About Anne

Anne is a Sydney based astrologer, counsellor, spiritual healer and trained language teacher. Her fascination with the imaginal world of archetypes was fostered at an early age when her schoolteacher parents gave her a book on Greek myths for her 7th birthday. Anne went on to write and perform her poetry inspired by Greek mythology, in Sydney and Melbourne.

Anne graduated from UNSW with B.A Dip.Ed majoring in Spanish and French and doing 2 years in English. She returned to UNSW in the 80s where she completed three years study of German, gaining High Distinctions and was awarded a Goethe Scholarship to do a two month conversation course in Germany. Anne has taught French, German and English in Secondary schools and at TAFE.  She has travelled, extensively, touring through Europe, the UK, Scandinavia, Egypt and Israel.

In 1976 she was introduced to the world of astrology when she received a copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs for her birthday from a friend. Anne undertook formal astrology classes between 1978-1980. She also ran monthly zodiac parties at the All Nations Club where up to fifty people would cram into the club restaurant to be entertained by Anne with light-hearted and satirical vignettes of the astrological types. Against a backdrop of moons and stars, Anne dressed up as a goddess would transport her audience to Ancient Greece.

In 1981 Anne did an Alpha Awareness Course which comprised mediation, absent healing and psychic development. From 1987 – 1988 Anne did a two-year mythology series with the CG. Jung Society of Sydney which inspired Anne and her sister, Sue, to produce a set of astrology greeting cards drawing on feminine archetypes from diverse cultures. Anne also completed two years training with the Australasian Institute for Psychosynthesis Studies in Sydney. Anne has done healing and numerology courses with Edmund Harold, well-known healer and author. She gained a certificate of healing with the Spiritual Venturers Association. She also studied tarot at the School of Western Mysticism.

Anne is an experienced Astrologer, counsellor, healer, teacher, writer and inspirational speaker. She has been involved in the areas of Astrology, transpersonal psychotherapy and the healing arts for over two decades. Anne is a Committee Member of SARS (Sydney Society for Astrological Research) and a member of the AANSW (Astrology Association of NSW). For the past 20 years Anne has worked for the Universal Psychic Guild doing astrological and tarot consultations by phone and email.

She has made regular appearances on FM radio in Melbourne on the program Journey to Self Discovery and has appeared on television presenting her views on healing and counselling. She has also featured in the magazine Good Health and Medicine sharing her views on reincarnation, life after death and the role of Destiny and free will. Anne has also been interviewed on Central Coast FM radio by well known healer and author Laurie Levine about astrology. Anne is a published poet, has written book reviews for the Adyar Booknews and has contributed articles to various Astrological Magazines and writes the reviews of guest speakers for SARS. Anne has given lectures and seminars to diverse groups  including  health professionals, SARS, Sydney and Melbourne FAA and Theosophical Societies, Melbourne Goodwill, CAE and the Uni of the Third Age.scarab in horizontal cartouche

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