Another Poem to share – My Butterfly

Monday August 2, 2010

Another Poem to Share

Dear friends,
I wish to share another poem with you which is very close to my heart. I wrote it for my dear friend Bert who acted as catalyst for me to learn the meaning of unconditional love. After I wrote this poem I had a numinous experience when a butterfly flew down and rested on my knee. The Greek word for butterfly and soul is one and the same – ‘psyche’ so in a very real way I was setting my soul free by transcending my ego desires to possess someone whom I loved. This experience brought tears of gratitude and I felt truly blessed. – I saw it as the Universe’s way through one of Mother Nature’s visitations of affirming my experience. It was a real turning point in my life and soul’s growth. As I mentioned in my previous poem Me Astrologically I have Venus square Neptune natally. Neptune which represents losses and sacrifice (make holy) is the higher octave of Venus so has pushed me through painful experiences in love and relationships to aspire toward Universal love. It hasn’t been an easy journey but its rewards for persevering on this path have been manifold.

Love and Blessings
                        Anne & Bert
My Butterfly
For Bert
I set you free my butterfly
To me you don’t belong
But to the forest far away
I held you in my hands a while
But not for very long
And wondered at your wings so bright
And loved your beauteous song
I set you free my butterfly
For love’s true test
To creatures free
Is let them fly away
I’ll miss your lovely span of wings
 But I’ll not forget our song
Copyright Anne Robertson 27/8/1985


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