercury

Therefore, when Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks all manner of mayhem seems to occur with communications, commerce and transport. During the last retrograde Mercury period we had total chaos with airline travel, being disrupted due to the fallout from volcanic ash from the volcano in Iceland. He played some tricks on me this morning when I was doing online banking just to remind me of his presence. When I was trying to sign in to one of my bank accounts there were extra dots that kept maddeningly appearing that shouldn’t have been there when I tried to type in my password. Finally with much perseverance and several attempts I succeeded. Later when I tried to pay another bill on an entirely different account I only succeeded after 3 attempts. Therefore, if you miss appointments, or people are running late or mail goes astray or your computer starts playing up over the next 3 weeks you can blame it on the trickster retrograde Mercury!

The Glyph for Retrograde Rx – its links with medicine

Retrograde Mercury is not all negative as Christina Thomas acknowledged in her talk. Retro means looking back and grade means manner, movement measured.The glyph for Retrograde Rx appears on a prescription used by for medicine or medicinal appliances. It is also written by the optician for prescription spectacles. It is also a remedy, cure or solution for a disorder or problem. With these mythological, astronomical and etymological factors taken into consideration, Christina summed up the retrograde Mercury as period to go back over the past or looking back at a situation or an area of life with an amount of intensity to find a remedy, cure, or a solution for a disorder or problem.

Keywords for Retrograde

Christina supplied a few keywords for Retrograde Mercury which included the thinker, pondering, self analysis, picking up on subtleties, absent minded, talent in literature, self conscious expression, enjoys own company, feels others misunderstand them. Yours truly can vouch for this as I was born when Mercury was retrograde in Cancer. I wonder then how it will affect the election on Saturday with Mercury stationed in Virgo which is ruled by Mercury. Virgo rules intestines so people will pause for thought having to digest and assimilate all the information put out by the candidates and the media in the last 5 weeks before casting their vote.

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