The Grand Cardinal Cross & Transiting Saturn square my Natal Venus Cutting Costs

The Grand Cardinal Cross and Transiting Saturn Square my Natal Venus

Hi, I realise I have neglected my musings on my blog so here I am again sharing with you how I am navigating my way through the transiting square of my natal Venus in Cancer. My Venus being in a cardinal sign is caught up in the Grand Cardinal Cross that we are all experiencing to some degree or another. I received my Telstra landline Bigpond bill yesterday and noticed that is had crept up another $20 on my last bill. I consulted with my practical Taurean friend Gae who advised me to ring them and see what I could have cut off my monthly bill. I had visions of the grim reaper with his scythe cutting my bill in an effort to reduce my bill. I succeeded in reducing my Bigpond allowance from the absurdly wasteful 12 gigabytes down to 2 gigabytes per month which resulted in $20 reduction and then by bundling my 2 bills I managed to get all local calls free and a cap of $1.00 for 20 minutes instead of the current $2.00.

The Effect of the Grand Cardinal Cross on Friends and Clients

Re the Grand Cardinal Cross, I’m finding some clients and friends with planets in early cardinal signs are feeling its effects. One person I know who has transiting Pluto on their early Capricorn ascendant while skiing slipped and fell last week injuring her cheek bone which caused a black eye. She also had Mars semi square her Pluto exact when the accident occurred. Another person I know who has transiting Pluto exactly conjunct his Capricorn Moon also came to grief on the ski fields last week, breaking his collar bone in 2 places. I had wondered what was going to occur for him in August when the Grand Cardinal Cross collected some of his planets in his T square of Moon in Capricorn opposite Sun in Cancer squaring his Pluto in Libra. It probably didn’t help that he had transiting Mars conjunct his Pluto at the time of his accident. Interesting to note that there were injuries to cheek bones and collar bones with both their Capricorn ascendant and Moon respectively, Saturn ruling the skeletal system.

The Grand Cardinal Cross on the National Scene

On the national scene there is a buzz with the upcoming election – is there going to be a hung parliament and if so how will the Greens and Independents hold the balance of power – there may be a new paradigm as the old way of doing politics is not really working any more with an increasingly cynical electorate. It is worth noting Bob Brown’s chart and how it lines up with the election chart. He has a T square in  cardinal signs with his Sun at 5 degrees Capricorn opposing his Saturn in Cancer and squaring his Neptune in Libra. How will this play out on election day with the Moon being in Capricorn, Neptune opposing the Sun and Mercury stationing? With the Moon representing the masses will they be in a conservative mood, with Neptune opposing the Sun will they be confused and with Mercury stationed will they take time to consider the options? And how will Saturn squaring Pluto play out? We will find out in a few days how these celestial energies translate at the ballot box?

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