Happy New Year! Happy Birthday Aquarians! Vale David Bowie, Full Moon in Leo, Retrograde Mercury & Retrograde Jupiter

11 Aquairius

Design by Sue Robertson

Aquarius the water carrier
pours forth the Waters of Life
that fountain of Light
which purifies the minds
of women and men
awakening in their hearts 
the Divine seed of Love

Poem by Anne Robertson (c) 1987

The astrology card my sister, Sue, and I designed for Aquarius depicts the main qualities of Aquarius. The male and female water carriers pouring the waters of consciousness, an act which symbolises the equal contribution of masculine and feminine energies, the rational and intuitive, the union of which is vital for the planetary life in the Age of Aquarius.

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to all my Aquarian friends and family! The Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius 21 Jan 2016 at 2.30:27 am Sydney AEDT moving into Pisces 19 February 4.57:27 pm.

Aquarius – Air Masculine Fixed – Rulers Uranus and Saturn, 11th House
Aquarius is the third of a triplicity of Air signs, the others being Gemini and Libra. Aquarius is often mistaken for a water sign because of the reference to the water carrier but esoterically it is the waters of consciousness, that is thought waves which are ruled by the element Air. The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and its traditional ruler is Saturn. Uranus was discovered in 1781 at a time of social reform and poilitical upheaval. Its discovery coincided the period of the French Revolution and the American War of Independence and uprisings in Ireland against British occupation. Each planet that is discovered heralds new movements to be absorbed into the collective consciousness.

Aquarius is one of 4 Fixed signs, the others being Taurus, Leo and Scorpio hence their reputation for being stubborn and inflexible. Aquarius rules the 11th house of the horoscope, having dominion over group consciousness, collective ideals and values, humanitarianism, androgyny, ecology, political movements and revolution, science, technology, telecommunications, telepathy and astrology.

Aquarius rules the ankles, calves, circulation, electrical waves in the nervous system, pituitary gland and the aura.

Vale David Bowie

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust


So much has already been written about David Bowie after his early death on 10 Jan only 2 days after his 69th birthday which coincided with the release of his final album Blackstar. He epitomises much that is characteristic of the Capricorn and Aquarian energy written in this post and  in my previous post on Capricorn. Bowie was born on 8 January 1947 at 9.00.am in Brixton, England. He has the Sun in the sign of Capricorn with Aquarius rising and Moon in Leo opposite his Aquarian ascendant. There is a saying that goes “As the Aquarian thinks so the rest of the world will think in 50 years time.” David Bowie with his Aquarius ascendant demonstrates so many of the Aquarian attributes. In esoteric astrology the ascendant indicates the soul purpose.

He had the Sun and Mars in Capricorn in the mystical 12th house ruled by Pisces so there is an element in him that was very private and shy and didn’t want the limelight. However, with his Moon in dramatic Leo he was able to perform through his many different personas whether as a mime artist, musical performer such as Ziggy Stardust or the Thin White Duke or in roles as an actor etc. He also has Mercury, the planet of communication, conjuncting the cusp of the 12th house squaring Neptune enabling him to be a Universal messenger. Bob Dylan who also had a stellium in the 12th house had this ability. Bowie also had Pallas Athena in Aquarius conjunct the ascendant endowing him with the gift of prophecy and enabling him to express his androgynous nature.

He was a chameleon, someone with magical gifts who could not be categorised or typecast because as soon as we thought we knew him he would shapeshift and reinvent himself as another entity. He had Venus in Sagittarius. Venus, the planet of love and attraction, is his most elevated planet conjuncting his Midheaven, hence his devotion to the arts. His Venus in Sagittarius would have given him a love of travel and foreign cultures. He also had Jupiter in Scorpio so he had a deep interest in the mysteries of life. His songs revealed his interest in the Kabbalah and magic. He admitted to an interest in Dion Fortune and Arthur Edward Waite of the Waite tarot deck. The ruler of his Aquarian ascendant,  Uranus, was in the dual sign of Gemini adding to his mercurial nature.


David Bowie & Joelene King

He demonstrated the Aquarian humanitarian qualities by championing the causes of the Australian Aborigines in his song Let’s Dance. With the northwestern country town of Carinda in NSW as a backdrop in 1983 he drew attention to racism with a young Aboriginal man and woman performing the dance. His love affair with Australia was well known and he resided in a unit he bought in Elizabeth Bay for about 10 years. It all started, Bowie once said, with an entrancing image of Uluru on the cover of a Stravinsky record he bought aged 12. Despite this love affair with Australia he condemned the racism of rural Australia. He also promoted multiculturalism in his song China Girl. He did have his dark phase during his a coke addicted period while living in Germany where he flirted with fascism and nazism personified in The Thin White Duke persona but he overcame those demons.

David Bowie’s androgynous appearance, his interstellar motifs, and his mind-bending visuals set new trends in art, music, film and fashion mesmerising us collectively.  He pulled audiences across genres toward him, at a time when music was pushed out to targeted demographics in stratified categories. He could be controversial and knew how to push the envelope. His Leo Moon knew how to exaggerate, dramatise and how to touch our hearts. Above all his Aquarian ascendant allowed him to experiment, to be a trend setter to be an innovator to go where angels fear to tread. His predilection for portraying androgyny and sexual ambiguity was a preview of the future – the zeitgeist for issues of transgender so prevalent in the current media and movies such as The Danish Girl. Vale David Bowie! He may have passed onto another realm but his impact will be with us for a long time to come.

David Bowie's natal chart


Full Moon in Leo – 23-24 January 2016

5 Leo

Design by Sue Robertson

There will be a full Moon in Leo  at 3 degrees 29 on Sunday 24 January at 12.45:40 AEDT Sydney. Leo is ruled by the Sun which rules the heart. Positively, the Full Moon should bring out the best of Leo traits which include generosity, creativity and playfulness. The shadow side of Leo could include histrionics and pride. The Full Moon brings things to a culmination whatever seeds were sown during the previous new Moon phase which occurred on 10 January. Let’s hope that the Full Moon brings out the best in all of us tuning into the highest octave of Leo rather than accessing our inner drama queen by resorting to attention seeking behaviour or throwing temper tantrums.

Retrograde Mercury
We are currently in the last phase of retrograde Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, which will station on 25 January before turning direct in Capricorn. Retrograde periods are a time for reviewing things. With Mercury being retrograde in Capricorn it is the ideal time to re-evaluate and review goals of a practical nature. Depending on where transiting Mercury falls in your chart this will determine the area of your life that needs to be re-evaluated. For example, if Mercury falls in your 2nd house you would be reviewing your finances and values. Mercury is caught up in the Pluto Uranus T square, being conjunct intense Pluto and squaring erratic Uranus. With the full Moon in Leo and Mercury conjunct Pluto the challenge will be not to allow tensions to build up and say things in the heat of the moment that we could regret later. Positively, The Pluto Mercury conjunction allows for deep insightful thinking but there can be a risk of obsessive thoughts. Therefore, activities such as meditation, yoga or the martial arts can help to restore inner peace, clarity of mind and objectivity.

Retrograde Jupiter
While Mercury is the planet of the rational mind, Jupiter is the planet of the higher mind. Jupiter turned retrograde on 7 January in the sign of practical Virgo and will turn direct on 7 August 2016. Jupiter rules travel and the higher mind. It is an expansionistic, optimistic energy but while it is in its retrograde phase in Virgo it is time to review our journey within with careful scrutiny to attune to our inner wisdom. Virgoan themes include health, work and service. Jupiter will also be opposing Chiron allowing for deep healing to take place. Depending on what house transiting Jupiter is in your chart will determine the issues that will come up for review.



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  1. Heather

     /  January 22, 2016

    Thanks Anne. Twas good to read this, and your take on David Bowie.

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback, Heather. Much appreciated! Anne x

  3. Muriel

     /  January 25, 2016

    Hi Anne, as a David Bowie fan, I too, so enjoyed the extra dimensions in your tribute not able to be covered by mainstream media. A great example of how astrology can add depth, insight, colour and a more vivid interpretation of a person’s attributes and traits. I liked the rest of the post too of course, being an Aquarian!


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