February Astromusings – Happy Birthday Pisceans! Full Moon in Virgo

12 Pisces

Design by Sue Robertson



Pisces the two fish
swim through
the unfathomable depths
Body and soul bound by
the silver cord
The soul struggles to
break free of its earthly bonds
to reunite with the Source
and bring Light to the World

Verse by Anne Robertson 1987
No fairy tale relates the soul’s journey of Pisces more poignantly than Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. She undergoes sacrifice, great physical pain and personal suffering in return for the attainment of an ideal. She surrenders her beautiful voice, severs her links with her loved ones, and endures unbearable physical pain with every step she takes in return for an immortal soul and the love of a mortal prince who is unattainable. Redeemed from her suffering, she spends the rest of her life in service to others. Both Pisces and its polar opposite sign, Virgo, symbolise service.

Happy birthday to all the Pisceans, who celebrate their birthdays between February 20 and March 20. Pisces, whose symbol is the two fish swimming in opposite directions, is one of the three water signs. Pisces is one of four mutable signs the others being Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

The Piscean Hall of Fame

Neptune rules the 12th house which deals with sacrifice, the unconscious mind, mysticism, imagination, illusion, intuition, confinements and past lives. For this reason people born under the sign of Pisces or having strong 12th house placements are often drawn to careers in the arts or spiritual endeavour. Anatomically Pisces rules the feet so it is not surprising to see that the famous ballet dancers, Nijinsky and Nureyev were Piscean. Pisceans exude an aura of glamour and a certain mystique which makes them well suited to the stage or screen.

Famous actors include Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine, Drew Barrymore, Leo McKern of Rumpole fame, Glenn Close, Liza Minnelli, Lynn Redgrave and Julie Walters.
Famous Piscean singers include Johnny Cash, Neil Sedaka and George Harrison. Piscean composers in the Hall of Fame include Chopin, Handel, Vivaldi, Ravel and Rossini.
Piscean writers who have entranced their readers with their vivid imaginations include Kenneth Grahame, the author of The Wind in the Willows, the poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Dr Seuss whose stories have enchanted many children. Those Pisceans listed amongst the famous painters are Michelangelo, Botticelli and Renoir.
Pisceans who have contributed to the mystical realm include Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, a very gifted healer and medium, the Dutch psychic Gerard Croiset, the Indian mystic Meher Baba, Rudolph Steiner the founder of the Anthroposophical movement and Roberto Assagioli the visionary psychiatrist who developed Psychosynthesis.



Neptune Transits

Every one of us experiences Neptune transits in our life. These transits can either enhance our sensitivity, intuition, compassion and creativity if they are positive transits, or if they are challenging transits can bring about confusion, deception, loss, sacrifice and suffering in our lives in order to teach us the lesson of non-attachment. Neptune’s cycle is approximately 160 years therefore it doesn’t complete a full circle and return to its natal place in the span of a lifetime. Neptune transits occur in the middle to late twenties around the time of the first Saturn Return, enabling us to aspire to our ideal of what we could be. A major Neptune transit occurs around the age of 42 coinciding with the Uranus opposition which represents the mid-life crisis and its subsequent search for meaning. In our mid fifties there is another Neptune transit which can enhance spiritual growth. The final major Neptune transit that we are likely to experience if we live into our eighties occurs in our mid eighties, around the same time as the Uranus Return which marks a time of reflection, not only of life and death but also of what lies beyond.

 Overview for Pisces for 2016

Neptune in Pisces
Soulful Neptune continues it sojourn in its home sign of Pisces bringing spiritual upliftment and creative inspiration for all Pisceans. Neptune will be in your home sign of Pisces until January 2026 when it will change signs moving into Aries. Sometimes you may feel a bit lost or confused as if you have lost your moorings but your ruling planet Neptune is beckoning you to attune to your highest spiritual and creative potential.

Saturn is continuing its sojourn through your career sector and will be there until December 2017. This will bring more hard work and responsibility and a certain gravitas. Feisty Mars moves into your career sector giving you the drive to advance your professional goals from 7 March to 27 May and then again from 3 August to 28 September 2016.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in your romance, children and creativity sector until 16 July so there may be some opportunities for some romantic escapades. Part of the time that Jupiter spends here it will be in retrograde motion so this may slow down the usual Jupiterian ebullience. With a solar eclipse in your relationship sector on 1 September 2016 one way or another this area of your life will be brought into sharp focus and there may be issues that surface that need to be resolved. The karmic north node which charts your destiny is in Virgo is also continuing its sojourn through your relationship sector.

Unpredictable Uranus continues its journey through your 2nd house of finances, possessions and values. This brings both uncertainty and excitement to your financial life. It encourages you to be innovative to develop your own unique approach to managing your finances rather than going with the status quo. You may use your ingenuity to devise your own money-making schemes. Your debt and tax sector will be highlighted on 23 March with the Lunar eclipse occurs here. There will be another Lunar eclipse which will conjunct the karmic south node in your first house on 17 September.

Home and Family
There is not much planetary activity occurring on the domestic front this year. Communicative Mercury will pay a visit to your domestic sector from 13 to 29 June  giving you an opportunity to network with your family and have any conversations on family matters. Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 25 May to 17 June making this an ideal time for any family get togethers.

Travel and Education
Feisty Mars pays two visits to your travel and education sector from 4 January to 5 March and then again from 28 May to 2 August imbuing you with energy to pursue these areas of your life. Mars will be in retrograde motion from 2 to 28 June so your energy during this time will be directed inward. Venus will grace you with her presence from 24 September to 18 October which would be an ideal time for a romantic getaway or pleasure cruise.

Friendships, Groups and Goals
Powerful Pluto continues to make its presence felt in your eleventh house of friends, groups and goals causing you to make radical changes in this area of your life. Your power and influence will be felt in groups situations. You may act as a catalyst for change for your friends or there may even be some power struggles resulting in a friendship coming to an end. You may radically alter your goals including your life purpose as Pluto’s impact is felt here. Venus graces your friendship sector with her charming presence  from 13 November to 7 December 2016. This should promote affection and harmony in your  social circles and group activities. 

Full Moon in Virgo
There will be a full Moon at 3 degrees 33 of Virgo on 23 February at 5.19:48 am AEDT Sydney time. Virgo is the sign of discrimination, analysis and practicality. However, with the Sun conjunct nebulous Neptune at the time of this full moon there may be a tug in opposite directions toward practicality and reason on the one hand and toward idealism and dreams on the other. The key may be to integrate the two diametrically opposed energies to achieve the perfect balance. The full moon brings things that have been brewing to a resolution. The full moon falling in the mutable sign of Virgo it would affect people with personal planets in mutable signs.

Pisces Greeting Card Designed by Sue Robertson
Pisces Poem by Anne Robertson


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