William Meader’s Seminars on the Ageless Wisdom

Anne & William Meader

Hi again dear friends,

So many amazing things have been happening to me since I wrote my last post I have found it difficult to keep up. My transits and progressions say it all with progressed Moon trine Uranus and Chiron trine Chiron but more about that later.

My Article Roberto Assagioli Embodiment of Love Wisdom

Seven years ago I wrote an article entitled ‘Roberto Assagioli Embodiment of Love Wisdom’ for the April edition of the Astrological Monthly Review. In my article I explore the links between Psychosynthesis and esoteric astrology and the professional relationship between Roberto Assagioli and Alice A. Bailey. I also sent it off to cyberspace. I had put a lot of love and effort into the article which evolved over 14 years time. Roberto Assagioli was a visionary Italian psychiatrist who formulated the transpersonal psychology known as Psychosynthesis. I trained in Psychosynthesis at the Australasian Institute for Psychosynthesis Studies here in Sydney in the late 80s.

Email from Melody Cranbourne-Rosser with link to William Meader

Fast forward 7 years a whole Saturn cycle. Just 2 weeks ago I received an email from Melody Cranbourne-Rosser in South Wales in the UK who happened across my article on cyberspace and was moved enough by my article to email me to tell me so. Melody also trained in Psychosynthesis like me. She asked if she could upload it on a website she has set up called Soul Psychology of which I am now a member. She also put a link to it on her Facebook. Melody has very impressive credentials – as well as being trained in Psychosynthesis she is a trained psychologist and art therapist to name but a few. She has also done courses in esoteric philosophy and sent me a link to William Meader whose courses she told me she and her husband had attended.

With my Moon and Mars in Gemini, I was curious to find out about William Meader so clicked on the link and learned that William had graduated from the University of the Seven Rays in the USA as well as having been a professor of psychology.  I looked at his itinerary which included seminars in America, Europe and Australia and was blown away by the synchronicity or Divine timing you could say to learn that William was giving a public seminar entitled Turning Point – The Dawning of the Seventh Ray in one and half weeks on Saturday 3 September not far from where I live. I knew I was meant to go. I had heard of the University of  Seven Rays in America but had no idea prior to Melody’s email that there was someone coming here regularly doing seminars and courses on esoteric philosophy and astrology.

The day I received Melody’s first email acknowledging my article my progressed Moon in Libra was trining Uranus hence I was experiencing a feeling of exhilaration and serendipity. I rang the coordinator Rose to find out if there were any places still available and registered for William’s public seminar on the The Dawning of the Seventh Ray. By lunch time of the first day I knew I had found my ashram and decided to commit to the 2 days course on the Sunday and Monday on Spiritual Creativity The Art and Science of White Magic based on the book ‘A Treatise on White Magic’ written by Alice Bailey as dictated to her by the Tibetan.

I was very impressed by William’s knowledge and wisdom which he shared with humility and generosity. He covered a vast amount of material and the mark of a great teacher is to be able to make very complex subjects seem more simple. The themes he covered included the Seventh Ray as it conditions social institutions; the soul’s magical work – the Art of Thoughtform Building; Transforming the chakras for creative effectiveness; Humanity’s approach to the 1st Initiation – a Seventh Ray event; Listening to the Voice of Silence, the power of ritual and divine organisation.

The intensive two day seminar Spiritual Creativity The Art and Science of White Magic examined in-depth the relationship between the Soul and the Personality – a theme that we also studied at length in our Psychosynthesis training. He used meditation techniques to enhance these qualities and we also received a meditation CD. I also bought a copy of his book ‘Shine Forth – The Soul’s Magical Destiny’. I am looking forward to reading his book in preparation for the next stage of the course in March next year.

Participants attending included kinesiologists, massage therapists and astrologers. There was even a blast from the past. I recognised a woman called Vivienne Honeybun whose weekend seminar on esoteric astrology I had attended over 25 years ago. Another woman knew a friend of mine who had attended the late Berj Panikian’s classes. I currently have transiting Chiron trine Chiron which facilitates my realising my life purpose. I bonded with some of the participants making new friends so good networking was happening. I had the feeling of coming home – that I have found my Ashram.


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