February Astromusings – Happy Birthday Pisceans! Mars in Taurus, Chiron in Aries, Full Moon SuperMoon in Virgo, Retrograde Mercury

12 Pisces

Pisces the two fish
swim through
the unfathomable depths
Body and soul bound by
the silver cord
The soul struggles to
break free of its earthly bonds
to reunite with the Source
and bring Light to the World

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

No fairy tale relates the soul’s journey of Pisces more poignantly than Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. She undergoes sacrifice, great physical pain and personal suffering in return for the attainment of an ideal. She surrenders her beautiful voice, severs her links with her loved ones, and endures unbearable physical pain with every step she takes in return for an immortal soul and the love of a mortal prince who is unattainable. Redeemed from her suffering, she spends the rest of her life in service to others. Both Pisces and its polar opposite sign, Virgo, symbolise service.

Happy birthday to all the Pisceans, who celebrate their birthdays between February 19 and March 20. Pisces, whose symbol is the two fish swimming in opposite directions, is one of the three water signs. Pisces is one of four mutable signs the others being Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

The constellation Pisces comprises the northern and the southern fish, joined together by a rope attached to each of their tails. The fish and the cord form a giant horizontal “V,” at the apex of which is Pisces’s brightest star, Al Rescha, an Arabic word meaning “the Cord” Esoterically the two fish symbolise the Body and the Soul held together by a band – the Sutratma of Eastern philosophy, the Silver Cord in the Bible. The journey of the two fish is symbolic of the journey of humanity toward evolution in consciousness as the soul tries to free itself from the bondage of the ego.

The Age of Pisces
The outgoing Age of Pisces was marked by the birth of Christ, and Christianity commemorates His crucifixion and resurrection, so Pisces is the archetype of the Saviour which represents great suffering and redemption. Pisces falls during Lent, the period of fasting which precedes Easter. During the 500 years before Jesus’ birth, many of the founders of today’s religions were born, including Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao-tse and Confucius. Jesus’ ministry not only laid the foundation for the 2000 year period now coming to a close but for a 26,000 year period referred to as ‘the Great Year’. The Piscean symbolism permeates Christianity. ‘Icthys’, the Greek name for Jesus, means fish. The twelve disciples of Jesus were from the ranks of fishermen. Jesus is said to have fed the multitudes with loaves and fishes. In the early days of Christianity in Rome, Christians, fearing persecution, would identify each other by drawing a picture of a fish in the sand or have a fish painted on the palm of their hand. The Age of Pisces has been marked by religious devotion and worship whereas the Age of Aquarius will focus on cultivating the Divine within humanity.

Neptune the Ruler of Pisces
Pisces’s ruling planet, Neptune, or Poseidon as he was known to the Greeks, ruled over his watery domain with his trident in his hand. In Greek mythology the universe was divided into three realms assigned to the three brothers. The heavens were assigned to Zeus-Jupiter, Hades-Pluto ruled over the Underworld, and Poseidon-Neptune ruled the oceans. The glyph for Neptune is a pictograph of the trident held in the hands of Poseidon. Neptune’s trident is his attribute of power reflecting the lunar crescent which links him to the realms of the instincts and watery depths of the unconscious. Before the planet Neptune was discovered in 1846 Jupiter ruled Pisces. When each planet is discovered it indicates a new level of evolution in the consciousness of humanity. As mentioned in my previous article, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, was discovered at the time of the French revolution and the American War of Independence, while the discovery of Neptune coincided with the spiritualist movement and the founding of the Theosophical Society. Neptune’s two moons, Oberon and Titania which bear the names of the King and Queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Nights Dream’ are symbolic of the dream-like, elusive quality of Pisces and its ruler, Neptune. We can gain an idea of the power of Neptune from the Tower card as depicted in Liz Greene’s Mythic Tarot in which Poseidon, portrayed with a fish’s tail, points his trident at the tower, causing lightning to strike it and cracks begin to appear in its edifice. Neptune rules spirituality and the arts. In its capacity as the planet of spirituality it teaches us non-attachment, because as soon as we identify with a thought, a possession, or a loved one, Neptune can dissolve it.

The Lesson of Neptune in the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice
Neptune’s lesson of non-attachment is nowhere more powerfully evoked that in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus and Eurydice, the newly weds, are very much in love, but instead of fulfilling their wedded bliss, Eurydice steps on a snake, is bitten and dies. The devastated bridegroom, Orpheus, who cannot accept his fate, sets out to retrieve his beloved. Orpheus is the typical Neptunian hero, a poet and musician whose songs and music uplift the spirits. With his music he charms the dog, Cerberus, that guards the Underworld, and persuades its inhabitants, Pluto and Persephone, to allow him to bring Eurydice back to the Upper world. They grant his wish on one condition – that he does not turn around and look at her until she has arrived in the upper world again but he cannot resist the temptation to gaze into the eyes of his beloved and she dissolves before his very eyes and with it his hopes for future happiness. There are always sacrifices and adjustments demanded by Neptune. The promise of happiness and fulfilment is often illusory. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus so requires a selfless love rather than self-gratification.

The Twelfth Labour of Hercules – The Capture of the Red Cattle of Geryon

In this the last of the twelve labours of Hercules the Teacher said to Hercules, ” Before the last gate now you stand, One labour yet remains before the circle is complete, and liberation is attained. He is told to proceed to Erytheia where great Illusion is enthroned where Geryon, the monster of three heads, three bodies and six hands, is lord and king. Unlawfully he holds a herd of dark red cattle. Hercules is told by his teacher that he must drive the herd from Erytheia to their Sacred City. He is warned to look out for Eurytion, the shepherd and his two headed dog Orthrus. His Teacher advises Hercules to invoke the aid of Helius which Hercules does, making offerings to Helius the god of fire in the sun. His offerings were rewarded with the gift of a golden chalice which provided safe protection for his journey across the tossing seas to Erytheia.

Hercules killed the double headed dog Orthrus which guarded the cattle but spared the life of the shepherd Eurytion. Hercules then proceeded to kill the monster Geryon. Hercules placed all the cattle in the golden cup in which he had sailed over to the island, took them to the Sacred City, and offered them in sacrifice to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. The Teacher greeted Hercules with the words, “Welcome, O Son of God who is also a son of man. The jewel of immortality is yours. By these twelve labours have you overcome the human, and put on the divine. Home have you come, no more to leave. Upon the starry firmament your name shall be inscribed, a symbol to the struggling sons of men of their immortal destiny. The human labours ended your cosmic tasks begin. From out of the Council Chamber came a voice that said, “well done, O Son of God.”

Alice Bailey explains the symbolism of the red cattle as that of the lower desires which are guarded by the shepherd, which is the mind, the two headed dog representing the matter aspect and the psychic nature. The reason that Hercules spared the shepherd symbolising the mind as the mind can still be the shepherd of the cattle but the two headed dog the psychic-emotional nature and the matter aspect, Hercules killed, which means that they were deprived of any power. The keeper of the cattle, the form aspect was killed but the shepherd and the cattle were raised up in the golden cup which symbolised the Holy Grail. Bailey goes onto explain that Hercules the World Saviour has fulfilled his function of lifting up humanity.

The Constellation of Pisces
Alice Bailey explains that the sign of Pisces marks a triangular place in the heavens, a symbol of reality. The sign rules the feet hence the idea of treading the Path and attaining the goal has been the underlying spiritual revelation of the Piscean age. Pisces symbolises the death to the personality and also the death of the world saviour for it is the sign of crucifixion and marks the end of the zodiacal cycle.

The first constellation in Pisces is that curious cluster of stars called “The Band”, connecting the two fishes, one fish headed straight to the north and the other swimming on the horizon. The fish headed toward the north is the symbol of the aspirant to the mysteries while the fish on the horizon represents the average person.

The second constellation is Andromeda, the chained woman.  Alice Bailey alludes to three women among the constellations and explains their symbolism: There is Cassiopeia in Aries representing matter seated in her chair, dominant; Coma Berenice in Virgo who sacrificed her hair to be of service, representing the soul only beginning to assert itself. Andromeda the chained woman in Pisces represents matter harnessed.

The third constellation in Pisces is the King named Cepheus, the husband of Cassiopeia and the father of Andromeda. Bailey claims this suggests that “The King” represents the Spirit or Father aspect.

Alan Oken in his book ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’ has this to say about the constellation of Pisces: The waters of space obscure this constellation even more than they do in Aquarius however because of its very distinct shape it is easier to identify. Although it is one of the faintest of the twelve zodiacal asterisms it is one of the longest measuring about 41 degrees of celestial longitude. It is composed of the northern and southern fish joined together by a rope attached to each of their tails. the northern fish is the smaller of the two: it swims toward the constellation of Andromeda and the great nebula which lies within its boundaries. The southern fish swims under the great square of Pegasus the Flying Horse, and points its nose in the direction of Aquarius.

South of Al Rescha (also called “the Knot”) is Cetus the Whale, and east of the upper arm of the “V” is Aries.

Piscean Anatomy and Health
Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and if we take into account the Universal Law, ‘As Above So Below’ it follows that Pisces rules the feet, the last part of the body. Added to this is the fact that March, the month in which Pisces falls, is derived from the Latin word, ‘margo’, which means extremity, limit, edge, boundary, or attainment.

Metaphysically, Pisces is related to understanding, and good understanding is necessary before we can travel far mentally. Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, often referred to as a psychic sponge so they need to protect their boundaries to avoid being overwhelmed by other people’s negative vibes. They need to have periodic retreats from the world to recharge their batteries.

Anatomically Pisces also rules the pineal gland, the lymphatic system, the aura and parts of the nervous system receptive to psychic impressions. An afflicted Neptune can lead to auto-immune disorders or conditions difficult to diagnose. In her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’ Vanda Sawtell describes the role of the cell salt related to Pisces: “The Biochemic cell salt related to the sign Pisces is iron or Ferrum phos. Iron has an affinity for oxygen which together produce red blood. When iron is lacking the blood is pale and anaemic. Physiologically, iron which is related to Pisces, is in charge of the transport system of the body, just as our feet have charge of the transport of the body as a whole. Deficiencies of iron in the blood can cause inflammation or congestion, injuries and haemorrhages, dull throbbing headaches, insomnia, sore throat, lumbago, heart palpitations, emotional disturbances, colds and chills especially when feverish, rheumatism, fractures, cuts, sprains, bruises anaemia, depression, or listlessness.”

Pisceans can be prone to allergies caused by foods such as milk and dairy products. They need to include foods in their diet which keep their lymphatic system flowing, such as fish, a good source of protein, lemon, lime, cranberry and apple juice, leafy green salads and vegetables such as cabbage and celery, and grains such as brown rice, and potatoes and kumara. Exercises that encourage deep breathing such as yoga or pilates would also be beneficial. Neptune rules drugs and alcohol, therefore Pisceans or people with strong Neptune placements can be very prone to addictive behaviour.

Because of their compassionate natures they need to be discerning in whom they help and beware of a tendency toward martyrdom. The gemstone for Pisceans is aquamarine.  Bach flower essences that can relieve the Piscean tendency toward physical and mental exhaustion are hornbeam, and scleranthus for changeability, indecisiveness and moodiness. A homeopathic remedy indicated for heat exhaustion, headache, nausea and cramps, Veratrum album, would be beneficial for the  Piscean. Aromatherapy oils that would be a healing balm for the sensitive Piscean include sandalwood, jasmine, myrrh and ylang-ylang. The healing musical note for Pisces is B.

The Piscean Hall of Fame
Neptune rules the 12th house which deals with sacrifice, the unconscious mind, mysticism, imagination, illusion, intuition, confinements and past lives. For this reason people born under the sign of Pisces or having strong 12th house placements are often drawn to careers in the arts or spiritual endeavour. Anatomically Pisces rules the feet so it is not surprising to see that the famous ballet dancers, Nijinsky and Nureyev were Piscean. Pisceans exude an aura of glamour and a certain mystique which makes them well suited to the stage or screen.

Famous actors include Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine, Drew Barrymore, Leo McKern of Rumpole fame, Glenn Close, Liza Minnelli, Lynn Redgrave and Julie Walters.  Famous Piscean singers include Johnny Cash, Neil Sedaka and George Harrison. Piscean composers in the Hall of Fame include Chopin, Handel, Vivaldi, Ravel and Rossini. Piscean writers who have entranced their readers with their vivid imaginations include Kenneth Grahame, the author of The Wind in the Willows, the poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Dr Seuss whose stories have enchanted many children. Those Pisceans listed amongst the famous painters are Michelangelo, Botticelli and Renoir.
Pisceans who have contributed to the mystical realm include Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, a very gifted healer and medium; the Dutch psychic, Gerard Croiset; the Indian mystic, Meher Baba; Rudolph Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophical movement; and Roberto Assagioli, the visionary Italian psychiatrist who developed Psychosynthesis.



Neptune Transits
Every one of us experiences Neptune transits in our life. These transits can either enhance our sensitivity, intuition, compassion and creativity if they are positive transits, or if they are challenging transits can bring about confusion, deception, loss, sacrifice and suffering in our lives in order to teach us the lesson of non-attachment. Neptune’s cycle is approximately 160 years therefore it doesn’t complete a full circle and return to its natal place in the span of a lifetime. Neptune transits occur in the middle to late twenties around the time of the first Saturn Return, enabling us to aspire to our ideal of what we could be. A major Neptune transit occurs around the age of 42 coinciding with the Uranus opposition which represents the mid-life crisis and its subsequent search for meaning. In our mid fifties there is another Neptune transit which can enhance spiritual growth. The final major Neptune transit that we are likely to experience if we live into our eighties occurs in our mid eighties, around the same time as the Uranus Return which marks a time of reflection, not only of life and death but also of what lies beyond.


 Overview for Pisces for 2019
Soulful Neptune continues it sojourn in its home sign of Pisces bringing spiritual upliftment and creative inspiration for all Pisceans. Neptune will be in your home sign of Pisces until January 2026 when it will change signs moving into Aries. Sometimes you may feel a bit lost or confused as if you have lost your moorings but your ruling planet Neptune is beckoning you to attune to your highest spiritual and creative potential. Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, will move out of your your sign and enter Aries on 19 Feb on the same day as the Sun enters Pisces. Lucky Jupiter continues its passage through your career sector until December 2019.

Planetary visitors to your career sector include Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Quicksilver Mercury pay a visit here from 11 February to 4 March facilitating communication and networking in your career. Venus will grace your career sector with her presence from 27 March to 20 April bringing harmony here. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune continues its passage through your career sector until 2 December 2019 bringing opportunities for expansion and promotion in your career.

Work and Health
Your work and health sector is highlighted by a total lunar eclipse on 21 January.
Other cosmic visitors that will be in your relationship sector are Mercury, Venus and Mars. Quicksilver Mercury will pay two visits here – the first from 28 June to 9 July and again from 12 – 29 August facilitating communication in your relationships. However, part of Mercury’s stay there will be in retrograde motion from 7 July to 12 August which could bring confusion and misunderstandings. Feisty Mars’s presence here from 2 July to 18 August embolden you to achieve your goals.

Unpredictable Uranus continues its journey through your 2nd house of finances, possessions and values. This brings both uncertainty and excitement to your financial life. It encourages you to be innovative to develop your own unique approach to managing your finances rather than going with the status quo. You may use your ingenuity to devise your own money-making schemes. Chiron, the wounded healer, moves into your finance sector on 19 February.

Home and Family
Cosmic visitors to your domestic sector include Mercury and Venus and Mars. Communicative Mercury will pay a visit to your domestic sector from 22 May to 4 June  giving you an opportunity to network with your family and have any conversations on family matters. Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 10 June to 3 July making this an ideal time for any family get togethers. Dynamic Mars visits your domestic sector from 1 April to 16 May imbuing you with the energy to get your domestic and family affairs in order.

Creativity and Children
The karmic north node which charts your destiny is in Cancer in your children and creativity sector. Your creativity and children sector will be highlighted by a solar total eclipse on 2 July 2019. Cosmic visitors include Mercury and Venus. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit from Venus will be here from 4 – 28 July bringing harmonious relations with your children and enhancing your creativity.

Travel and Education
Quicksilver Mercury will pay an extended visit to your travel and education sector from 4 October to 9 December facilitating communication here. Part of Mercury’s visit here will be in retrograde phase from 31 October to 19 November which could bring confusion or delays so you need to check your travel documents and read the fine print of legal documents. Feisty Mars pays a visit to your travel and education sector from 20 November 2019 to 3 January 2010 imbuing you with energy to pursue these areas of your life. Venus pays a visit here from 9 October to 1 November which would be an ideal time for a romantic getaway or pleasure cruise.

Friendships, Groups and Goals
Your social sector is highlighted by the karmic south node as well as two eclipses – the first being a solar partial eclipse on 6 January and the second a partial lunar eclipse on 16 July. Both powerful Pluto and serious Saturn continue to make their presence felt in your eleventh house of friends, groups and goals causing you to make radical changes in this area of your life. Your power and influence will be felt in groups situations. You may act as a catalyst for change for your friends or there may even be some power struggles resulting in a friendship coming to an end. You may radically alter your goals including your life purpose as Pluto’s impact is felt here.Saturn’s presence here from 21 December 2017 to 17 December 2020 will enable you to consolidate your goals and cement your friendships and group affiliations. Venus graces your friendship sector with her charming presence from 4 February to 1 March and then again from 27 November to 20 December. This should promote affection and harmony in your  social circles and group activities. 

Quicksilver Mercury will pay a visit to your spirituality sector from 25 January to 10 February facilitating communication here.  it would be an ideal time to keep a journal to record your dreams. Gentle Venus will grace your spirituality sector with her presence from 2 – 26 March making it an ideal time to commune with the beauties of nature or attend a health resort.

Mars Enters Taurus and Chiron Enters Aries
It is always a significant event when planets change signs and two such events have happened within a few days of each other. Mars moved into Taurus on 14 February at 9.51 pm and the planetoid, Chiron, the wounded healer, moved out of Pisces and into Aries on 18 February at 8.08 pm. This indicates a quantum leap in collective consciousness from visionary Pisces into the warrior energy of Aries. Mars is currently conjunct erratic Uranus on the ascendant of Australia’s chart, hence the hot dry weather giving rise to bush fires and drought. Transiting Saturn is conjunct Venus in Capricorn indicating loss.

Full Moon in Virgo – Snow SuperMoon
There will be a Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo 42 on Wednesday 20 February at 2.53 am AEDT Sydney time. This will be the biggest Supermoon of 2019 and therefore will be highly charged. A SuperMoon refers to the fact that it will appear bigger and brighter than usual as it is closer to the Earth. Supermoons intensify the emotional vibrations and with the Full Moon trining the Mars Uranus conjunction  it will be an even more emotionally charged time. Virgo is an earth sign that brings practicality, discernment and attention to detail and with the Sun in Pisces there is a need to balance the two diametrically opposed energies of the Virgoan attention to detail and more transcendant Piscean vibrations. Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all in the earth sign Capricorn bringing groundedness while the Sun Mercury and Neptune are all in water sign Pisces bringing heightened compassion and sensitivity.

Retrograde Mercury
The Trickster, Mercury stations retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces 39 on 6 March beginning his backwards dance in the sky until it stations direct on 29 March at 16 degrees Pisces 06. This could be a period of confusion and misunderstandings, delays missed appointments and transport strikes. Mercury rules all forms of communication – internet phone etc. so there could also be cyber attacks. This will be a particularly chaotic time with nebulous Neptune conjuncting Mercury during its retrograde phase. Therefore, you need to check all travel documents and times. It is not a good time to sign contracts. Your time is best spent in reviewing or reassessing issues congruent to where Mercury falls in your chart.

Young Women Rising –  Warrior Queens for action on climate change
” Make the Earth Greta Again!” Out of the mouth of babes.
Greta Thunberg at Climate conference in PolandWith the approach of International Women’s Day on 8 March I would like to devote this piece to two very notable young women whose ideas and actions are capturing global attention. The first is Greta Thunberg, the young 16 year old Swedish student and warrior for climate change action and the second is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newly elected Latina US congresswoman.

Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old school student born on 3 January 2003 (time unknown) in Sweden (probably Stockholm). Greta is a Swedish political activist working to stop global warming and climate change. In August 2018, she rose to prominence for starting the first school strike for climate change action outside the Swedish parliament building, inspiring strikes by school students around the world to draw attention to the urgency of global warming. Thunberg credits the teen activists at Parkland school in Florida, who organized the March for our lives, as the inspiration to begin her school climate strike.

Swedish wildfires

Swedish wildfires in 2018

As of December 2018, more than 20,000 students held strikes in at least 270 cities. On 20 August 2018, Thunberg, then in ninth grade, decided not to attend school until the 2018 Swedish general election on 9 September after heatwaves and wildfires in Sweden. Her demands were that the Swedish government reduce carbon emissions as per the Paris Agreement and she protested via sitting outside the Riksdag every day during school hours with the sign Skolstrejk för klimatet (school strike for the climate).

She participated in the Rise for Climate demonstration outside the European parliament in Brussels. In October 2018, Thunberg and her family drove in an electric car to London, where she addressed the ‘Declaration of Rebellion’ organized by Extinction Rebellion opposite the Houses of Parliament. In November 2018, she spoke at TedXStockholm and in December 2018 she addressed the United Nations Climate Conference.  She spoke about realising, when she was eight-years-old, that climate change was man made and wondering why it was not headline news on every channel. She thought we should handle the crisis as if there was a world war going on. Speculating that her children and grandchildren would ask her what action she had taken, she concluded with “we can’t change the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.”

Greta, Jane Goodall, Bono Marc Benioff-WEF-thumb-group

Greta in company with Jane Goodall, Bono and Marc Benioff on stage at the World Economic Forum

She addressed the COP24 United Nations climate change summit on December 4, 2018 and also spoke before the plenary assembly on December 12, 2018.

Sign “Follow Greta! Strike for climate” in Berlin (14 December 2018).

On 23 January 2019, Greta arrived in Davos after a 32-hour train journey, in contrast to the many delegates who arrived by up to 1,500 individual private jet flights, to continue her climate campaign at the World Economic Forum. She told a Davos panel “Some people, some companies, some decision makers in particular have known exactly what priceless values they have been sacrificing to continue making unimaginable amounts of money. I think many of you here today belong to that group of people.” Later in the week, she warned the global elite that “Our house is on fire” adding “I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. We owe it to the young people, to give them hope.”

Seeing the World through someone on the autism spectrum
In December 2018, Greta described herself as having been “diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism”. To lower her family’s carbon footprint she insisted they become vegan and give up flying. In an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN Amanpour said that Greta has taken the world by storm and captured our hearts and imagination and our attention. Amanpour noted that Greta uses a logic usually associated with adults. Greta admitted that she consults scientists so that she presents the facts in her addresses. Greta acknowledged her aspergers which she said causes her brain to work differently and that she sees the world in black and white. She admitted that the world leaders treat her with respect but react with nervous laughter when she takes them to task for their lack of action on climate change. In response to Amanpour’s question of young people leading the way Greta said that we young people have to hold the adults accountable for their actions. Greta said that survival from global warming is a black and white issue.

At the TEDxtalks she elaborated on her perspective on being on the autism spectrum. “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrom, OCD, and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary. Now is one of those moments… I think that in many ways, we autistic are the normal ones, and the rest of the people are pretty strange, especially when it comes to the sustainability crisis, where everyone keeps saying that climate change is an existential threat and the most important issue of all and yet they just carry on like before.”

Greta with father Svante

Greta with her father Svante Thunberg

Greta with mother Malena

Greta with her mother Malena who defends her daughter’s stance on global warming

She comes from a family with a theatrical background. Her mother is Swedish opera singer, Malena Ernman, who has given up her career at Greta’s insistence to reduce their carbon footprint because it entailed flying. Her father is actor Svante Thunberg and her grandfather is actor and director Olof Thunberg.

Looking at Greta’s natal chart she has the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn with Venus conjunct Mars in Scorpio. The strong Capricorn element would endow her with practicality with a strong drive to achieve her goals. The Scorpio element would cause her to be magnetic and intense as is witnessed by her addresses to the UN, Davos World Economic Forum and TEDxtalk.

Esoterically, she has strong first, third and seventh rays. The first ray known as the will ray endows her with leadership potential, persistence and a strong sense of purpose. Coupled with the third ray she is mentally agile with a capacity for abstract thinking as well as being a skilful communicator and strategist. The seventh ray enables her to be well organised, socially aware as well as refined with an ability for attention to details. With Mars in strong aspect to both Jupiter and Uranus as well as Jupiter being in trine to Pluto she has enormous energy at her disposal to pursue her goals and with Saturn in Gemini she is capable of  disciplined and logical thinking with the ability to organise details. In alignment with her being on the autism spectrum she pulls no punches preferring straight talk.

The Neptune Uranus in Aquarius and Pluto in Sagittarius Generation
She belongs to the current young generation born with Neptune and Uranus in humanitarian enlightened Aquarius. She also has Uranus conjunct Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy, endowing her with an original and intuitive mind and being at the vanguard of social reform. She also belongs to the Pluto in Sagittarius generation which will challenge and tear down old beliefs and ideologies to rebuild new principles according to the zeitgeist.

To quote Greta, “We have to understand the emergency of the situation. Our leadership has failed us. Young people must hold older generations accountable for the mess they have created. We need to get angry, and transform that anger into action.”…. “You only speak of a green eternal economic growth because you are too scared of being unpopular. You only talk about moving forward with the same bad ideas that got us into this mess, even when the only sensible thing to do is pull the emergency brake. You are not mature enough to tell it like it is. Even that burden you leave to us children. * * * And if solutions within the system are so impossible to find, then maybe we should change the system itself.” In the words of a slogan at a recent protest in Berlin against lack of inaction on climate change – “Make the world Greta again! “

Prizes and Awards
Already at this young age Greta has received accolades and acknowledgement for her stand on global warming. Greta was one of the winners of Svenska Dagbladet’s debate article writing competition on the climate for young people in May 2018. She was also nominated for the electricity company Telge Energi’s prize for children and young people who promote sustainable development, Children’s Climate Prize, but declined because the finalists would have to fly to Stockholm. In November 2018, she was awarded the Fryshuset scholarship of the Young Role Model of the Year. In December 2018, Time magazine named Greta Thunberg one of the world’s 25 most influential teenagers of 2018. Watch this space.

Alexandria-Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Meanwhile across the Atlantic in the US another young woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aged 29, made history becoming the youngest ever congresswoman in the US. She shocked the establishment when she won the Democratic primary in June 2018, unseating Rep. Joe Crowley. Crowley, the fourth-ranking House Democrat, represented the Bronx and Queens district for 10 terms and was predicted by many to replace Nancy Pelosi as minority leader. He had not faced a primary challenger since 2004.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez holding town hall meetingsShe spent her time since the primary holding town hall meetings in her district and campaigning for fellow progressive candidates like Cynthia Nixon and Zephyr Teachout.


The rising political star is a former organizer for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and previously worked for the late Senator Ted Kennedy. She formerly served as an education director at the National Hispanic Institute.

She ran an entirely grassroots campaign, with a progressive platform that included the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, tuition-free college, a federal jobs guarantee, universal Medicare, gun control, an end to private prisons and access to affordable housing.

In addition to becoming the youngest woman elected to the House, she is also the first representative to fully reflect the demographics of the 14th District. “Our district is 70 percent people of color, and we have never had a person of color represent us in American history,” she told NowThis. Roughly 50 percent of the citizens in her district are immigrants.

On her twitter feed she wrote,”Can’t help but reflect this Election Day: As my family in Puerto Rico watches me run for Congress, they still don’t have the right to vote in federal elections — despite being subject to federal lawmakers.” 

Alexandria's Green New Deal jpegOcasio-Cortez launches the Green New Deal

A week after being elected as New York’s 14th District congresswoman, Alexandria joined a protest by a group of young environmental activists urging Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the presumptive House Speaker, to lead the party in developing a comprehensive, ambitious plan to address climate change in the next congress.

Ocasio-Cortez’s move immediately catapulted the idea, until then a somewhat fringe proposal called the Green New Deal, into the mainstream. In the month since the sit-in, which was coordinated by the the youth-led organization Sunrise Movement36 members of Congress joined Ocasio-Cortez in supporting the plan with more than 300 local and state officials across the U.S. also threw their support behind the proposal in an open letter.

The Green New Deal, an ambitious reform that seeks to tackle climate change and income inequality in the next decade, used to be discussed mostly on the fringes. But Ocasio-Cortez helped launch it into the nation’s consciousness soon after being elected, leading to an electrifying debate over how the nation plans to fight the threat of climate change. It worked: According to a mid-December poll, a staggering 81% of registered voters said they supported some the general policies discussed by Green New Deal proponents, including transitioning the U.S. to using 100% clean energy and providing training for green jobs. Per the survey, 92% Democrats, 88% Independents, and 64% Republicans supported the proposal.

Who is this young ‘upstart’ who stunned the Democratic Establishment? Ms Ocasio-Cortez,  was born in New York to a father from the Bronx and a mother from Puerto Rico.

Destiny written in the stars – asteroid 23238 Ocasio-Cortez
Her destiny seems to be written in the stars as the International Astronomical Union named the asteroid 23238 Ocasio-Cortez after Ocasio-Cortez when she was a senior in high school in recognition of her second-place finish in the 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

In 2011, she graduated from Boston University with a degree in economics and international relations, before moving back to the Bronx and working as a waitress and bartender to help supplement her mother’s income as a cleaner and bus driver, according to The Intercept. Her father had died of a heart attack three years earlier.

Under the threat of foreclosure, her mother and grandmother were forced to sell the family home and move to Florida. The same year, 2016, Ms Ocasio-Cortez began campaigning for Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign to win the Democratic presidential nomination, which he ultimately lost to Hillary Clinton.

Following her victory, Bernie Sanders said: “She took on the entire local Democratic establishment in her district and won a very strong victory. She demonstrated once again what progressive grassroots politics can do.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with Cynthia NixonCynthia Nixon, the former Sex and the City star running for New York governor, described Ms Ocasio-Cortez as the “future of the Democratic Party”.

“Alexandria and I are joining together to take on the old boys club, rejecting corporate money and run people-powered campaigns that envision a progressive New York that serves the many, not just the few who can afford to buy influence,” she said.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's natal chartAlexandria was born on 13 Oct 1989 at 11.50 am in the Bronx New York. Looking at her chart she has a stellium in Libra – Sun, Juno, Mars Mercury in the 10th house of career. Mars in Libra conjunct the Sun in Libra would make her a warrior for justice and fairness as evidenced by her policy program. The preponderance in Libra would give her a charming manner and appeal. Her Sagittarius ascendant and her Aries endow her with idealism, visionary and enthusiasm. Her most elevated planet is Mercury the planet of communication which is further enhanced by her Moon in the third house of communication which is capable of swaying the masses. With Pallas Athena, the Warrior Queen conjuncting her Aries Moon would enable her to mobilise the vital energy to fight for her beliefs, especially for minority groups. With Hygeia, the planet of healing, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in her first house she would be able to slip into many different roles. Like her younger Swedish sister, Greta, she has a strong third ray endowing her with the gift of the gab, being mentally agile as well as strategic.

 Uranus (1988 – 1996) in Capricorn & Neptune in Capricorn (1984 – 2000) Generation
Alexandria is born with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn and the interpretation aptly describes the role of Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow millennials. This generation born with Uranus in Capricorn will introduce new structures, possibly governmental or business structures. It indicates a time of consolidation of original ideas and a practical building of new ways. This generation born with Neptune in Capricorn possesses the ability to apply discipline on the spiritual path. They will possess the wisdom to incorporate both the old and new spiritual values to form a firm foundation for future spiritual growth. Alexandria is also born with Neptune and Uranus conjunct This generation will bring about changes in the perception of the places of science and spirituality in society. There may be a merging of the two.

First Saturn Return
At age 29 Alexandria has just experienced her first Saturn Return which can be a steep learning curve as the individual facing their limitations gains wisdom and maturity. In January 2019 Jupiter, the ruling planet of her ascendant crossed over her ascendant which would imbue her with a sense of optimism and give her opportunities to assume a teaching role inspiring others with her visions for a better future for the planet.

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