Wesak Full Moon

Full Moon Festival in May – Wesak Festival – May 4-6, 2012

Wesak Festival

Wesak Festival

Taurus is especially connected to the Buddha as Buddha is said to have been born, reached enlightenment and died in the sign of the Bull. The Buddha taught that the path of detachment from the desire is the vehicle for the entrance of Light. These events are celebrated each year at the Wesak Festival, the time of the full Moon when the Sun is in Taurus. It is so called as the ceremony of Wesak is held in the actual Wesak Valley in the Himalayas at the time of the Full Moon of May which is actually the Full Moon in Scorpio. Wesak, the Sun in Taurus Full Moon, is the most powerful Full Moon of the year. According to mystics the ceremony marks the return of the Buddha to help regenerate the Earth. He is said to return at this time each year to bring new light to the world. He appears above a flat rock on which a great crystal bowl filled with water rests. It is said that He and His great Brother, the World Teacher of Love, work in the closest cooperation for the spiritual benefit of humanity. Through the Buddha the wisdom of God is poured forth. Through the World Teacher of Love, the Love of God is poured forth. At the end of the ceremony the water in the bowl is distributed to all the participants who drink from their cups and share it with others. This beautiful water ceremony of communion is symbolic of the Age of Aquarius which we are entering, the Age of the Water Bearer.

This full moon is the second of three powerful full moons.

The first one  is the Christ Full Moon which occurs 7 April 2012 when the  Sun is in Aries,
honouring the Christ within all of us / within all of Creation

The second is the Wesak Full Moon which occurs 6 May 2012 when the  Sun is in Taurus
Buddha’s birthday, honouring the God within all of us / within all of Creation.

The third is Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon which occurs 4 June 2012 when the Sun is in Gemini,  honouring the spiritual unity in humanity.


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