January Astromusings – Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer
4 Cancerfull-moon-in-cancer
Blessings for the Full Moon in Cancer which occurs today, 12 January at 10.33:53 pm AEDT Sydney time. Cancer is a water sign indicating emotional qualities and sensitivity. Being ruled by the Moon, Cancer represents nurturing and protective qualities. It is ruled by the 4th house which has dominion over home and family. Therefore, these qualities are likely to come to the fore during a Full Moon in Cancer. Cancer is one of the 4 cardinal signs representing being goal oriented and action.

However, this Full Moon in Cancer forms a grand cardinal cross with Pluto in Capricorn, which squares Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. People are likely to overreact, especially if they have planets in cardinal signs aligning with this grand cross formation. One such person who has been under the spotlight is president-elect Donald Trump. The Full Moon in Cancer falls on Trump’s Saturn and Venus and with Jupiter in Libra squaring it there is bound to be overblown emotions as Jupiter magnifies every planet it touches. Adding to this, Pluto conjuncts the Sun squaring Uranus in feisty Aries we have a very volatile mix.

At the very time Trump called his first press conference in months he had to fend off questions with regard to the latest sensational intelligence allegations re his personal and professional dealings with Russia which involve salacious reports that Russian intelligence agents spied on Trump having sex with Russian prostitutes and that he was a Russian stooge. His reaction was to go on the attack savaging the media and all the intelligence agencies using all sorts of hyperbole typical of the Cancerian Full Moon configuration. He asserted that this is the kind of thing Nazi Germany would have done, declaring it was all fake news.

streep-trumpA Cancerian who has managed to gain the spotlight in the last few days was the Hollywood actress, Meryl Streep, whose acceptance speech at the Golden Globes for the Cecil B De Mille award with its implied criticism of Donald Trump got under Trump’s skin sending him into twittermania declaring that she was one of the most over rated actresses in Hollywood and a Hillary flunky. Things that are simmering beneath the surface come to a head under the full moon. It is not surprising that America is currently in the Spotlight with America’s national day being on the 4 July during the sign of Cancer. obamas-farewell-speechAs well as Streep’s speech there was also the an intense emotional reaction to outgoing president Barack Obama’s farewell speech with even the normally cool Obama breaking down during his final address to the nation. Even ¬†normally detached journalists admitted to tearful responses. obama-family-farewellCancer concerns home and family so it was fitting that the US first family was also prominent with the Moon in Cancer leading up to the Full Moon.







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