December Astromusings, Blessings for the Winter/Summer Solstice! Happy Birthday Capricorns! Jupiter in Capricorn, Full Moon in Gemini, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

10 Capricorn
Capricorn the sea goat

emerges from the ocean
Sure footed she begins
her arduous climb
to the mountain top
Forsaking mere ambition
She kneels in humility
upon the rocky summit
and receives the vision
which unlocks the secrets
to the door of life

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

The card depicts Mother Hulda, an archetypal wise old woman from Teutonic folklore, who was popularised by the Grimm Brothers. A spinner and weaver, she symbolises the workings of fate and Mother Nature, rewarding diligence and humility, and punishing idleness and greed.

Summer/Winter Solstice
Blessings for the Summer Solstice, or Winter Solstice if you are reading this in the northern hemisphere. The Summer Solstice which occurs 22 December 2019 Sydney coincides with the Sun entering Capricorn at 3.19 pm Sydney time. The solstice occurs when the sun appears to reach its most northerly or southerly point, relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. Solstice literally means “sun stands still” – the sun appears to rise in the same place for three days as it rounds the curve of its cycle.

Solstice celebrationsThe solstice has been celebrated and revered in most world cultures since time immemorial, through ritual and ceremony, welcoming the rebirth of the Sun and invoking spiritual forces during the solstice “doorway”.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all and happy birthday to all the Capricorns who celebrate their birthday from 22 December to 20 January.

Capricorns often receive a bad press with people dismissing them as ambitious, boring etc. In keeping with the analogy of the sure footed mountain goat climbing the mountain to reach the summit they are the achievers of the zodiac. One only has to look at people such as the media personality Ita Buttrose and politicians like the former Prime Minister, Paul Keating, to see how successful they can be.

The life of the iconic Ita inspired the popular tele movie Paper Giants, immortalised by Ita Butrrosethe actress Asher Keddie, which scored high viewer ratings. They are far from being dull, as colourful characters like Keating still make newsworthy material long after their political demise with people flocking to see the musical, ‘Keating’.

Their ruling planet is Saturn which rules the tenth house in the chart, governing career and public life. Their motto could be slow and steady wins the race. What is not so well known is that esoterically, Capricorn is the gateway into spiritual incarnation. Therefore, their ascent to the mountaintop not only symbolises their worldly success but also their spiritual attainment. Their birthday falls between December 22 and January 20, therefore heralding the advent of Christmas which coincides with the solstices – winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere. The Sun is in Capricorn for one week in December and three in January. The word January is derived from Janus, an ancient Roman God, who is depicted in statues as having two faces, one of a young boy and the other of an old man, thus symbolising the past old year and the future new one.

The Constellation of Capricorn

In his book Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology Alan Oken states that Capricorn is the most inconspicuous constellation in the Zodiac. It is chiefly known for the nature of its brightest star which is actually a cluster of five suns called the Algedi. The entire constellation resembles a cocked hat or a flying bird much more than it does a goat. On the western tip (of the bird’s wings) is the cluster of five already referred to and on the eastern side is another relatively bright star called Deneb Algedi ( the tail of the goat).

The Sea-Goat will appear directly in the south when the Northern Cross (or Cygnus the Swan shines directly overhead in the early autumn sky. Deneb the Tail of the Swan) is a brilliant white star directly to the north of Deneb Algedi. Altair, the first-magnitude star in Aquila the Eagle, is also directly north of the Algedi in the western portion of the constellation.

Alan Oken points out that Capricorn contains two objects of astronomical interest. The first is a global cluster southwest of Deneb Algedi. The second phenomenon, called the Capricornids, consists of a shower of long, bright, slow moving meteors which occurs each year in late July.

The Goat’s position lies entirely below the celestial equator and is surrounded by Sagittarius on the west, Aquila on the northwest, Delphinus and Cygnus due north, Aquarius on the east, and the constellations of Microscopi and Pisces Austrinus on the south.

Alice Bailey adds her esoteric interpretation of the constellation of Capricorn. She refers to three constellations connected to Capricorn. One is called Sagitta the arrow but has no connection to the sign Sagittarius. In the sign of Sagittarius there is the archer whereby the achieving aspirant pierced the personality. In Capricorn the arrow comes from the cosmic source piercing the heart of the son of God , called the Christ, the nearest to us of the great world saviours, ” a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief”. He was pierced by the arrow Sagitta, the cosmic arrow. Alice Bailey elaborates on this theme writing that the Hebrew name for this arrow means “the desolate one”, and the path that every disciple treads is necessarily a lonely one. The path of the initiate is more lonely still. The path of the world saviour is the most lonely of all.

Aquila, the eagle, is regarded as being as closely related to Capricorn as to Sagittarius. You have the bird of light (symbol of the highest aspect of man) manifesting as the soul (the second aspect) which has achieved.

In Delphinus Alice Bailey remarks about the interesting constellation that holds in it an amazing piece of symbolism. It is pictured in an ancient zodiac as a fish full of life leaping out of the water into the air and playing. That is the symbol of the son of god who, working under the law, takes form and lives in the water and the air and since he is no longer held by the physical law he can play with the forces of nature.

Saturn or Kronos in Mythology

To understand the symbolism behind Capricorn we need to look at the mythology behind its ruler Saturn. Saturn has many different guises – he is sometimes depicted as Father Time or the Grim Reaper with his scythe or the Lord of Karma, the Taskmaster or the Devourer. His Greek name is Kronos from where the word, ‘chronology’, meaning time is derived. Kronos was the youngest of twelve Titans, born anthropomorphically of Ge – Gaia/Earth and Ouranos – Uranus/Sky. Kronos castrated his father Ouranus. Following this coup d’etat, Kronos married his sister Rhea who gave birth to four children whom he promptly swallowed, on hearing a prediction that he in turn would be overthrown by one of his children. Rhea tricks her husband by hiding the youngest child, Zeus, and giving Kronos a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes which he swallows instead, hence the reference to the Devourer.

When Zeus reaches manhood he liberates his siblings from their father’s body and after a 10 year battle Zeus in turn emerges triumphant just as his father before him had usurped power from his father, Ouranos. Therefore, Kronos or its Roman counterpart, Saturn, in our chart is associated with time, karma, the authority figure, the teacher, the father, discipline, restriction, separation, boundaries, the physical body, diligence, responsibility, guilt, depression and vulnerability. Alice Bailey in her book, The Labours of Hercules, illuminates us further on the role of Capricorn.

The Tenth Labour of Hercules

Hercules’ Teacher tells him that his tenth task is to rescue Prometheus from his terrible  suffering in Hell, that of being chained to a rock and having his liver pecked at by vultures; the punishment meted out to him for stealing the fire of the gods. His suffering made even more terrible by the fact that he cannot die, being immortal. Before he can rescue Prometheus he must slay Cerberus, the triple-headed dog that guards the Underworld.

Hercules begins his descent into Hades or Hell until he comes to the river Styx that the souls of the deceased must cross. So sombre is the visitor from the upper world that Charon, the ferryman, forgets to charge Hercules the customary fee. After an encounter with the ugly snake-haired Medusa he has an audience with Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, who asks him what a living mortal is doing in his realms. When Hercules tells Hades what his mission is, he informs him that first he must conquer Cerberus with his bare hands, a feat no one has yet performed. If he is successful, Hades tells him he may unbind the suffering Prometheus. Hercules succeeds in slaying the snarling Cerberus by grasping the central head in a vice like grip, and causing its strength to gradually subside. Having conquered the dreaded Cerberus, he then sets free Prometheus by breaking his chains.

Bailey explains the symbolism of the three heads of Cerberus. The three heads symbolise sensation, desire and good intentions. The central head which was grasped by Hercules was the most important one, since desire underlies all sensations. The third head is good intentions not carried out. The tail of Cerberus is made of serpents which Bailey states typifies all illusions that impede the progress of spiritual life.

Capricorn Health and Anatomy

Anatomically, Capricorn rules the skin, teeth, knees and skeleton, sometimes causing these to be vulnerable areas for Capricorns or those with a Capricorn ascendant or Saturn prominent in their charts. The book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, written by Vanda Sawtell links the biochemic salts to the twelve signs of the zodiac. She states that biochemistry is an ancient Sanskrit science which was rediscovered by Dr Schuessler in the nineteenth century.

The Biochemic cell salt allocated to Capricorn is Calcium Phosphate, the principle salt used in the bony framework of the body. The body requires more Calcium phosphate than any other mineral salt as it not only plays a vital role protecting bones and teeth but also assists in assimilation and digestion. Capricorns or indeed anyone with any of these deficiencies will benefit from taking this vital cell salt. Other illnesses associated with Capricorn or Saturn afflictions are stiffness of joints and muscles, chronic rheumatic complaints, arthritis, chills, colds, catarrh and flu, deafness and depression. It is also linked to the gall bladder, calcium metabolism and anti-peristaltic movement.

Capricorn is a cold sign so Capricorns would benefit from more heat producing foods such as curries, hot soups and other spices. Bach flower remedies include mimulus, rock water and red chestnut. Homeopathic remedies include Belladonna, Nux vomica and Natrium muriaticum. Aromatherapy oils which would be beneficial are cypress, honeysuckle, myrrh and patchouli. The healing musical note is F# (F sharp).

Capricorn Hall of Fame
Capricorns are born managers and administrators, being willing to work long and hard to achieve their goals. Since they are born under the sign which rules status, prestige and worldly acclaim they want more than just a job with a good income. They want recognition for their talents.

Capricorns are drawn to careers such as banking, accountancy and insurance, and politics. Like their fellow earth sign, Virgo, Capricorns have phenomenal organisational skills and self-discipline. Their ruler, Saturn, which represents tradition, inclines Capricorns toward careers in large corporations or established business or the civil service.

Saturn rules structures so it is not surprising that many Capricorns choose careers in real estate, property development, the building and construction industry or architecture. Rules and regulations belong to Saturn’s domain, making law, especially corporate law an attractive option for Capricorns. Success seems to come naturally to Capricorns, as is the case with the billionaire Howard Hughes, Conrad Hilton, and Aristotle Onassis.

With their natural Saturnian attributes the mantle of authority sits easily on their shoulders, as is the case with political leaders such as William Gladstone and David Lloyd George. However, when Saturnian energy is misused there can be an abuse of power such as with J Edgar Hoover’s witch-hunts of Communists or the scandal of “Watergate” which occurred under the watch of Capricornian President, Richard Nixon.

Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

Joan Baez

Music is also a natural Capricorn attribute with Elvis Presley, Joan Baez, Odetta and Marianne Faithful numbered among their ranks.

Capricorn has its share of spiritual proponents in Johannes Kepler, Kahlil Gibran, Alan Watts, Maharishi Makesh Yogi, Martin Luther King Jnr., and the saints Therese Lisieux, and Bernadette of Lourdes and Saint Mary of the Cross


Saint Mary of the Cross

Greta Thunberg Time Person of the YearGreta Thunberg Time Person of the Year
One Capricorn who has made constant headlines is the Swedish teenager who inspired a global movement to fight climate change, Greta Thunberg, has just been announced as Time Person of the Year for 2019.

The 16-year-old is the youngest person to be chosen by the magazine in a tradition that started in 1927. Speaking at a UN climate change summit in Madrid before the announcement, she urged world leaders to stop using “creative PR” to avoid real action. The next decade would define the planet’s future, she said. Last year, the teenager started an environmental strike by missing lessons most Fridays to protest outside the Swedish parliament building. It sparked a worldwide movement that became popular with the hashtag #FridaysForFuture. Since then, she has become a strong voice for action on climate change, inspiring millions of students to join protests around the world. Earlier this year, she was nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Time lauded the 16-year-old from Sweden for starting an environmental campaign in August 2018 that became a global movement, initially skipping school and camping in front of the Swedish Parliament to demand action.

“In the 16 months since, she has addressed heads of state at the UN, met with the Pope, sparred with the President of the United States and inspired 4 million people to join the global climate strike on September 20, 2019, in what was the largest climate demonstration in human history,” the magazine said.

“Margaret Atwood compared her to Joan of Arc. After noticing a hundredfold increase in its usage, lexicographers at Collins Dictionary named Thunberg’s pioneering idea, climate strike, the word of the year.” But the reluctant celebrity, who has been chased by cameras and attracted large crowds at this week’s climate talks in Madrid, has urged the press to hear from other activists and indigenous young people instead.

Former US vice-president Al Gore, a longtime environmentalist, said the magazine made a “brilliant choice”. “Greta embodies the moral authority of the youth activist movement demanding that we act immediately to solve the climate crisis. She is an inspiration to me and to people across the world,” Mr Gore said. Speaking from the UN climate summit in Madrid, Ms Thunberg said she wanted to dedicate the award to all young activists.

“I was very surprised when I found out because it’s so … I could never have imagined anything like that happening. It’s so unexpected, so I am of course very grateful for that, very honoured,” she said. “But as I have said before, I should not be the one to be person of the year, it should be everyone in the Fridays for Future movement because what we have done, we have done together.”

Greta Thunberg's natal chartSometimes an actor walks on to the world stage who embodies an archetype quite distinctly.  With her babyface and the clarity of her ideas, Greta Thunberg currently embodies the archetype of the “wise child”. Capricorns are renowned for their wisdom as portrayed in the astrology greeting card above, the wisdom of the archetype  from Teutonic folklore embodied in Old Mother Hulde. Thunberg’s chart has a signature associated with “wise children” — those who are old before their time. This is the Moon in Capricorn. She was born on the day of the New Moon, and this is part of a strong stellium in Capricorn. The New Moon can give a person a kind of innocence, the kind necessary for courage — and a clarity of vision, but in Capricorn, this is never going to be a foolish innocence, but something wiser and deeper.

Her Sun is in a close conjunction with Chiron — the wounded healer — and without doubt she has taken on an enormous responsibility to try to heal the relationship between humans and Mother Nature. She has had her own challenges being on the autistic spectrum with aspergers as well as selective mutism. The other element of the Capricorn stellium is that stubborn Mercury Retrograde. You can guarantee her ideas are her own, reached through her own conclusions after extensive research — and therefore held most firmly.

Her Chiron and her Sun were right in the crosshairs of the brutal Uranus-Pluto square that dominated the years 2012-2015. She must have experienced a kind of transformative awakening at that time. At the age of 11, in 2012, she “became depressed and stopped speaking for a while”. She’d been hearing about climate change for three years, but no one seemed to be doing anything about it which caused her to fall into a deep depression.

It was only in 2018 around the time change agent Uranus squared her Mercury Retrograde. It was on 20 August 2018 that Thunberg decided not to go to school, but to protest outside the Swedish parliament instead. Mars Rx was exactly on that Mercury Rx — both at 28° Capricorn. She dug in her heels.By progression, her natal Mercury Rx makes a conjunction with her natal Chiron for the next four years. There’s a voice for the wounded earth. She has Mars conjunct Venus in Scorpio natally so is a passionate advocate for the cause of action for climate change.  Mars being the co-ruler of Scorpio is comfortable here.

Thunberg’s mission is simple: to make the grown-ups stop climate change. She’s doing this by refusing to carry on as if everything’s normal. Greta’s method is also simple: state the obvious: “You are stealing our future.”  With Saturn in Gemini, she’s a student of facts, an organiser of information. She’s one of  – the generation with Uranus and Neptune in the sign of Aquarius  – the true digital natives, of course, but also many of this generation have an easy grasp of science; for them, the idea of disputing climate change is just stupid, especially considering predictions so far have turned out to be horribly accurate. In her case, the goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athena, is also in Aquarius.

This latter is very interesting, as Pallas Athena can be visionary – a Joan of Arc, a Cassandra. She has taken it upon herself to speak for her generation — perfect for Pallas conjunct Uranus. She sees the pattern of the future unfolding. Her Pallas also makes a tight trine to Saturn in Gemini, and squares her Venus in Scorpio. That latter is another warrior aspect — a woman who wears armour.

Her blunt simple, language — Mercury Rx in Capricon quincunx Saturn in Gemini opp Pluto — is really powerful. With the North Node in Gemini, she is fulfilling her destiny as a spokesperson. It’s so interesting to see how important the voice is for Thunberg — from her selective mutism to voicing her thoughts on the world stage today, when she is meeting political leaders, addressing the UN, climate conferences across the globe. But this language is making the future seem real, it’s bringing the future more sharply into focus.  True to her Capricorn principles refusing to fly by plane contributing to pollution Greta sailed to the US and when the Climate Conference was moved from Chile to Spain she sailed all the way from America to Spain with an Australian couple who heeded her call for passage on board their boat. This may be a gift of that Aquarian generation.

It was on 20 August 2018 that Thunberg decided not to go to school, but to protest outside the Swedish parliament instead. Mars Rx was exactly on that Mercury Rx — both at 28° Capricorn. She dug in her heels. Saturn is currently taking its two year and a half year journey through Capricorn — a period of great personal growth for her. Today, Saturn also known as Father Time is at 20° Capricorn making a conjunction to the South Node. and Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn is having its transformative effect on both her and the collective she has inspired worldwide. These two powerful astrological points will be together for a while and they are probably somewhere around Greta’s Moon. And that is her message: time is running out.

Overview for Capricorn for 2019 – 2020

Pluto continues its passage through your sign, Capricorn, bringing change and transformation in its wake. Saturn, your ruling planet, continues its passage through your sign, Capricorn. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, continues its passage through your domestic sector bringing the unpredictability in this area of your life. Lucky Jupiter has just moved into your sign and Chiron, the wounded healer, has just entered your domestic sector while Uranus has moved into your children and creativity sector.

Two planetary visitors will move through your career sector. Both quicksilver Mercury and Venus will move here on 15 September 2019. Mercury here will promote communications and networking with your colleagues. In 2020 Mercury pays two visits to your career sector. The first visit is from 6 – 27 September and then again from 29 October to 10 November. Gentle Venus graces your career sector with her presence from 29 October to 21 November bringing harmony in your work place.

Mercury and Venus will activate your finance sector. Mercury, the planet of commerce, pays two visits here, the first being from from 17 January to 3 February and the second visit from 5 – 16 March 2020. Venus, the planet of finance, will grace your finance sector with her presence from 21 November 2019 to 13 January 2020.

Travel and Higher Education
There are two planetary visitors that will be in your travel and higher education sector in 2020. Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure, visits your travel and education sector from 3 – 28 October making it an ideal time for that romantic getaway or pleasure cruise. Mercury’s presence here from 21 August to 5 September will facilitate your capacity for study and research.

Communication and Immediate Environment
Your communication and immediate environment sector is being activated by feisty Mars, nebulous Neptune. Dynamic Mars makes its presence felt here from 14 May to 28 June 2020. During this time you could find yourself embroiled in disputes with siblings or neighbours but once Mars makes its exit you should be able to tune into the gentler Neptunian energy which would enhance your intuitive and creative power.

Home and Family
Uranus, the co ruler of Capricorn and the planet of upheaval and sudden change has finally moved out of home and family sector and has entered your creativity and children sector. Feisty Mars will make its presence felt with a prolonged visit to your domestic sector from 29 June 2020 to 6 January 2021. Part of Mars’ passage here will be in its retrograde phase from 9 September to 14 November. Mars here could cause domestic disputes but if  this energy is channelled constructively it could imbue you with the energy to needed to make a difference on the home front. It would be an ideal time to move house or undertake renovations, especially when Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 8 February 5 March the urge to beautify your home will be strong. Venus will also inspire you to entertain and will promote harmonious family relations. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit to your domestic sector from 12 – 27 April 2020 encouraging communicating and networking with family members.

Romance, Children and Creativity
Uranus, the planet of sudden change has just entered your romance, creativity and children sector bring changes to this area of your life. Other cosmic visitors include Mercury and Venus.  Venus, the Goddess of Love, graces your children and romance sector with her presence from 6 March to 3 April bringing creative inspiration, fun and pleasure to the areas of romance and children. Mercury will pay a visit here from 28 April to 11 May. The normally serious Capricorn should be able to down tools and embrace the inner child and have some fun!

Your relationship, marriage and partnership sector is highlighted with the karmic north node and by two eclipses.  The first eclipse is a full moon lunar eclipse which occurs on 11 January and the second  is a New Moon solar eclipse which occurs on 21 June. Venus’s presence here from 8 August to 6 September  will enhance your love prospects. Mercury will pay a prolonged visit here from 29 May to 6 August encouraging communication with your children. This will facilitate communications within your intimate and business partnerships. Part of Mercury’s passage here will be in its retrograde phase from 18 June to 11 July which could cause misunderstandings in your intimate relationships and partnerships.

Venus lends her charm here from 22 November to 15 December 2020 allowing you to forge positive bonds with friends. Communication and networking is emphasised when Mercury pays a visit here from 11 November to 1 December encouraging socialising and expanding your social networks. You are bound to have a busy social calendar.

Your spirituality sector is highlighted by two eclipses – the first is lunar appulse eclipse occurring on 6 January and the second is solar total eclipse which occurs on 15 December 2020. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit here from 10 -29 December 2019 and from 2 – 20 December 2020 facilitating  communication in this area of your life. It would be an ideal time to keep a journal of your dreams and spiritual aspirations.

Jupiter enters Capricorn 3 December 2019
Jupiter enters Capricorn at 5.20 am on 3 December 2019 joining Pluto, Saturn and South Node

Full Moon in Gemini 12 December 2019
The day after the Sun enters Capricorn and the summer/winter solstice there is a Full Moon in Cancer.  With the Full Moon in the watery sign of Cancer emotions may come to the fore. It is important that we nurture ourselves at a time when many people are caught up in the pre-xmas rush. Cancer rules the hearth and home and so it is the ideal time to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

New Moon in Capricorn 26 Dec 2019New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn 07 at 4.12.59 pm on 26 December 2019. The sign of Capricorn could hardly be more potent right now. Apart
from the huge line up of outer planets there, the Sun and Moon will be aligned in a solar eclipse.This eclipse will trace a path across Asia, and in particular Indonesia. Saturn and Pluto will be within two degrees of their exact conjunction, which will culminate on 13 January 2020. The Sun and Moon will make a harmonious trine to Uranus, providing
an outlet from the limitations of the powerful Capricorn line up. While Saturn provides stability structure a Saturn Pluto conjunction can often denote hardship and harshness. Mars in Scorpio making a sextile to Saturn and Pluto will also be a mitigating factor providing relief from the heavy Capricorn energy.

Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn
We are feeling the effects of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn both on a personal and collective level. Capricorn which rules the 10th house on a mundane level represents the Establishment, government, status quo, stability, structures etc. but with Pluto which rules earthquakes and volcanoes in Capricorn we are feeling seismic shifts globally and now with Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn known as the Lord of karma we are beginning to reap what we have sown. In 2020 Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter or Greek Zeus as king of the gods rules over law, philosophy, ideals and religious beliefs and when in contact with other planets has the effect of exaggerating the energies. Therefore, with these three in the mix plus the karmic South Node we can expect big changes in our institutions and our worldview. We can see the disintegration of the old world order with the Trump presidency and Brexit and the polarisation of political views in Europe and Australia.

Uprisings across the Globe against Government Corruption, Oppression and Rising Inequality

Demonstrations in Paris against pension changes

 Demonstration against French government’s pensions reform plans in Paris as part of a day of national strike and protests in France, December 5, 2019 

We have seen uprisings across the globe against government corruption, oppression and rising inequality.  Throughout the year we have seen the ‘gilet jaunes’ in France stage mass demonstrations against President Macron’s austerity measures and more recently the biggest strike and demonstration against Macron’s changes to the pension.
Hong Kong protest at airportHong Kong has been brought to a halt with demonstrations for six months making five demands of an implacable government led by Carrie Lam, a puppet of Beijing.
Demonstrations in LebanonIn Lebanon we have seen President Saad Hariri fall on his sword in response to mass protests against government corruption which caused harsh economic conditions.
Demonstration in BaghdadIn Iraq years of public discontent came to a head in October when demonstrations demanding an end to government corruption, foreign interference in Iraqi affairs, unemployment and a lack of basic facilities sparked Iraq’s largest protests in years. Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi last week announced his resignation following an intense day of bloodshed in which 50 people were killed and hundreds of others wounded in a crackdown by security forces in southern Iraq.
What started as a protest over a surprise increase in gasoline prices in Iran turned into widespread demonstrations met with a systematic repression that left at least 180 people dead.
Demonstrations in MaltaActivists stormed the building that houses the office of Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to demand his immediate resignation amid an investigation into the 2017 killing of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Muscat is not directly implicated in the investigation but has said he will resign on January 12 after an election for a new leader of his ruling Labour Party. Testimony by the self-confessed middleman in the murder plan has linked people in the prime minister’s inner circle to attempts at a cover-up.
Demonstrations in ChileProtesters clashed with police as thousands took to the streets of Chile’s capital Friday for a demonstration that marked 50 days since the outbreak of the country’s worst civil unrest in decades. Furious Chileans have for weeks been protesting social and economic inequality, and against an entrenched political elite that comes from a small number of the wealthiest families in the country, among other issues. The crisis is the worst in three decades of Chilean democracy and has led to 26 deaths and more than 12,000 injuries, according to the Organization of American States, with another 20,600 people detained. As with every Friday since protests began on October 18, thousands gathered at Plaza Italia in the center of Santiago to wave flags, sing and dance in a show of opposition President Sebastian Pinera’s conservative government.

Algerian protestsThousands of people have taken to the streets of the Algerian capital, Algiers, to protest against Thursday’s presidential election. They briefly overran a polling station. An attempt by police to disperse the crowd failed.Two more voting centres were stormed in the Kabylie region, east of the capital. The vote follows the ousting of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who was forced to resign in April. He had been in power for two decades, but was ousted following anti-government demonstrations across the country. The protesters have continued to demand the sweeping away of Algeria’s entire political establishment, and they are boycotting the election. All five candidates standing were closely linked with the rule of ex-President Bouteflika.

For close to a year, thousands of Algerians have protested every Friday in Algiers and other cities across the country against any elections under the current government. They want all officials associated with the regime of ousted President Bouteflika to be removed from office, including interim President Abdelkader Bensalah and Prime Minister Nouredine Bedoui.“No election with the gangs”, “they must all be removed” protesters have chanted week after week, referring to the politicians and businessmen in the inner circle of the ousted president who they see as corrupt. They say new faces must be brought in to organise “real elections” in a country where the winner of presidential elections has always been easy to guess. Any election under the current government would be seen as a mere resuscitation of the old regime protesters have been fighting against.

Gantz & Netanyahu

Political Rivals – Benny Gantz & Netanyahu

Netanyahu charged with bribery and fraud – Israel left in Limbo
Israel remains in political limbo. Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled that Netanyahu can remain prime minister for the time being, rejecting a petition for his resignation. A second petition to the high court has yet to be ruled on. The rejected petition cited three reasons for his removal:1. He’s incompetent. 2. His indictment on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust obligates him to step down. 3. He’s been unable to form a new government, leaving Israel in political limbo. In the 63-page indictment, Netanyahu was accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of pounds in luxury gifts from billionaire friends and for trading valuable favours with Israeli media and telecoms moguls for positive news coverage.

Though Israeli law permits an indicted prime minister to remain in office unless convicted, the issue was never judicially ruled on in Israeli history. Its Supreme Court may have final say on it given serious wrongdoing Netanyahu is charged with, making him politically damaged goods. Polls show most Israelis want him to step down.

After neither he nor his political opponent, Gantz was able to form a coalition government, MKs had 21 days to nominate one of their own to try cobbling together what the two front-runners failed at. No nomination emerged when time elapsed, MKs passing legislation for a third election in 90 days before the body was dissolved.Is coalition rule likely to emerge from a third election or will stalemate continue? A Tuesday poll showed Blue and White expanded its one seat advantage over Likud to four — 37 to 33 seats. It’s a long time to March 2. Much can happen from now to then, including a possible Likud primary challenge from MK Gideon Sa’ar.

Stephen Lendman poses the question: Is he dead man walking politically and judicially or a survivor like throughout his political life? According to Haaretz editors, “the ‘magician’ is running out of rabbits to pull out of his hat, which is full of holes, and all that’s left are empty political stunts meant to create background noise that might make people forget that (he’s) charged with criminal offenses in three different cases,” adding: He should resign “from politics…for the benefit of the country (and to try) salvag(ing) what little remains of his own honor.” The fullness of time in the new year will tell how things turn out.

Indian protests against citizenship lawViolent Protests erupt in India over new Citizenship Law excluding Moslems from other Countries from Citizenship
Narendra Modi’s new citizenship laws excluding Moslem refugees and migrants from obtaining citizenship in India has resulted in nationwide protests with 23 dead and hundreds arrested. It is Modi’s biggest challenge since he came to power with Police being accused of using disproportionate force. Commentators have described it as a further whittling away of democracy and the worst kind of dog whistle politics where Moslems could be rendered stateless and end up in detention centres. Opponents say it is an attack on the secular democratic constitution and is divisive and discriminatory legislation. Lawyers of the High Court and Supreme Court joined the protests defying government bans on large assemblies.

Boris Johnson’s Mantra, “Let’s Get Brexit Done”, clinches UK election win for Tories
It seems the more simplistic the slogans are the more likely the party is to win the election. Aping Trump, his Gemini counterpart in US, with his slogan, “Make America great again,” and Morrison promising quiet Australians tax cuts and nothing more seems to satisfy the voting public enough to endorse them. Although Johnson won with a handsome majority breaking down the ‘red wall’ of hitherto staunch Labour party supporters in the north, he still has challenges ahead. With transiting Neptune squaring the UK Mercury in its 3rd house of communication Britons may find out they have been deluded by Johnson’s mesmerising mantras. Added to this the transiting karmic South Node on the UK’s Sun,  transiting Pluto and Saturn opposing the UK’s Moon which represents the people and transiting Uranus squaring UK’S Jupiter all augurs further challenges ahead for bumptious blustering Boris.  A resounding win by the SNP led by Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland has emboldened her to demand a second referendum for Scottish independence which Boris has resisted. There is also increasing conflict in Northern Ireland where there is dissatisfaction with Boris’s Brexit plan so it will not be smooth sailing and may eventually end up as the Disunited Kingdom. Watch this space.


Congress impeaches Trump CNNCongress Votes to Impeach President Trump
President Trump became the third president in American history to be impeached when members of Congress voted on Wednesday night to charge him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The vote on Article One, abuse of power, was 230-197, with one vote of present. All Republicans voted against the article, joined by two Democrats. The vote on Article Two, obstruction of Congress, was 229-198, with one vote of present. All Republicans voted against the article, joined by three Democrats. The House’s action tees up a Senate trial, likely early next month.

Protests against Morrison outside Kirribilli HouseMeanwhile at home the ‘land of sunburnt country and flooding plains’ in the words of our iconic Dorothea McKellar, Australia is facing its own deep challenges bearing witness to the effects of climate change and a severe and prolonged drought and catastrophic bush fires across the country. There is growing unease and anger as many Australians including retired fire chiefs, business people and the younger demographic despair as the Coalition government drags it heels on putting into action a plan for climate change and a national strategy to manage the extreme weather resulting in more fierce and unpredictable bushfires. The Prime Minister added fuel to the fire by sneaking out of the country to spend a holiday with his family in Hawaii while Australia and his home state of NSW faced a week of catastrophic fire conditions resulting in the tragic death of two volunteer fire fighters, young fathers. Only when this tragedy occurred did Morrison decide it was time to cut short his holiday and return to show some leadership.

Australia’s chart is revealing and with planets in Capricorn in the 10th house of the government putting the spotlight fairly and squarely on the leader. The transiting karmic South Node is hovering around Australia’s Saturn and Sun making Australia accountable at home and in the eyes of the international community, especially with the recent Climate Conference in Madrid where Australia was roundly criticised for trying to fudge the figures by using carryover credits from Kyoto becoming one of the outlier countries along with Brazil. Added to this is the fact that transiting Chiron the planet of wounding and healing is conjunct Australia’s ascendant and it certainly a time where Australians are facing deep pain struggling with the drought and unprecedented bush fires.Biwheel Oz chart Dec 2019

As seen from a few examples above many citizens around the world in the Middle East, in Asia, Europe, South America and in the US, are rising up against corrupt regimes where there is poverty and high unemployment demanding a more equitable society.

To end on a positive note the festive season is upon us, a time of goodwill. Let us hope that 2020 will be a good one where humanity can resolve some of the major conflicts with less polarisation and foster a spirit of peace and harmony finding consensus for the major challenges facing us namely climate change, poverty and increasing inequality.



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