Maat, Egyptian Goddess of law, truth and justice, with the god Thoth.  Design Sue Robertson


I am the Goddess Maat
who weighs the hearts
of all mortals
on the scales of justice
as they pass through
the Hall of Judgment
where the gods decide
the fate of their souls

Anne Robertson 1987

The illustration in the card for Libra depicts Maat Egyptian Goddess of law, truth and justice, with the god Thoth, in form of a baboon who both played an important part in the judgement of the dead.

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Libra
The Personality calls out: Let choice be made.
The Soul proclaims: I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.

Rulers for Libra
Exoteric Ruler:
Venus under the Fifth Ray of Concrete Mind or Science
Esoteric Ruler: Uranus under the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law and Order
Hierarchical Ruler: Saturn under the Third Ray of Active Intelligence

Happy birthday to all the Librans who celebrate their birthdays between September 24 and October 23. Libra is one of the four cardinal signs, the others being Capricorn, Aries and Cancer. It forms the triplicity of air signs along with Aquarius and Gemini. In the Northern hemisphere Libra represents the period of the autumnal equinox, and the vernal equinox in the Southern hemisphere, where the days and nights are equal. Thus Libra stands for equality.

In his book, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology, Alan Oken explains the symbolism of the glyph. “ We can see from the glyph that it is the Sun sinking under the horizon, showing that night will dominate in the Northern hemisphere. The two lines of the glyph represent the duality of Libra. The top line represents the higher nature of Libra which is primarily governed by the higher powers of the mind: the completely objective state. This is the aspect of the Libran character which is impartial and not attached to matter. It is solely involved with the harmony of the ideas. The bottom line of the Libran glyph stands for matter and personal desire. Libra represents the struggle and the dualism of each human being; on the one hand he is striving toward the bliss of conscious reunion with Divinity, and the other hand he is working for mastery and power over the material sphere of personal desire. The essence of Libra is teaching man how to balance the two urges within himself with the condition of his earthly situation. Libra has rulership over the diaphragm, the portion of the human organism which divides the lower and upper halves of the body. In the glyph the lower line represents the waist proper while the upper line is the diaphragm and the navel.

Botticelli’s Venus

Being the sign of marriage and the dominion of Venus, Libra also has some influence upon the sexual organs, specifically in the connection of that area with the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.

The Constellation of Libra

The Constellation of Libra

In his book Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology Alan Oken states that Libra is the smallest of the constellations, measuring only 21 degrees in longitude along the ecliptic. The Scales consist basically of a trapezoid of four stars which includes the two best known of Libra’s stars: Zubenelgenubi (the Southern Scale) and Zubeneschmali (the Northern Scale). The first ‘Zuben’ is a yellow and light grey double star and the second has a pale green hue.

In her book, The Labours of Hercules, Alice Bailey reveals the esoteric symbolism behind the constellation. She refers to three constellations in Libra which she claims are all of special interest. First there is the Southern Cross that has never been seen in the Occident since the time of the Crucifixion, when it was seen at Jerusalem. She notes that the cross is now receding. Four bright stars make up this cross; four the number of matter aspect of man, the quarternary. The cross is receding, and this promise is in Libra, called the open door to Shamballa, the sign in which there is found “the narrow, razor-edged path” which leads man into the kingdom of the soul. The second constellation that Bailey mentions in relation to Libra is that of Lupus, the wolf. Down the ages the wolf’s head has been the symbol of the initiate. However, it is a dying wolf, and the wolf-nature that has devoured the soul nature until now is symbolised as dying out, for as man achieves balance, the activity and power of the wolf dies out. The third is the Corona, the crown which is the symbol based on the story of Ariadne, the mother aspect. Ariadne was given a crown of seven stars by Bacchus, symbol of the second aspect of divinity which glorifies matter by making it the expression of the divine mind.

The Seventh Labour of Hercules

Hercules captures the Erymanthean Boar

In her book, The Twelve Labours of Hercules, Alice Bailey outlines the role of Hercules in the seventh Labour. In his seventh labour, the Teacher tells Hercules that his task is to capture the Erymanthean boar and Apollo equips the aspirant with a brand new bow. Mindful of the fact that he needlessly killed Hippolyte, the Queen of the Amazons, in his previous labour, Hercules resolves to go unarmed except for his trusty club. On his way to find the boar he meet one of the centaurs, Pholos, who invites him to share a cask of wine. This leads to a drunken brawl with some other centaurs, resulting in the death of two centaurs, Pholos and Cherios. Hercules is the soul of conviviality, seeking and finding pleasure.

Alice Bailey states, ‘For Hercules as for all who assume the labour performed in Libra, the fumes of pleasure must be dissipated before the greater task of self-mastery, i.e., the capture of the boar can be undertaken.’ Furthermore, she explains the esoteric significance of the events which unfold for Hercules. Hercules’ quaffing of the wine leads to tragedy. This sudden introjection of catastrophe into the pleasure-seeking existence is necessary for the growth of the soul. Without such tragedies the potentialities of Libra remain dormant. After this tragedy Hercules succeeds in capturing the boar. He does not use brute force to capture the boar. He sets a trap, waits and allows the beast to trap itself. Bailey notes that it is typically Libran not to meet one’s adversary head on and to not expend more force than is necessary. He seeks to achieve his ends gently not coercively. Hercules releases the boar and wrestles with it and masters it. Then he seizes the boar by its hind legs and compels the beast to walk down the mountainside on its front legs. This spectacle excites the laughter of all who witness it. In this incident one can observe the Libran’s ability to find unusual solutions, and to perceive the value of the incongruous. The good centaurs that Hercules killed are known as Cherion (good thought) and Pholos (bodily strength).

This test was to show control over the emotional, astral desire nature, in whatever form it may take. Bailey maintains that you cannot control or guide the desire nature by physical strength or by thought alone. You may succeed for a time and then it surges back up in you again. The only answer is to take the boar of desire up into the high mountains. It is on the mountain tops that all the revelations occur, where the mists of the valley disappear and illumination comes.


 The Libran Hall of Fame

Librans, being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, peace, harmony, justice and the arts are attracted to careers in beauty, fashion, interior design, the arts, entertainment, law, writing and public speaking. Their of love of balance and harmony draws them towards careers in diplomacy and peacemaking.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Give Peace a Chance

It was the Libran John Lennon who wrote the famous words “Give peace a chance.” It was the Libran Mohandas Gandhi who campaigned tirelessly against injustice and inequality through peaceful means. Their fair-mindedness makes them natural counsellors. Bob Geldof has demonstrated his Libran desire for justice in the causes he has espoused for Amnesty International and famine relief through Bandaid and Live Aid. Librans can also possess good entrepreneurial skills such as Anita Roddick who expanded her single shop into a global enterprise with hundreds of stores worldwide. Another Libran who has put her trademark Libran name on different commodities from optical glasses to beeswax candles and mineral water is Donna Karan.  Another Libran, Brigitte Bardot formerly known as the sex goddess of the sixties, now champion the cause of animals whom she sees as being treated cruelly by humans. The former British Prime Minister, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, displayed both the ladylike qualities of Libra but could also be a formidable opponent with her martial Scorpio ascendant.

Susan Sarandon protests against the War in Iraq

Susan Sarandon is another very charming Libran who  also campaigned against the Iraq War and other controversial causes. Olivia Newton John, another Libran who displays the Libran charm and beauty has run a successful enterprise, Koala Blue, and has supported causes such as of breast cancer prevention. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is often heard claiming the laws she passes must be ‘fair and balanced’ and is known for her Libran qualities as a skillful negotiator. Other Librans of note include Franz Liszt, Nietzsche, Graham Greene, George Gershwin, Julie Andrews, Oscar Wilde, Cliff Richard, Arthur Miller, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Ronnie Barker, Catherine Deneuve, Dawn French, Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Libran Health and Anatomy

When the Sun enters Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, it has completed half its cyclic journey through the twelve signs, and in Libra the half-way of balancing point is reached. This is very significant because the symbol of this sign is the scales or balance Vanda Sawtell in her book, Astrology and Biochemistry, says that the biochemic salt allocated to this sign is Natrum phos. or Sodium phosphate, and its function is to preserve the balance between acids and the normal fluids of the body.

The Urinary System

The parts of the body governed by Libra are the loins, the lumbar region in general, particularly the kidneys. The Greek word for the kidneys is ‘nephros’, which was derived from a Hebrew word meaning to shake out or distil and filter it into the bladder ready for elimination. The word nephritis meaning inflammation of the kidneys is derived from this word. The alkalinity of the blood must be kept at a certain level to ensure health, thus acid in excess of the body’s requirements has to be eliminated by the kidneys. Therefore, the kidneys are continually balancing the acid/alkaline account of the human body. Conditions arising from an apparent excess of acid are nearly always due to a deficiency of this alkaline salt. Natrum phos. is indicated in all rheumatic disorders, gout, worms, flatulence, diabetes, kidney and bladder weaknesses, eczema, jaundice, and gall stones. A lack of proper balance of this alkaline cell salt in the gastric juices will cause ferments to rise which retard digestion so that the lining of the whole digestive tract becomes involved. This may cause gastric ulceration, dyspepsia, sour taste in the mouth, bilious disorders, diarrhoea, etc.

2014 Transits for Libra
Spring Equinox

September 23 marks the Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and on September 23 the Sun enters the sign of Libra.

Both the karmic North Node and feisty Mars will be in your sign giving you the impetus to make important decisions which will affect your destiny.


Your career sector is highlighted by Jupiter’s presence from 26 June 2013 to 16 July 2014 bringing opportunities for expansion of your goals or promotion. Jupiter has a twelve-year cycle so this is an auspicious time for Librans in your professional life. Other cosmic visitors activating your career sector are  Mercury and Venus. With Jupiter and Mercury here your mental acuity will be at an optimum level fostering work related travel or training. Mercury’s retrograde cycle from 7 June to 2 July may cause misunderstandings or delays on the work front so extra patience and perseverance is required here. It is an ideal time to review your work agendas  and tie up any loose ends.


Serious Saturn continues its passage in your finance and values sector enabling your to consolidate your finances until 24 December 2014. This may involve a stringent budget but you will reap the benefits of your financial prudence in the long run. A solar partial eclipse will highlight your finance sector on 23 October bringing things to a head where financial issues will need to be resolved.Mercury the planet of communication and commerce will visit your finance sector from 28 September to 10 October and then again from 9-28 November stimulating communication, networking and financial transactions From 4-10 October when Mercury is in its retrograde cycle it is not a good time to sign contracts but rather a time to review your financial goals.

Home and Family

Pluto, the planet of transformation, continues its extended stay in your domestic centre bringing changes to this area of your life. It gives you an opportunity to delve deeply into your psyche and hidden facts about your family may come to light. You may be challenged to your very core but from this experience you will become empowered and shed a lot of excess baggage.  Powerful Pluto will also square your Sun from 4-8 October. The challenges that this brings may  cause you  to be pushed out of your comfort zone but it will provide you with an opportunity to transform yourself. Venus, your ruler, also graces your domestic sector with her presence on two occasions – the first visit is from 1 January to 5 March and the second visit occurs from 11 December until 3 January 2015. This will promote family harmony and inspire you to beautify your surroundings.

Creativity & Children

Curious Mercury and gentle Venus pay a visit to your creativity  and children sector  inspiring your creative expression and  affording opportunities for discussion about children while liberating your inner child in the process. Mercury pays two visits first from 12 -31 January and then again from 14 February to 17 March. Part of this will be during Mercury’s retrograde cycle from 14-27 February so there can be misunderstandings or disputes.


Quicksilver Mercury pays two visits to your travel sector first from 8-29 May and then again from 18 June to 13 July. Part of this visit will be during Mercury’s retrograde cycle from 18 June to 1 July so there may be misunderstandings or delays in this area of your life. Gentle Venus graces your travel sector with her presence from 24 June to 18 July making it an ideal time to have that romantic getaway at some exotic location.


Uranus, the planet of sudden change and upheaval, is continuing its journey through your relationship and marriage sector so you can expect upheavals in this area. It could also indicate an exciting new relationship with the keywords ‘Expect the Unexpected!’ Uranus will also oppose your Sun from 1-9 October which may inspire your to take an unorthodox path in your relationships. Added to the mix is the presence of the karmic South Node which will remain there for 18 months enabling you to  complete unfinished business from previous relationships.  A full Moon lunar eclipse which occurs in your relationship axis on 8 October will help you gain insight into your relationship issues and bring resolution to redress any imbalances.


From 17 July 2014 until 10 August 2015 Jupiter, planet of good fortune will be in your friendship,   groups and goals sector enabling you to expand your social circle and goals. Friends and associates may look to you for your guidance and inspiration. Sun and Mars pay visits to your 11th house of friends and groups activating this area of your life. When the Sun graces your friendship sector with its radiance from 23 July to 23 August you should be imbued with self-confidence and gain in the popularity stakes. When the Sun and Moon align on 27 July for the New Moon it heralds new beginnings and an opportunity to let go of the past and initiate new friendships and goals.


Planetary visitors to your spirituality and karma sector include Venus and Mercury. Venus makes her presence felt here from 6 – 29 September causing you to focus on union with a higher force rather than socialising. From 16 August to 2 September Mercury put you in the mood for exploring the mysteries of life whether through books or courses.  It will be an ideal time to spend some time in seclusion perhaps spending time in a retreat taking up yoga or meditation or even exploring your past lives.


Libra Greeting Card Designed by Sue Robertson
Libra Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell



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