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Aries, the fearless warrior
ruled by the fiery planet Mars
with pioneering spirit
and youthful brashness
rushes headlong into battle
undaunted by obstacles
in his path

by Anne Robertson 1987

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Aries
The Personality sounds his note: Let form be sought
The Soul proclaims: I come forth from the plane of mind, I rule

Rulers for Aries
Exoteric Ruler:
Mars under the Sixth  Ray of Devotion and Idealism
Esoteric Ruler: Mercury under the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict
Hierarchical Ruler: Uranus under the First Ray of Will or Power

Happy Birthday to all the Aries who celebrate their birthday between March 21 and April 21. The Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, on March 21 at the time of the Spring or Vernal equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the autumnal equinox in the Southern hemisphere when the days and nights are of equal length. This marks the New Year astrologically as the Sun begins its passage through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Traditionally linked with the Spring Equinox, Aries, the Ram, represents the procreative force and rebirth. Just as Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac symbolises the last part of the body, the feet, Aries represents the first part of the body, the head. The glyph for Aries has several different interpretations. From a physical point of view it symbolises the eyebrows and nose. The two down-turned horns of the ram are suggestive of the battering power of the ram who fights head on. Metaphysically the glyph for Aries represents a fountain gushing forth water symbolising consciousness in an upward and outward direction.

Mars, the Ruling Planet of Aries

Aries’ ruling planet Mars, or Greek Ares is the God of War. In its highest aspect Mars serves as the vehicle of new outpourings of energy into the material world, which, if used constructively can bring advancement to humanity. The ancient glyph for Mars, a circle with a cross on top, represents the sceptre, the symbol of authority and royalty. The second glyph is an image of the shield and lance as well as depicting the erect phallus, a symbol of virility and procreative powers. In the Roman Pantheon Mars was accorded great honours. Mars was second only to Jupiter-Zeus, The Romans attributed many positive qualities to Mars. He was the great god of Nature, a giver of fertility, a protector of fields and herds, as well as a general inspiration to all new projects and ideas. It was in his honour that the Romans dedicated their first month, March, which coincides with the vernal equinox. Mars is known as the Red Planet, the colour which symbolises the passionate and aggressive nature of the Aries individual.

Celebrations of the Seasons – the Equinoxes and Solstices

Since time immemorial, people, aware of the significance of the changing of the seasons, have celebrated the Equinoxes and Solstices, weaving their myths accordingly. In the Mystery Schools of ancient civilisations the four sacred seasons were accorded their due with celebrations honouring their significance. Some of the earliest of the Egyptian festivals were celebrated at the Solstices while the most important of the Greek Mysteries were celebrated at the Equinoxes. The spiritually potent star Sirius shed its rays upon earth at the Solstices and the star Alcyone at the Equinoxes. Many civilisations celebrated the change of seasons through the rituals of death and rebirth and loss and return. In Egypt it honoured the resurrection of Osiris, in Babylon Adonis, in Sumeria Tammuz and in the famous Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece the return of Persephone from the Underworld. Lupercalia was a fertility festival celebrated by the pagan Romans. All these ancient rituals prefigured the Christian celebration of Easter. The word Easter originates from the ancient fertility festival of the Goddess Eostre, the teutonic Goddess of spring from which the word oestrogen is derived.

Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece – the Embodiment of Aries

Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece

A myth which embodies the Aries courage, pioneering spirit and initiative is the Quest for the Golden Fleece. In the Mythic Tarot Liz Greene portrays the quest of the Golden Fleece as the mythic journey in the suit of wands symbolising fire. Jason has convinced the heroes, Heracles, Theseus and the Warrior twins Castor and Polydeuces, to accompany him on a voyage to Colchis on his daring quest for the Golden Fleece. His heroes who accompany him each possess necessary attributes to ensure a successful outcome. Heracles  represents strength; King Theseus of Athens, a fiery adventurer like Jason provides the creative vision; Castor and Polydeuces have the cutting edge of the clever mind, and Orpheus has the deep feeling and empathy to disarm any foe. To gain the Golden Fleece Jason and his Argonauts have to endure many challenges on this treacherous journey, including a battle with the dragon which guards the Golden Fleece. Having procured the Golden Fleece, Jason and his heroes must do battle with the formidable King Aeetes of Colchis to be able to bring the Fleece back to Iolkos. Again our indomitable hero, against all odds wins the battle against King Aeetes only to have to face one more challenge before the goal is reached – that of steering the Argo through the Clashing Rocks. Such is the stuff that the Aries individual is made of, never willing to give in, thriving on challenges no matter how difficult they may appear!

Hercules Captures the Man-Eating Mares of Diomedes

The Labours of Hercules – The Capture of Man-Eating Mares

In the first labour of Hercules he has to capture the wild horses and mares of Diomedes, the son of Mars. So wild were these horses and fierce the mares that all men were said to tremble at their sound, for they ravaged up and down the land, wreaking damage and killing all sons of men who crossed their path, and breeding steadily most wild and evil horses. Hercules enlisted the aid of his dear friend Abderis. Hercules succeeded in cornering the wild mares in a field and caught and tethered them while yelling with joy at his success. So great was Hercules’ delight in his prowess thus displayed that he deemed it beneath his dignity to hold the mares or drive them on the Way to Diomedes so he asked his friend Abderis to perform the task. But Abderis was weak and fearful and could not hold them or harness them or drive them through the Gate with the result that they turned on him and rent and trod him underfoot, killing him and escaping into the wilder land of Diomedes.
Wiser, grief-stricken, humble and discouraged, Hercules returned to re-do the labour this time succeeding in capturing the horses and driving them through the Gate himself but his friend lay dead. The teacher looked him over with care and sent the horses to a place of peace to be tamed and broken to their tasks. The people of the land, released from fear welcomed the deliverer, acclaiming Hercules as the saviour of the land.
The Teacher turned to Hercules and said: “Labour the first is ended; the task is done but badly done. Learn the true lesson of this task and then pass on to further service to your fellowmen.”

Alice Bailey explains the esoteric symbolism of the myth. She comments on the fact that the first labour starts with a partial failure, as is so often the case with the inexperienced and impetuous aspirant. This first labour marks the first step upon the “path of translation” Aries governs the head. It is consequently the sign of the thinker, and therefore a powerful mental sign. The aspirant begins the labours when he truly becomes the thinker, and in full awareness proceeds to function as the arbiter of his own destiny. Bailey notes that the horse in the Indian scripture and mythology is closely connected to the ram and also stands for intellectual activity. The white horse symbolises the illumined mind of the spiritual man and so we find in the Book of Revelations that Christ comes forth riding upon a white horse. Black horses represent the lower mind with its false ideas and erring human concepts. The brood mares, such as we meet in the first labour, indicate the feminine aspect of the mind as it gives birth to ideas, to theories and to concepts. The thought-form making tendency of the mind is here symbolised, embodying the ideas conceived, and which are let loose upon the world, devastating and destroying when emanating from the lower mind, but constructing and saving when coming from the soul.
The exoteric ruler of Aries is Mars, the god of war, and so Hercules acting under the right direction of thought and beginning his work on the mental plane, takes his stand as the warrior. His outstanding characteristic in this sign is the pioneering, militant spirit. The mares were in the possession of Diomedes, the son of Mars. (But the esoteric ruler of Aries is Mercury, which ‘illumines the mind and mediates between the soul and the personality.”)
Bailey sums up the crux of the test in the following way: “The conquest of matter and overcoming illusion loomed large before Hercules and indicated from the very outset of the twelve labours the nature of his final achievement. It has been said that the keynote of the sign Aries is hope and as he has faced his twelve labours, hope was all the guarantee that Hercules then had that he would achieve. Hope, his untried divine equipment, his personal club, and much enthusiasm: so start all disciples.
Hercules had to begin in the world of thought to gain mental control. For ages brood mares of thought had been breeding war horses and through wrong thought, wrong speech and erroneous ideas, had been devastating the countryside. Bailey writes that one of the first lessons that every beginner has to learn is the tremendous power that he mentally wields, and the amount of harm that he can cause in his neighbourhood and environment through the brood mares of his mind. He has, therefore, to learn the right use of his mind, and the first thing that he has to do is capture this feminine aspect of the mind and see to it that no more war horses are bred. Hercules realised the harm that the brood mares were doing. He rushed gallantly to the rescue of the neighbourhood, determined to catch the brood mares, but he overestimated himself. He did succeed in rounding them up and capturing them, but he failed to realise their potency and strength, so he gave them to Abderis, the symbol of the lower personal self, to hold. But Hercules, the soul, and Abderis, the personality, in unison were needed to guard these devastating horses. Abderis alone is not strong enough, and what had been happening to the people in the neighbourhood, happened to Abderis: they killed him.
Bailey goes on to explain that this is an instance of the working of the great law that we pay the price in our own natures of wrongly-spoken word and ill-judged actions. Again the Soul in the person of Hercules, had to deal with the problems of wrong thought and only when he becomes a one-pointed aspirant in the sign Sagittarius and in that sign kills the Man-Eating Birds, does he really attain complete control of the thought processes of his nature.”
Bailey then quotes from Thackeray to further illustrate the practical significance of thought: ” Sow a thought and reap an action. Sow an action, and reap a habit. Sow a habit and reap character. Sow character and reap destiny.”

Constellation of Aries

The Constellation of Aries

In his book Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology Alan Oken writes the following about Aries in the sky: To the naked eye, the constellation of Aries is little more than its three brightest stars, the greatest of which is Hamal. It is found in the autumn sky, just east of the great square of Pegasus, the Winged Horse. The triangle of stars making its horns and nose lies just west of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters and is about 6 degrees of celestial latitude north of the ecliptic. The hindquarters of the Ram merge with the rear portion of Taurus, the Bull. the head of Aries is usually depicted as in the illustration turned so that it may watch Taurus and the other ten signs rise behind it.
Alice Bailey explains the esoteric symbolism of the constellations in Aries in this way: As is usual there are three constellations connected with Aries. First there is Cassiopeia, the Enthroned Queen, the symbol always of matter. It is most interesting to note how in the circle of the Zodiac we come across three women. In connection with Aries, the sign of commencement, we find Cassiopeia, the Dominant Woman, then the woman, mother-matter caring for the infant Christ in Virgo and then in Pisces, at the close of the great round, we find Andromeda, the Chained Woman representing matter dominated and controlled. Cassiopeia will be found seated on the Arctic Circle, close to Cepheus the King, or Lawgiver, whom we shall meet later as one of the three constellations in Pisces. At the commencement, Law: at the close, Law; for Cepheus has a close relation with the first and last sign of the Zodiac. Bailey writes that it is interesting to note that Mahomet, the founder of the most militant religion, was born in Aries, and legend has it that Moses was also born in the sign of Aries; Moses, the law giver, and Mahomet, the warrior.
The problem of Hercules, as he enters upon his labours, is to demonstrate his power over matter and form, and so he has to recognise Cassiopeia from the very beginning, the hitherto enthroned queen.
The second constellation that Bailey draws our attention to is Cetus, the Sea Monster, the Enemy of the Little Fishes….One of the great symbols of the soul is the fish swimming in the ocean of matter, and Cetus, the sea monster is the symbol of what we call evil, that seeks to destroy the soul in incarnation. The sea monster, in the ocean of existence, and the enthroned queen, spoke to Hercules of the magnitude of his problem, but the third constellation spoke to him of victory. Perseus is the third of the three constellations, called in the zodiac of the Denderah, in Egypt, “the one who subdues”; sometimes called, “the breaker”, that which can chain the enthroned woman, and that which can conquer the monster. We are told that Perseus possessed the helmet of invisibility, the sandals of swiftness, the buckler of wisdom and the sword of the spirit. Bailey concludes: “Thus Hercules saw himself reflected in the heavens, and as he started upon the capture of the man-eating mares, he discovered himself the guarantee of his ultimate achievement, even though at the time the difficulties with which he was faced seemed insuperable.”

Aries Hall of Fame

Frank W. Woolworth

Aries, with their natural zeal, drive, enterprising qualities and ambition, are drawn to careers in business and high finance. Aries are well represented as stockbrokers, venture capitalists and futures traders. J.P. Morgan and Frank Woolworth are three Aries billionaires. Mars also rules cutting implements so Aries are also well represented in the medical profession as surgeons.

Colin Powell

With Mars also symbolising war, it is not surprising to learn that Aries can be found amongst the ranks of generals.  Colin Powell, an Aries, was the U.S. chief of Staff during the First Gulf War and a retired four-star general of the United States Army. No matter what career they undertake they pursue it with great passion. Passion seems to be the key-note of great Aries musicians such as JS Bach, famous for St Matthews Passion, and artists such as Vincent Van Gogh. The poet laureate William Wordsworth was also an Aries as was St Teresa of Avila who experienced the Mystic Marriage with Christ. With the Aries reputation for amorous pursuits, it is not surprising to learn that the infamous Italian Casanova was an Aries

Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Aries always exude great magnetism on stage and screen as is the case with our celluloid heroes, Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, Omar Sharif, Spencer Tracy, Peter Ustinov, Charlie Chaplin, Gregory Peck, and Russell Crowe of ‘Gladiator’ fame. Other notable Aries include Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Dudley Moore, and Gloria Steinem.

Aries Health and  Anatomy

As well as ruling the head, Aries rules all important organs associated with it, i.e. the brain and the eyes. In matters of health Aries are especially prone to injuries to the head and face as they often rush in where angels fear to tread. Mars rules body heat so the Aries individual is very susceptible to fevers as well as headaches and sinus. The Aries individual needs to switch off the engine and learn to relax. Yoga, meditation or martial arts are ideal activities for this hyperactive fire sign.

In her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, Vanda Sawtell outlines the health challenges for Aries and the biochemic cell salt which serves as a remedy.” The biochemic cell salt for Aries is Kali phos. which creates the grey matter of the brain by uniting with albumen and oxygen. Kali phos. is so important that without it, the brain simply cannot function because there is no grey matter to function unless Kali phos. is there to create it. All mental disorders require Kali Phos, as do nervous complaints of every kind; depression, insomnia, irritability, hysteria, sensitiveness, and headaches. It is also invaluable for concentration. It is naturally indicated in all cases of paralysis in order to rebuild cells of the brain which serve the affected area. Since Kali phos. builds the brain cells, it is obvious we cannot have clear and definite thoughts without it. The very name is significant, for Kali means ‘mother’ or ‘mater’ from which we get ‘material’, and phosphorus means ‘light bearer’.” Vanda Sawtell claims that because of its antiseptic properties, Kali phos. should be given in all skin troubles, especially if there is irritation, and in conjunction with ferrum phos. the cell salt for Pisces. Since the fire of Kali phos. burns in the oxygen attracted by Ferrum phos. it is difficult to separate these two salts, Kali phos. and Ferrum phos. just as the signs, the first and the last of the zodiac seemed locked together as though it were their function to unite the Zodiac in a circle. Nerve impulses to all organs of the body are generated in the brain, therefore the range of symptoms covered by Kali phos is very wide. The sensory organs of sight, hearing, taste and smell all come under its influence. It is of great assistance in menstruation and pregnancy and in respiratory troubles such as bronchial asthma, whooping cough, hoarseness and loss of voice. It is also vital when nervous symptoms arise due to the fact that the nerve fluid has been exhausted.”

Overview for Aries for 2014


Unpredictable Uranus continues its sojourn through your sign so you can expect an exciting though at times unpredictable period freeing you up to express your individuality and assert your independence. Uranus makes connection with volatile Pluto in your career sector during 2014 which focuses on changes in career. This is particularly so between in mid April when Pluto Mars Jupiter and Uranus form a grand cross in what are called cardinal signs. The sectors that are affected by this alignment of planets are your career, relationship and domestic sectors so something’s gotta give in these areas as this is where the main tension will be felt until resolution is reached and balance restored.


Saturn inhabits your 8th house of other people’s money bringing a reality check to how you manage your finances. The Solar Partial Eclipse of 23 October also brings an opportunity to resolve issues around debt and self-worth liberating you from negative spending patterns. Saturn’s 2 and half year sojourn through your debt and joint finances sector encourages a prudent approach to finances which will ensure financial stability and success for the future. Saturn’s 7 year cycle affords you an opportunity to review the previous seven-year cycle, consolidate your wealth and plan for secure foundations for the next seven-year cycle of Saturn.


There is much focus on relationships for you with both your ruler, feisty Mars, and the karmic North Node in Libra spending an extended period in your love and relationship sector.  Part of Mars’ time here will be in retrograde motion from 2 March to 15 April. Venus, the goddess of love, graces your love and relationship sector with her presence from 30 September to 23 October giving an opportunity to resolve any conflict that Mars has brought in its wake and restoring love and  harmony to your relationships.

Home and Family

From 26 June 2013 until mid year 2014 Jovial Jupiter makes its larger than life presence felt in your domestic sector. Under Jupiter’s influence here you could find yourself undertaking large-scale home renovations, moving house or welcoming a new addition to the family. Venus and Mercury will visit your domestic sector during July and August. Mercury will be there from 14 t- 31 July giving opportunities for discussions on family matters. Venus’ presence there from 21 July to 12 August will bring harmony and opportunities for family get togethers.

Creativity, Children and Romance

Jovial Jupiter moves into your children and romance sector from 13 August to 10 August 2015 bringing opportunities in this area of your life.  The Sun, Mercury and Venus pay a visit here during July and August highlighting your sector of children, creativity and romance which should enliven these areas of life, encouraging learning, communication and play. On the whole this should be a joyful time where you can rediscover your inner child have fun and explore your creativity.

Travel and Higher Education

Sun, Mercury and Venus, goddess of love, will visit your travel and education sector during December makes travel and higher learning pleasurable. It also affords you an opportunity to find holiday romance. Stern Saturn will move into this sector from 24 December to spend almost 3 years here bringing a more serious note to these areas of your life. You may undertake serious study and your rewards will be commensurate with your efforts. Travel will also take on a more serious tone.


Mercury and Venus activate your friendship house in the earlier part of 2014. From 12 -29 January Mercury visits your friendship zone and again from 14 February to 17 March bringing opportunities for social networking.  Venus graces your friendship sector with her presence from 6 March – 5 April bringing harmony and cooperation here. The New Moon here on 10 February encourages goal setting.


Neptune, the planet of spirituality, continues its sojourn in your 12th house of karma and spirituality. Neptune will feel at home here as it is in its own house and now in its own sign of Pisces. This will give you plenty of opportunities to retreat and explore your inner world and your spiritual essence. You may feel a desire to escape from the mundane world and attend a spiritual retreat, meditate or listen to soulful music or keep a dream journal. Neptune is about surrender and forgetting self to achieve union with a higher power so you may be inspired to be of service perhaps through working for a charity or learning one of the healing arts. Quicksilver Mercury, the messenger of the gods, pays an extended visit here from 1 – 13 February and from 18 March to 6 April arousing your curiosity about matters spiritual. It may encourage communication on other than verbal levels such as practising meditation, attuning to your dreams or receiving other insights. However you choose to attune to Neptune’s higher vibrations, it will be in this sector of your chart for almost 14 years, giving you lots of opportunities to connect with your soul.


Aries Greeting Card Designed by Sue Robertson
Aries Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell


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