March Astromusings – Pluto Uranus Square, Solar Eclipse, Supermoon, Autumn/Spring Equinox

Blessings for the Autumn/Spring Equinox!

This week we have a spectacular line up of celestial events. We had the Full Moon in Virgo on 6 March and will have the last of the 7 Pluto Uranus squares 16/17th March, followed closely by the Solar Eclipse and Super Moon on 20 March with the week culminating in Autumn/Spring Equinox 21 March. We have also celebrated International Women’s Day on 8 March and St Patrick’s Day on 17th March so quite a full calendar for the month of March

The Final Exact Uranus Pluto Square

The 16/17th March 2015, 7th & final exact Uranus/Pluto Square is a powerfully transformative celestial event – that heralds a paradigm shift with a quantum leap in consciousness. Revolutionary Uranus in dynamic Aries has been facing off with subterranean Pluto in Capricorn, the sign which represents the Establishment and tradition. This process of transformation has been going on since 24 June 2012 when the first exact Uranus Pluto occurred. Through their collaborative efforts Uranus and Pluto known as the ambassadors of the galaxy have been shaking the world to its very foundations. We have witnessed huge challenges to the status quo with major shifts in power with Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in 2008 and Uranus’s first entry into Aries in May 2010, intensifying the impetus for change. Old world structures such as governments, financial institutions, media, the law etc. have all been challenged.

Occupy_Wall_Street_Crowd_17 Sep_2011_

Occupy Wall Street crowd

Cyclone devestation on Vanuatu

Devastation from Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu

We have had the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Arab Spring, the power of whistle blowers such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. We have had the ascendancy of such economists as French academic Thomas Piketty with his seminal work Capital in the Twenty First Century in which he succinctly exposes the unequal distribution of wealth.  Nothing is sacred – everything is up for grabs. The volatile energy of these 2 change agents can also contribute cataclysmic climate events such as earthquakes and cyclones such as the Cyclone Pam that recently devastated Vanuatu. The UN said it was one of the worst national disasters in the Pacific. This potent Pluto Uranus square no matter how it manifests challenges us both personally and collectively to examine our deepest motives and face our own shadow.

The Full Moon in Virgo  and the New Moon Solar Eclipse & Super Moon

Transportation of Chan & Sukumaran

Transporting of Chan & Sukumaran from Kerobokan to Nusakambangan Prison

The Full Moon is when things come to a head and we in Australia held our collective breath waiting to see whether there would be a decision by the Indonesian court re the fate of the 2 Bali Nine men on death row, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan. Their transportation from Kerobokan Prison to death Island Nusakambangan was very surreal with such a heavily armed military escort. It ended up being a bit of an anti climax as the court had to postpone the proceedings when the President Widodo’s representation was incomplete. President Jokowi Widodo was born 21 June 1961 in Java, time unknown. What is interesting about his natal chart is that the Sun in his chart is at the last degree of Gemini at 29 degrees and the Solar Eclipse this week will be 29 degrees 27 of Pisces  so this eclipse will be in an exact square to Widodo’s natal Sun. A square in astrology causes tension pushing the individual or event to be brought to a resolution. In this case, being at 29 degrees or what is called the critical degree there will be even more pressure brought to bear for a resolution. The case for Chan and Sukumaran has been postponed again until next week. Indonesian authorities have now declared that the whole process for hearing all the appeals of the prisoners on death row will take months. There has been a groundswell of opposition both internationally and nationally to the executions. General Probowo, Jokowi Widodo’s arch rival, has spoken out against the planned execution of Chan and Sukumaran. There are now 99 countries which have abolished the death penalty. The risk for the Indonesian government is that if they go ahead and execute all the prisoners on death row from Australia, Brazil, France and Malaysia etc. is that they will themselves find very little sympathy for their own citizens on death row.

Tourists evacuated from Bardo Museum Tunisia

Tourists evacuated from Bardo Museum in Tunisia

Any countries that have planets at this critical degree of mutable signs i.e. Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius will also be affected. One such country is Tunisia which has the Sun at 29 Pisces 19 where on 19 March there was a terrorist attack on tourists. Gunmen in military uniforms stormed Tunisia’s national museum, killing 19 people, including an Australian, on Wednesday in one of the worst militant attacks in the country. The attack on such a high-profile target is a blow for the small North African country that relies heavily on European tourism and has largely avoided major militant violence since its 2011 uprising to oust autocrat president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali. It was Tunisia’s uprising that inspired “Arab Spring” revolts in neighbouring Libya and in Egypt, Syria and Yemen.

Total Solar EclipseThe Solar Eclipse 29 Pisces 27 Friday 20 Mar at 8.36pm Sydney time.
It is visible in Northern Hemisphere – it is the last total solar eclipse visible in Europe until the eclipse of August 12, 2026.
At the end of its path, the shadow of the Moon rises from Earth’s surface to space at the north pole. As March 20 is the Northward equinox, the eclipse occurs as the Sun rises at the North Pole after six months. As well as being a Solar Eclipse there is a Supermoon, or perigee moon, happens when the full or new moon is closest to the Earth, making it look bigger than it normally does. Being in the sign of Pisces it is a time for connecting spiritually for quiet reflection and expressing compassion and unconditional love.

Autumn/Spring Equinox 21 March 2015

Fasching and Karneval

Karneval welcoming the spring

The Autumn/Spring Equinox occurs in Sydney, NSW, Australia on Saturday, 21 March 2015 at 9:45 AM AEDT. In the Northern Hemisphere the Spring Equinox has long been celebrated as a time of transition and rebirth. Many cultures celebrate spring festivals and holidays, such as Easter and Passover and Mardi Gras. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria they celebrate Karneval or Fasching at the end of winter by burning the witch which represents the dark spirits of winter time and welcome in the spring which represents hope and rebirth, the birth of new life in the awakening nature. The equinox is derived from the Latin referring to the time of the year when day and night are of equal duration, mid-way between the longest and shortest days known as the Summer and Winter Solstices.


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