October Astromusings -Super Moon Full Moon in Aries -US Presidential Race – The Battle of the Sexes, Trump’s Sex Scandals

Super Moon Full Moon in Aries – 15/16 October

moon-perigee-apogeeThis weekend’s Super Moon Full Moon in Aries is the first of three Super Moons, that is when the Moon is at perigee (closest to the earth). The Full Moon is a time of heightened emotions and intuition and it will be even more so with this trilogy of Super Moons occurring in October, November and December. This Full Moon will also bring some unpredictable energy with Uranus being in close conjunction to the Moon in feisty Aries opposing the Libran Sun and Mercury. Added to the mix is Mars and Pluto in close conjunction in Capricorn squaring both Jupiter and Mercury. This promises to be a volatile cocktail so be prepared for some fireworks. People with planets in cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in the mid teens to mid 20s will be most likely affected. The issues that arise will depend on what houses are affected.

The Full Moon is a time when issues come to a head and are likely to be even more amplified being a Super Moon Full Moon. The Full Moon being on the Aries Libra axis, relationships are likely to be a focus. As I wrote in a previous post Libra also encompasses right human relations so on a collective level it could also bring up geopolitical issues such as the Syrian War and the warring parties, United Nations, the polarisation of the sexes being played out in the US presidential elections as Clinton and Trump go head to head in a


Trump & Clinton go head to head in the 2nd presidential debate

series of bruising debates. Both presidential candidates have prominent Mars in their natal charts. In Hillary’s case the co-ruler of her Scorpio Sun is Mars and her natal Mars is in a close conjunction to Pluto, the ruler of her Sun. In Trump’s case he has Mars in Leo right on the ascendant. While Trump succeeded in knocking out all the other Republican presidential candidates, Hillary, with her strong Plutonian Martian energy has held her own in the two debates for the two presidential nominees. With the Super Moon Full Moon in Aries we can expect more of the same and an escalation of the rhetoric.

Donald Trump’s planets will be challenged by the Super Moon Full Moon on 15/16 October. The Full Moon along with erratic Uranus will square Trump’s Saturn and Venus forming a T square. Added to that, transiting Chiron is squaring Trump’s Sun and North Node as well as transiting Mars and Pluto squaring his natal Chiron, the planetoid of the wounded healer. What does all this mean in laymen’s terms? It means that Trump will be even more erratic than usual and with the Uranus squaring his Saturn and Venus the focus is on Trump’s relationships with women. It has been said by some commentators that there is nothing so dangerous as a cornered animal.

The fallout from leaked videotape of Trump – Trump’s sex scandals
161013-trump-accused-women-indexvictims-of-trumps-sexual-assaultWhen the video tape of Trump’s bragging to Billy Bush about his sexual assaults on women surfaced just before the second debate of the two Republican nominees Trump came out with all guns blazing calling a press conference with women who alleged they had been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. Commentators claimed that this was a tactic to deflect from his own “men’s locker room banter” by making it an issue about Bill Clinton’s sexual transgressions and Hillary’s ruthless pursuit of Bill’s victims. His denial that he had ever acted on his bragging when asked by the moderator in the debate has opened a Pandora’s box with nine women already coming forward with their stories of Trump’s sexually assaulting them in the past including another disturbing video of his sexualising a ten year old girl.

What began as a snowball is now becoming an avalanche with Trump’s response being a paranoic lashing out at the Republican Establishment for deserting him and accusing the media of rigging it all. In fact according to Nick O’Malley in his article A Glimpse into Trumpland, Trump claims that there is a vast conspiracy against him, one that included the media, the Clintons, the FBI, the NSA, the Congress – including congressional Republicans -the UN and “global financial powers”. One commentator described Trump’s tactics as a “scorched earth campaign” – if he is going down he is going to bring everyone down with him.

Despite the fact that Clinton’s enemies have been busy publishing damaging emails about her which have been hacked from the Democratic Party by Wikileaks, because of Trump’s sex scandals the news of Clinton’s emails has very little traction with the media. The current planets activate Trump’s chart more than Clinton’s.  Other people have expressed their concern about the potential of Trump being elected as President. Martin O’Malley, a top ranking US Democrat and former governor of Maryland who is visiting Sydney went so far as to claim that he believes Trump has shown himself to be a “fascist threat” who posed the gravest threat to the United States ” since the Civil War.”


Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama also denounced Trump’s behaviour towards women as both disgraceful and intolerable. Addressing a rally in  New Hampshire the first lady said with her hand on her heart, “I feel it so personally”, referring to Trump’s lewd comments in the leaked video.” The shameful comments about our bodies. The disrespect of our ambitions and intellect. The belief that you can do anything you want to a woman. It is cruel, it is frightening. And the truth is it hurts,’ she said, patting her heart. “It hurts.”


Mike Pence and Paul Ryan

Misogyny in the Republican Party
Anne Summers adds to the disturbing picture of male Republican politicians in her article Trump isn’t the only misogynist in Republican ranks. Summers points out that while these Republican men may have distanced themselves from Trump’s lewd comments their policies are just as misogynistic. Pence, Trump’s running mate, voted against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (an equal pay proposal), three times when he was a congressman. He also wants Roe v Wade, which guarantees a woman’s constitutional right to abortion, “consigned to the ash heap of history”. Anne Summers gives even more damning evidence of his misogyny. As governor of Indiana, Pence closed dozens of Planned Parenthood clinics by defunding them, inadvertently causing an HIV outbreak. Earlier this year he signed into the law HB1337 one of the most restrictive abortion laws. In the past House speaker Paul Ryan has argued that rape should not be grounds for abortion. This is the modern Republican party whom Summers points out is largely the creature of the Fox Network and its former boss, serial sexual harasser Roger Ailes. To all these Republican men, women are instruments to be used for pleasure or procreation. Summers concludes her article saying, “Emboldened by their leader, anything goes now. Including with the hypocritical self-proclaimed women-protectors now all slithering back to the Republican snake pit as well.”

To conclude with one of Michelle Obama’s comments when talking about how she and Barack Obama have brought up their daughters, “How we explain that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is: when they go low, we go high.”


Trump isn’t the only misogynist in the Republican ranks by Anne Summers, Sun Herald 16 Oct 2016

A Glimpse into Trumpland by Nick O’Malley, Sun Herald 16 Oct 2016


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