December Astromusings – Full Moon Super Moon & Retrograde Mercury – its effect on Donald Trump


Full Moon Super Moon in Gemini
The last of the three Super Moons occur 13/14 December 2016. With the Sun in the fire sign of Sagittarius and the Moon in the air sign Gemini we can expect a spirited festive season. The Full Moon which will form a grand trine with Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra will bring a certain restless energy.

The Sun also conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius bringing responsibilities and hard work to the fore especially for people with planets in mutable signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.

A cardinal T-square with freedom loving Jupiter and erratic Uranus squaring turbulent Pluto could bring out the inner rebel in people causing them to act unpredictably upsetting the status quo. For some there may be an urge to throw the baby out with the bathwater but it would be wise to think before one acts.

Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn
Quicksilver Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn bringing powerful mental concentration and serious communication but also the potential for obsessive thoughts. This is a prelude to mercury going retrograde on 19 December for three weeks until 8 January, 2017. Being in the practical Earth sign Capricorn, this Mercury retrograde cycle affords an opportunity to review personal and business finances. It could also bring confusion, misunderstandings, missed  appointments, cancelled engagements, strikes affecting public transport etc. Therefore since it is the holiday season there is a need to be well organised and prepared with travel plans and have a plan B in case of disruption and chaos that the Trickster, Retrograde Mercury could bring in its wake.


The Full Moon and Retrograde Mercury Effect on Donald Trump’s Natal Chart
The upcoming Full Moon will activate Trump’s natal chart with the full Moon in Gemini conjuncting Trump’s natal Sun, North Node and Uranus in his 10th house of career with the transiting Saturn and Sun on his natal Moon and karmic south node. Added to this configuration is transiting Chiron the wounded healer forming a T square to his natal Sun and Moon. As well as this, Mercury will turn retrograde on the very day that the electoral college meets to formally elect the president. The disruptive energy to both Trump’s natal chart and the US chart could cause a major upset and as a  worse case scenario could cause a constitutional crisis with ensuing civil strife. Trump with his ‘shoot off the mouth’ Sagittarian Moon has already rattled the cages of both the Democratic and Republican party establishment.

trumpelstiltskin-cartoontrump-putin-cartoonWith a build up to the full Moon he has already committed a litany of questionable offences. He has broken with the diplomatic tradition of the one China policy insulting Beijing; Obama has announced a probe into Russia’s interference in the US election with the Wikileaks favouring Trump. A bipartisan committee has also backed a call for a congressional probe into Russia’s interference, claims which Trump and his transition team have laughed off as ludicrous. With both karmic Saturn known as the grim reaper on Trump’s unruly Sagittarian Moon, and Chiron the wounded healer also activating it, Trump will be called to account for his actions. This stern Saturnian energy should put some restraints on Trump which will prove very challenging for him with his narcissistic, aggressive and impetuous temperament.

We have now entered the new normal – Brexit and Trump – the era of post truth and false news where stories are fabricated such as the one where Edgar M. Welch, a 28-year-old father of  North Carolina recently read online that Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in  Washington, was harbouring young children as sex slaves as part of a child-abuse ring led by Hillary Clinton. He drove all the way to ‘self investigate’. Not long after arriving at the pizzeria, the police said, he fired from an assault-like AR-15 rifle. The police arrested him. They found a rifle and a handgun in the restaurant. Fortunately nobody was hurt but it is a warning of what could have been a senseless tragedy. Strap yourself in to your seat belts as the US and the world is in for a rough ride for some time to come!







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