May Astromusings – New Moon in Taurus & Full Moon in Sagittarius, Retrograde Mercury

Five Planets Retrograde and the New Moon in Taurus and Full Moon in Sagittarius

There is currently a lot of activity in the heavens with Mercury having just turned retrograde making it now 5 planets in retrograde motion – Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. Added to this we have a Super (perigee) New Moon in Taurus on 6/7 May culminating in a Blue Full Moon in Sagittarius on 21/22 May.

Retrograde Mercury in Taurus

MercuryMercury stationed 28/29 May at 23 degrees 33 of Taurus to begin its retrograde motion which ends when Mercury stations again on 21/22 May at 14 degrees 22 of Taurus to resume its direct motion. Mercury retrograde receives a lot of bad press as the Trickster can play havoc with communications and transport causing missed appointments, strikes, delays, confusion and misunderstandings. Positively, it is an ideal time to review things and being in the sign of Venus ruled Taurus this could involve your financial affairs or romantic liaisons. So it is an ideal time to take the bull by the horns so to speak and harness the pragmatic Taurean energy. With 5 planets in retrograde motion, it is a very introspective period – with dynamic Mars and Pluto being retrograde the energy would be turned inward rather than expressed outwardly.


Super New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus occurs 6/7 May. It will occur at 16 degrees 41 on 7 May at 5.30. 13 am AEST Sydney time. It is called a Super Moon because it is at its perigee that is its orbit is the closest to Earth. The New Moon is a time to initiate plans, to sow seeds which will come to fruition at the Full Moon. Being in the sign of Venus ruled Taurus it is time to be practical, especially with regard to your finances and matters of the heart. Taurean activities include gardening, cooking, finances and love. With both retrograde Mercury and the New Moon being in Taurus, it would be an ideal time to prepare your finances ready for the upcoming end of the financial year. Whatever your intentions are it is an ideal time to visualise your goals. You can take advantage of this celestial energy to make positive affirmations for abundance in all areas of your life.

The Blue Full Moon in Sagittarius – “Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth” an excerpt from The Great Invocation by Master Djwhal Kuhl

The Full Moon will occur 21/21 May coinciding with Mercury’s turning direct. It will occur at 1 degree 13 of Sagittarius at 7.14 13 am AEST Sydney time. It may be considered Blue Moon because it is the third full Moon in a season of four powerful Full Moons. The first of the series of these Full Moons which occurred on 23 March is referred to as the Christ Full Moon. The second Full Moon or Wesak Moon which occurred on 21/22 April marks the annual celebration Buddha’s birthday.

The third and upcoming Full Moon is referred to as the Goodwill or World Invocation Day Full Moon. The Great Invocation was bestowed on Earth by Master Djwhal Kuhl one of the Spiritual Hierarchy or Brotherhood, Masters of Ancient Wisdom teachings. The Great Invocation is a group prayer for all humanity in the Age of Aquarius for the spiritual age of Aquarius. The Tibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl along with other Masters bestowed their

Mme Blavatsky

Mme Helena Blavatsky

wisdom teachings onto their students such as Mme Helena Blavatsky who founded the Theosophical Society, and Alice A. Bailey.


Alice Bailey

Alice A. Bailey

Alice A. Bailey wrote a series of books on esoteric wisdom under the guidance of Master Djwhal Kuhl. Her discipleship service to her own Master Kuthumi included her establishing the Arcane School, and becoming the organiser with her husband Foster Bailey of an International Goodwill Movement. In collaboration with other disciples such

Roberto Assagioli

Roberto Assagioli

as Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, she carried out the Plan of the Masters of Wisdom referred to in the sacred prayer, The Great Invocation. 

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