Saint Mary of the Cross, Miracles and other Numinous Events

Monday, November 8, 2010

Saint Mary of the Cross, Miracles and other Numinous Events
After reading the blog of my dear friend Ann Mills where she explains the reason for calling her blog whitestonedancing, I was inspired to resume writing about some more numinous events that have occurred in my life. ‘Numen’ is the Latin word for a deity or the divine power or spirit. In a previous post where I included my poem My Butterfly I described how a butterfly flew down and settled on my knee just after I had written my poem as if the Universe was affirming my expression of unconditional love.

Anne & Gae walking on air

Anne walking on air
Anthia walking on air
A State of Grace

Last year I had another numinous experience. It was all set in motion when I attended a meeting where a drunk man who was sitting behind me fell off his chair and crashed into me causing me to have mild whiplash and delayed shock. This was doubly traumatic for me because at a similar meeting about 5 years earlier a man had slipped on the stairs and crashed into me so seriously winding me and bruising me that I was unable to speak and hence unable to work since my work involves communicating verbally. The body always remembers these previous traumas. I was in tears and my dear friend Cheryl did some Bowen moves on me before I went to bed and the following day I went for a full Bowen treatment. When Cheryl had completed a move she left the room but when she returned she was witness to an amazing transformation. She could see that my face had completely relaxed and I knew that I was in a state of grace because I was unable to move and there were tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. I could only think of St Teresa of Avila when she experienced that mystical union with the Divine.

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa of Avila by Bernini

Photos Recording Miraculous Events
When I told my friends Anthia and Gae they visited me to experience the energy and I did healings on both Anthia and Gae respectively. When I did a healing on Gae, she felt this really powerful energy surging through her. After I did a healing on Anthia we decided to take some pics of each other and then to our amazement when we uploaded them we looked as if our feet were not touching the ground. There were also spirit orbs on Anthia and around the room. When I told Gae what had happened we took more pics and the same thing happened with the pics of Gae and me it appeared as if our feet were not touching the ground. There were also spirit orbs in the pics that Gae and I took. There was a previous occasion where spirit orbs occurred in some pics I took and that was when I visited my friends Geoff and Judy in Melbourne. Geoff and Judy are very spiritual people who take people on guided tours to sacred sites etc. I rang my friend Ann of whitestonedancing blog to tell her what had happened to me and she confirmed that she could tell by my voice that I had been blessed by a state of grace. I began reading St Teresa of Avila’s book, Volume 1 – the collected works of St Teresa of Avila to try and understand what had happened to me. My psychic Russian friend Victoria also lent me Carolyn Myss’s Entering the Castle an Inner Path to God and Your Soul. Victoria had previously attended Carolyn Myss’s 2 day workshop.

Spirit Orbs in Photo confirming a healing

Spirit orb healing Themistos’ left eye

My friends, Tim, Themistos and Graham along with my sister recently visited me for morning tea. It was a reunion of old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time. I even bought new embossed white cups and saucers for the occasion. Themistos was sitting just below the picture of my spirit guide drawn by an a woman called Esther who drew spirit guides. During the visit Tim put drops in Themistos’ left eye explaining that he had scratched his eye on a twig and the doctor said he was lucky that he didn’t lose his eye. I said to Themistos that I felt he would receive healing from my spirit guide. We took some photos and to my amazement when I uploaded the pics after they had left I saw that there was a spirit orb over his injured left eye – see pic above. I rang Themistos to tell him and forwarded the pic to him. Themistos was also amazed and excited of the prospect of his eye being healed and he confirmed within a few days that his eye had completely healed. The other pic is of spirit orb on Anthia after I gave her a healing.Contact Anne for an astrological consultation
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