Spring is here and the Sun is in sociable Libra

Spring is here and the Sun is in Libra!

October 2010

Hi dear readers, I haven’t written anything for a couple of weeks. I’ve been on holidays and in a social whirl now that the Sun is in the sociable sign of Libra. At last we have said good bye to winter and ushered in daylight saving which is prelude to the lazy hazy crazy days of summer. We can say good bye to SAD syndrome seasonal affective disorder and once more there will be a spring in our step.

Dr David Tacey

Gods as Diseases – Neurotic Disorders and Healing – Dr David TaceyAs well as socialising I have attended a few very interesting lectures one of which was given by Dr David Tacey who gave a presentation at the Jung Society entitled Gods As Diseases – Neurotic Disorders and Healing. Dr David Tacey has very impressive credentials. He is Reader in literature and psychoanalytical studies at La Trobe University, Melbourne. He is the author of nine books including the Spirituality Revolution (2003), Re Enchantment (2000) and Edge of the Sacred (2009). He studied literature, psychology and philosophy at Flinders University, Adelaide in the 1970s, and in the 1980s he completed post doctoral studies in psychoanalysis and culture in USA under the supervision of the renowned Jungian author and academic Professor James Hillman.

James Hillman

In his talk at the Jung Society he declared that we are in a spiritual dark age where we have not been acknowledging the gods and goddesses or in Jungian terms the archetypes and that it is overdue for a Renaissance. He said that the master exponent of archetypal medicine was C.G. Jung. The shamanistic model of indigenous cultures acknowledge the importance of the spirit but the modern era has thrown it out because it can’t be tested in laboratories. In Ancient Greece a spurned god could become wrathful or a nature spirit could become demonic. Dr Tacey said that in 1929 Jung announced that the gods had become diseases that is our obsessions, phobias, anxiety. Jung maintained that the numinous is the real therapy – infused with the sense of the Divine. Dr Tacey reminded us that the Australian epidemic is depression – 20 percent of Australians suffer from depression in its various forms, anxiety, suicidal ideation, obesity or sexual abuse of children.

Dr Carl Jung

The Jungian Model versus Psychosomatic Model – Dr David Tacey

Dr Tacey differentiated between the Jungian approach and what he referred to as the more superficial schools of thought such as psychosomatic and the approach espoused by such popular healers Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. Dr Tacey claims that the psychosomatic implies that you brought the illness on yourself. The sickness making factor is in the unconscious. It simplifies the whole process when in reality the root cause is difficult to find and this approach can cause the person to feel even more guilt. On the other hand the Jungian approach is to experience what the purpose of the neurosis is to transform it. Jung thought that a neurosis was like an angel and when you get rid of the neurosis you get rid of the angel. As outlined in his works such as Memories Dreams and Reflections and Jung’s Red Book Jung states that his aim is to turn savage gods into dignified gods. Dr Tacey alluded to the Ancient Greek god of healing Aesculapius where the healing of diseases occurred in dream incubation chambers. Dreams were believed to be messages from the gods. Dr Tacey made the observation that the caduceus which is the healing staff of Aesculapius is still the emblem of the medical profession but little else of the ancient tradition remains. Dr Tacey elaborated that the wound is also the treasure.

A shift from the current medical model to a more wholistic approach

 Positively Dr Tacey feels that the tide is turning with the medical profession being more open to a wholistic approach. The difference in the Jungian approach is to include all these realities expand but don’t inflate.  He counselled not to repress it or not to act out. Dr Tacey outlined four steps to follow:

1. Stop cursing the symptoms

2. Befriend the alien forces

3. Integrate these forces

4. Allow them to change one’s life

Dionysus – the most challenging god

Dr Tacey claimed that Dionysus is the most challenging archetypal force that we are faced with in this Apollonian culture. I was the one which preoccupied Freud Jung and Nietzsche. Dionysus is the polar opposite energy of the rational Apollonian energy. Dionysus contains this explosive volcanic sexual energy and in his view is the most important god to integrate. He alluded to the god Priapus, the god of the erect phallus which appeared in one Jung’s early dreams and was interpreted as a precognitive dream concerning the collective. Freud understood this energy at a biological level but Jung took it further while Dionysus turned Nietzsche mad and even signed his name as Dionysus. Dr Tacey quoted Jung who claimed that depth psychology is necessary because the gods have collapsed. Dr Tacey’s book on this topic will be published by Harper Collins early next year.

Tamra Mercieca

Tamra Mercieca - author of The Upside of Down

The Upside of Down: a journey and toolkit for overcoming depression naturally – by Tamra MerciecaHer interview was inspirational as she advocated a wholistic approach and to that end has divided her book into 3 parts – mind body and soul. The blurb on her web page below best describes her journey and the book that resulted:“THE UPSIDE OF DOWN is one young woman’s memoir of her time with depression and how she managed to overcome this debilitating illness. During her struggle, Tamra used herself as a guinea pig, experimenting with natural therapies and concepts until she developed a toolkit that others could also use to guide them out of the pit of negativity.In this book, Tamra talks about her experiences with depression and the steps she took to overcome it, so that she would not be ruled by the chronic despair and uncontrollable anxiety that takes over your body.  It is split into three sections – Mind, Body and Soul – due to the strong connection between all three. Being in touch with all three areas helps attack depression from all corners, so there is no dark cranny where it can hide. In order to get over depression you must take a holistic approach and that means supporting yourself on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.There are also six case studies from other people who have used similar ways to overcome their own depression, to help the reader better identify with each concept and provide further inspiration. But The Upside of Down is not only for people with depression, their friends and relatives. Most of these ideas are what keep everyone healthy, so people suffering from stress and anxiety, or simply those looking for more balance in their lives, can take something away from this book. The Upside of Down recognises that there is no magic pill for depression, and that a holistic approach is needed to permanently end the pain. It is packed with tips and ideas on how to make small lifestyle changes to rebalance your biochemistry. It is proof that people with depression can, and do, live fun and magical lives.”In her interview on The Circle Tamra listed some ways of overcoming depression such as following your passion, acupuncture, laughter yoga, timeline therapy and doing something for others. Tamra sponsors a girl in Honduras. She told the women on The Circle that she no longer suffers from depression claiming that depression doesn’t have to be a life long travelling companion.

Carrie Fisher author of Post Cards from the Edge

Carrie Fisher and Bipolar Disorder

Depression and mental illness which has for long been a taboo is now in the mainstream.  Tonight I watched Kerry O’Brien on 7.30 Report interview Carrie Fisher of Princess Leia fame in the Star Wars trilogy. Like Tamra Mercieca she has been able to turn her painful experiences as a drug addict and sufferer of Bipolar Disorder into creative ventures as an actor author and stand up comic. She is currently in Sydney to promote her standup comedy show based on her autobiography Wishful Drinking. She is also renowned for her semi autobiographical novel the  Post Cards from the Edge about an actor who was trying to put her life together after a drug overdose. This was then adapted into a film by Mike Nichols starring Meryl Streep who was nominated for an Oscar. Carrie Fisher admitted to Associated Press that her life has been defined by addiction and told of stints in psychiatric hospitals and rehab clinics as well as of being rushed to hospital at least once following an overdose. She also featured in Stephen Fry’s TV series on bipolar disorder as a fellow sufferer.

The title of this blog refers to spring which is a time of hope and renewal after the dark winter of our discontent. These three perspectives on mental illness, that of the Jungian approach outlined by Dr David Tacey, the books by Tamra Mercieca and Carrie Fisher and their unique approach to making people aware of the problem  are inspirational and give us all hope that there is a way out of the darkness of mental illness and depression. The efforts of these people are contributing to a paradigm shift in society’s attitude to mental illness.


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