November Astromusings – Justin Trudeau Sworn in as New Canadian PM – A New Trudeau Era in Canada

Justin Trudeau claims victory

Justin Trudeau with wife Sophie claims victory

Justin Trudeau, 43 year old eldest son of former PM, the late Pierre Trudeau, and Margaret Trudeau swept his Liberal Party to victory ending almost a decade of conservative rule of Stephen Harper. While many people were surprised by the landslide win of young Trudeau, the astrology already presaged that Stephen Harper’s lucky run like his Australian conservative counterpart, Tony Abbott was coming to an end. The Liberals capitalized on what many Canadians saw as Mr. Harper’s heavy-handed style, and the party went on to capture 184 of the 338 seats in the next House of Commons. The unexpected rout occurred 47 years after Mr. Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, first swept to power in 1968.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau poses with two yoga enthusiasts after holding a press conference on the front lawn of Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday June 5, 2013. A yoga class is held on Wednesdays throughout the summer on Parliament Hill. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Justin Trudeau in yoga pose


Justin Trudeau’s Haida tattoo at charity boxing match

Justin Trudeau’s “badass” Tattoo
Glam photos of Justin Trudeau in his boxing gear are generating buzz around the world — because of the tattoo on his left arm. In a tweet he said, My tattoo is planet Earth inside a Haida raven. The globe I got when I was 23; the Robert Davidson raven for my 40th birthday.

And according to the National Post the prime minister’s raven ink even gets the seal of approval from Haida leaders. Council of the Haida Nation president Peter Lantin expressed joy in having the B.C. First Nation represented wherever Trudeau goes.

At age 23, Trudeau got a tattoo of the Earth, and 17 years later he chose a raven designed by Robert Davidson to wrap around it. The renowned Haida artist only found out recently that one of his pieces permanently adorn the Liberal leader’s upper bicep. The Trudeau family were made honorary members of the Haida in 1976 during Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s second term as prime minister.

Trudeau first revealed his tattoo in a celebrity boxing match of sorts against then-Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau in 2012. Raising money for charity, the Papineau MP also sported a temporary Katimavik tattoo on his right bicep to make a statement to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Katimavik was a youth volunteer program launched by the Liberal MP’s father Pierre Elliott Trudeau when he was prime minister back in 1977. Its funding was cut off by Harper in February 2012.

After the boxing match, Trudeau told reporters he kept the program cut in mind throughout the fight.

“What I believe in is Katimavik, what I believe in is the Canada that I fight for every day in the House of Commons and that’s what I channelled here in the ring,” he said at the time to iPolitics.

Justin Trudeau 43-year-old former high school teacher, nightclub bouncer and snowboarding instructor who until recently sported long hair, Trudeau first captured national attention in 2000 with a moving eulogy at his father’s state funeral. He challenged the country to cement Pierre Trudeau’s vision of a united and multicultural Canada, moving many people to tears.

“It’s all up to us, all of us now,” he said then.

Justin Trudeau's natal chartJustin Trudeau, born 25 December 1971 at 9.27 pm in Ottawa, Canada, will be 44 on Christmas Day will become Canada’s second-youngest prime minister and the first to follow a parent into office. His opponents tried to portray him as light weight and more style than substance but one look at his natal chart puts paid to that notion. He has the Sun in responsible Capricorn squaring dynamic Mars and powerful Pluto. He has a Virgo ascendant and Saturn, the ruler of his Capricorn Sun, is conjunct his Gemini Midheaven so he is grounded and practical as well as being a good communicator and networker with Mercury ruling both his Midheaven and ascendant. His Moon trine Mercury indicates that he would be able to communicate his thoughts and feelings with ease unlike his father who was painfully shy and very ill at ease in social situations. His Mars sextling serious Saturn would give him self control. Pluto trining his Saturn and Midheaven would confer executive ability enabling him to be a transformative leader. His numerology also reveals his sensitivity, creativity, humanitarian and leadership potential. He was born on a number 25/7 day, and 12/3 month and a 18/9 year and his life path number is 19/1.

He also has fire in the belly with his Moon in spirited Aries and three planets, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune in visionary Sagittarius. His Pallas Athena is in the 9th house ruled by Jupiter again emphasising his visionary potential. His Sun, Venus and North Node or destiny point are in the 5th house of children and creativity which he expressed when he was a drama teacher.  His Mars in the sign of sensitive Pisces and the Neptune the ruler of Pisces making a trine to his Chiron would endow him with compassion and his ability to inspire others. His North Node, Vesta and Venus are in unconventional Aquarius indicating dedication to serving humanity in his own unique way.

Star Quality of Justin Trudeau

Trudeau, tall and trim at 43, channels the star power — if not quite the political heft — of his father, who swept to power in 1968 on a wave of support dubbed “Trudeaumania.”

Pierre Trudeau, who was prime minister from 1968 until 1984 with a short interruption, remains one of the few Canadian politicians known in America, his charisma often drawing comparisons to John F. Kennedy. A bachelor when he became prime minister, he dated actresses Barbra Streisand and Kim Cattrall of Sex and The City fame. At age 51 while in office, Pierre Trudeau married 22-year-old Margaret Sinclair, who earned notoriety as first lady for partying with the Rolling Stones and at New York’s Studio 54. They had three sons, including Justin, the eldest. The couple divorced when Justin was six and the boys were raised by their father, who died in 2000.

Antonia Maioni, a political science professor at Montreal’s McGill University, said the room changes when Justin Trudeau enters. “It’s like a celebrity thing. Bill Clinton had that. Not many people or politicians can do that. Mr. Trudeau can do that. That’s why now you hear the Conservatives say it’s not a popularity contest,” Maioni said. “Mr. Trudeau can raise that kind of excitement in a room.”

Biwheel Canada & Justin TrudeauJustin’s natal chart like his father before him has strong connections with Canada’s natal chart 1 July 1867, 0.00, Ottawa, Canada. Justin’s Capricorn Sun is opposite Canada’s Cancerian Sun and Uranus. His ascendant is conjunct Canada’s Mars, his Moon is conjunct Canada’s ascendant and his Jupiter and Venus trine Canada’s ascendant.

Born to Lead – Nixon’s Prediction and toast to Justin Trudeau as future PM in 1972

When Justin Trudeau was just four months old, then-US President Richard Nixon predicted the infant would one day follow in his father’s footsteps.

At a gala dinner during a state visit to Ottawa in 1972, Mr Nixon addressed his Canadian counterpart: “Tonight we’ll dispense with the formalities. I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada: to Justin Pierre Trudeau.”

According to CBC, the elder Trudeau responded that should his son ever lead the country, “I hope he has the grace and skill of the president.”

While Mr Nixon’s political career ended in disgrace with Watergate, Mr Trudeau went on to dominate Canadian politics until the mid-1980s, provoking passionate and polarising opinions.

Pierre Trudeau’s first election in 1968 inspired a frenzied fandom among young voters that became known as “Trudeaumania”. And his administration included many historic accomplishments like making both French and English the official languages of the federal government.

Pierre Trudeau's natal chartPierre Trudeau was born on 18 October 1919 in Outremont, Quebec Canada. The birth time used is 7.03 am. In his book Trudeau the Canadian journalist and author the late George Radwanski lifted the veil on Pierre Trudeau with his penetrating insights into what made the former Liberal PM tick and what were his political motivations and aspirations. Radwanski said in his book that Pierre Trudeau was extremely sensitive and painfully shy which was hidden by aloofness. Trudeau, a Libran, has Mars Venus conjunct reticent Saturn in the 11th house of friends and groups. His leadership qualities were supported by his Leo Moon and Sun prominent in the first house which was sometimes interpreted as arrogance. His Mercury in penetrating Scorpio trining powerful Pluto made him a formidable opponent in the debates. He didn’t suffer fools gladly. George Radwanski described Pierre as a chameleon who had so many guises – the prankster who turned cartwheels when bored with official duties and who did a pirouette behind Queen Elizabeth’s back, a man with an iron will who had supreme confidence in his mental and physical prowess but who was so socially inept.  When his young wife Margaret, 30 years his junior, left him in 1977 he also took on the role of single father who was devoted to his children. Pierre Trudeau was a very complex man. He travelled and studied extensively before becoming PM and brought this wealth of knowledge to the office of PM. His hatred of nationalism made him a fierce enemy of Canadian separatism – a battle he won but not without scars.

Justin Trudeau sworn in as Canada’s new Canadian PM reveals diverse, gender-equal cabinet

Justin Trudeau & family on way to swearing in

Justin Trudeau & family on way to swearing in ceremony

Justin Trudeau takes the oath of office as he is sworn in as prime minister of Canada at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Justin Trudeau sworn in as Canada’s PM

Justin Trudeau's new cabinet

Justin Trudeau with his new cabinet

On Wednesday 4 November Justin Trudeau accompanied by his family and colleagues walked to Rideau Hall to be sworn in as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. He has chosen a diverse gender-equal cabinet. “It’s an incredible pleasure for me to be before you here today to present to Canada a cabinet that looks like Canada,” Mr Trudeau said after he was sworn in with his team, which includes immigrants, aboriginals, religious minorities, a quadriplegic and 15 women. Asked why he felt gender equality in the Cabinet was important, Mr Trudeau said simply: “Because it is 2015.” he said to cheers and applause.

Mr Trudeau’s “parity cabinet” is a first in a country where women started voting in 1916, four years before similar rights in the United States. It ends a centuries-old habit by leaders of large English-speaking countries, including Britain and the US, to name men to a large majority of government posts. France, Italy and the Nordic countries already have had parity cabinets. Mr Trudeau’s action sets a benchmark for his English-speaking Group of Seven colleagues. President Barack Obama’s 16-member cabinet is currently 25 per cent female; David Cameron’s British Cabinet is 33 per cent female. Justin’s wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, a broadcast journalist and yoga instructor works for women’s causes.

Like father like son they both came to power promising a new era sweeping aside stale conservatism – the elder Trudeau according to George Radwanski had a tremendous impact on the consciousness of Canada in the areas of multiculturalism, bilingual laws and social welfare. The elder Trudeau’s legacy includes a Bill of Rights, reforms on homosexuality, abortion and divorce to name but a few. Watching young Justin’s emotional eulogy to his father at his father’s funeral in 2000 leaves one in no doubt what an impact his father had on his eldest son both on a personal and political level. Canada and the world now await to see what the second Trudeau era will bring. One thing is certain Justin will not remain in his father’s shadow as he carves out his own path as Canada’s 23rd PM.
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