June Astromusings – Full Moon in Sagittarius, UK Elections, Rising Inequality – The Super Rich and Us

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Happy Birthday to all the Geminis who celebrate their birthdays between May 21 and June 21. The Full Moon at 11 degrees 49 Sagittarius occurred today 3 June at 2.19 am Sydney AEDT. This is a time where things come to a head and we have just heard the news of the resignation of Sepp Blatter, the recently re-elected  President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter who bowing to pressure fell on his sword. This Full Moon is likely to affect people with mutable signs around 11 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo prominent in their chart.

David Cameron's election victory

David Cameron

Cameron, Milliband, Farage & Clegg

Winner – Cameron and Losers  – Milliband, Farage & Clegg

Nicola Sturgeon's election victory

Nicola Sturgeon – SNP

UK Election Results

There is so much currently happening in the world that is hard to keep up with it all. Apart from the surprise of the sudden change in the leadership of the Australian Greens that I wrote about in my last post there was also the shock results in the recent UK elections that confounded all the pundits and pollsters. On 7 May David Cameron led the Conservatives to victory, despite all the predictions of a hung parliament. To add insult to injury the main contenders, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP all suffered a resounding defeat, causing all leaders of their respective parties, Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage to fall on their swords. The other shock was the huge win by the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) led by Nicola Sturgeon gaining a stunning 56 seats out of 59.

David Cameron's natal chart

PM David Cameron

The urbane Cameron is ‘to the manor born’, a descendant of earls and baronets and through his paternal grandmother, Enid Agnes Maud Levita, Cameron is a lineal descendant of King William IV, albeit on the wrong side of the blanket. Through this illegitimate line he.is a 5th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Not surprisingly he has the Sun, ascendant and Venus in Libra so he can turn on the charm. He was born on 9 Oct 1966, 6.00 am London, UK. The planets were favouring Cameron during the elections with his progressed Sun trining his natal Jupiter, as well as transiting Pluto squaring his natal Sun. However, he does have some major Saturn transits which will pose some challenges for him over the coming months. Transiting Saturn has been moving over his progressed Sun. While Saturn has given him the mantle of authority and responsibility it will also pose tests and obstacles.

Nicola Sturgeon's natal chart

Nicola Sturgeon SNP Leader

Cameron may meet his nemesis in the newly elected SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, whose resounding victory should give her quite a bit of leverage in the power stakes. Nicola Sturgeon was born 19 July, 1970 3.16 pm in Irvine, Scotland. She is a Cancerian with her Moon in the independent sign of Aquarius and feisty Mars and zealous Jupiter in aspect to her Sun. Her progressed Sun in Virgo is conjunct her natal Pluto. Expansive Jupiter will cross over her Midheaven in July next year and move into her career sector by mid year in 2016 giving a boost to her career and goals.

Cameron Sturgeon meeting

Cameron and Sturgeon go head to head

She has wasted no time in making demands of Cameron, warning him he would be personally responsible for a second independence referendum if he blocks her demands for an extra swathe of powers being transferred to Scotland. In an attempt to ramp up the pressure on Mr Cameron, she told him “the ball is in your court” over delivering more powers than those agreed by the cross-party Smith Commission and warned the consequence of refusal would be another referendum within the next few years.

She insisted that a “material change in circumstances” would be required to justify another referendum, such as the UK voting to leave the EU against the wishes of a majority of Scots.

Mr Cameron has promised to make Holyrood one of the world’s most powerful devolved parliaments by including a Scotland Bill in his new Government’s first Queen’s Speech. This would see Holyrood get control over income tax, a share of VAT, air passenger duty and a swathe of benefits.

However, Ms Sturgeon also wants power over business taxes, employment and equality law, the minimum wage, national insurance and a greater proportion of welfare. Business leaders have warned devolving corporation tax could damage the economy by breaking up the UK single market. Watch this space for further developments.

Ed Miliband, the previous leader of the Labour Party, born on 24 December 1969, 2 pm London, UK, has transiting Saturn conjunct Neptune which would have put a dampener on his ambitions. He also had volatile Pluto moving across his Midheaven, indicating a huge transformation in his career – in this case it has been devastating for Ed Milliband with the worst results  for the Labour Party in 30 years and his subsequent resignation as leader of the Labour party.

Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg born 7 January 1967, 5.30 am Chantfort St Gile fared no better. He had heavy Saturn on his natal Moon, with volatile Pluto and Uranus activating his natal Sun.

The third contender, Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP was another big loser He was born 3 April 1964 in Downe Kent, UK (time unknown). He had the volatile Pluto Uranus square activating his Aries Sun.

Post election riots in UK

Post election riots in UK

UK Anti-Austerity Riots

What has been the reaction to the Tory’s holding so much power? Within days of the resounding victory of the Conservative government there were demonstrations when the anti-austerity protestors confronted lines of police outside the gate leading to the prime minister’s Downing Street residence.

Greens party activist Elliot Corner said the UK needed a proportional representational system.

“We are here because we’ve seen bankers get off scot-free while the working people are the only people who’ve been punished under the rabid schemes of prosperity,” he said.

Mr Cameron, whose government has enacted tough spending cuts to bring down the budget deficit and promised more to come. However, the Scottish Nationalist Party SNP promised to end austerity after winning a resounding victory in the elections.

“The people of Scotland on Thursday voted for an SNP manifesto, which had ending austerity as its number one priority,” SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said. “That is the priority that these men and women will now take to the very heart of the Westminster agenda.”

Mr Cameron’s Conservative Party can rule in its own right with a majority of 12 in a 650-seat parliament.

Trickle down economic myth

The Super Rich and Us – the Myth of Trickle Down Economics

Rising Inequality – The Super Rich and Us

I have written in previous blogs about the austerity measures in Spain and Greece and the rising grassroots protest movements against this increasing inequality with Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece and Occupy movements. It is timely that the ABC recently showed the BBC documentary The Super Rich And Us by Jacques Peretti. In this two-part documentary he challenges the theory of “trickle-down economics” (that is the theory that tax breaks for the rich benefit society as a whole).

Jacques peretti with jet of super-rich 2

Jacques Peretti

Britain has more billionaires per head than any other country on earth, yet Peretti claims it also the most unequal nation in Europe.  Peretti claims that they were told the super-rich would make us richer too, so he explores the reasons why this hasn’t that happened, and what the arrival of their astronomical wealth really means for the rest of  Britain.

Jacques Peretti examines how the super-rich first exploited an obscure legal loophole to make Britain one of the most attractive tax havens on earth surpassing Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. He argues this was no accident. Wooing the super-rich was a deliberate strategy by government to reconfigure the British economy, under the belief their wealth would trickle down to the rest of us. But it didn’t. The OECD now say the British economy would have been 20 per cent bigger had we not pursued the super-rich. So he asks who sold us the fallacy and why?

Jacques challenges the architects of these policies, as well as tracking down the foreign multimillionaires who are buying up Britain and turning Britain from a nation of property owners to a nation of renters.

Thomas Piketty

Thomas Piketty

He uncovers new research that shows growing inequality has been driven by this key factor of unaffordable property, and the far-reaching effect this will have on every aspect of our lives. Inequality is reshaping Britain into two simple classes: the 99 per cent and the one per cent. He interviewed amongst others Thomas Piketty the French economics professor  whose seminal book ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ has taken the world by storm. Piketty claims that the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of a wealthy few is a major threat to our democracies. It is leading to a shrinking middle class. One of the main means of the rich becoming richer is through property. ownership. The crisis is so evident in London with foreign speculation driving prices beyond the reach of the average person.

In Episode Two of the documentary, The Super Rich and Us, Peretti investigates how inequality was pinpointed as a business opportunity before the crash by the biggest bank in America, as a way of making money from a more divided society. Jacques also looks at how our work life was made deliberately more unstable in the 70s to drive a new 80s profit culture, and how an acceptance of huge executive bonuses was manufactured. He interviews the billionaires who have profited from this social engineering, including some who are fearful for the society being created, and the people whose decisions are changing the very way we live.

Silly poor peoplePeretti exposes the deliberate policies that were introduced to cause people to fail such as in the case of the US Citigroup Bank who exploited the poor by making billions in profits from their misfortune, thus squeezing the middle class and creating the hour-glass society with the very wealthy one percent at the top and the very poor at the bottom. He explores the new ideology of risk introduced into capitalism, the huge salaries of CEOs and the increasing credit card debt. He exposes how these people created the illusion of prosperity of the consumer society which led to increasing household debt.

Peretti shows how by 2000s society was unrecognisable from the one in the 70s when securities were sold on solid foundations. By the 2000s securities were sold on risky foundations leading to the sub prime mortgages and the subsequent GFC which benefitted the super rich. Peretti paints a bleak picture of the future prospects for work where UK is becoming a nation of freelancers microjobbing with no guarantee of security. He reveals the increasing trend where people seeking employment by posting their credentials on People per Hour website and wait to see if there is some work for them.

Rich-vs-Poor cartoonThomas Piketty warns that the inequality with extreme wealth on one hand and extreme poverty on the other is profoundly altering our future and in the long run looks frightening. Peretti says we are seeing the polarisation of wealth as it has never been seen before.

In conclusion, David Cameron, leader of the Conservatives, may have been re-elected in a landslide victory but the pressing socio-economic issues that face the UK and all of us collectively will not go away and the increasing inequality needs to be addressed for the sake of us all whether in the 99% or the super rich one percent. Governments and economists ignore the warnings at their own peril.



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