September Astromusings – Blessings for the Spring/Autumn Equinox! Happy Birthday Librans! Joshua Wong – a Libran Warrior for Democracy and Self Determination in Hong Kong, Full Moon in Pisces, New Moon Supermoon in Libra

7 Libra Card

The Egyptian Goddess Maat

I am the Goddess Maat
who weighs the hearts
of all mortals
on the scales of justice
as they pass through
the Hall of Judgment
where the gods decide
the fate of their souls

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

The illustration in the card for Libra by Sue Robertson depicts Maat, Egyptian Goddess of law, truth and justice, with the god Thoth, in form of a baboon who both played an important part in the judgement of the dead.

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Libra
The Personality calls out: Let choice be made.
The Soul proclaims: I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.

Happy birthday to all the Librans who celebrate their birthdays between September 23 and October 22. Libra is one of the four cardinal signs, the others being Capricorn, Aries and Cancer. It forms the triplicity of air signs along with Aquarius and Gemini. In the Northern hemisphere Libra represents the period of the autumnal equinox, and the vernal equinox in the Southern hemisphere, where the days and nights are equal. Thus Libra stands for equality.

In his book, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology, Alan Oken explains the symbolism of the glyph. “ We can see from the glyph that it is the Sun sinking under the horizon, showing that night will dominate in the Northern hemisphere. The two lines of the glyph represent the duality of Libra. The top line represents the higher nature of Libra which is primarily governed by the higher powers of the mind: the completely objective state. This is the aspect of the Libran character which is impartial and not attached to matter. It is solely involved with the harmony of the ideas. The bottom line of the Libran glyph stands for matter and personal desire. Libra represents the struggle and the dualism of each human being; on the one hand he is striving toward the bliss of conscious reunion with Divinity, and the other hand he is working for mastery and power over the material sphere of personal desire. The essence of Libra is teaching man how to balance the two urges within himself with the condition of his earthly situation. Libra has rulership over the diaphragm, the portion of the human organism which divides the lower and upper halves of the body. In the glyph the lower line represents the waist proper while the upper line is the diaphragm and the navel.

Botticelli’s Venus

Being the sign of marriage and the dominion of Venus, Libra also has some influence upon the sexual organs, specifically in the connection of that area with the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.

The Constellation of Libra

In his book Alan Oken’s CompleteAstrology Alan Oken states that Libra is the smallest of the constellations, measuring only 21 degrees in longitude along the ecliptic. The Scales consist basically of a trapezoid of four stars which includes the two best known of Libra’s stars: Zubenelgenubi (the Southern Scale) and Zubeneschmali (the Northern Scale). The first ‘Zuben’ is a yellow and light grey double star and the second has a pale green hue.

The Labours of Hercules
In her book, The Labours of Hercules, Alice Bailey reveals the esoteric symbolism behind the constellation. She refers to three constellations in Libra which she claims are all of special interest. First there is the Southern Cross that has never been seen in the Occident since the time of the Crucifixion, when it was seen at Jerusalem. She notes that the cross is now receding. Four bright stars make up this cross; four the number of matter aspect of man, the quarternary. The cross is receding, and this promise is in Libra, called the open door to Shamballa, the sign in which there is found “the narrow, razor-edged path” which leads man into the kingdom of the soul. The second constellation that Bailey mentions in relation to Libra is that of Lupus, the wolf. Down the ages the wolf’s head has been the symbol of the initiate. However, it is a dying wolf, and the wolf-nature that has devoured the soul nature until now is symbolised as dying out, for as man achieves balance, the activity and power of the wolf dies out. The third is the Corona, the crown which is the symbol based on the story of Ariadne, the mother aspect. Ariadne was given a crown of seven stars by Bacchus, symbol of the second aspect of divinity which glorifies matter by making it the expression of the divine mind.

 The Libran Hall of Fame
Librans, being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, peace, harmony, justice and the arts are attracted to careers in beauty, fashion, interior design, the arts, entertainment, law, writing and public speaking. Their of love of balance and harmony draws them towards careers in diplomacy and peacemaking.

It was the Libran John Lennon who wrote the famous words “Give peace a chance.” It was the Libran Mohandas Gandhi who campaigned tirelessly against injustice and inequality through peaceful means. Their fair-mindedness makes them natural counsellors. Bob Geldof has demonstrated his Libran desire for justice in the causes he has espoused for Amnesty International and famine relief through Bandaid and Live Aid. Librans can also possess good entrepreneurial skills such as Anita Roddick who expanded her single shop into a global enterprise with hundreds of stores worldwide. Another Libran who has put her trademark Libran name on different commodities from optical glasses to beeswax candles and mineral water is Donna Karan.  Another Libran, Brigitte Bardot formerly known as the sex goddess of the sixties, now champions the cause of animals whom she sees as being treated cruelly by humans. The former British Prime Minister, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, displayed both the ladylike qualities of Libra but could also be a formidable opponent with her martial Scorpio ascendant.

Susan Sarandon is another very charming Libran who  also campaigned against the Iraq War and other controversial causes. Olivia Newton John, another Libran who displays the Libran charm and beauty has run a successful enterprise, Koala Blue, and has supported causes such as of breast cancer prevention. The former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was often heard claiming the laws she passes must be ‘fair and balanced’ and is known for her Libran qualities as a skillful negotiator. Other Librans of note include Franz Liszt, Nietzsche, Graham Greene, George Gershwin, Julie Andrews, Oscar Wilde, Cliff Richard, Arthur Miller, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Ronnie Barker, Catherine Deneuve, Dawn French, Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Joshua WongJoshua Wong Time Magazine 2

Joshua Wong – A Warrior for Democracy and Freedom in Hong Kong
One Libran who was propelled onto the global stage is Joshua Wong during the Umbrella Movement and in the more recent democracy protests in Hong Kong. Joshua Wong, aged 22, born on 13 Oct 1996 in Hong Kong (time unknown) has been since his early teens a most outspoken advocate for democracy in Hong Kong. He has been arrested several times after demonstrations and was listed by Fortune as one of the world’s greatest leaders in 2015 at the ripe age 19. Netflix has also made a documentary about him – Joshua:Teenager vs Superpower which traces his development from a young teenager to political activist with commentators praising his courage saying that his standing up to Beijing is analagous to the battle between David and Goliath.

Born with dyslexia, he was raised as a Protestant Christian. He became active in church and student protest groups and at age 14 formed the student alliance, Scholarism, to fight against the Hong Kong government’s plan to introduce National Education at the behest of Beijing. His successful mobilisation of students and other concerned citizens who feared Beijing’s further encroachment on Hong Kong’s autonomy resulted in a backdown by the chief executive, Cy Leung, who declared that National Education would no longer be mandatory. In 2015 he launched Demosisto party which successfully contested the elections for the Legislative Council.

He has the Sun, and most likely Moon in Libra, squaring Neptune in Capricorn, and sextiling Mars in Leo – promoting his idealism, a strong sense of justice, and good at publicising his cause even going on a hunger strike to keep his cause alive in the public domain. With Mercury and the North Node also in Libra opposing Saturn in self-reliant Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn – Jupiter has a socially aware drive which can produce enlightened spokesmen. His Mercury is also heavily aspected being trine Uranus, sextile Pluto as well as in the T Square to Jupiter and Saturn making him a very good spokesman for his cause of justice and self determination for Hong Kong.

Joshua Wong at US Congress

Joshua Wong at US Congress

His chart does collide with China’s with his influential Pluto falling in China’s 10th house  and his Mars in their 7th house conjunct their Mars Pluto making it a volatile mix. China’s Sun in Libra is conjunct his Mercury, North Node and opposition his Saturn –  not an easy fit with the Beijing government. He has recently ruffled Beijing’s feathers even more by leading a delegation to a hearing at the US  Congress to plead their cause.

Biwheel China & Joshua WongHis prominent Jupiter falls in the 10th house of Hong Kong’s chart – 1 July 1997 12.00 am Hong Kong chart, making him an important beacon of hope for the country. He has displayed incredible courage in facing down the might of China is no small undertaking hence the title of the Netflix documentary, Joshua: Teenager vs Superpower.

 Libran Health and Anatomy
When the Sun enters Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, it has completed half its cyclic journey through the twelve signs, and in Libra the half-way of balancing point is reached. This is very significant because the symbol of this sign is the scales or balance Vanda Sawtell in her book, Astrology and Biochemistry, says that the biochemic salt allocated to this sign is Natrum phos. or Sodium phosphate, and its function is to preserve the balance between acids and the normal fluids of the body.

The parts of the body governed by Libra are the loins, the lumbar region in general, particularly the kidneys. The Greek word for the kidneys is ‘nephros’, which was derived from a Hebrew word meaning to shake out or distil and filter it into the bladder ready for elimination. The word nephritis meaning inflammation of the kidneys is derived from this word. The alkalinity of the blood must be kept at a certain level to ensure health, thus acid in excess of the body’s requirements has to be eliminated by the kidneys. Therefore, the kidneys are continually balancing the acid/alkaline account of the human body. Conditions arising from an apparent excess of acid are nearly always due to a deficiency of this alkaline salt. Natrum phos. is indicated in all rheumatic disorders, gout, worms, flatulence, diabetes, kidney and bladder weaknesses, eczema, jaundice, and gall stones. A lack of proper balance of this alkaline cell salt in the gastric juices will cause ferments to rise which retard digestion so that the lining of the whole digestive tract becomes involved. This may cause gastric ulceration, dyspepsia, sour taste in the mouth, bilious disorders, diarrhea, etc.

2019 Overview for Libra
The karmic North Node and an eclipse fall in your career sector highlighting this area of your life. Your domestic sector is highlighted Pluto Saturn and the karmic South Node as well as two eclipses. in your domestic sector brings a serious note to these areas of your life. Erratic Uranus sector continues its sojourn through your debt and taxes sector bringing a certain unpredictability here. Neptune is still moving through your work and health sector so there may be sacrifices and adjustments required in this area.

The karmic north node and a solar total eclipse in your career sector highlighting this area of your life. Cosmic visitors activating your career sector are Mercury and Venus. Mercury pays a visit to your career sector from 5 – 27 June bringing opportunities for networking and communicating with your colleagues.Venus, your ruling planet, will grace your career sector from 4 – 28 July bringing harmony and cooperation in the workplace. There is also planetary activity in your 6th house of work and health with Neptune present here.

There are three planetary visitors to your finance sector  – Venus, Mercury and Mars. Venus graces your finance sector with her presence from 9 October until 1 November 2019. Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, pays an extended visit to your finance sector from 4 October to 9 December stimulating communication, networking and financial transactions. Part of Mercury’s passage here will be in retrograde phase from 31 October to 19 November making it an ideal time to review your finances. This would be a good move, especially with erratic Uranus having moved into your debt and taxes sector which could cause upheavals in your finances. Feisty Mars pays a visit here from 20 November 2019 to 3 January 2020 giving you the impetus to deal with your financial issues.

Home and Family
Your domestic sector is being activated by transformative Pluto, Saturn, the karmic South Node as well as two eclipses. the planet of transformation. The first eclipse, a solar partial eclipse occurs on 6 January and the second is a lunar partial eclipse which occurs on 16 July. This potent combination will bring challenges to your family and domestic life impelling you to deconstruct your family structures. It gives you an opportunity to delve deeply into your psyche and hidden facts about your family may come to light. You may be challenged to your very core but from this experience you will become empowered and shed a lot of excess baggage.  The challenges that this brings may  cause you  to be pushed out of your comfort zone but it will provide you with an opportunity to transform yourself. Saturn’s presence here causes you to take your family responsibilities seriously.

Creativity & Children
Mercury and Venus are two planetary visitors to your creativity and children sector. Curious Mercury pays a visit here from 25 January to 10 February  inspiring your creative expression and  affording opportunities for discussion about children while liberating your inner child in the process. Venus graces your creativity sector with her presence from 2 – 26 March.

Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit to your travel sector first from 22 May to 4 June. Gentle Venus graces your travel sector with her presence from 10 June to 3 July making it an ideal time to have that romantic getaway at some exotic location.

The planetoid, Chiron, the wounded healer, continues its sojourn through your relationship and marriage sector bringing the potential to heal wounds in your relationships.

A solar total eclipse occurs on 21 January highlighting your social sector bringing issues to a head to be resolved. Sweet Venus will grace your social sector with her presence from 29 July to 21 August bringing harmony to your friendships and group affiliations. Quicksilver Mercury pays two visits to your social sector the first from 28 June to 19 July and the second from 12 – 29 August facilitating communication and networking.

Planetary visitors to your spirituality and karma sector include Venus and Mercury. Venus makes her presence felt here from 22 August to 14 September to causing you to focus on union with a higher force. Mercury pays a visit here from 30 August to 14 September giving you the inspiration to explore the mysteries of life whether through books or courses. It will be an ideal time to spend some time in seclusion perhaps spending time in a retreat taking up yoga or meditation or even exploring your past lives.

Spring Equinox 2019Spring/Autumn Equinox 22/23 September, Venus – Morning Star to Evening Star
September 23 marks the Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere and 22 September the Autumn Equinox in the Northern hemisphere.  On September 23 the Sun also enters the sign of Libra. When the Sun moves into Libra each September, it’s time to assess our commitments and the personal values that underpin them. This is especially true this Equinox as Venus, Libra’s ruling planet emerges from the dark to take up her place as the evening star. This transformation from morning star, to invisible star, to evening star takes us away from our personal needs and desires and helps us link with others. This is a giving and sharing phase of Venus; a time to engage with loved ones and community. The Equinox draws our attention to the passage of time and seasonal change. Spring is a time of renewal and in the northern hemisphere they celebrate the onset of spring by burning the witch which represents exorcising the cold dark months of winter. The equinox is a time of heightened vibration marking a powerful portal gateway into a higher consciousness.

Importantly, Jupiter squares Neptune for the final time this year on the 22 September. (First two hits were in January and June). This will prompt us to ask ourselves, “What do we believe in and what dreams should we follow now?” Some important decisions need to be made this quarter, with Saturn’s stationing direct on the 18th September tied to the South Node, and the Moon and North Node aligning in opposition to Saturn. Our personal preferences and commitments may need to change as we move into this quarter. Any imbalance between our personal and public priorities will be highlighted and adjustments may be needed going forward. Major decisions are often involved under the Libran umbrella, where fairness and equality are paramount. It’s time to hold our lives in the balance and weigh up the value of what we do. There’s always a significant shift in personal and collective values at this Equinox. Significantly, Vesta, goddess of the hearth, is within hours of her exact station. Being in Taurus, and trine the Sun, her ability to focus will help us to hone in on our chief priorities, facilitating the decision process.

Full Moon in Pisces
The Full Moon occurs at 21 degrees Pisces 05 at 2.32 pm on 14 September. The Piscean Moon merges with dreamy Neptune which enhances our creativity, intuition and compassion. It promotes understanding and the ability to communicate one–on-one which is enhanced by the sextile to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. This combination also stimulates the creative imagination and stirs the unconscious providing insights into the deeper meaning and the motives behind our actions. This Full Moon also forms a T square with Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Being in mutable signs there is room for flexibility. There is a stellium in Virgo – Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars making it a balancing act between the Piscean energy of imagination and compassion with the Virgoan characteristics of diligence, precision and perfection.

New Moon In Libra 29 Sep 2019New Moon Supermoon in Libra
There will be a New Moon Supermoon at 5 degrees Libra 20 at 4.26 am on 29 September. There is a stellium in Libra – Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury focussing on the Libran qualities of balance, cooperation, fairness and relationships. Air signs prevail at this New
Moon, ushering in a more social agenda. Sun and Moon oppose Chiron so this is also an ideal time to focus on your health and wellbeing. Saturn and the South Node are very close now, requiring an adjustment to our fundamental urges and the way we do things.
Forging new pathways on a personal and collective level, will form part of this process. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are converging towards alignment in a few months’ time.

Libra Greeting Card illustrated by Sue Robertson
Libra Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
Insight Newsletter by Michele Finey
Joshua:Teenager vs Superpower – Netflix



August Astromusings -Happy Birthday Virgo!Two New Moon Supermoons, Full Moon in Aquarius, Jupiter stations direct & Uranus stations retrograde, Virgoan Mary Shelley’s Genius, Woodstock Revisited


Demeter & Persephone Illustrated by Sue Robertson


Who knows your secrets
Virgo, pure maiden

whose warm dark womb

protects and nurtures

the germ of wisdom
like a grain of wheat

until it ripens

and is brought to light

Mother principle, worshipped

as Eve, Isis, Demeter, Ceres
and Mary, Mother of Christ

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

Happy Birthday to all the Virgoans who celebrate their birthdays between August 23 and September 23. Virgo rules the sixth house which has dominion over work and health and service to others. It is one of triplicity of Earth signs – along with Capricorn and Taurus. It is one of four mutable signs – the others being Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury which is also the ruler of Gemini.

The sign Virgo is closely associated with harvests, especially those of wheat and corn. Virgo is the Virgin or maiden who is a source of fecundity, depicted carrying a sheaf of wheat or corn freshly plucked from the harvest; esoterically she represents the Virgin Mary pregnant with the Christ child. The Greeks celebrated Demeter, the goddess of the grain, and her daughter, Persephone, in the Eleusinian mysteries. The Romans worshipped her as Ceres, from where the word cereal is derived. There are also associations with Vesta the goddess who was the keeper of the hearth and protectress of the home and community. Her priestesses were known as the vestal virgins whose duty it was to tend the sacred flame that kept the city safe. There is a common misconception that virgin referred to her being prudish and chaste when it really means ‘one within herself’. The vestal virgins typified the true meaning of Virgo the virgin, leading self-contained, contemplative lives and were held in high regard in the community. The glyph for Virgo symbolises the coils of energy in the Virgin’s essence.


There are also biblical references to the Virgo archetype. In the Old Testament Ruth the Moabite is harvesting the fields of Boaz. In the Egyptian pantheon Isis is said to have dropped the wheat she was carrying across the heavens resulting in the Milky Way. As she travelled she was carrying her Divine Son, Horus in her arms. This image of Isis with her Divine child is a precursor to the Christian story of Mary and Jesus. The Great Sphinx has associations with both Leo and Virgo as, esoterically, it symbolises 0 degrees Virgo or 30 degrees Leo, for it has the body of a Lion and the head of a Maiden. The sphinx demonstrates its potency in that it has learned how to tame the animal passions of Leo through the mental precision and purposeful activity of Virgo.

Virgo Hall of Fame
Being the sign of health, work and service, Virgoans are drawn to careers in health such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractics, hygiene and nutrition. Their keen analytical mind attracts them to careers in education, psychology, psychiatry, counselling, writing, accounting, business management, and computer sciences. No matter what career they pursue they are always, very industrious, efficient, well organised, thrifty and productive.


Famous writers include the German writer and poet, Goethe, D.H. Lawrence, and Roald Dahl.


Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein

It is just over 2 centuries in 1818 since the Virgo, Mary Shelley wrote her groundbreaking Gothic novel, Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus inspired by her dream. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (née Godwin; 30 August 1797 – 1 February 1851) was an English novelist, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer, and travel writer. She also edited and promoted the works of her husband, the Romantic poet and philosopher Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her father was the political philosopher, William Godwin, and her mother was the philosopher and feminist, Mary Wollstonecraft. She was born on 30 August 1797 at 11.20 pm in London, England. Both her parents were famous in their own right. Mary was the daughter of two social reformers ahead of their time. Her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was a feminist and author of The Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) who died shortly after giving birth to her daughter. Her father, William Godwin, a radical philosopher, was a part of an English liberal movement who wrote the book, “Political Justice.” The young poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, was one of the young men who agreed with Godwin’s progressive views and who began to frequent his salon in 1813 where Mary and Percy met and fell in love. They eloped on 28 July 1814, fleeing to Switzerland by coach. After Percy’s wife committed suicide, Mary and Percy were married on 30 December 1816. Together they travelled to Geneva where they met Lord Byron who was travelling with his physician Doctor Polidori. They rented two villas near to each other.

On 8 July 1822, Percy drowned in a violent lake storm. After Percy’s death Mary moved back to London, where she processed her grief editing of Percy’s letters and poems. Her other works include “Castruccio,” Prince Of Lucca,” 1824 and “The Last Man,” 1826. Mary had a friendship in 1827 with a poet, Tom Moore, but she never remarried and died on 1 February 1851, London, England.

When Byron suggested the idea of writing ghost stories, inspiration was taken from a collection of German horror stories, translated under the title Fantasmagoriana.  Mary’s unconventional life up to the summer of 1816 (when she was still only 18), along with the company in which she found herself in June of that year – and even the unusual weather conditions at the time – all contributed to the book’s genesis. The vital spark that gave the novel life however was Lord Byron’s suggestion one evening at the Villa Diodati, as candlelight flickered within the house and lightning flashed across the surface of the lake outside, that those present should turn their hands to the writing of ghost stories.

A Year without Summer
Because the weather in June was particularly bad and denied the possibility of sailing journeys on the lake, the group spent their evenings discussing literary projects, talking late into the night as the rain fell outside. With thunder and lightning rolling down from the mountains and across the lake, the candlelit interior of the Villa Diodati became the home to discussions about galvanism and the principles of animation, with Polidori’s medical knowledge acting as a balance for Byron and Percy Shelley’s more speculative imaginings. As Mary recalled in the Preface to the 1831 edition of Frankenstein: ‘Many and long were the conversations between Lord Byron and Shelley to which I was a devout but nearly silent listener. During one of these, various philosophical doctrines were discussed, and among others the nature of the principle of life, and whether there was any probability of its ever being discovered communicated’. The contemporary interest in galvanism, anatomy and the spark of life, together with the thunder storms outside and the candlelight within, all took root in Mary’s imagination and found their way into her novel.


Villa Diodati

The late night talks at the Villa Diodati continued as the weather outside remained stormy, and it was following one of these conversations that Mary had the nightmare that gave rise to the central idea of Frankenstein. Mary recounted the nightmare in her 1831 preface to the book, giving a startling example of how the heightened consciousness of terror could be transformed into brilliant and inspirational creativity:

Night waned upon this talk, and even the witching hour had gone by before we retired to rest. When I placed my head on my pillow I did not sleep, nor could I be said to think. My imagination, unbidden, possessed and guided me, gifting the successive images that arose in my mind with a vividness far beyond the usual bounds of reverie. I saw – with shut eyes, but acute mental vision – I saw the pale student of the unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine show signs of life and stir with an uneasy, half-vital motion …”

Mary-Shelley-novelMary Shelley's natal chartMary Shelley’s natal chart reveals a lot about her life and her gifts. She has a stellium in Virgo – Sun, Mars, Uranus and Mercury all which point to her to her intelligence, diligence, practicality and writing ability. However, there are other strong signatures in her chart that stand out and point to her genius. She has a Cancer ascendant which would endow her with great sensitivity and an openness to the Universe. Her Moon is in sign of Sagittarius promoting a love of travel, adventure and pursuits of the higher mind. As mentioned above her parents were both philosophers, philosophy is ruled by Sagittarius, so the young Mary grew up in an intellectual milieu participating in her father’s salons and political gatherings. Added to this her Moon at 27 degrees Sagittarius is conjunct the Galactic Centre enabling her to access a Higher Intelligence.

Her most prominent planet is Pluto in Aquarius at 29 degrees known as the anaretic degree conjuncting her Midheaven ensuring that she would have a prominent career becoming renowned for her revolutionary ideas and prophetic insights. Added to this Aquarian influence is her Sun conjunct Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. Pluto opposes feisty Mars which would also explain the challenges she experienced in life – with the themes of death and rebirth prevailing in her own life as well as in her writing. Neptune the planet of losses and sacrifices as well as Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, also indicate the loss of her children. She experienced a lot of grief in her own life losing her mother just after she was born, losing two children and undergoing a severe miscarriage and finally being widowed at the young age of 24 when her husband died in a drowning accident. The Pluto Mars aspect is not only expressed in the themes of death and rebirth but also man’s need for power over these issues and the need for men to feel like Gods. Her book, The Last Man, deals with plague and destruction, as well as carrying on while everyone around you dies.

Agatha Christie

Another Virgoan author whose keen powers of observation and attention to miniscule detail were put to good use in her murder mysteries is Agatha Christie, the creator of Poirot, Miss Marple and volumes of detective stories.

A Virgo who made great contributions to modern education is the Italian woman, Maria Montessori. In 1896 she was the first woman to graduate from medical school in Rome. She began her career teaching hygiene and then moved to the area of education, with the particular goal of providing education for the poor and needy children. Today we see the legacy of her work with Montessori schools established worldwide.

Another Virgo whose tireless labours brought her many accolades is Mother Teresa. The austere life that she and her sisters led is typical of the Virgoan nature. Virgoan entertainers include Buddy Holly and Patsy Cline. Virgoan actors include Peter Sellers, Lily Tomlin, Anne Bancroft, Sophia Loren, Claudia Schiffer, Lauren Bacall, Sean Connery, Keanu Reeves, Jeremy Irons and Hugh Grant.

Virgo Health and Anatomy


Virgo rules the sixth house whose domain is work and health. The part of the body allocated to Virgo is the solar plexus and intestines. The solar plexus lies directly behind the stomach, and from it twelve different nerve ganglia branch off in all directions: that is how the solar or sun plexus gets its name. Each of the twelve divisions of the solar plexus allocates with one of the signs of the Zodiac, and hence with a certain part of the body. The plexus itself is a little Zodiac. It is sometimes called the lower brain. The solar plexus is the great receiving station of energy from the back brain, while the bowels complete the chemicalisation of the food products ready to be assimilated by the blood. Being connected by its nerve ganglia with all parts of the body, the solar plexus reflects the condition of the entire body. It is not surprising then, that the stomach and bowels are affected when a person is worried or upset, or when the brain is

fagged and weary. Virgoans are known as the ‘worriers of the Zodiac’ with a nervous stomach, making them prone to digestive problems, especially if they identify too much with their perfectionist or workaholic nature. Virgoans need to be able to switch off from their work and learn to relax. Meditation, yoga or martial arts are ideal pursuits to bring harmony and balance to the lives of these industrious, fastidious folk. In the book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, Vanda Sawtell states the Biochemic cell salt for Virgo is Kali sulph., and its function is to manufacture and distribute oil. When the body is in health, little jets of steam are constantly escaping from the seven million pores of the skin. A deficiency of Kali sulph.molecules causes the oil in the tissues to thicken and clog these safety valves of the human machine, thus turning heat and secretions back upon the inner organs, lungs, pleura, membranes of the nasal passages, and all forms of catarrh.

Kali sulph. is also present in considerable quantities in the scalp and hair. When this salt is lacking we get dandruff or falling hair, skin eruptions secreting yellowish oily matter, or inactive dry scaling skim, gastro-duodenal catarrh, ringworm, anaemia, and bronchitis. It is an oxygen carrier to the epidermic and epithelial cells of the skin and membranes, and in this it works with Ferrum phos., which is the salt for Pisces, the polar opposite to Virgo. Vanda Sawtell extols the virtues of Kali sulph., claiming it is a wonderful salt; the oil which it manufactures provides a fuel, a solvent, a lubricant and purifier for the body, just as in a machine. Furthermore, she adds; In old age the human body is very low in oil, and hence looks dry and shrivelled. Skin, hair, intestinal tract, bones all require their full quota of oil. She alludes to the parable of the wise virgins who kept their lamps burning, and the cry of the foolish virgins, “ We have no oil!” Moreover, people deficient in this salt cannot stand a warm room as they feel suffocated and must get out into the cool air. Symptoms are usually worse in the afternoon. She recommends Kali sulph. be given in all children’s diseases where there has been a rash or scaling. It helps to form new skin, and in this it works with the Gemini salt, Kali mur.

Overview for Virgo for 2019
Unpredictable Uranus is still moving through your 9th house of travel and study causing potential upheaval here. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has moved into your domestic sector. Neptune continues it sojourn through your marriage and partnership sector while your children and creativity sector is highlighted by two eclipses as well as transformative Pluto, serious Saturn and the karmic South Node. Your social sector is highlighted by an eclipse and the karmic north node.

Gentle Venus will grace your finance sector with her presence from 29 October until the 21 November enhancing your finances. Mercury, the planet of commerce, from 15 September until 3 October facilitating communication and networking.

Venus graces your career sector with her presence from 10 June to 3 July bringing harmony. Mercury, your ruling planet, also pays a visit here from 22 May to 3 June enhancing your communicating and networking skills.

Home & Family
Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion is moving through your domestic sector and will be there until 2 December. This could mean an addition to your family or extensions to your home. Mercury pays a visit to your domestic sector from 10 – 29 December promoting communication and networking with family members.

Creativity & Children
Your creativity and children sector is highlighted by 2 eclipses as well as the karmic South Node. The first eclipse is a solar partial eclipse which occurs on 6 January and the second is a lunar partial eclipse occurs on 16 July. Planetary visitors to your creativity sector include Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Pluto, the planet of transformation, continues its passage in your solar 5th house which could cause changes and transformation in the areas of children, romance and creativity. Positively, it can be an ideal time for Virgos to reinvent themselves creatively adding energy and drive to this area of your life causing you to be proactive in pursuing your goals re your children, creativity and romance. Saturn’s presence here until 17 December 2020 brings a serious tone to your dealing with your children and creativity while Jupiter will enter your creativity sector on 3 December remaining there until 2 December 2020. Feisty Mars will join Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter here from 17 February to 30 March boosting your energy  to deal with your responsibilities here.

Your relationship sector will be activated this year with the continued presence of Neptune. Neptune, the planet of spirituality, continues its 14 year passage in your relationship sector teaching you compassion and non-attachment. The lessons learned from Neptune are bitter-sweet but the potential for spiritual growth is manifold.  Other planetary visitors to your love sector are and Mercury and Venus. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit here from 11 February to 7 April highlighting communications with your partners whether intimate of business associates. Part of Mercury’s passage here will be in retrograde phase from 5 – 27 March. This could cause confusion or misunderstandings but is an ideal time to review your primary relationships or business partnerships. Sweet Venus graces your relationship sector with her presence from 27 March to 20 April bringing love and harmony to your relationships.

Your friendship sector is highlighted by a solar total eclipse here on 3 July and the karmic North Node. Both Mercury and Venus pay visits to your friendship sector. Mercury visits here from 5 – 27 June facilitating communication and networking. Venus graces your friendship sector from 4 – 28 July bringing harmony and conviviality to your social networks.

A total lunar eclipse on 21 January highlights your spirituality sector.  Mercury and Venus also visit your spirituality sector. Venus’s presence here from 29 July to 21 August t will bring harmony to your social networks. Mercury pays two visits here from 12 – 29 August facilitating communication on matters spiritual.

Retrograde Planets – Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
There are currently 4 retrograde planets – Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Saturn stationed retrograde on 30 April and will turn direct on 18 September. Uranus stations retrograde on 12 August. Neptune stationed retrograde on 22 June and will station direct on 27 November. Pluto stationed retrograde on 25 April and will station direct on 3 October. Retrograde planets give an opportunity to turn inwards – a time for introspection, for reflection and reassessing and re-evaluating situations in your life.

Jupiter will station direct on 11 August while Uranus, co-ruler of Aquarius, will station
retrograde the following day. Stationary planets are very potent and urge us to heed their message. A stationary Jupiter encourages us to take risks. It can also have a crusading tone. Many entertainers and evangelists have Jupiter stationary in their birth charts. A stationary Uranus can have a revolutionary tone. It too can be a risk-taker, Promethean in nature urging us to be future oriented. Since it’s turning retrograde, we may have to reassess some of our plans or projects before we can progress.

The fact that Jupiter and Uranus are both stationing just one day apart, but in different orientations, could result in some sudden changes, mishaps or false starts. Expect energy
levels to be high and a feeling of urgency may prevail.

New Moon Supermoon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Leo 37 on 1 August
August is the season of SuperMoons with the first New Moon Supermoon occurring at 8 degrees Leo 37 on 1 August at 1.11 pm and the second Supermoon occurring at 6 degrees Virgo 47 on 30 August at 9.57 am.

Full Moon in Aquarius 15 August 2019Full Moon in Aquarius – 15 August
There will be a Full Moon at 22 degrees Aquarius 24 on 15 August at 10.29 pm AEST Sydney time.  The Air sign, Aquarius rules the 11th house of ideas, inspiration, and ideals, plus friends, groups, and the larger collective. Therefore, this Full Moon is an ideal time for networking, sharing ideas, and making connections that expand your social circle. Team work leads to success, and think tanks bring interesting results.The full Moon is opposite the Sun, Venus, and Mars in the fire sign, Leo. This gives the impetus for creativity and to accomplish goals provided that you don’t give in to the tendency for Leo extravagance and love of luxury. 

Hong Kong protest at airportHong Kong Airport closed down by Hong Kong Demonstration
The Full Moon is a time when things come to a head in order to be resolved and we only have to look to the recent widespread demonstrations in Hong Kong to see that things have reached an impasse with neither the demonstrators for democracy nor the Hong Kong government prepared to budge. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam, surrogate for mainland China has refused to actually use the words withdraw the contentious extradition bill which the demonstrators see as a slippery slope towards authoritarianism under Beijing rule. While the demonstrators are protesting against police brutality there have been ominous signs of reports that China is moving troops to the Hong Kong border reminiscent in many people’s minds of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Woodstock line-up music posterWoodstock poster

Woodstock Revisited Fifty Years On
For the babyboomers reading this it will no doubt bring back nostalgic memories. The Woodstock Music Festival began on August 15, 1969, as half a million people waited on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York, for the three-day music festival to start. Billed as “An Aquarian Experience: 3 Days of Peace and Music,” the epic event would later be known simply as Woodstock and become synonymous with the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

As an estimated one million people descended on Woodstock, its organisers scrambled to add more facilities. Highways and local roads came to a standstill and many concert-goers simply abandoned their cars and trekked the rest of the way on foot. Eventually, about half a million people reached the venue. The Woodstock audience was diverse and a reflection of the rapidly-changing times. Some were hippies who felt alienated by a society steeped in materialism.

In 1969, the country was deep into the controversial Vietnam War, a conflict that many young people vehemently opposed. It was also the era of the civil rights movement, a period of great unrest and protest. In 1968 both Martin Luther King jnr. and Senator Robert Kennedy were assassinated. Woodstock was an opportunity for people to escape into music and spread a message of unity and peace.

Joan Baez

Joan Baez at Woodstock

Thirty-two musicians, a combination of local and world-famous talent, performed at Woodstock. Around 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 15, Richie Havens took the stage and played a 45-minute set. Havens was followed by an unscheduled blessing by yoga guru Sri Swami Satchidananda. Joan Baez famously played the end of her set in a torrential downpour. Day one wrapped up around 2:00 a.m. on August 16.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

Jimi Hendrix was the last musician to perform at Woodstock. Rain delays prevented him from taking the stage until early Monday morning and by the time he went on, the crowd had thinned to around 25,000 people.

Woodstock natal chartSome charts for Woodstock have been cast for mid afternoon while others have been cast for 5.07 pm the exact moment the concert began with Richie Havens’ impromptu performance due to delays of other performers caused by traffic hold ups. What is interesting with the 5.07 pm chart is that Pluto is conjuncting the Moon in Virgo which would reflect the intense emotions engendered by the love fest of festival attendees. In addition it places the Sun, Mercury, South Node, Pluto and the Moon all in the 8th house ruled by Scorpio whose domain is sex and the mysteries of life. Freedom loving Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Libra in the 9th house ruled by Jupiter.  With Uranus in Libra signifying unconventional relationships defying traditional norms. Neptune, the planet ruling drugs and alcohol was in the sign of Scorpio in the 11th house ruling the collective and was squaring the Sun in Leo in the 8th house. There were psychedelic drugs and flower power with the prevailing theme of make love not war.

Woodstock is perhaps best described by Max Yasgur, the humble farmer who lent his land for the occasion. Addressing the audience on day three he said, “…You’ve proven something to the world…the important thing that you’ve proven to the world is that a half a million kids, and I call you kids because I have children who are older than you are, a half a million young people can get together and have three days of fun and music and have nothing but fun and music and God bless you for it!”


Virgo Greeting Card Illustrated by Sue Robertson
Virgo Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein and the Villa Diodati by Greg Buzzwell


July Astromusings, New Moon Solar Eclipse, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Stations Direct, Happy Birthday Leos!

Illustrated by Sue Robertson

Proud Leo claims
the centre stage of life
Sun ruled sun blessed
Strong ardent loyal
Whose noble heart emits
the vital flame
of Love

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Leo
The Personality proclaims its keyword: I rule because I am
The Soul proclaims its keyword: I am that and that am I.

Happy birthday to all the Leos who celebrate their birthdays between July 23 and August 22. Leo rules the fifth house, which represents, creativity, children and romance. It is one of the three fire signs along with Aries and Sagittarius. It is one of the four fixed signs – the others being Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. The ruler of Leo is the Sun and marks the hottest astrological month in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the heat of Leo’s Sun which ripens the fruit produced during the period of Cancer. Like the sign Leo the heat is constant and intense. There are biblical references to Leo. In the Old Testament the tribe of Judah is ruled by Leo. There are many examples of the cat deity in the Egyptian pantheon. Egyptian King Necepsos claimed that at the Creation of the world, the Sun rose in Leo near the star of Denebola. According to Alan Oken in his book, ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’, Pliny, the Roman philosopher relates that the Egyptians worshipped this constellation because the Nile rose when the Sun entered the stars.

Hathor, the daughter of the Sun god Ra, was a dual aspected goddess. As well as being the gentle celestial cow, she had a dark side as Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess, who wreaked havoc and bloodshed on those who dared to dissent against her father’s rule. The two lion deities, ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’, are depicted as guarding the gate to the shadow world. The lion is the emblem of spiritual power and wisdom. It is a sacred symbol of Buddhism. Buddha is said to have had a pet lion which was endowed with miraculous powers, and when the Great Teacher’s death was upon him, he chose to lay down ‘on his right side after the manner of a lion.’ The imperial lion was a symbol of the power of Rome. The feeding of the Christians to the lions symbolised the might of Rome overcoming and devouring any enemy of the state. Richard the Lion Hearted of England was renowned for his ambition to recapture the holy land from the Muslims (by slaying as many of them as possible) under the newly baptised banner of the ‘Lion of Christ.’

The Constellation of Leo

Unlike the faint constellation of Cancer, Leo is a very bright and easily identifiable constellation, in keeping with Leo’s regal demeanour. It lies between Cancer in the West and Virgo in the East and is best seen, in the Northern Hemisphere, in the late winter and early spring. Leo’s body is rectangular which culminates in a triangle of the Lion’s hindquarters. He is often depicted in a crouching position, ready to pounce. His tail is extremely long and curved, the tip of which is the brightest star in the hind triangle, Denebola.The distinguishing feature of the lion is his mane, which resembles a huge inverted question mark or a giant sickle. The point of the question mark is the exceptionally bright star, Regulus, the heart of the lion. Regulus, meaning the little King, the Ruler or the Lawgiver, is one of the four royal stars.

The constellation Leo has in it ninety-five stars, two of them of the first magnitude. Its Egyptian name meant ‘a pouring out’, the Nile giving its full irrigation at that season. There are three constellations associated with Leo – Hydra, the serpent, Crater, the cup, and Corvus, the raven. In the zodiac of Denderah, Leo and the three attendant constellations are pictured as forming one great sign, for the lion is seen as treading on the serpent. Corvus, the raven, is perched on the lion’s shoulder, while below is a plumed female figure, holding out two cups, the cup of experience and of suffering.

The Leo Hall of Fame
Leos are attracted to positions of power like a moth to a flame. Leo has its share of dictators such as Napoleon, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro and Simon Bolivar.

Leo is well represented in the British royal family – the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, and the Princess Royal, Princess Anne were all born under the sign of Leo. Other Leos who hold or have held positions of power include Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzeneggar,  former Prime Minister John Howard, and the former treasurer, Peter Costello.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis with her love of fashion, luxury and power is the epitome of Leo.

Leos, being ruled by the fifth house of creativity, are attracted to the screen and stage, including Robert Mitcham, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Antonio Banderas,

Dustin Hoffman

JonathonRhys-Myers, Julian McMahon, Eric Bana, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez,

World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' "Enchanted" - Arrivals

Helen Mirren, Michelle Williams, Audrey Tatou, Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, Kim Cattrall, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, Sandra Bullock, Patrick Swayze, Roman Polanski and Mick Jagger.

Movie moguls are also well represented in the sign of Leo such as Cecil B. De Mille, Dino De Laurentis, Jack L. Warner, Alfred Hitchcock, and Samuel Goldwyn with the roaring MGM lion. Both T.E. Lawrence, ‘the uncrowned King of Arabia’, and Peter O’Toole who portrayed him are Leos.

Writers of note include Percy Bysshe Shelley and Alfred Lord Tennyson, Emily Bronte, and JK Rowling at Harry Potter premiereJK Rowling who is currently enjoying the limelight with the premiere of her latest Harry Potter play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Mme Helena Blavatsky and Dorothy Parker. Bindi Irwin the extroverted

Mme Blavatsky

daughter of the late Steve Irwin illustrates the Leo’s ease before the cameras. The renowned Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung,images Carl Jung who coined the word,’ individuation’, was a Leo.

Jacinda on Dubai building

Left The Burj Khalifa in Dubai was lit up with Jacinda Ardern’s image in praise of her response to the Christchurch attack.

One Leo who recently grabbed worldwide attention is the NZ PM, Jacinda Ardern, for her leadership role displaying compassion and inclusiveness in the tragic Christchurch massacre of Moslems while worshipping in their mosques. She was born 26 July 1980 1.59 PM (rectified birth time) in Hamilton, NZ. Her birth time was rectified by astrologer, Graham Ibell. She has the Sun in Leo in the 9th house of the Higher Mind and travel. This rectified birthtime also gives her a Leo Midheaven which conjuncts the royal star, Regulus adding to her charisma. Esoterically Leo rules the heart and she has Neptune, the planet of sacrifice and compassion, conjunct her idealistic Sagittarius ascendant. Both her Sagittarius ascendant and her 9th house Sun are ruled by Jupiter in her 10th house of career which is reflected in her spirituality, her extensive travel and living abroad equipping her for her leadership role.

Ardern was raised in the Mormon Faith, which she abandoned as a young adult as there were aspects of Mormonism that she could not reconcile with her changing views of the world and of life (Venus in Gemini opposite Neptune) – gay-rights was a stumbling block. She identified as an agnostic and re-directed her focus into politics graduating from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Communication Studies in politics and public relations. (Neptune square Saturn). Ideologically (Neptune), Ardern describes herself as a Social-Democrat (for the people, by the people), through Democratic means (Saturn-Uranus) and a progressive (Uranus).

After graduating from the University of Waikato in 2001, Ardern began her career working as a researcher in the office of Prime Minister Helen Clark. She later worked in the United Kingdom as a policy advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and, in 2008, she was elected President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. Ardern won elected office in 2008 as a list MP, a position she held for almost ten years until her election to the Mount Albert electorate in the 2017 by-election. Later that year, she was unanimously elected as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party following the resignation of Annette King.

Jacinda Ardern with baby at UN

Jacinda Ardern makes history taking baby Neve to the UN  General Assembly

When Jacinda Ardern assumed office in October 2017, she became New Zealand’s youngest leader in 150 years. Ardern gave birth to her daughter, Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford, in June 2018. After six weeks of maternity leave, Ardern returned to work, with Gayford staying home to care for their daughter. When her daughter was three months old, Ardern brought her to the United Nations General Assembly in hopes of creating “a path for other women.”

“I want to normalise it,” she told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour of the event. “If we want to make workplaces more open, we need to acknowledge logistical challenges … by being more open it might create a path for other women.”

With Sagittarius rising and the Sun in the 9th house of travel and the higher mind, knowledge gained by travelling the world exploring different systems and people was important for her development and for success in her profession. She spent time as a volunteer in a New York soup kitchen, in London was a senior policy adviser for Tony Blair, and in her capacity as President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, she visited several countries. What she saw and learnt prepared her for her soul work. (Neptune is the esoteric ruler of Leo, on the ascendant).

To quote from the article of Graham Ibell who rectified her natal chart:
When Jacinda Ardern was born, a double rainbow appeared in the sky, a great comet tore
across the heavens and the season miraculously changed from a bitter winter into a sweet spring. And now, 37 years later, the hour of our deliverance is at hand. “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned,” as the Good Book prophesied. . 

In her article entitled Jacinda Ardern – an Esoteric Astrology Soul-Personality Profile, esoteric astrologer, Leoni Hodgson, writes: “With Sagittarius governing the ascendant, Ardern’s soul-purpose is to be one-pointed in her attempts to inspire people and direct them to a higher path in life. She is a “Director of men”.(Esoteric Astrology 333). Hodgson adds, “With Neptune sitting on the ascendant, we can surmise she feels a spiritual calling to bring about greater fairness and justice in the world (Neptune sextile Pluto in Libra, in the 11th house of politics). Her task is one of service.

With Jupiter in the 10th house, she is drawn to government as a means to help improve the living standards and wages/ income of the people she serves (Jupiter trine Moon in the 2nd house, and ruler of the 8th house of other people’s money). Hodgson further posits, If Ardern is an initiate, then her task is global. This means her work extends beyond the borders of New Zealand, and based on how she conducted herself in March in response to the Christchurch massacre and the world’s positive reaction to Ardern’s handling of the crisis in New Zealand; this is a real possibility.

Hodgson claims that New Zealand’s role in the world is to be a standard bearer for inclusive love and unity, an example of how to respond to crises intelligently, but also with inclusivity and understanding. Jacinda Ardern – because she was PM when the massacre occurred, has been directly responsible for sending this message out to the world, in its highest, most altruistic form. More than this, she has shaped that message because of her personal performance. (Venus in Gemini, conjunct New Zealand’s ascendant and natal Pluto). Her speech at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2018, set the tone for her service-work. She called for, among other things, kindness and collectivism as an alternative to isolationism, protectionism, and racism. The previous PM of New Zealand, Helen Clark, calls Ardern the world’s anti-Trump, which brings into sharper focus, what Ardern’s role may be on the world stage at this time.

Jacinda Ardern leading by exampleNZ, Pioneers of Wellbeing Budget
One policy initiated by Jacinda Ardern is the the Wellbeing Budget. New Zealand’s first ‘wellbeing budget’ was delivered in May 2019 by Minister of Finance Grant Robertson. Even before it was delivered, the New York Times proclaimed it “the next big move by a New Zealand government seen by progressives around the world as a beacon in increasingly populist times”. The wellbeing budget is founded on the idea that financial prosperity alone is not a sufficient measure of the quality of life. Echoing a comment by Robert Kennedy in the 1960s, Grant Robertson noted the importance of looking beyond Gross Domestic Product as a measure of our wellbeing.

In his budget speech, Robertson said we must seek “to value and to measure all that makes life worthwhile in New Zealand”. The wellbeing budget was developed with reference to over 60 indicators highlighted within the New Zealand Treasury’s Living Standards Framework. The Finance Minister said no previous New Zealand government had used that level of evidence and statistical analysis as the foundation for a budget. While the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has long advocated such an approach, New Zealand is the first country in the world to have explicitly adopted a wellbeing budget.

Five Priorities for Wellbeing
New Zealand’s wellbeing approach required that any new spending in this budget must advance one of five government priorities:

  1. Improving mental health;
  2. Reducing child poverty;
  3. Addressing the inequalities faced by indigenous Māori and Pacific island people;
  4. Thriving in a digital age; and
  5. Transitioning to a low-emission, sustainable economy

Michael Mintrom, the author of this article on New Zealand’s wellbeing budget, concludes, “Politicians, media pundits, public intellectuals and policy analysts around the world will be watching the implementation of this policy innovation with interest. If these reforms can soon deliver better outcomes for those in greatest need, we can be certain other countries will emulate New Zealand’s budgetary change.”

Other ways in which Jacinda Ardern has been an exemplar of compassionate leadership is her reiteration of her offer to take 150 refugees from Manus which has so far fallen on deaf ears by our PM Scott Morrison.

Leo Health and Anatomy

Physiologically, Leo rules the heart. Vanda Sawtell in her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, states that the cell salt for Leo is Mag. phos. which acts upon the motor nerves. Through the sensory nerves we feel pain or sensation, and response to the sensation received through these nerves results in motion or action. It is no coincidence that the Sanskrit root for Magnesium is mag., which means to love, giving it Divine connotations. Mag. phos. is the great anti-pain salt, and is indicated in all cases of cramp and spasm, or where application of heat brings relief. Headaches, neuralgias, earache, spasmodic twitching of eyes or limbs, menstrual colic, convulsions, and all heart troubles are aided by this cell salt. Mag. phos. helps one to let go and relax. Vanda Sawtell claims that the best medicine for Leos is love, peace, and harmony. They need plenty of water, sleep, deep breathing, also recreation and entertainment. With their generous natures and broad outlook they are not suited to occupations requiring petty details. They are capable of rising to positions of trust and responsibility.

The colours for Leo are gold, yellows, royal blue and red. They also respond well to the regal purple which cools their fiery temperament. Leo rules metallic gold, the royal metal. The gemstones for Leo are yellow topaz and yellow sapphire. Healing aromas include basil, cinnamon, frankincense, juniper, neroIi and rosemary. Flowers and herbs include dahlia, yellow lily, red poppy, marigold and sunflower. Homeopathic remedy is chamomilla which is indicated for treatment of colds and fevers and easing digestion and tension. Bach flower essences recommended include vine for bossiness and inflexibility and chicory for possessiveness and attention seeking behaviour. The healing musical note for Leo is E.

Re the Leo diet more vegetables and less meat is recommended to calm their fiery natures. They should avoid meats that are heating such as beef, turkey and lamb. Vegetables that contain iron such as spinach, kale and wheat grass are beneficial. Blue fruits such as grapes, berries are recommended. Nuts, raisins and lentils are also beneficial for the Leo diet.

Overview for Leo for 2019
There will be an eclipse in your sign of Leo –  a total lunar eclipse occurring on 21 January. Jupiter the planet of good fortune continues its sojourn through your children and creativity sector. Pluto, Saturn and the karmic South Node are occupying your work and health sector.

Unpredictable Uranus continues its sojourn through your career sector bringing opportunities for change and innovation in your career. You may be drawn to careers in astrology, healing, science or IT. Mercury’s presence here from 7 – 21 May facilitates communication and networking. Venus graces your career sector with her presence from 16 May to 9 June bringing harmony and cooperation with colleagues.

Work and Health
Your work and health sector will be highlighted by two eclipses – the first being a solar partial eclipse on 6 January and the second a lunar partial eclipse occurring on 17 July. Pluto, Saturn and the karmic South Node are occupying your work and health sector. Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, continues its passage in your work and health sector which can disrupt work routines and challenge your health. Therefore, it is important to maintain good health regimes, sufficient sleep, physical exercise and a healthy diet. With Pluto moving through this sector you should not take any illness at face value. Poor health at this time is Pluto’s way of alerting us that you need to redress the imbalance in your life. Pluto brings to conscious awareness what is grumbling beneath the surface. If you are stubbornly holding down a job that makes you discontented then Pluto’s role may cause you to lose your job so that you are forced to let go and seek more fulfilling work. You may find that the routine is punishing or that your colleagues are bullying you or scapegoating you. Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, Pluto is demanding that you surrender and move on rather than hang onto a job that no longer serves any purpose in your life. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, will also be in your career sector until December 2020. This will bring hard work and responsibility in this area of your life. Part of Saturn’s passage here will be in its retrograde phase from 29 April to 18 September making it an ideal time to reconsider your plans or take extra to assess options before taking action.

Mercury, the ruler of commerce, will pay an extended visit to your finance sector from 11 February to 17 April. Part of its time here will be in its retrograde phase from 5 – 27 March, making it an ideal time to review your finances. Venus graces your finance sector with her presence from 27 March to 20 April.  Neptune, the planet of losses, continues its sojourn here making it imperative that you read all contracts carefully and keep your taxes up to date. Neptune’s lesson is one of non attachment so any attachments to the material world can be tenuous.

Gracious Venus and curious Mercury pay a visit to your relationship sector. Mercury’s presence here from 25 January to 10 February encourages communication and networking. Gentle Venus’s presence here from 2 – 26 March promotes love and harmony in your primary relationships.

Home and Family
Quicksilver Mercury pays an extended visit to your domestic sector from 4 October to 9 December making it an ideal time to communicate and network with family members and organise tradespeople. Part of Mercury’s time spent here will be in its retrograde phase from 31 October to 19 November. During the retrograde phase there may be misunderstandings amongst family members.  Venus will pay a visit to your domestic sector from 9 October to 1 November 2019 bringing harmony and cooperation on the home front and a desire to beautify your home.

Creativity and Children
Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, continues its sojourn through your creativity and children sector and will be there until 2 December 2019. There could be an addition to the family or you may be wanting to enlarge your home. The Sun radiates in your creativity sector from 23 November to 22 December adding impetus to your creative urges. You may take up a hobby or just indulge your inner child. However you choose to express this energy, pleasure, fun and luxury are the name of the game. Mercury’s presence there from 10 – 29 December 2019 facilitates communication and networking with children.

Travel and Study
Chiron, the wounded healer is occupying your travel and study sector. Venus’s presence here from 21 April to 10 May makes it a perfect time for that holiday romance. Quicksilver Mercury’s presence here from 18 April to 6 May facilitates communicating and networking.

Venus and Mercury activate your social sector. Mercury will pay a visit here from  22 May to 4 June giving you opportunities for networking and communicating with your social circle. Venus graces your social sector with her presence from 10 June to 3 July adding to your charm and charisma promoting harmonious connections with your friends and associates. Spending time with your women friends or espousing women’s issues will be a priority now.

Your spirituality sector is highlighted by a solar total eclipse on 3 July.  Mercury and Venus pay visits here in May and June,  making it an ideal time for introspection and to attend a spiritual retreat and record your dreams and musings in a journal.

July Eclipse Cycle
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 3 July,
The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 10 Cancer 38 on 3 July at 5.16 am AEST Sydney time. The New Moon marks the beginning of an entire new cycle of activity. It is a time to sow seeds which will come to fruition at the Full Moon phase. Being in the sign of Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon it will bring emotional intensity, especially with transiting Pluto opposing the New Moon. A mitigating factor will be that dreamy Neptune is making a nice trine to the New Moon.

Lunar partial eclipse 17 Jul 2019Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 17 July
The Moon is conjunct Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn, while the Sun conjuncts Venus and the North Node. There will be pressure to make choices which could have long term repercussions with the upcoming Pluto, Saturn South Node conjunction in January 2020 at 22 degrees Capricorn, close to the degree of this Full Moon/Eclipse. Previous Saturn Pluto conjunctions have been powerful agents of reform. In 1914 the conjunction in Cancer witnessed the outbreak of WWI acting as a catalyst for social change. In 1947 the conjunction in Leo witnessed the rise of new independent states and political affiliations after WWII. With the conjunction in Libra in 1982, the sign of relationship, a new paradigm emerged in relationships in the wake of AIDS. As we approach the exact alignment in January 2020, there is potential for a groundswell of change across wide sections of society. The last time that this conjunction occurred in the sign of Capricorn was in 1518 which ushered in the Reformation, challenging the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. This eclipse is a precursor of what to expect with the exact conjunction in January next year.

The squad

Four Democratic Congresswomen of colour subjected to Trump’s racist comments

Trump’s Remarks about 4 Congresswomen of Colour Condemned as Racist by the US House of Reps
During an eclipse cycle things come to a head and this eclipse cycle is no exception to the rule. Trump’s outburstburst against 4 women Democrats of colour known as the ‘squad’ has even shocked people who are used to his outbursts. A week ago, Trump wrote on Twitter that the four representatives should “go back” to their countries of origin if they are unhappy with the United States. His targets were Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. Omar was born in Somalia and came to the United States with her family as a refugee. She became a naturalized U.S. citizen as a teenager. The other three were born in the United States. All have been sharply critical of Trump and his policies.

Trump cartoon on racismThe House of Representatives, controlled by Democrats, passed a resolution last week condemning Trump’s remarks as racist. Four Republican legislators and independent Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan joined every Democrat in supporting the resolution.

Trump attended a rally in North Carolina last Wednesday night at which his supporters chanted “send her back” after the president lashed out at Omar. Trump allowed the chanting to proceed and stood silently for a few seconds, then resumed his speech after the chanting died down. On Thursday, Trump said he was not happy with the “send her back” chant but on Friday he defended the North Carolina crowd as “incredible patriots.” On Saturday, Trump retweeted commentary from an ultraconservative British analyst who made extremely negative comments about Muslims. Commentators have predicted that Trump’s deliberate divisive strategy gives a preview of  how Trump will conduct his presidential campaign for re-election in 2020. Trump’s deliberate stoking of the fires of racism, bigotry and xenophobia could not be in starker contrast to Ardern’s leading with compassion and inclusivity.

Mercury Stations Direct
Mercury, the planet of communication, stations direct at 23 degrees Cancer 57 on 1 August. Everyone will no doubt be relieved when the trickster, Mercury completes his backwards dance in the heavens with communications and transport resuming their normal rhythm.


Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
The Mythic Tarot Book: A New Approach to the Tarot Cards by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene
Celestial Insight July Newsletter by Michele Finey
Jacinda Ardern – an Esoteric Astrology Soul-Personality Profile by Leoni Hodgson
A Rectified Birth Time for Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand by Graham Ibell
New Zealand’s Wellbeing Budget is a Major Policy Innovation by Michael Minstrom



Blessings for the Winter/Summer Solstice, Happy Birthday Cancerians!

4 Cancer

Moon mother,
yin maiden
smiling from your silver
empress throne
Spin dreams and silken fantasy
glide noiselessly on cloudless skies
holding ancient pearly wisdom
in your womb
Nurture gently your creation
Send fertile seed to earth like rain
pulling softly on the tides of
time and change
(c) Sue Robertson 1987


Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Cancer

The Personality asserts: Let isolation rule and yet the crowd exists.
The Soul sounds its note: I build a lighted house and therein dwell.

Cancer Ingress & the Winter/Summer Solstice

Happy Birthday to all the Cancerians who celebrate their birthdays between June 21 and July 22. The Cancer Ingress coincides with the Winter/Summer Solstice which occurs 21 June at 8.08 pm AEST Sydney time.

seasonsPeople around the world celebrate the day, which is also known as the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, with feasts, bonfires, picnics, and traditional songs and dances.

Solstices in Culture

Over the centuries, the June solstice has inspired countless festivals, midsummer celebrations and religious holidays.

stonehenge-june-solsticeOne of the world’s oldest evidence of the summer solstice’s importance in culture is Stonehenge in England, a megalithic structure which clearly marks the moment of the June solstice.

In the Southern Hemisphere, where the June solstice is known as the shortest day of the year, it marks the first day of astronomical winter, but the middle of winter in meteorological terms.

Winter Solstice chart 2019Winter Solstice Chart 2019
It is interesting to note that in the Sydney Winter Solstice chart there is an Aries ascendant with its ruler Mars conjunct the North Node and Mercury in opposition to powerful Pluto in the 10th house. There is a T square between Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces. The Venus-Jupiter opposition could cause self-indulgence adding to the escapist tendencies of the stationary Neptune.There are mitigating aspects with the Moon in Aquarius in the 10th house trining Venus in Gemini. This is an especially potent Solstice chart with Mercury and Mars opposing Saturn and Pluto which are all tied into the nodal axis. Neptune is within an hour of its exact station in this chart, which will cause us to focus on our visions, dreams and aspirations. Neptune also rules spirituality and creativity which gives free rein to the imagination.

This chart with the strong 4th house 10th house emphasis focuses on competing
commitments, home and family responsibilities versus career and what we really aspire to. These oppositions are in the cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn and the ascendant descendant axis are also in the cardinal signs of Aries and Libra. Cardinal signs like to take the initiative and make decisions. They are also signs of leadership, so cardinal conflicts tend to play out when we have over committed ourselves, or when our personal agendas conflict with those of others, or we have two competing options that we cannot prioritise in this case career versus home and family responsibilities. This chart does not have any oppositions in fixed signs, so the challenges inherent in this Ingress are more manageable than they otherwise.
would be.

Cancer is one of the three water signs along with Scorpio and Pisces. Water is the element which denotes emotions, feelings and sensitivity. Cancer is one of the 4 cardinal signs – the others being Aries, Libra and Capricorn. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer solstice begins at 0 degrees Cancer while in the Southern Hemisphere it marks the winter solstice. For about three days the Sun remains at maximum latitudinal elevation, hence it is known as the Gate of the Northern Sun.

Esoterically, Cancer is known as the Gate into physical incarnation, and the glyph for Cancer is the two breasts, symbolising nurturing and motherhood. It is the sign of the Universal Mother and fertility, the sign which heralds the Northern summer with its pulsating life force coming to the fore. Cancer the crab not only symbolises nurturing but also tenacity, delineated by the crab’s claw. Originally in Babylon in 400 BC, the sign of Cancer was represented by the tortoise, and then in ancient Egypt in the Zodiac of Denderah it was replaced by the scarab the symbol of immortal life. The scarab meant ‘only begotten i.e. birth into incarnation. The month of June in ancient Egypt was called “meore” which again means rebirth

The Constellation of Cancer

Even the constellation of Cancer encompasses the theme of nurturing, with the constellation Praesaepe which means the manger or crib. In his book,’ Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’, Alan Oken writes that modern astrologers refer to it as “the beehive” Cancer was called “the coffin” by the Hebrews and “the grave of Lazarus” or “the womb”. Cancer rises backwards in the sky eluding its adversaries. There is no bright star in Cancer, in keeping with its being a sign of hiding and retreat. Alice Bailey, in ‘The Labours of Hercules’ elaborates on the esoteric symbolism for the glyph for Cancer: The glyph for Cancer is composed of two “asses” tails and these again link up with the gospel story with the story of the manger. There are two asses connected with the birth of Jesus, the one which the Virgin rode to Bethlehem prior to the birth, and the other on which she rode to Egypt, after the birth. Close to the sign Cancer are two bright stars, one called Asellus Borealis or the northern ass, and the other, Asellus Australis, or the southern ass. There is also the third time, when Christ rode into Jerusalem during his brief moment of triumph on Palm Sunday.

Moon, the Ruler of Cancer
The Moon, the ruler of Cancer, along with the Sun is referred to as one of the ‘Lights’. The sun is known as the ‘Light of day’ and the Moon, the ‘Light of night. The Moon is representative of the feminine principle, Eros or relatedness and the yin. Primitive people attributed great powers to the Moon, believing that it could cause women’s pregnancy. It was a symbol of fertility, responsible for planting, fertility and pregnancy. The waxing moon was regarded as benign but the waning Moon was seen as destructive – something to be feared. In the mythology of most cultures the Moon was symbolic of the Great Mother Goddess, often portrayed with the symbol of the Moon.

In Egypt she was represented by Hathor with her horned crescent headdress; Hecate was portrayed as the three headed hound symbolising the three phases of the moon – Persephone, the maiden or New Moon, Demeter, the matron or Full Moon and Hecate, the dark Moon or crone. The Mother Goddess had a dual role as Opener and Closer of the Womb. In her light phase she was life-giver, but in her dark phase she was life destroyer, as was the role of grieving Demeter, the goddess of the grain, when she stopped all living things. The ancient Chinese revered Kwan Yin, ‘Lady of the Moon’, as the World Mother in her capacity as Goddess of Mercy and protectress of children.

Lunar Cycles and Conception
The Moon is associated with the pull of the ocean’s tides and with women’s menstrual cycles. In fact in many cultures and languages, the word for moon is synonymous with menstruation. The Moon’s phases are symbolic of the womb shedding its lining, and the snake shedding its skin. Many goddesses were portrayed with snakes accompanying them. The snake also symbolises the subterranean and phallic power associated with the goddess.

Eugene Jonas, the Czech psychiatrist, rediscovered the ancient secrets of how the moon affects a woman’s ability to conceive, the sex of a child, and the viability of the embryo.

In his study of the mentally ill, Dr Leonard Ravitz of Duke University, discovered marked changes coinciding with the phases of the Moon in both normal and mentally unstable people. The more disturbed the patients were the more the Moon affected them. This especially showed on the night of the Full Moon. Medical emergency staff have attested to the fact that their busiest night of the month always occurs on the Full Moon. Hence the word,’ lunatic’, referring to a crazy person affected by the Moon. Cancerians, being ruled by the Moon are often regarded as moody, their moods reflecting the fluctuating phases of the Moon and the ocean’s tides.

Dane Rudhyar, in his book, ‘The Lunation Cycle’, delineates the 8 moon phases, and depending under which phase we are born i.e. Full Moon, New Moon, etc. it describes our personality and destiny.

The Labour of Hercules – The Capture of the Doe or Hind

In the book, ‘The Labours of Hercules’, Alice Bailey relates the test for Cancer in the fourth labour of Hercules. Hercules’ teacher tells him that he has to capture the doe which belongs to Artemis, but Diana, the goddess of the woods, also lays claim to it. However, he is told that it belongs to neither of these deities but to the Lord and that he must rescue it and bear it to the holy shrine of Mycenae. Both goddesses foil Hercules’ attempts to capture the doe for a whole year. Finally he captures the elusive doe while it is sleeping close to a quiet pool, wearied from its flight. He bears it in his arms close to his heart.

On returning to his teacher and reporting that the labour is done, his teacher points him in the direction of the hill and there again is the doe. The teacher explains to his pupil that the test must be done again and again. The doe is very elusive and no sooner has Hercules glimpsed it, than it has disappeared again. Alice Bailey comments that this is one of the shortest stories but it is one of the most profound.

There is no success for the aspirant until he transmutes instinct into intuition just as intellect needs to be balanced with intuition. Cancer is the sign wherein the duality of form and of the soul is unified in the physical body. There is deep symbolism attached to each of the characters in this story. When Hercules carries the doe into the shrine, it is recognised by Apollo, the Sun god, as the spiritual intuition. A battle ensues amongst the three of them. For Diana, the huntress, the doe represents intellect, for Apollo it represents spiritual intuition and for Artemis it represents instinct. To sum up, intellect carried into the holy shrine by Hercules is transformed into intuition, which becomes aware of spiritual realities that neither intellect nor instinct can reveal to him. There is also some significance in the fact that Hercules bears the doe close to his heart, representing love and compassion, which are traits to be developed during the Cancerian phase.

Cancerian Hall of Fame
Being the nurturer of the zodiac, Cancerians are drawn to caring professions such as nursing, midwifery, teaching, social work and healing. Cancer, ruling food and beverages, is well represented in the hospitality industry as restaurateurs, chefs and waiters. They are also attracted to high finance, as well as making great performers in the arts, with their vivid imaginations and zany sense of humour. Nelson Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller symbolise the Cancerian’s money making ability.

Cancer has its share of much loved icons such as Diana, Princess of Wales, the people’s princess or in her own words, the ‘Queen of Hearts’, whose tragic untimely death caused a global outpouring of grief. Her son, Prince William who shares his mother’s good looks and charisma is born with both the Sun and Moon in sensitive Cancer.

Another much loved icon is the Dalai Lama whose Buddhist teachings espouse love and compassion. Cancer, ruling home and country has produced two outstanding patriots in Nelson Mandela and Xanana Gusmao.

Malala YousafzaiPerhaps the youngest example of a shining light of a Cancerian is the courageous young Pakistani Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head and the neck by the Taliban for her championing education for girls. She received a standing ovation after addressing the United Nations on her 16th birthday 12 July 2013. President George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld also demonstrate the Cancerian tendency to march to the patriot’s drum as does their nemesis, Cindy Sheehan, the Cancerian grieving American Mum whose son died in the war in Iraq.


Dan Brown, the American whose controversial blockbuster book and movie, the Da Vinci Code, champions the feminine principle is also a Cancerian. Tom Hanks, the hero of the film is also a Cancerian. The lonely heart balladeer, Chris Isaak whose soulful songs have touched so many, is also a Cancerian. Other Cancerian celluloid heroes include Charles Laughton, Donald Sutherland, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Isabelle Adjani and

Meryl Streep. Comedians include Phyllis Diller, Red Skelton, Robin Williams, Terry Thomas, Mel Brooks and Dave Allen. Other famous Cancerians include Elizabeth Kubler Ross whose groundbreaking work on death and dying lifted the taboo on the subject of death. Cancerians whose vivid imagination has been expressed in prose include George Orwell, Herman Hesse, Marcel Proust, Saint Exupery, Franz Kafka, Ernest Hemingway, and Barbara Cartland, the Queen of the Romance Novel, and step-grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales. Musicians of note include Ringo Starr, Louis Armstrong, Edward Elgar and Oscar Hammerstein.

Julian AssangeAnother Cancerian who is featuring prominently in the news is the Australian born Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame.

A British court has set a date early next year for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to face a US extradition attempt over his role in revealing classified government and military information.

Ben Brandon, a British lawyer representing the US Government, told a court hearing on Friday that the case “related to one of the largest compromises of confidential information in the history of the United States”.

US officials are seeking to prosecute Assange under the Espionage Act, blaming him for directing WikiLeaks’ publication of a huge trove of secret documents that disclosed the names of people who provided confidential information to American and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Judge Emma Arbuthnot set a full extradition hearing for February 25, 2020. It is expected to last about five days. Assange asserts that he is a journalist with First Amendment protections and is fighting the extradition attempt.

He was too ill to attend a recent hearing and appeared at Friday’s hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court by video link from prison, during which he was quoted as saying “175 years of my life is effectively at stake”.

“It is important that people aren’t fooled into believing that WikiLeaks is anything but a publisher,” Assange said. “The US Government has tried to mislead the press.”

Assange also complained that he has not yet received the full US indictment against him because his lawyers are not allowed to give him documents and can only send him papers through the mail. Judge Arbuthnot said the paperwork only arrived Thursday and that “no one” has had a chance to fully read it.

The scenario Assange warned of for years is coming to pass

Assange’s lawyer, Mark Summers, said the case represents an “outrageous and full-frontal assault on journalistic rights”.

The 47-year-old Australian hacker is currently in Belmarsh Prison on the outskirts of London serving a 50-week sentence for jumping bail in Britain. His supporters hail him as a hero for exposing what they describe as abuse of power by modern states and for championing free speech. He spent almost seven years holed up in cramped rooms at the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he fled in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden where he was wanted for questioning over allegations of rape. He was evicted by Ecuador, dragged from the embassy on April 11 and sentenced to 50 weeks in prison.

Commentators have warned that this could have repercussions for journalists here in Australia and abroad as is evidenced in the recent AFP raids on the home of the newscorp journalist Annika Smethurst and the ABC offices. This act was condemned not only here in Australia but worldwide. This heavy arm of the law in both the Asssange case and in Australia are a manifestation of the tightening conjunction of Pluto Saturn and the karmic South Node in Capricorn.

Assange is a very polarising figure – his proponents ardently support him idealising him while his detractors demonise him giving his scapegoat status. This aspect of his personality is borne out in his natal chart.

Julian Assange's chartJulian was born 3 July 1971 in Townsville in Qld birth time unknown but his chart has been rectified by the astrologer called Lauren Delsack has that is she has calculated his birth time by taking into account the main events in his life. In an earlier post entitled Julian Assange Embodiment of the New World Order I wrote: He has the Sun in sensitive Cancer and Lauren’s chart time would put his Moon in Scorpio in the 12th house which fits with Julian’s secretive nature and at times he has been described as being paranoid but the Kafkaesque circumstances that he now finds himself in would contribute to his fear of persecution. Lauren’s rectified chart gives him an early Sagittarius ascendant which certainly fits in with his nomadic existence travelling the world with only his knapsack on his back and sleeping at airports or friends’ or supporters’ places. A Sagittarius ascendant would also describe his crusading zeal to change the status quo by revealing the truth about matters of concern to the people concealed by the Establishment representing the old world order. According to esoteric astrology Cancer rules mass consciousness so Julian Assange is fulfilling his mission this life time in informing the masses.

Other aspects of note in his natal chart include the tight square between his Sun and Uranus which encapsulates his non conformist and rebellious nature. However, there is another powerful archetypal combination in his chart that sheds further light on his role. He has Chiron conjunct the trans-Neptunian planet Eris. Chiron or the wounded healer was discovered on All Saints Day 1 November 1977. Because of Chiron’s mythological and astronomical role he is viewed as a maverick. When you add to the mix Eris, the biggest dwarf planet named after the goddess of strife and discord who threw the golden apple amidst the goddesses who were at the wedding you get quite a dynamic combination.

This Cancerian is not going to go gently into the night – he is going to continue challenging the Establishment to the bitter end! Whatever his fate may be, it is inextricably linked with that of Private Bradley Manning now known as Chelsea Manning, the American soldier, a Sagittarian, assigned as an intelligence analyst who was gaoled for passing onto Wikileaks the largest set of restricted documents ever leaked to the public. These documents included videos of a 2007 helicopter gun attack in Baghdad and the 2009 Granai airstrike in Afghanistan. Manning was then pardoned by the outgoing President Obama only to find that she was gaoled again under the Trump administration. She was then released but is in gaol again Both Julian Assange and Manning are acting as catalysts for transformation in the collective. They represent the Zeitgeist in challenging the Establishment’s maintaining power by withholding information vital to the masses.

chelsea-manning-julian-assange-400x276defiant Manning told Judge Anthony Trenga in a federal district court in Alexandria, Virginia, that she would “rather starve to death” than do what the state insisted and give testimony before the grand jury. Having already served 62 days in jail, 28 of which were spent in solitary confinement, she now faces up to 18 months more in custody.

Trenga further tightened the screws on the former army private by adding a financial penalty. If Manning continues to refuse testimony and remains in jail after 30 days, she will be fined $500 for every subsequent day behind bars. If she reaches 60 days, the figure will be raised to $1,000 a day.

The tussle over the grand jury is now shaping up into an epic battle of wills between Virginia prosecutors determined to force Manning to testify in what they hope will be an eventual trial of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, and the former intelligence analyst, who has proven herself to have a defiant streak. In a video recording she made on the day she was released from jail a week ago following the expiry of the first grand jury, she said: “I will never agree to testify before this or any other grand jury. The government knows I cannot be coerced.”

The grand jury in front of which Manning has been ordered to appear is presumed to relate to the criminal prosecution of Assange. Assange has been charged with conspiring with Manning to break into military computers to help her transmit a vast trove of US state secrets to the open information organization in 2010.

After Thursday’s court hearing, Manning’s lawyer, Moira Meltzer-Cohen, said“In 2010, Chelsea made a principled decision to let the world see the true nature of modern asymmetric warfare. It is telling that the United States has always been more concerned with the disclosure of those documents than with the damning substance of the disclosures.”

Cancerian Health and Anatomy
In her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, Vanda Sawtell notes that physiologically the fourth sign, Cancer, pertains to the breast, stomach and spleen, and governs expansion and contraction, elasticity and tenacity. It is a fluidic sign and all the organs which it rules are concerned with the secretion of fluids. 1. Mother’s milk (breast). 2. the chyle (digested food elements of the stomach) 3. the white corpuscles of the blood (spleen). Cancer is the most fertile of all the twelve signs. Cancer, being ruled by the Moon is concerned with growth and reproduction. However, the hidden power within this sign is that of Nature’s power to reproduce otherwise the body would not be able to recreate itself daily. It has to do with the ceaseless formation or birth of corpuscles within the spleen, and not with procreative germs which can only be accomplished in the testes and ovaries.

The biochemic salt related to this sign is Calcium fluoride, a hard substance possessing nevertheless a peculiar property of elasticity. Calc. fluor. is an important constituent of the enamel of the teeth, the finger nails, bones, crystalline lens of the eye, and in the elastic fibre of the muscular tissue. When this cell salt is deficient the skin becomes cracked, and fissures and splits tend to form. Prolapsed organs, varicose veins, hardening of the arteries or testicles, valvular heart troubles, haemorrhoids, receding gums, and loose teeth are all indications that the tissues have lost their elasticity. Cataracts, blurred vision, hard growths and osseous lumps are all evidence of a lack of this salt.

There is another interesting and important function of this salt which must not be overlooked. The brain has a fine membrane like a spider web covering it, called the Arachnoid, and Calc. fluor. is a constituent of this membrane. When the spider web-like filaments of this membrane are plentifully supplied with Calc. fluor. They are elastic, pliable and strong, and thoughts are easily connected, and we have the characteristic of Cancerians, a good memory, or a tenacious memory which is the ability to hold on to thoughts. When this cell salt is deficient, however, the tiny web-like filaments become flabby, like a worn out piece of elastic. Connection of thought becomes difficult, and so we get a poor memory or forgetfulness which is lack of mental elasticity. The individual becomes hesitant, finding difficulty in expressing themselves as though the words were actually held in leash by elastic threads which had become worn, and lost their power to contract.

The symbol of the crab for this sign is very aptly chosen, not only because of its tenacity, but because it is a crustacean, having a hard shell or crust. The word crustacean in Greek means crystal, having the power to crystallise or harden: it also means a hard coating or covering, a shell or horny substance. One can see how well the symbol fits the function of Calc. fluor. the cell salt allocated to Cancer.

Cancer rules the colours light blue, silver and white and their birthstone is ruby. They also respond to the energies of pearl and moonstone. The metal for Cancer is silver in keeping with the appearance of the Moon.

Healing aromas include chamomile, jasmine lily, myrrh, sandalwood and rose. The healing musical note for Cancer is E. With the Cancerian proneness to digestive problems, foods which ferment in the stomach such as refined breads, sugars, pastry and meats should be avoided at all costs. Fish is a better option for the sensitive Cancerian digestive system. Diet for Cancerians should include the cabbage group such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, mustard, greens, watercress and cauliflower. They should drink plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Overview for Cancerians for 2019
Jupiter, the planet of good fortune is currently moving through your health and work sector. This will imbue you with optimism and will bring more opportunities for growth in the areas of work and health. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, continues its sojourn through your social sector while transformative Pluto and serious Saturn continue moving through your marriage and relationship sector. Neptune, the planet of spirituality, continues its sojourn through your travel and study sector while Chiron, the wounded healer, continues moving through your career sector. The karmic north node is also in your sign of Cancer and two eclipses occur in your first house the first being a solar partial eclipse occurring on 6 January and a solar eclipse on 3 July 2019.

Powerful Pluto continues his passage through your relationship sector.  Therefore, you will find that you will be attracted to deep and meaningful relationships which will be deeply transformative. Light hearted dalliances are not for you. You will act as a catalyst for change for your partner and vice versa. Passion and intrigue will be the name of the game. It is important that you have deep and honest communication with your partner to avoid emotional manipulation and power struggles. Serious Saturn is also moving through your relationship and marriage sector bringing a sense of gravity and responsibility to your primary relationships. Both Pluto and Saturn are in retrograde motion directing the energy inwards. Your relationship sector is also highlighted by the karmic South Node and a lunar eclipse on 17 July bringing relationship and partnerships to the fore. There may be some unresolved issues from the past that need to dealt with or an imbalance in power that needs to be addressed.

Chiron, the wounded healer’s presence in your career could cause you to be drawn to careers in healing, counselling or mentoring. Other planetary visitors are Mercury and Venus. Mercury pays an extended visit from 18 April to 6 May promoting communication and networking in your career. Gentle Venus pays a visit here from 21 April to 15 May promoting harmony and creative inspiration in your career.

Health and Work
Jupiter. the planet of good fortune, moved into your health and work sector on 9 November 2018 and will be remain there until 2 December 2019. This should give you opportunities in your work. Quicksilver Mercury will be in your work and health sector from 1 November 2018 until 5 January 2019 promoting communications and networking in this area of your life. Part of Mercury’s passage here will be in retrograde motion from 17 November to the 5 December making it an ideal time to review and reassess issues pertaining to work and health.

Your finance sector is highlighted by a total lunar eclipse on 21 Jan 2019. Mercury and Venus also highlight your wealth and values sector. Mercury will pay a visit here from 12 – 29 August making it an ideal time for you to network and communicate about your finances. Venus will grace you with her presence in your finance sector from 29 July to 21 August enhancing your finances.

Home and Family
Venus, the goddess of love, brings harmony to the home and hearth when she pays a visit to your domestic sector from 15 September to 8 October. You may feel the urge to beautify your home as your home is your castle. Mercury’s visit here from 15 September to 3 October facilitates communication with your family and is an ideal time to do repairs and renovations.

Creativity, Children and Romance
Planetary visitors are Mercury and Venus. Gentle Venus will pay a visit to your creativity and romance sector from 9 October to 1 November bringing harmony to your relationships with your children and opportunities for enhanced creativity.  Mercury will pay a visit here from 4 October to the 9 December facilitating communication with your children as well as giving you an opportunity to get in touch with your inner child. Part of Mercury’s time here will be in retrograde motion from 31 October to 19 November making it an ideal time to review any issues in this area of your life.

Friendships, Groups and Goals
The change agent, Uranus, continues its sojourn through your social sector bringing a certain  air of unpredictability and excitement to your social networks. Mercury and Venus will highlight your friendship sector. Mercury’s presence here from 7-21 May will encourage networking and ensure a busy social calendar. Venus’s presence here from 16 May to 9 June will ensure harmony and pleasurable activities with your friends.

Travel and Higher Education
Neptune, the planet of spirituality, continues its passage through your 9th house of travel and study. You may be drawn to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage to some exotic foreign country that you have always yearned to visit or you may take up some creative or spiritual studies. Mercury and Venus also contribute their energy to your travel and adventure sector. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit to your adventure sector from 11 February to 17 April motivating you to do research or study. Part of Mercury’s time here will be in retrograde motion from 5-27 March. This could cause confusion or misunderstandings but positively it is an ideal time to review any issues in your career. Venus graces your travel and education with her presence from 27 March to 20 April bringing harmony and pleasure here. It would be an ideal time to have that pleasure cruise.

Cancer Greeting Card Illustrated by Sue Robertson
Cancer Poem by Sue Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
The Inner Planets by Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene


May Astromusings – Happy Birthday Geminis, Full Moon in Scorpio, The 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth, Uranus factor in Australia’s shock election result

3 Gemini

Design by Sue Robertson

Have you ever met a Gemini?
There’s double trouble there
As there’s two rolled into one
He’s an artful dissembler
But he’s always lots of fun
There’s a sparkle in his eye
Betraying intelligence and wit
With his brilliant repartee
And his fondness for a jest
Every host should have one
To give his party zest

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

Happy Birthday to all the Geminis who celebrate their birthdays between May 21 and June 20. Gemini is one of the three air signs along with Aquarius and Libra. Air is the element which refers to mental qualities. Gemini is one of the four mutable signs indicating the flexibility and changeable quality of Gemini. The others being Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Gemini is the Latin word for twins which indicates their dual nature. The Gemini can be of two minds or is sometimes believed to have two or more personalities.

In Alan Oken’s book, ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’, he elaborates on the twin symbology. Among its many meanings, the glyph for Gemini symbolises the two pillars. In ancient times, the Twins were the guardians of the doorways and entrances. Pairs of gods can often be seen at the gates of Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian temples. They are often depicted as siblings. The Twin symbology also pervades Eastern mythology. In the ancient Indian epic the Mahabharata where there are two brothers, Sunda and Upsunda who are said to live together and are incapable of being slain by anyone unless they slay each other. In the Ramayana, Rama, the great Indian saint, also has a twin brother. Examples of twins also abound in the Old Testament but one myth about twins which is very significant is the Greek legend about Castor and Pollux because it links up with the constellation of Gemini of the same name.

The Significance of the Myth of Castor and Pollux

Castor and Pollux avenged the carrying off of their sister of Helen of Troy. Leda, the mother of Castor and Pollux, was seduced by Zeus/Jupiter, this time in the guise of a swan. From this union she gave birth to two eggs – from one came Helen and from the other came Castor and Pollux. There was some confusion and scandal about Castor’s real father, for he was mortal, while Pollux, on the other hand was an immortal, the true son of Zeus. Homer describes Castor as the tamer of horses, and Pollux is the immortal boxer, one who uses his hands and is fleet of foot, which typifies the Gemini. Castor is killed in battle, and Pollux, in great despair prays to his father to let him also die. Zeus responds by taking them both in the sky as the constellation of Castor and Pollux. Homer writes “They possess their life in turn, living one day and dying the next and they have gotten worship as gods”

The keynote for Gemini, esoterically, is: ‘I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow.’ Alice Bailey comments that it is an astronomical fact that the star, Castor, is waning in brilliancy, while Pollux, the immortal brother, is waxing in brightness and eclipsing his brother. Pollux represents the soul while his mortal brother represents the personality.

The Constellation of Gemini
Alice Bailey has the following to say about the constellation of Gemini: Gemini has in it two stars Castor and Pollux, the Twins. These personify two major groups of stars, the Seven Pleiades, and Seven Stars of the Great Bear, which are two constellations, in the north, around which our universe seems to revolve. She writes these two groups of stars the Pleiades and the Great Bear represent God, the macrocosm, whilst in Gemini, Castor and Pollux were regarded as symbols of man, the microcosm.
Alan Oken adds: The most notable asterisms are the two great stars which bear the names of the Twins, Castor and Pollux. Castor, befitting the nature of Gemini, is really two closely placed white stars which revolve around each other. This phenomenon is called as “binary system” by astronomers, as the two stars seem to revolve around a common centre of gravity. Pollux is somewhat brighter than his brother and is orange reddish in colour. These stars lie only four and half degrees from each other and between the  were long known as the sole representatives of the entire constellation. (They were called the “Mas-mas” or Twins by the ancient Assyrians.) In time the brothers grew and many more stars were added to complete their portraiture. The ecliptic divides the Twins at the middle; their heads (Castor and Pollux) are above and are posited between the left claw of the Crab and the whip of Auriga, the Charioteer. Their feet just touch the Milky Way, above the upraised arm of the great constellation of Orion, the Hunter. The Twins are usually depicted as bound together by each other’s arms.

MercuryMercury the Ruler of Gemini – Mercury/Hermes in Mythology
We can gain insight into the Geminian nature by studying the myths of Mercury and his alter ego Hermes. Howard Sasportas, in the book ‘The Inner Planets’, co written with Liz Greene illuminates one on the role of Mercury. Mercury was conceived of an illicit union between Zeus, the King of the gods, and a mere mortal called Maia so he was born out of deceit. As the story goes he was already into great mischief even when he was still a baby in his cradle. He stole his older brother Apollo’s cattle, and by leading them out backwards made it appear as if the cattle were going in the opposite direction. When his older brother accused him of stealing his cattle he acted as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He also fashioned a lyre out of a tortoise. When he plays this instrument he charms Apollo out of his anger and he makes a deal with Apollo. In return for teaching him the lyre, Mercury must be allowed to share Apollo’s patronage of the cattle.

The resourceful bargaining qualities of the Gemini nature are mirrored in Mercury’s actions. Apollo agreed to this on the condition that his miscreant younger brother swore an oath. When Mercury complied Apollo made Mercury the patron of oaths and solemn pledges and he also bestowed upon him the gift of the caduceus, a magic wand with two snakes wrapped around it which becomes one of Hermes’ most famous symbol and is an emblem of the medical profession.

Mercury is Zeus’ personal messenger and is often used to rescue others from danger. He is also a magician and charms Cerberus, the ferocious three headed dog who guards the Underworld, so he can slip in and out of the Underworld unnoticed. He is a master of magic words and magic formulas in much the same way the Gemini can charm their way out of tricky situations with their gift of the gab. The derivation of the Greek word, ‘Hermes’, is he of the stone heap, a place where travellers would stop and talk, and eventually where commercial deals took place and magic and rituals were performed hence Mercury’s rulership over commerce, transport and short distance travel. Hermes was known as the god of crossroads, borders and transitions. There is also a figure in alchemy called Mercurius which represents both the transformer and the thing which needed to be transformed. To sum up then, the agility, versatility and ingenuity of Mercury, also known as quicksilver, is very evident in the Gemini individual.



Gemini Health and Anatomy
In the human body Gemini rules the bronchial tubes and lungs, the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Kali mur., the Gemini Salt, is essential for the formation of fibrin. Every tissue and organ of the body, with the exception of bone, contains fibrin. Man’s whole garment of flesh is built upon the foundation of filaments or fibres. There is an infinitely fine network of these tiny fibres, all branching off from one another, forming the framework, as it were, upon which the tissues are built. This includes also the skin, glands and nerves. Symptoms arising from lack of Kali mur. are catarrh, congestion of bronchial tubes, swollen glands, mumps, sore throats, enlarged rheumatic joints, and swollen tonsils, all children’s diseases where there are exudations through the skin, such as measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc., for these are all disturbances of the fibrin. All cases of a very white tongue and sluggish liver and constipation, and all congestion and swellings need Kali mur. Geminis live on their nervous energy and most of their illnesses are of a nervous character. Therefore, it is vital that they learn to switch off their busy minds and relax. Plenty of sleep and proper breathing exercises would be very beneficial for them.

Gemini rules the colour yellow and also they responds well to the healing orange ray. The birthstone for Gemini is agate, the multi coloured stone and the metal is Mercury in keeping with their quicksilver personality. A homeopathic remedy beneficial for Gemini is Byronia used in the treatment of colds, flu and headaches. Healing aromatherapy oils which will help to promote calm for the excessive nervous energy of the Gemini include bergamot, lavender, lemongrass and lily of the valley. The healing musical note for Gemini is A. Diet for Gemini should include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables especially orange coloured foods such as oranges, peaches apricots, pink grapefruit, etc. which help decongest the lungs and prevent mucous. Mucous forming dairy products and salt should be avoided. Carrot juices and legumes such as lentils are also beneficial.

Gemini Hall of Fame
Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, has dominion over communication, writing, teaching, and short distance travel. Geminis are attracted to careers which utilise their great mental skills, wit and eloquence such as teaching, lecturing, politics, music, media, journalism, advertising, public relations, publishing, astrology, technology, finance and sales.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Famous Gemini writers include Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming, Thomas Hardy, Anne Frank, Colleen McCullough, Judith Wright, Salman Rushdie, M Scott Peck, Patrick White. Poets of note include W.B Yeats, Walt Whitman, Federico Garcia Lorca, Alexander Pope, Alexander Pushkin. Queen Victoria who wrote two best selling memoirs Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands was a famous Gemini.

Kylie Minogue 2

Kylie Minogue 

Geminis who also express themselves through music and dance include Igor Stravinsky, Richard Strauss, Isaac Albeniz, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner, and Isadora Duncan. Singers include Dean Martin, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Prince, Kanye West, Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morissette, Judy Garland, and Kylie Minogue.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

Geminis are not only agile mentally but also physically as this impressive line up of champion tennis players confirms – Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Bjorn Borg, Venus Williams, Kim Clijsters, Lindsay Davenport, Steffi Graf and Anna Kournikova.

Marilyn Monroe

The Gemini charisma translates well onto stage and screen with such show business icons as Sir Laurence Olivier, Bob Hope, Clint Eastwood, Errol

Flynn, Rudolph Valentino, Joan Collins, Marilyn Monroe, Michael J. Fox, Isabella Rossellini, Kristen Scott Thomas, Hugh Dancy, Geoffrey Palmer, Christopher Lee, and Johnny Depp.

Jacki Weaver

Jacki Weaver

Australian Gemini actors of note include Jason Donovan, Jacki Weaver, Frances O’Connor, Nicole Kidman, Anna Torv, Sophie Lowe, Pia Miranda and Gia Carides.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

Geminis are also famous for their wit as expressed by the Gemini British comedian Russell Brand and American comic Amy Schumer

Media personalities include Elsa Maxwell, Hedda Hopper and Joan Rivers.

Politicians and political activists include John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Hubert Humphrey, Rudolph Giuliani, George Bush Senior, Benazir Bhutto, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Che Guevara. Another Gemini who has been in the spotlight in the last year is President Donald Trump. Richard Di Natale. the leader of the Australian Greens is also a

Richard Di Natale

Richard Di Natale

Gemini as is .Jeremy-Corbyn_victory_05a.1442322332197Jeremy Corbyn the Leader of the UK Labour Party.

The science of astrology has also attracted its share of Geminis including Lois M. Rodden, Grant Lewi, Alexander Ruperti and Francoise Gauquelin, the French woman statistician and psychologist, who along with her husband Michel, set out to disprove astrology but instead ended up being some of its strongest exponents.

Dava Sobel

The astronomer and best selling author Dava Sobel featuring prominently in the 2012 Sydney Writers’ Festival is also a Gemini.

queen-victoria-enlarged pic

Remembering Queen Victoria on the 200th anniversary of her birth – May 24, 2019
One very famous Gemini is Queen Victoria. May 24 2019 will mark the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth.  There have been a plethora of telemovies, movies, documentaries and books on Queen Victoria which first aroused my interest, acting as a catalyst for me to research her life and reign to give a series of talks on her for three astrology associations and for articles for the FAA astrology journal. The more I researched, the more books and movies came my way. My synastry with Queen Victoria includes a nodal connection with my North Node conjuncting her Gemini stellium.

Queen Victoria was born in the hour before dawn in the northern springtime on 24 May at 4.15 am in Kensington Palace in London, UK. She became queen at the tender age of 18 years when she succeeded her Uncle, King William IV. When the diminutive Victoria first sat on the throne her feet didn’t reach the floor. She reigned for 63 years over quarter of the world’s population at the height of the British Empire at the time when women were powerless. Over this time she evolved from teenage queen to totem of the empire.

A Student of Urdu, Prolific Writer and Published Author
She was a triple Gemini, that is she was born with the Sun, Moon and ascendant in the duel sign of Gemini which like a chameleon enabled her to slip in and out of many different roles and take on seemingly different positions depending on with whom she was dealing whether members of her family. her prime ministers or other members of the royal household. It is not surprising to learn that having a stellium (cluster of planets) in Gemini, Victoria was a keen student in both her childhood and adult years.

Queen Victoria & Abdul KarimIn fact it was only recently revealed in the book, Victoria and Abdul, and the later the movie of the same name, by the Indian author, Shrabani Basu, that Victoria’s Indian Moslem servant, Abdul Karim, taught her Urdu. The discovery by Shrabani Basu of thirteen volumes of Queen Victoria’s journals revealed how seriously Queen Victoria took her studies of Urdu. Basu also discovered the diaries of Karim which attested to his loyalty and devotion to his monarch which contradicted the the apocryphal stories circulated by the royal household. In letters from Victoria to Karim she signs herself as your loving mother. In this respect she was ahead of her time in her treatment of her Indian servants.

She was also a prolific writer, keeping a journal from age thirteen to almost the end of her life. As a child she wrote compositions and as an adult was a prolific letter writer corresponding with her ministers, and her family living abroad. She was a published author writing and illustrating Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the Highlands and the second edition, More Leaves from the Journal of our life in the Highlands, which were best sellers both at home and abroad.

A Deep interest in Spiritualism
The more I delved into Queen Victoria the more complex she became. As well as having the signature Gemini stellium, she also has a strongly tenanted 12th house ruled by the planet, Neptune. The planet, Neptune, which rules spirituality was discovered in 1846 bringing in its wake a deep interest in spiritualism and Queen Victoria was no exception. She has Saturn, Pluto, Chiron and Vesta all in the 12th house as well as a harmonious trine between her Venus and Neptune. The popular author, J.H Brennan, (Herbie) author of Faerie Wars, acknowledged in his book, Whisperers The Secret History of the Spirit World, that Victorian society in general from top to bottom, was equally obsessed with the spirit world. Brennan claimed that Victoria and Albert participated in seances and Victoria was impressed by the powers of psychics and mediums who were presented to her.

Queen Victoria & family in mourning for Prince Albert

The Death of Prince Albert – ‘The Whole House seemed like Pompeii’ – Tennyson
After the untimely death of her beloved Albert, aged only 42, on 14 December 1861, as grieving widow, Victoria, turned to the poetry of her friend and neighbour, the poet laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson, for consolation. She took great comfort in Tennyson’s poem, In Memoriam which both she and Albert had greatly loved. Tennyson also dedicated the latest version of his Idylls of the King to Albert referencing him as Albert The Good. Recognising Tennyson’s strong mystical streak Victoria regarded him as a kindred spirit and felt comfortable sharing her grief of the sudden loss of a loved one – in Tennyson’s case his friend Arthur Hallam.

Queen Victoria with John BrownThe Role of John Brown in Queen Victoria’s Life – faithful servant, bodyguard, companion, lover, secret husband or medium?
Much has been written by historians and others about the true nature of the relationship between Queen Victoria and her servant, John Brown. Her relationship with Brown defied categories. One of the more contentious claims about John Brown’s role is made by JH Brennan in his book Whisperers: The Secret History of the Spirit World. Brennan claims that it came to Victoria’s attention that a young thirteen year old medium called Robert James Lee was channelling the spirit of her late husband, Albert. After attending nine séances Victoria was so impressed with the veracity of his messages that she asked him to be the resident medium but Lee politely declined informing her that another medium had been chosen to keep the line of communication intact. This medium was ‘the boy who used to carry my (Albert’s) gun at Balmoral.’ (John Brown).

Historians have disputed this but according to Brennan, Victoria kept a detailed record of these séances and after Brown’s death in 1883 she wrote a monograph about him which she wanted to publish but her ministers were so disturbed by the prospect that they intervened persuading her to abandon the idea. Her private secretary destroyed all Brown’s private diaries but the massive cover-up operation was not as effective as it might have been. Years later King George VI happened on a detailed record of a John Brown séance that had somehow been overlooked. He read it with great interest and the story was eventually leaked to the press.

The Death of Queen Victoria –  “We all feel quite motherless.” – Henry James
At 6.30 pm on 22 January 1901 as transiting Pluto opposed transiting Uranus and on a progressed New Moon indicating that it was a momentous occasion, Queen Victoria passed away bringing to a close one era and ushering in a new one, the Edwardian era under her son and heir (Bertie), Edward VII. At the time of her death the progressed Moon was at 2 degrees Gemini conjuncting her Sun, Moon, Ceres and ascendant. The world shuddered at the news of Queen Victoria’s death. Thousands of telegrams flew to Osborne. In London actors walked off the stage mid performance. Traffic stopped and the New York Stock Exchange closed for the day. Throughout the Commonwealth people stopped and prayed. Queen Victoria had become an archetypal maternal deity cutting across cultures and religions. In India she was likened to the “Great Universal Mother” and in Persia she was described as “the good angel who saved us from destruction.”

 Overview for Gemini for 2019
Saturn, known as the Lord of Karma, is still moving through your joint finances sector so you need to take responsibility for your joint finances and taxes. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, has just moved into your spirituality sector which could add an unpredictability to this area of your life. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will pay a visit in Gemini from 30 May to 12 June facilitating communication and networking. The extended cycle of spiritual Neptune in your career sector encourages you to pursue your creative and spiritual aspirations.

Lucky Jupiter will be in your relationships and partnerships sector until 3 December 2020. Part of its time there will be in retrograde motion from 10 April 2019 to August 10 2019. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, will pay a visit to your relationship sector from 13 December 2018 to 5 January 2019 and then again from 10 – 29 December facilitating communications in your primary relationship.

Home and Family
Planetary visitors, Mercury and Venus will activate your domestic sector.  Mercury will  visit your domestic sector from 30 August 14 September facilitating communication with family members. Gentle Venus will grace your domestic sector with her presence from 22 August to 14 September bringing harmony on the home front.

Creativity, Children and Romance
The focus will be on your romance and children sector with visits from Venus and Mercury. Venus will grace your romance and creativity sector from 15 August to 8 October which should bring pleasurable romantic encounters, enhance your personal creativity and relationships with your children. Your ruler, quicksilver Mercury, pays a visit there from 15 September to 3 October affording you an opportunity to initiate conversations with your children and romantic partners while bringing a sense of fun to your relationships with children or affording you an opportunity to explore your inner child.

 Neptune, the planet of spirituality, continues its passage through your 10th house of career. This cycle will emphasise the spiritual and creative side of your career. Your interactions with your colleagues will be motivated by altruism and sensitivity. You may be drawn toward pursuing a spiritual or artistic career. You may even experience confusion about what career to pursue. Ultimately, Neptune may beckon you toward a career of selfless service.

Travel and Education
Your travel and education sector Quicksilver Mercury will be in your travel and education sector from 25 January to 10th February activating this area of study and travel making it an ideal time to undertake a study tour. Gentle Venus will grace this sector from 2 – 26 March making it an ideal time for a romantic getaway or pleasure cruise.

Your finance sector will be highlighted by a solar total eclipse on 2 July 2019. Dynamic Mars will also activate your finance sector from 17 May to 1 July Pluto, the planet of transformation, continues it sojourn through your debt and taxes sector which would act as a catalyst for you to transform this area. Also highlighting your debt and taxes sector is the karmic South Node, Saturn and two eclipses – the first being a solar partial eclipse on 6 January and a partial lunar eclipse on 17 July.

Friends, Groups and Goals
Chiron, the wounded healer, has moved into your eleventh house of friends groups and goals. Gentle Venus pays a visit to your social sector from 21 April to 15 May bringing harmony to your friendships and opportunities for pleasurable socialising. Mercury will pay a visit to your social sector from 18 April to 6 May facilitating communication and networking in your social circles.

Siblings, Neighbours and Communication
Your third house of siblings, neighbours and short distance travel is highlighted by total lunar eclipse on 21 Jan 2019.

The focus will be on  retreat and contemplation when your 12th house of spirituality, karma and seclusion is activated by a visit from Mercury from 7 – 21 May. Venus follows close on the heels of Mercury gracing your spirituality sector with her presence from 16 May to 9 June. You may be inspired to spend time in a retreat or health farm nourishing body, mind and soul. It is an ideal time to keep a dream journal exploring the realms of your unconscious yearnings or take up meditation, yoga or martial arts to find extra meaning in your life. It is a time to protect your boundaries so that you can recharge your batteries and feel rejuvenated. Uranus moved back into your spirituality sector on 6 March 2019.

New Moon in Taurus
The New Moon at 14 degrees Taurus 11 occurs on 5 May at 8.45 am AEST Sydney time. Taurus is one of the triplicity of earth signs representing our finances, material possessions and our security needs so there will be a focus on these issues, especially with the entry of Uranus in Taurus. The New Moon is a time for setting our intentions which culminates at the Full Moon.

Full Moon in Scorpio, transiting Uranus & Venus conjunct Australia’s chart
The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on 19 May at 27 degrees Scorpio 39 at 7.11 am. Scorpio Full Moons have the potential to stir powerful emotions and this one is no exception. This Scorpio Moon forms a mutual reception with feisty Mars in Cancer, bringing the potential for some domestic drama and  family conflict. This mutual reception may stir feelings of anger, resentment, envy, jealousy or paranoia. People can become rather defensive under this combination. Mercury opposes the Moon which makes conflict resolution possible if we are able to communicate our feelings effectively. The other notable aspect in this chart is the very tight Venus-Uranus conjunction. This is a highly creative combination and with Venus in her own sign, this strengthens determination and staying power. This is a very creative Full Moon despite the closing aspect between Saturn and Pluto which continues to make a powerful impact globally. Political and systemic change, even revolutionary forces are associated with this narrowing aspect of Saturn Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn.

Uranus factor – Australia’s Trump – Brexit moment – shock election result
With the Australian Federal Election held on 18 May the day before this Full Moon plus transiting Venus Uranus conjuncting Australia’s Federation chart there was bound to be some last minute drama and upsets. The Moon represents emotions, women and the people so there were bound to be intense feelings aroused.

Hawke picThis certainly occurred with the death on election eve of Bob Hawke, one of Australia’s most loved Labor prime ministers. The nation and in particular the Labor party were in mourning. The hope was that the wall to wall coverage of Hawke’s achievements as a prime minister, in particular his and Paul Keating’s great economic management during their term of government would enhance Labor’s prospects of winning the election. However, Uranian energy is unpredictable.

Trump Morrison picUranus Factor – shock election result – Australia’s Trump – Brexit moment
The coalition won the federal election against all odds. Morrison ran a Trumpian presidential style campaign promoting individualism capturing the current Uranian energy. The other component of the Uranus Venus conjunction, namely Venus represents popularity and whatever advantages the opposition leader, Bill Shorten, had popularity was not one of them. Recognising a kindred spirit in Morrison, and both being salesmen, Trump was the first world leader to pick up the phone to congratulate Morrison saying he too had not expected to defeat his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton.  Australia has just had its Trump – Brexit moment where the pundits got it completely wrong.

steggallvabbott The other shock was the defeat of Tony Abbott by Zali Steggall, the Independent ex Olympic ski champion and barrister, in the blue ribbon Liberal seat of Warringah. Abbott, a Scorpio, declared he was in the fight of his life against Zali, an Aries, born 16 April 1974 in Manly, Sydney (no known birth time). They are both Mars ruled but Zali with her grass roots campaign prevailed. Zali has the Moon in future oriented Aquarius with Mars conjunct Saturn in Gemini trining Uranus, as well as a Jupiter Venus conjunction in compassionate Pisces. Transiting Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, is currently conjuncting her North Node or destiny point.

Uranus represents sudden change. It challenges the status quo and Uranus is going to hover over the ascendant of Australia’s Federation chart while squaring its Midheaven which will bring more challenges for the government through the coming months and in particular around the end of the year.  These turbulent times will continue in 2020, over the May June period. Another factor which heralds more headaches for the newly elected Morrison government will be the upcoming total Solar Eclipse on 3 July which will oppose Australia’s 9th house Sun ruling foreign affairs.

There is likely to be even more polarisiation between the regions and the city – now termed the quinoa curtain, and between the younger and older demographic in a bid for part of the nation’s pie rather than fostering unity with some commentators saying that Labor has dodged a bullet in losing the ‘unlosable’ election absolving them of blame when the coalition government who prides itself with being superior economic managers tries to grapple with the upcoming challenges. It may be a pyrrhic victory.

Already Dr Philip Lowe, the Governor of the Reserve Bank, has pre-empted interest rate cuts in June and then again in August. He made clear the RBA believes if unemployment is to become lower then it will need support from the federal and state governments, saying there were a range of options to help cut the jobless rate, low wages growth, a long period of weak growth in household income. “These include: further monetary easing; additional fiscal support, including through spending on infrastructure; and structural policies that support firms expanding, investing and employing people,” he said. Some commentators says Lowe’s intervention was tantamount to a warning of an impending economic emergency, expressing frustration that the RBA was having to do all the lifting instead of the Government pulling its weight otherwise it will threaten the government ‘surplus’. With the Chinese economy slowing and the continuing China US trade war we are sailing into uncharted waters.

Gemini Greeting Card illustrated by Sue Robertson
Gemini Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
The Inner Planets by Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene
Magnificent Obsession: Victoria, Albert and the Death that changed the Monarchy by Helen Rappaport
Victoria, The Queen – An intimate biography of the woman who changed the world by
Julia Baird
Victoria:  A Life by A. N. Wilson
Sons, Servants & Statesmen: the Men in Queen Victoria’s Life by John van der Kiste
Queen Victoria’s Children by John van der Kiste
Victoria A Biography by Christopher Hibbert
Victoria R.1 by Elizabeth Longford
Whisperers: The Secret History of the Spirit World by JH Brennan
Victoria – BBC1 Telemovie

April Astromusings – Retrograde Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, Easter Full Moon in Libra – Notre Dame Fire, Full Moon Wesak Festival in May

Illustrated by Sue Robertson


Taurus, golden eyed
bull of God
worshipped with song and dance
in ancient fertility rites
slow sure sensual
sow your seeds
ensuring Mother Nature’s bounty

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Taurus
The Personality asserts: Let struggle be undismayed
The Soul sounds its note: I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined

Rulers for Taurus
Exoteric Ruler:
Venus under the Fifth Ray of Concrete Mind or Science
Esoteric Ruler: Vulcan under the First Ray of Will or Power
Hierarchical Ruler: Vulcan under the First Ray of Will or Power

Happy Birthday to all the Taureans who celebrate their birthdays between April 21 and May 21. Taurus forms part of the triplicity of Earth signs with Capricorn and Virgo. Taurus, the Bull, is the sign of fertility as traditionally in the Northern Hemisphere, it brings the regenerative life force of Spring. The glyph for which represents the full Moon with a crescent moon attached to it. The Full Moon can be seen as the Celestial Mother and the upturned crescent moon as the cow’s horns, another symbol of its fecundity. In the Age of Taurus (C.4220 BC-C.2160 B.C) the Egyptians established their vast agricultural empire through an economy based on slavery.

During the Age of Taurus the cult of the bull and cow was prevalent. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped Isis as the Crescent, crowned with the headdress of the cow horns, the Horned Goddess, the cow, and as such was identified with Hathor the Cow-Goddess who preceded her. Isis’s husband Osiris, was also worshipped as a horned deity, known as the bull god, Apis. The veneration of the Bull was also prevalent in other cultures, for example the Bull of Minos known as the Minotaur of the Cretan Labyrinth. At certain times of the year young boys and girls were sacrificed to the Bull God. During these festivals young people danced upon the bulls and jumped through their horns in the arenas, a custom which was the precursor of the modern practice of bullfighting. The glyph for Taurus also represents the parts of the body ruled by this sign: the neck, throat and the shoulders.

Venus and Vulcan, the Ruling Planets of Taurus
The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the patroness of the arts. When she is favourably placed in a horoscope she will bestow her bounty of charm, beauty, creativity, sociability and wealth on the recipient. Taurus rules the second house of the horoscope which governs finances, material possessions and values. In keeping with the Law of Attraction, Venus governs desire and sexuality. Because of the earthiness of their nature, Taureans are challenged to overcome their weaknesses on the physical plane i.e. the desire nature and stubbornness to transmute this into aspiration and goodwill.

The esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan, the god of the Hammer and the Forge. His role is to beat “base metal” into a more refined state for spiritual purposes which aids in this transmutation. Esoterically, Taurus is referred to as the golden eyed Bull of God, with its keynote being: “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light”. This connotes that the goal of the aspirant in the second sign is illumination. The second Labour of Hercules sheds more light on the tests facing the hero in the sign of Taurus.

Hercules Captures the Cretan Bull

The Second Labour of Hercules – The Capture of the Cretan Bull

In the book, ‘The Labours of Hercules’, Alice Bailey elucidates the test of Taurus. Hercules is told by his teacher to capture the sacred Bull of Minos to save it from being sacrificed, and ride it from Crete to the mainland where he is to deliver it to the three Cyclops, Brontes, Steropes and Arges, who dwell in the Holy Place. This, Hercules succeeds in doing by chasing the bull from one corner of the island to another, mounting it and riding it through the waves to the mainland.

There is much symbolism involved in this apparently straightforward labour which Hercules has to complete. Minos, the King of Crete, who owned the sacred bull also possessed the maze which has ever been the symbol of the great illusion. The island of Crete with its maze and its bull is an outstanding symbol of the great illusion. It was separated from the mainland, and illusion and bewilderment are characteristics of the separated self. The bull represents animal desire which must be caught and mastered and chased from one point to another in the life of the separated self. Hercules must hand over the bull to the three Cyclops who represent the initiates, having the single eye which symbolises the third eye. It also refers to the Bull’s eye in the constellation of Taurus. In other words the task of Hercules is to overcome desire, transcending the personality self and aligning it with his Higher Self to achieve illumination.

The Constellation of Taurus

Alan Oken in his book Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology observes that Manilius calls Taurus “dives puellis” – Latin for rich in maidens a reference to the fact that within its demibody are the Pleiades or Seven Sisters and the Hyades, the seven mythological daughters of Atlas and Aethra and half sisters of the Pleiades. The Hyades form the great V of the reddish star Aldebaran often called the “Eye of the Bull.”

Under the title of The Theme of Illumination Alice Bailey explains the esoteric significance of the constellation of Taurus. Taurus is one of the most interesting of the zodiacal constellations, the Cross of the Disciple. The “eye of the bull” in Taurus, the magnificent fixed star, Aldebaran, is one of the reasons why this constellation is regarded as conferring illumination. In ancient days it was called the leading star of the heavens, and Taurus has always been connected with light and, therefore, with Christ, who proclaimed himself as the Light of the World. Light, illumination and sound, as expressed of the creative force: these are the three basic ideas connected with this constellation. The “interpreter of the divine voice”, as Taurus was called in ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into Christian terminology and called “the Word made flesh.”

Bailey continues: ‘The following is of interest’ she includes an excerpt from The Zodiac – A Life Epitome by Walter Sampson: “The bull or the cow is the symbol of this sign, and in the celestial chart it will be observed that the little group of stars called Pleiades are represented just at the shoulder of the bull. Now, in Egyptian sculpture, or painting, the Pleiades are sometimes represented by the figure of the dove with wings outspread over the bull’s saddle. The dove as we remember, is the bird sacred to Venus, and as the Pleiades are part of the constellation Taurus and as we shall see, more Taurean in nature, if possible, than Taurus itself, the dove becomes a specially appropriate symbol for this little star-group.”

Taurean Hall of Fame

David Attenborough

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, has dominion over the arts, culinary activities, nature, money, and sensuality. Therefore Taureans are attracted to careers in fields such as music, massage, banking, real estate, farming, gardening, and hospitality. An example of a Taurean who represents a big corporation is Mar An example of the Taurean affinity with nature is evident in the books and documentaries on nature by the famous Taurean, David Attenborough.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Taureans are well represented in business such as Mark Zuckerberg the chief executive of Facebook.

Piketty-capital-21st-centuryThomas Piketty, a French economist whose work focuses on wealth and income inequality is a Taurean. He is a professor at the The School for Advanced Studies of Social Sciences, associate chair at the Paris School of Economics and Centennial professor at the International Inequalities Institute, which is part of the London School of Economics (LSE). Piketty is the author of the best-selling book Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2013), which emphasises the themes of his work on wealth concentrations and distribution over the past 250 years.

Taureans are well represented in the field of music with such classical musicians as Brahams, Tchaikovsky and Yehudi Menuhin. The prima ballerina, Margot Fonteyn, and Fred Astaire were also born under the sign of the bull. Other famous musically gifted Taureans include, Irving Berlin, Burt Bacharach, Enya, Cher, Shirley Temple,

Barbra Streisand

Shirley MacLaine, Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Collins, Lesley Gore, Duke Ellington, Glen Campbell, Roy Orbison, Pete Seeger and  the crooners, Perry Como and Bing Crosby.
Actors of note include Rudolf Valentino, Lionel Barrymore, Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda, Orson Welles, Pierce Brosnan, Gerry Seinfeld, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Glenda Jackson, Uma Thurman,

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellwegger, Michelle Pfeiffer and Joanna Lumley. Writers of note include William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, Anthony Trollope, Vladimir Nabokov, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Daphne Du Maurier, Charlotte Bronte, and James Barrie who created the favourite children’s book Peter Pan.

Taurus is potentially a sign of power and it has had its share of rulers who have brought stability but it also has had its share of tyrants who have abused their power. Queen Elizabeth II who has her ascendant in steadfast Capricorn and celebrates her 93rd birthday

Mary Robinson

on April 21 2019, epitomises the stable, pragmatic monarch. Mary Robinson, the former president of the Irish Republic and Commissioner for Human Rights for the United Nations, who also exudes this Earth Mother quality, has both her Sun and Moon in steady Taurus. A quality which has reassured many people in times of conflict, both on a national level and in the international arena. Other Taureans who have made their presence felt include Catherine the Great,  Golda Meir,  Eva Peron, Czar Nicholas II, Vladimir Lenin, Hitler, Robespierre, Oliver Cromwell, Ho Chi Minh, Emperor Hirohito, Harry S. Truman, Saddam Hussein. and Pope John Paul II. Some spiritually inclined Taureans include Gautama Buddha,



Krishnamurti, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Jesuit priest and mystic.

Taurus Health and Anatomy
Taurus is represented in the human body by the cerebellum, or lower brain, and neck, ears, lower jaw, throat, liver and gall bladder. In her book ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, Vanda Sawtell writes that the biochemic cell salt for Taurus is Nat. sulph. and is the first cell salt to become deficient where symptoms of disease in the Taurean native are observed. The chief work of Nat. sulph. is to eliminate excess water from the body. In the hot moist weather the atmosphere becomes heavily charged with water, and is breathed into the blood through the lungs. Blood becomes overcharged with water from an atmosphere overcharged with moist vapour, and not from the water we drink. One molecule of the Taurean salt has the chemical power to take up and eliminate from the system two molecules of water. Therefore, the more surplus water there is to be thrown out of the blood, the more sodium sulphate is required.

Biliousness and malaria are the effects of a deficiency of this salt. Chills and fevers are Nature’s methods of getting rid of surplus water, through violent muscular, nervous, and vascular spasms and perspiration. There are some people who put on weight in spite of careful dieting. This is because the lymphatic system becomes slowly engorged with excess fluid derived from the atmosphere through the breath. These people need plenty of Nat. sulph. to carry away this excess fluid.

One of the weaknesses of Taureans is over indulgence, so moderation in eating and drinking needs to be cultivated. Because Nat. sulph. works with the fluids of the body it is one of the most important salts affecting the digestive organs. The bile of the liver, the pancreatic juices, and the secretions of the kidneys all depend for their normal functioning upon a proper supply of Nat. sulph. Bile disorders of which there are many, range from sluggish liver and tiredness in the early morning, to gall stones, jaundice, stoppage of the bile duct, and constipation. Diabetics need Nat. sulph. because it stimulates the secretions of the pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

When the digestive organs are not functioning harmoniously, then sore throats and colds are frequent. The following are suggestions for liver and throat complaints. Balmony is good for jaundice conditions; Agrimony is good for both liver and kidney troubles and helps the assimilation of food; Centaury is also a good tonic for the liver; A combination of both Agrimony and Centaury is helpful for jaundice conditions, and corrects the kidneys at the same time. Golden Seal is very helpful for bilious subjects; Dandelion is excellent for the liver and as a dyspeptic remedy. Red Sage is helpful for Laryngitis and Raspberry leaves and Mulleins also make good remedies for sore throats.

Taurus rules the colours turquoise, brown and russet. The gemstone for Taurus is emerald and the metal is copper. An ideal homeopathic remedy for the sluggish Taurean digestive system is Belladonna. Aromatherapy oils suitable for the Taurean temperament include patchouli, rose and ylang-ylang. The healing musical note for Taurus is A# (A sharp). Taureans should avoid fattening, starchy foods or liquors because of their proneness to gout. Citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit, as well as bananas and melons are beneficial for Taureans. The Taurean diet should include carrots, celery, spinach, beans and peas.

Full Moon Festival in May– Wesak Festival – 18/19 May 2019

Taurus is especially connected to the Buddha as Buddha is said to have been born, reached enlightenment and died in the sign of the Bull. The Buddha taught that the path of detachment from the desire is the vehicle for the entrance of Light. These events are celebrated each year at the Wesak Festival, the time of the full Moon when the Sun is in Taurus. The Full Moon occurs at 27 degrees Scorpio 39 on 19 May. It is so-called as the ceremony of Wesak is held in the actual Wesak Valley in the Himalayas at the time of the Full Moon of May. Wesak, the Sun in Taurus Full Moon, is the most powerful Full Moon of the year.

According to mystics the ceremony marks the return of the Buddha to help regenerate the Earth. He is said to return at this time each year to bring new light to the world. He appears above a flat rock on which a great crystal bowl filled with water rests. It is said that He and His great Brother, the World Teacher of Love, work in the closest cooperation for the spiritual benefit of humanity. Through the Buddha the wisdom of God is poured forth. Through the World Teacher of Love, the Love of God is poured forth. At the end of the ceremony the water in the bowl is distributed to all the participants who drink from their cups and share it with others. This beautiful water ceremony of communion is symbolic of the Age of Aquarius which we are entering, the Age of the Water Bearer.

Overview for Taureans for 2019
 Your travel and education sector is highlighted by a series of eclipses and the karmic lunar nodes and the presence of Pluto and Saturn. The karmic North Node and an eclipse occur in your third house of  the immediate environment. The mover and shaker Pluto continues its sojourn through your travel and education sector facilitating major changes in this area of your life. Erratic Uranus has made its dramatic re-entry into your sign and lucky Jupiter is continuing its passage through your debt, taxes and inheritance sector.

Mercury, the planet of communication, pays an extended visit to your relationship sector from 4 October to 3 December, facilitating communication in your relationships. Part of Mercury’s time here will be in retrograde motion from 31 October to 19 November which could cause confusion necessitating clear communication. Venus graces your relationship sector with her presence from 9 October to 1 November bringing harmony and pleasure to your relationships.

Creativity, Children and Romance
 Both Mercury and Venus visit your 5th house of creativity, children and romance. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit here from 30 August to 14 September encouraging communication with your children and lovers and providing opportunities to learn new hobbies. Venus graces this sector from 22 August to 14 September bringing harmony and inspiration in these areas of your life.

Home and Family
 A total lunar eclipse which occurs on 21 January 2019 highlights your domestic sector Two celestial visitors,  Mercury and Venus will activate your home and family sector. From 12 – 29 August Mercury, the messenger of the gods will pay a visit there. This encourages communication within your family and any commercial transactions. Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 29 July to 21 August bringing harmony and opportunities to beautify your home.

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, will pay a visit to your career and goals sector from 25 January to 10 February facilitating communication and networking in your career. Venus graces your career sector with her presence from 2 – 26 March bringing harmony in your career.

Work and Health
Mercury, the messenger of the gods pays a visit here from 15 September to 3 October providing opportunities for communication and networking. Venus, the planet of love and finances will grace you with her presence here from 15 September to 8 October bringing harmony. in the work place.

Dynamic Mars will be in your finance sector from 1 April to 16 May imbuing you with the energy to deal with your finances.  Mercury, the planet of commerce will be there from 22 May to 4 June facilitating communication in this area. Lucky Jupiter moves into your debt and taxes sector 9 November 2018 and will remain there until 2 December 2019.. Venus, the planet of love and money, will grace your own money sector with her presence here from 10 June to 3 July which should enhance your finances.

Travel and Education
Your travel and education sector is highlighted by the karmic South Node and two eclipses. The first eclipse is a solar partial eclipse on 6 January and the second eclipse will be a partial lunar eclipse on 16 July 2019. Pluto, the planet of transformation, continues it sojourn in your ninth house of travel, publishing and higher education, guaranteeing that any travel, writing, publishing or study undertaken could prove life changing for you. Serious Saturn moves into your travel and study sector on 21 December 2018 and will remain there until 17 December 2020 adding gravitas to this area of your life. This sector of adventure, travel, study and publishing is also activated with a visit from both Mercury and Venus. Venus pays a visit here from 4 February to 1 March stimulating your passion for study and travel. Mercury pays a visit to this sector from 6 – 24 January  stimulating your desire to study, write and travel.

Friendships, Groups and Goals
Neptune, the planet of spirituality, continues its lengthy sojourn in your eleventh house of friends, groups and goals. Neptune’s lesson is non-attachment so you may find that you have to surrender some of your cherished goals or experience some losses or sacrifices in your friendships or group affiliations. Positively, you will gain a deeper spiritual awareness through your friendships, awakening your compassion and inspiring you to join groups which espouse altruistic goals. Mercury’s extended visit here from 11 February to 17 April will give you an opportunity to extend your social networks and communicate with your peer groups. Part of Mercury’s passage here will be in retrograde motion from 5 – 27 March so there could be some confusion during this period. Venus, the planet of love and harmony, visits your friendship sector from 27 March to 20 April bringing social harmony.

Chiron, the wounded healer, has entered your twelfth house of the unconscious and karma which brings an opportunity to heal wounds in your psyche. You may undertake psychotherapy or be inspired to keep a dream journal recording the messages from your unconscious, releasing untapped potential. Since the twelfth house is concerned with karma, people and circumstances from your past may reappear where there is unfinished business to be resolved.

Easter Full Moon in Libra 18/19 April
The Full Moon in Libra occurs at 29 degrees 07 on 19 April AEST. Libra rules the seventh house which focuses on achieving harmony in your intimate relationships and partnerships. Venus, the ruler of Libra is conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter which promotes conviviality for the festive season. Erratic Uranus is conjunct the Sun which encourages independence and individuality and a craving for exciting new experiences. With the Full Moon at 29 degrees the critical last degree of the sign there will be an urge to complete something.  With Pluto squaring the Full Moon the urge for change becomes more pressing.

Notre Dame on fire

Holy Smoke – Notre Dame de Paris burns
On my first trip to Europe having graduated with a major in French and having taught in secondary schools in Sydney I was eager to visit the City of Lights and I still remember after all these years the breathtaking sight of Notre Dame Cathedral. I breathed in the beauty, grandeur and spiritual power of this iconic monument. The soul of Paris is Virgo the Virgin – and Notre Dame (Our Lady) is its personification. The fact that it was built upon the site of an ancient temple of Isis, one of the three goddesses of Virgo – Eve, Isis and Mary reminds us of the fact that the patriarchal Catholic Church appropriated the goddess religions. 

Notre Dame cathedral is one of a group that were all dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Notre Dame. The physical locations of these cathedrals form a pattern that venerates the constellation of Virgo. The tradition of the Knights Templar and the sacred geometry of these buildings are well known to students of The Mysteries.

Like everyone who witnessed this calamitous burning of this beautiful monument dating back 850 years on my TV screen I looked on in disbelief. It could not have been a coincidence that this occurred at the beginning of Holy Week, a precursor to Easter. What was Our Lady’s message to us all as we witnessed this sacred monument on fire and the toppling of its steeple? For astrologers it serves as a powerful symbol foreshadowing the end of the 2000 years of the Age of Pisces with its faith based religions. It also serves as a reminder of the hierarchical power base of the Roman Catholic Church where women are relegated to minor roles and where widespread sexual abuse of children and women and its subsequent cover up by clergy has brought the church into such disrepute. It is also a reminder of how the church has strayed so far from the message of Jesus who turned the tables of the money lenders and instead worships materialism amassing extreme wealth in the coffers of the Vatican.

The position of the planets is very informative as the Moon was in Virgo square to fiery Mars in Gemini. As they fought to put out the fire by 5 am on the following day the Moon had moved into an even closer square. The Sun was in the Mars ruled fire sign of Aries and although Mars was in the air sign of Gemini it seemed to further fan the flames.

Notre Dame is not only the heart of Paris but also the heart of France which in turn is at the heart of Europe which may have ramifications for European unification and reforming of the EU vis a vis the Brexit crisis. President Macron has promised to rebuild Notre Dame within five years and has received donations from French billionaires and has called on architects to help rebuild it to its former glory. Despite this the incontrovertible truth is that the destruction of major parts of the monument bring into sharp focus the themes of death and rebirth, a fitting analogy for the Easter message of death and resurrection. Is Our Lady signalling that it is time for end of the Catholic Church as we know it so that from the fires of destruction a new spirituality can rise like the phoenix from the ashes more commensurate with the upcoming New Age of Aquarius?

Other planetary signatures at the time of the fire include a cardinal grand cross between the Sun in Aries, Pluto, Saturn and the  karmic South Node all conjunct in Capricorn and Earth. Karmically this destruction by fire serves as a purification process for past sins.  There was a certain ominousness about the fire.  In the words of Christ, ” I come not to bring peace but a sword” (the sword of truth) to awaken people to the need to adopt true Christian values lost largely to a world that worships material values so symbolic of the outgoing Piscean Age. While all this money was poured into constructing opulent buildings many people suffered from severe poverty. The recent demonstrations of the Gilets Jaunes is a modern example of people rising up against the neoliberal state.

In the words of Alice Bailey “The churches—materialistic, hide-bound and submerged in their theological concepts, seeking political power or possessions, emphasising stone buildings and cathedrals whilst neglecting “the Temple of God, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”—are occupied with the symbols and not with the reality.” The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey. p.471.) – and the Notre Dame fire signifies: 

First and foremost this fire serves a great cleansing and purification of Paris and France that will lay the groundwork for real spiritual progress for itself and for Europe.

NostradamusWhat is also of great import is that the great French seer, Nostradamus, who used both astrology and scrying for his prophecies predicted just such a fire in his quatrains over 500 years ago.  Nostradamus published Les Propheties in 1555 – The Prophecies.

Chef d’Aries, Jupiter et Saturne,
Dieu eternel quelles mutations?
Puis par long siecle son maling temps retourne,
Gaule et Italie, quelles emotions?

The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn,
God eternal, what changes can be expected?
Following a long century, evil will return
France and Italy, what emotions will you undergo?

Notre Dame FireIn the event chart if the Notre Dame fire 15 April 2019, 6.20 pm Paris France the planetoid, Chiron is at the ‘head’ or beginning of the zodiac sign Aries, a fire sign. Chiron is at 3 degrees Aries here, exactly quincunx the Moon at 3 degrees Virgo. Uranus is close by at 2 Taurus.

Jupiter is at 24 Sagittarius, the sign which rules religion, aligning with Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn and Venus at 23 degrees Pisces. Capricorn represents structure, tradition and the establishment. Pisces rules Christianity – the two fishes. The Age of Pisces spans the 2000 years since the birth of Christ.

Saturn is at 20 degrees Capricorn, conjunct the South Node at 21 degrees Capricorn – again this is a picture of hierarchy, monuments and tradition. The North Node at 21 Cancer represents patriotism, family, home and country is its polar opposite.

Nostradamus’s observations were right. When Notre Dame burned, as Chiron moved into Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius (religion) and Saturn in Capricorn (the elite) did form unusual patterns –  the Catholic Church, the Vatican and all Italy were also powerfully affected. The fire destroyed the cathedral just weeks after Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, and a leading figure at the Vatican, was gaoled on sex abuse charges against boys within his ‘care.’ Evil did return to us and the reference to the long century alludes to the millennium – the Age of Pisces.

Is Nostradumus’s use of the words Dieu eternelle a play on words for the French President Emmanuel Macron? Emmanuel is derived from the Hebrew name עִמָּנוּאֵל (‘Immanu’el) meaning “God is with us”. This was the foretold name of the Messiah in the Old Testament.

It is also noteworthy that the tweets of both President Macron and of the UNESCO  echoed the words of Nostradamus, “quelles emotions”, in alluding to emotions.

Nostradamus’s use of the word Chef (head) which is French slang for a head electrician or gaffer. The planet Uranus is symbolised by electricity. It was found in the year that Galvani discovered ‘animal electricity.’

Uranus also rules shock – and revolution. It moved out of Aries in March 2019, in a cycle which can only take place every 80 years. On the night of the Notre Dame fire it stood in Taurus, the sign of great wealth – the kind of fortune owned by the Vatican – making a rare, close pattern with Chiron in Aries. The ‘chief electrician’ (Uranus) in Aries only recently left the building, in March 2019, weeks before the Notre Dame Fire. Is this another example of word play from Nostradamus? Double meaning? He is notorious for it, in his famous Prophecies.


The Foundation of Notre Dame
The natal chart of Notre Dame shows Uranus at 5 Taurus which means Notre Dame is heading for her historic Uranus Return in 2019 when transiting Uranus returns to its original position of 5 degrees Taurus. In fact, Uranus will slowly cross her Mercury and Jupiter over the next seven years. Uranus, the planet of shock, electricity, revolution and radical new reinvention is triggering Notre Dame’s chart. Taurus rules the vast wealth of the Roman Catholic church, as well as the charitable donations being made by French luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Jessica Adams poses the question about the following translation of Nostradamus’s famous quatrains. Is this Brexit and Louis Vuitton?

“Fleet, forces, water, wind of shadow to fear,
Sea and land in a truce. The friends has joined L.V.”

The Mercury Retrograde Shadow period ended on April 18th, 2019. It has coincided with the supposed date of Britain’s chaotic departure from France and the European Union.

Is Brexit ‘sea and land in a truce’ perhaps? Gucci and Louis Vuitton (behind the famous L.V. monogram logo) have just joined in giving more than $300 million to the Notre Dame rebuilding. Friends indeed. These generous donations by the wealthy elite only added fuel to the fire sparking further angry demonstrations by the gilets jaunes (yellow vest protesters during Easter.

The Almanac of 1562 from Nostradamus, leaves us with:

“The hidden desire for the good will succeed,
Religion, peace, love and concord:
The nuptial song will not be completely in accord…”

This is reminiscent of the beautiful hymns sung to Notre Dame by the heart broken Parisens as she burned and they prayed. Perhaps it could be alluding to a civil partnership – equal marriage – that is the ‘nuptial song’ that is not completely in accord, the Vatican having chosen not to support it. It is certainly food for thought.

Chiron in Aries

Chiron,  referred to as the wounded healer which has been in Pisces for almost ten years moves into Aries on 17 April returning briefly to Pisces from 25/26 September 2018 to 18 February 2019, after which Chiron will remain in Aries until 2026. The energy of Pisces and Aries is diametrically opposite. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing pioneering and enterprise and brash individualism whereas Pisces which is the twelfth sign of the zodiac represents sacrifice and merging with the Universe. This represents a shift in consciousness and how we will meet challenges and resolve our emotional wounds. The last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968-1976 when there was a collective groundswell against the Vietnam War which finally brought about peace.

Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto
In April Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all station retrograde. During the station of a planet the energy is at its most intense. This will serve as preview of what to expect when these three planets make a triple conjunction in Capricorn in 2020. This powerful trio in the sign of Capricorn which rules the Establishment will undermine institutions, government regulations and corporations forcing us to discard outmoded systems and methods to replace them with ones more relevant for the 21st century.

Retrograde Jupiter
Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion will station retrograde at 24 degrees Sagittarius 21 on 11 April, turning direct at 14 Sagittarius 30 on 11 August. Jupiter rules the law, philosophy, higher education, travel and foreign affairs so it is an ideal time to reassess these areas.

Retrograde Saturn
Serious Saturn will station retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn 31 on 30 April, turning direct at 13 degrees Capricorn 55 on 18 September. Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma and represents authority, responsibility and hard work. When a planet turns retrograde the energy is directed inward so it could be a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety and fear. Retrograde Saturn means that whatever area of responsibility you have is so important, extra time is needed to take stock and make sure everything is in order before you proceed.

Retrograde Pluto
Transformative Pluto follows suit turning retrograde at 23 degrees Capricorn 09 on 25 April and turns direct at 20 Capricorn 38 on 3 October. Pluto represents power, control, obsessions and compulsions so when Pluto turns retrograde it is a time to take stock of your power drives, compulsions, obsessions or addictions or those of others who are impacting on your life.

Uranus in Taurus
After seven years in the sign of Aries, Uranus had its first entry into Taurus on 16 May 2018. On the same day dynamic. Uranus will return briefly into Aries from 7 November 2018 before fully entering Taurus on 7 March 2019 where it will remain until 26 April 2026. Uranus rules revolutions, rebellions and the collective while Taurus represents your money, wealth, property and values and the polar opposite sign of Scorpio rules joint finances, inheritances, death and taxes. Therefore, you need to fasten your safety belts to prepare for a radical change in how finance and financial institutions operate. While Uranus was hovering on the cusp of Taurus in 2018 we were already catching a glimpse here in Australia of how it is impacting on the financial services sector such as the Big Four banks and AMP etc. as they came under scrutiny with Royal Commission into the Financial Services Sector as their arrogance, lies, deceit and obfuscation are exposed. The ATO (the Australian Taxation Office) has also come under fire for its cynical actions and bullying of operators of small business so that they can gain funds unethically and illegally. Uranus’s entry into Taurus heralds a critical mass which will act as a catalyst for radical change in business and finance.

Overseas we have seen the Taurean CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, under increasing scrutiny with its cavalier handling of our data allowing such data collecting companies as Cambridge Analytica to have access to our data. Facebook is facing international investigations into the illicit harvesting of users’ personal data. The information was collected by Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm that backed President Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

The recent tragic massacre in Christchurch uploaded on Facebook by the perpetrator and allowed to run for more than 17 minutes has put more pressure on Facebook and Youtube etc. to monitor its content. Mark Zuckerberg has now called on governments and other bodies to increase regulation around the sorts of data in which Facebook traffics. He’s hoping to get out in front of heavy-handed regulation and get a seat at the table shaping it.

It is interesting to note that Facebook was established on 18 May 2012 during the time the Sun was in Taurus. Looking at the event chart of Facebook, four planets Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Moon are all in the sign of Taurus while Zuckerberg himself has the Sun and Venus in Taurus. Therefore, Uranus’s transit through Taurus will impact Zuckerberg’s personal planets as well as those of Facebook heralding radical changes in how Zuckerberg and Facebook operates.

Facebook has banned “praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism on Facebook and Instagram,” because that “it’s clear that these concepts are deeply linked to organized hate groups and have no place on our services.”Microsoft has called for the tech industry to set a uniform approach to violent, extremist content following the sickening massacre of Muslims attending mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand by a white supremacist earlier this month.

OxycontinProtest against Sacklers

Citizens take on Big Pharma
Uranus rules groups and associations so being in Taurus it could also involve class-action lawsuits by groups which could be crowdfunded online or by other collective means. People are likely to take things into their own hands to fight against the exploitation of big corporations. One case in point is the more than 600 cities, counties and Native American tribes from 28 states have filed a federal lawsuit against eight members of the Sackler family – owners of the pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma LP – accusing them of creating the opioid addiction crisis through ownership of the company that manufactures the painkiller Oxycontin. Like other suits that have been filed, this one alleges the Sackler family made a

fortune by using deceptive marketing to sell addictive and potentially deadly painkillers.

Citizens take the initiative on climate action in regional Australia

Tathra meeting for climate action

Meeting of Tathra Residents for action on climate change

In my previous post I mentioned one of the impacts of Uranus moving into Taurus would be a critical mass on action on climate change.
4 Corners
program on Monday 1 April, Climate of Change featured a meeting of Tathra residents. Dr Matthew Nott, a local doctor, noted that he is really detecting a very strong mood for change in regional Australia. He said, “People really are searching for leadership on climate change but particularly also in regional areas appreciating that renewable energy offers us a huge economic opportunity. ”
His community group is pushing for the town – and the Shire – to fully embrace renewable energy.

A proposition by Dr Nott that they have a vote on a 100 percent renewable energy target by 2030 for the Bega Valley Shire starting right here in Tathra was carried with one of objection that the time frame be 2025 instead off 2030. Dr Knott said, “We also put it to our community that we wanted to paint the water tower in Tathra with that target. I think that we’ll give Tathra a sense of pride that we’re leading the way nationally in Australia when it comes to climate change solutions.

Climate change has been on the minds of many here in Tathra since parts of the town were destroyed by a bushfire last year. Scientists have long warned the risk of extreme weather events will increase as the planet gets warmer. Right now, global temperatures are projected to rise by up to three degrees above pre-industrial levels.

Dr Bill Hare said, “By the time we get to three degrees warming, I think we’ll have a continent that is ecologically transformed. It won’t be like the continent in which many of us grew up in. Summers will be a time to fear, I think, particularly around southern coastal regions, rather than the time that they are now, for people to enjoy themselves. And what we’ve seen over the last summer is just the beginning of that. We’re only at one degree warming now. Think three degrees, you think a lot more. The world’s current plan to slow global warming is the Paris agreement – signed by more than 170 countries in 2016.” Under that deal Australia pledged to reduce its emissions by 26 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, but right now there is furious debate about whether Australia is on track to meet that target.

Mina Guli marathon runner for WaterMina Guli Australian Marathon Runner raise awareness re World’s Water Crisis

Mina Guli is the founder and CEO of Thirst. Thirst is a group promoting saving water by educating young people. Running marathons is “my way of representing just how big this water crisis is,” says Guli, an Australian corporate-lawyer-turned-activist who founded Thirst in 2012 to educate the next generation about the importance of water conservation. Thirst launched on World Water Day 2012 with two education workshops of 1000 students each. It has conducted on campus education programs for more than 40,000 children in Chinese schools and universities, and 300,000 young people at workshops, events and music festivals. It has established 120 student clubs in 12 provinces across China, and created online communities in popular media.[5] In an attempt to raise awareness of water shortage challenges, Guli attempted to run 100 marathons in 100 days but was forced to stop on day 63 with a fracture in her femur. However people joined in her initiative and she completed her marathon in a wheel chair.

Shorten vs MorrisonTwo Bulls Lock Horns – 2 Taureans vying to be Prime Minister in the upcoming Federal Elections in Australia

Two Taureans who are in the fight of their life are PM Scott Morrison and Opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten. What is fascinating is that they are born only one day apart and one year apart. Shorten, the elder of the two, is born on 12 May 1967 in Fitzroy, Melbourne while Morrison was born on 13 May 1968 in Sydney. Scott Morrison after much game playing called the election for 18 May. Without birth times for the two opponents it is difficult to make any firm prediction. Added to this more and more people are taking advantage of pre poll voting and postal votes before the actual election day. Shorten and Morrison are presenting Australians with radically different choices. Morrison, under the Liberals is favouring more tax cuts for the higher income bracket or “the big end of town” and the baby boomer cohort while Labor is pitching to the lower to middle income bracket and the younger generations locked out of the housing market.  Morrison brandishing a piece of coal in parliament is emblematic of the Liberal Coalition’s lack of action on climate change.

Taurus Greeting Card Illustrated by Sue Robertson
Taurus Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
Notre Dame: The Soul of Paris by Phillip Lindsay
Nostradumus and the Notre Dame Horoscope by Jessica Adams

March Astromusings – Happy Birthday Aries!Autumn/Spring Equinox, Full Moon Supermoon in Libra

1 Airies

Illustrated by Sue Robertson

Aries, the fearless warrior
ruled by the fiery planet Mars
with pioneering spirit
and youthful brashness
rushes headlong into battle
undaunted by obstacles
in his path

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

Happy Birthday Aries! – Autumn/Spring Equinox
Happy Birthday to all the Aries who celebrate their birthdays from March 21 to April 19. The Sun enters Aries 21 March 3.15 am AEDT Sydney time. The Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, on March 20/21 at the time of the Spring or Vernal equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the Autumnal equinox in the Southern hemisphere when the days and nights are of equal length. This marks the New Year astrologically as the Sun begins its passage through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Traditionally linked with the Spring Equinox, Aries, the Ram, represents the procreative force and rebirth. Just as Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac symbolises the last part of the body, the feet, Aries represents the first part of the body, the head. The glyph for Aries has several different interpretations. From a physical point of view it symbolises the eyebrows and nose. The two down-turned horns of the ram are suggestive of the battering power of the ram who fights head on. Metaphysically the glyph for Aries represents a fountain gushing forth water symbolising consciousness in an upward and outward direction.

Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece – the Embodiment of Aries

Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece

A myth which embodies the Aries courage, pioneering spirit and initiative is the Quest for the Golden Fleece. In the Mythic Tarot Liz Greene portrays the quest of the Golden Fleece as the mythic journey in the suit of wands symbolising fire. Jason has convinced the heroes, Heracles, Theseus and the Warrior twins Castor and Polydeuces, to accompany him on a voyage to Colchis on his daring quest for the Golden Fleece. His heroes who accompany him each possess necessary attributes to ensure a successful outcome. Heracles  represents strength; King Theseus of Athens, a fiery adventurer like Jason provides the creative vision; Castor and Polydeuces have the cutting edge of the clever mind, and Orpheus has the deep feeling and empathy to disarm any foe.

To gain the Golden Fleece Jason and his Argonauts have to endure many challenges on this treacherous journey, including a battle with the dragon which guards the Golden Fleece. Having procured the Golden Fleece, Jason and his heroes must do battle with the formidable King Aeetes of Colchis to be able to bring the Fleece back to Iolkos. Again our indomitable hero, against all odds wins the battle against King Aeetes only to have to face one more challenge before the goal is reached – that of steering the Argo through the Clashing Rocks. Such is the stuff that the Aries individual is made of, never willing to give in, thriving on challenges no matter how difficult they may appear!

img_diomedes Hercules captures mares of Diomedes

Hercules Captures the Man-Eating Mares of Diomedes

The Labours of Hercules – The Capture of Man-Eating Mares

In the first labour of Hercules he has to capture the wild horses and mares of Diomedes, the son of Mars. So wild were these horses and fierce the mares that all men were said to tremble at their sound, for they ravaged up and down the land, wreaking damage and killing all sons of men who crossed their path, and breeding steadily most wild and evil horses. Hercules enlisted the aid of his dear friend Abderis. Hercules succeeded in cornering the wild mares in a field and caught and tethered them while yelling with joy at his success. So great was Hercules’ delight in his prowess thus displayed that he deemed it beneath his dignity to hold the mares or drive them on the Way to Diomedes so he asked his friend Abderis to perform the task. But Abderis was weak and fearful and could not hold them or harness them or drive them through the Gate with the result that they turned on him and rent and trod him underfoot, killing him and escaping into the wilder land of Diomedes.

Wiser, grief-stricken, humble and discouraged, Hercules returned to re-do the labour this time succeeding in capturing the horses and driving them through the Gate himself but his friend lay dead. The teacher looked him over with care and sent the horses to a place of peace to be tamed and broken to their tasks. The people of the land, released from fear welcomed the deliverer, acclaiming Hercules as the saviour of the land.
The Teacher turned to Hercules and said: “Labour the first is ended; the task is done but badly done. Learn the true lesson of this task and then pass on to further service to your fellowmen.”

Alice Bailey explains the esoteric symbolism of the myth. She comments on the fact that the first labour starts with a partial failure, as is so often the case with the inexperienced and impetuous aspirant. This first labour marks the first step upon the “path of translation” Aries governs the head. It is consequently the sign of the thinker, and therefore a powerful mental sign. The aspirant begins the labours when he truly becomes the thinker, and in full awareness proceeds to function as the arbiter of his own destiny.

Bailey notes that the horse in the Indian scripture and mythology is closely connected to the ram and also stands for intellectual activity. The white horse symbolises the illumined mind of the spiritual man and so we find in the Book of Revelations that Christ comes forth riding upon a white horse. Black horses represent the lower mind with its false ideas and erring human concepts. The brood mares, such as we meet in the first labour, indicate the feminine aspect of the mind as it gives birth to ideas, to theories and to concepts. The thought-form making tendency of the mind is here symbolised, embodying the ideas conceived, and which are let loose upon the world, devastating and destroying when emanating from the lower mind, but constructing and saving when coming from the soul.

The exoteric ruler of Aries is Mars, the god of war, and so Hercules acting under the right direction of thought and beginning his work on the mental plane, takes his stand as the warrior. His outstanding characteristic in this sign is the pioneering, militant spirit. The mares were in the possession of Diomedes, the son of Mars. (But the esoteric ruler of Aries is Mercury, which ‘illumines the mind and mediates between the soul and the personality.”)
Bailey sums up the crux of the test in the following way: “The conquest of matter and overcoming illusion loomed large before Hercules and indicated from the very outset of the twelve labours the nature of his final achievement. It has been said that the keynote of the sign Aries is hope and as he has faced his twelve labours, hope was all the guarantee that Hercules then had that he would achieve. Hope, his untried divine equipment, his personal club, and much enthusiasm: so start all disciples.

Hercules had to begin in the world of thought to gain mental control. For ages brood mares of thought had been breeding war horses and through wrong thought, wrong speech and erroneous ideas, had been devastating the countryside. Bailey writes that one of the first lessons that every beginner has to learn is the tremendous power that he mentally wields, and the amount of harm that he can cause in his neighbourhood and environment through the brood mares of his mind. He has, therefore, to learn the right use of his mind, and the first thing that he has to do is capture this feminine aspect of the mind and see to it that no more war horses are bred.

Hercules realised the harm that the brood mares were doing. He rushed gallantly to the rescue of the neighbourhood, determined to catch the brood mares, but he overestimated himself. He did succeed in rounding them up and capturing them, but he failed to realise their potency and strength, so he gave them to Abderis, the symbol of the lower personal self, to hold. But Hercules, the soul, and Abderis, the personality, in unison were needed to guard these devastating horses. Abderis alone is not strong enough, and what had been happening to the people in the neighbourhood, happened to Abderis: they killed him.

Bailey goes on to explain that this is an instance of the working of the great law that we pay the price in our own natures of wrongly-spoken word and ill-judged actions. Again the Soul in the person of Hercules, had to deal with the problems of wrong thought and only when he becomes a one-pointed aspirant in the sign Sagittarius and in that sign kills the Man-Eating Birds, does he really attain complete control of the thought processes of his nature.”
Bailey then quotes from Thackeray to further illustrate the practical significance of thought: ” Sow a thought and reap an action. Sow an action, and reap a habit. Sow a habit and reap character. Sow character and reap destiny.”

Aries Hall of Fame


Frank W. Woolworth

Aries, with their natural zeal, drive, enterprising qualities and ambition, are drawn to careers in business and high finance. Aries are well represented as stockbrokers, venture capitalists and futures traders. J.P. Morgan and Frank Woolworth are Aries billionaires. Mars also rules cutting implements so Aries are also well represented in the medical profession as surgeons.


Colin Powell

With Mars also symbolising war, it is not surprising to learn that Aries can be found amongst the ranks of generals.  Colin Powell, an Aries, was the U.S. chief of Staff during the First Gulf War and a retired four-star general of the United States Army. No matter what career they undertake they pursue it with great passion. Passion seems to be the key-note of great Aries musicians such as JS Bach, famous for St Matthews Passion, and artists such as Vincent Van Gogh. The poet laureate, William Wordsworth, was also an Aries as was St Teresa of Avila who experienced the Mystic Marriage with Christ. With the Aries reputation for amorous pursuits, it is not surprising to learn that the infamous Italian Casanova was an Aries


Russell Crowe in the Gladiator

Aries always exude great magnetism on stage and screen as is the case with our celluloid heroes, Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, Omar Sharif, Spencer Tracy, Peter Ustinov, Charlie Chaplin, Gregory Peck, and Russell Crowe of ‘Gladiator’ fame.


Joan Crawford & Bette Davis

Other notable Aries include Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Dudley Moore, Bette Davis and her nemesis Joan Crawford whose tempestuous relationship is currently being portrayed in the TV series, Feud, and the trail blazing femininist icon Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem 15 Mar 2017

Gloria Steinem pioneering feminist


Nancy Pelosi raises the gavel on becoming Speaker of the House

A woman who is making waves is the Democrat Speaker of the US House of Representatives for the 116th Congress, Nancy Pelosi who is more than a match for Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi will be a force to be reckoned with, born on 26 March 1940 (time not known) in Baltimore, Maryland with her Sun in feisty Aries, the Moon in Scorpio and a stellium in Taurus. Pelosi comes from a strong family tradition of public service. Her late father, Thomas D’Alesaanddro Jr., served as Mayor of Baltimore for 12 years, after representing the city for five terms in Congress. Her brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III, also served as Mayor of Baltimore. She graduated from Trinity College in Washington, D.C. She and her husband, Paul Pelosi, a native of San Francisco, have five grown children and nine grandchildren.

From 2007 to 2011, Pelosi served as Speaker of the House, the first woman to do so in American history. In 2013, she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Seneca Falls, the birthplace of the American women’s rights movement.       For 31 years, Leader Pelosi has represented San Francisco, California’s 12th District, in Congress.  She has led House Democrats for more than 16 years and previously served as House Democratic Whip.

Under the leadership of Pelosi, the 111th Congress was heralded as “one of the most productive Congresses in history” by Congressional scholar Norman Ornstein. President Barack Obama called Speaker Pelosi “an extraordinary leader for the American people,” and the Christian Science Monitor wrote: “…make no mistake: Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful woman in American politics and the most powerful House Speaker since Sam Rayburn a half century ago.”

pelosi vs trumpPelosi versus Trump
Even before Nancy Pelosi had become speaker the battles lines were being drawn between her and Trump  over the subject of wall between USA and Mexico for which Trump was agitating. The subject was a potential government shutdown, and funding for Mr. Trump’s beloved wall. What followed was a remarkable televised exchange between a veteran congressional leader and a president who is far less experienced but rarely challenged to his face in public, especially by a woman.

Right off the bat, Ms. Pelosi referred to a “Trump shutdown,” knowing full well it would set off the president. (It did.) Then she called Mr. Trump’s bluff — “O.K., then do it, then do it,” she taunted — when he suggested House Republicans could easily pass a spending bill that included wall funding. When he interrupted her, she interrupted him, her voice calm and steady, her “Mr. Presidents” constant, even as he wagged his finger and called her “Nancy.”

And when Mr. Trump tried to undercut her by suggesting she was “in a situation where it’s not easy for her to talk right now,” Ms. Pelosi fired back. “Mr. President,” she said, “please don’t characterize the strength that I bring to this meeting as the leader of the House Democrats, who just won a big victory.”

Pelosi stares down Trump over his border wall
When President Donald Trump delivered his second State of the Union address, he shared the stage with the Democrat who has become his most vexing political rival: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stark reminder of the precarious state of his proposed border wall, the negotiations to avoid another government shutdown and his legislative agenda for the next two years.

Associates of Pelosi and Trump said the president appears to have initially misread the speaker and underestimated her willingness to stand firm against his demands for money to pay for a border wall. Trump ultimately agreed to temporarily end a 35-day government shutdown last month even though the short-term funding bill included no money for his border wall.

Earlier, the two clashed about the timing of Trump’s address. After Pelosi suggested the president wait to deliver the State of the Union until after the government reopened, Trump first threatened to deliver the speech in another venue before he relented and agreed to hold off until Tuesday. 
Looking at the synastry between Pelosi and Trump there are a few contacts between their two charts – the first being that Pelosi’s Mars in Taurus is square Trump’s Mars and ascendant in Leo – both in fixed signs which would cause them to rigidly hold their positions resulting in a clash of wills. Added to that their Jupiters are in oppsition and their Chirons are square indicating they hold opposing worldviews and values. Pelosi’s Uranus is inconjunct Trump’s Moon so her unpredictability is a match for trump’s erratic nature.


Jane Goodall

Dr Jane Goodall with one of her beloved chimps

Another renowned Aries, Dr Jane Goodall who turns 85 on 3 April is a warrior for conservation and animal welfare issues as well as a tireless campaigner for action on climate change. She was born on 3 April 1934 at 11.30 pm in Hampstead, UK. Jane Goodall's natal chartShe has all the hallmarks of a pioneer with her Sun conjunct Mars in Aries in her 4th house. She has Moon in Sagittarius in the mystical 12th house conjuncting her ascendant adding to her spirit of adventure and seer like ability to foresee future trends. To offset her fiery Sun, Mars, Moon and ascendant she has Mercury, the planet of communication, in sensitive empathetic Pisces. Jupiter, the ruler of her Sagittarius ascendant, is prominently placed in her career sector emphasising her idealistic nature and spirit of adventure. With Jupiter in Libra she would be an advocate for justice and fairness. Her Moon in the reclusive 12th house and Mercury in Pisces would cause her to enjoy solitude enabling her to access her intuition in her communications. With her Sun and Mars in the 4th house of home and family for her her family includes not only the human race but the flora and fauna of the planet. In a youtube video Jane declares, “I was born loving animals, it was my passion.”

Jane Goodall supports Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish environmentalist
In a recent speech Jane Goodall declared, “Individuals everywhere must make different choices if humanity – and many of the world’s other species – are to avoid a “bleak” future.”

Dr Goodall, who is heading to Australia in May for a series of talks dubbed Rewind the Future, said “the consumer must take responsibility”, adding “the accumulation of millions of ethical choices will certainly make a difference – and it’s beginning to happen”.


Jane Goodall with Greta Thunberg, instigator of school strikes for action on global warming

The renowned naturalist, said the increase in youth activity – such the global climate movement started by Swedish student Greta Thunberg – was a source of hope that rising environmental threats would be addressed. Ms Thunberg is “completely amazing … she’s brave and she truly, truly believes in what’s she’s talking about”, Dr Goodall said of the instigator of the School Strike 4 Climate.

Dr Goodall blamed an “unholy alliance” between governments and big fossil fuel companies for slowing the advance of renewable energy that could have seen many more people get off the power grid by now.

Aries Health and  Anatomy

As well as ruling the head, Aries rules all important organs associated with it, i.e. the brain and the eyes. In matters of health Aries are especially prone to injuries to the head and face as they often rush in where angels fear to tread. Mars rules body heat so the Aries individual is very susceptible to fevers as well as headaches and sinus. The Aries individual needs to switch off the engine and learn to relax. Yoga, meditation or martial arts are ideal activities for this hyperactive fire sign.

In her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, Vanda Sawtell outlines the health challenges for Aries and the biochemic cell salt which serves as a remedy.” The biochemic cell salt for Aries is Kali phos. which creates the grey matter of the brain by uniting with albumen and oxygen. Kali phos is so important that without it, the brain simply cannot function because there is no grey matter to function unless Kali phos. is there to create it. All mental disorders require Kali Phos, as do nervous complaints of every kind; depression, insomnia, irritability, hysteria, sensitiveness, and headaches. It is also invaluable for concentration. It is naturally indicated in all cases of paralysis in order to rebuild cells of the brain which serve the affected area. Since Kali phos. builds the brain cells, it is obvious we cannot have clear and definite thoughts without it.

The very name is significant, for Kali means ‘mother’ or ‘mater’ from which we get ‘material’, and phosphorus means ‘light bearer’.” Vanda Sawtell claims that because of its antiseptic properties, Kali phos. should be given in all skin troubles, especially if there is irritation, and in conjunction with ferrum phos. the cell salt for Pisces.

Since the fire of Kali phos. burns in the oxygen attracted by Ferrum phos. it is difficult to separate these two salts, Kali phos. and Ferrum phos. just as the signs, the first and the last of the zodiac seemed locked together as though it were their function to unite the Zodiac in a circle. Nerve impulses to all organs of the body are generated in the brain, therefore the range of symptoms covered by Kali phos is very wide. The sensory organs of sight, hearing, taste and smell all come under its influence. It is of great assistance in menstruation and pregnancy and in respiratory troubles such as bronchial asthma, whooping cough, hoarseness and loss of voice. It is also vital when nervous symptoms arise due to the fact that the nerve fluid has been exhausted.”

Overview for Aries for 2019
Unpredictable Uranus has finally moved out of your sign and has just entered your finance sector. Pluto and Saturn continue their sojourn through your career sector while lucky Jupiter has entered your travel and higher education sector. Chiron the planet of wounding and healing has just entered your sign.

Your career sector is highlighted by two eclipses. The first eclipse is a partial solar eclipse on 6 January and a partial lunar eclipse on 16 July 2019. Saturn and Pluto continue their sojourn through your career sector. Serious Saturn in your career sector will require hard work and responsibility on your part while Pluto could bring up power issues but also giving you the opportunity to reinvent yourself as far as your career and goals are concerned. Pluto will be here until November 2024. It could bring upheaval in your career and you need to go with the flow rather than resist the changes Pluto will bring in its wake. Pluto will bring to the surface whatever is grumbling in your career so that it can be faced and transformed. Pluto here indicates that you need a deeply engaging career. Solid Saturn which will remain in your career sector until December 2020 will help you to build new structures in the aftermath of Pluto’s destruction of old structures.

Unpredictable Uranus’s entry into your finance sector will bring uncertainty here. You could have a sudden windfall or you could experience upheaval in your finances.  Venus, the ruler of your finance sector, will grace your finance sector with a visit there from 16 May to 9 June which should give you an opportunity to enhance your finances. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit here from 7 – 21 May facilitating commercial transactions and networking.

Venus, the planet of love and romance, will pay a visit to your love and relationship sector from 13 September to 8 October adding a sparkle to your most intimate relationships and bringing harmony.  Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit to your love sector from 13 September to 3 October encouraging communication and networking with your significant other or business partners.

Home and Family
Your domestic sector will be highlighted by an eclipse and the karmic North Node. The solar total  eclipse occurs on 2 July. Other cosmic visitors to your domestic sector are Venus and Mercury. With Mercury going retrograde Mercury will pay two visits here. The first visit will occur from 5 – 27 June and then again from 20 July to 11 August giving opportunities for discussions on family matters. Venus’ presence there from 4 – 28 July will bring harmony and opportunities for family get togethers.

Creativity, Children and Romance
Your creativity, children and romance sector will be highlighted  by a lunar total eclipse on 21 January.  Other cosmic visitors to your creativity and children sector are Mercury and Venus. Mercury will pay two visits here – the first will be from 28 June to 19 July and then again from 12 – 29 August highlighting your  creativity sector which should enliven these areas of life, encouraging learning, communication and play. Venus will grace your creativity and children sector from 29 July to 21 August promoting harmony and creative inspiration. On the whole this should be a joyful time where you can rediscover your inner child have fun and explore your creativity

Health and Work
Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit here from 30 August to 14 September facilitating communication and networking in the workplace. Feisty Mars makes its entrance in your work and health sector from 19 August to 4 October imbuing you with the energy in the workplace. Venus graces your work and health sector with her presence from 22 August to 14 October promoting harmony here.

Travel and Higher Education
The good news is that lucky Jupiter will be in your travel sector until 2 December 2019  encouraging you to explore new horizons both literally and metaphorically. You will be imbued with a sense of adventure giving you the urge to travel or to enrol in a course of study. to Quicksilver Mercury will pay two visits to your travel and higher education sector from 1 November 2018 until 5 January 2019 and then again from 10 – 29 December facilitating communication and networking in this sphere of your life. Venus will grace your travel sector with her presence from 2 – 26 November making it an ideal time for a pleasure cruise or a romantic getaway.

Your friendship sector will have two planetary visitors. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, activates your friendship sector from 25 January to 10 February bringing opportunities for communication and social networking. Venus will grace your social sector with her presence from 2 – 26 March bringing harmony and opportunities for socialising.

Neptune, Venus and Mercury inhabit your 12th house of karma and spirituality. Neptune will feel at home here as it is in its own house and now in its own sign of Pisces. This will give you plenty of opportunities to retreat and explore your inner world and your spiritual essence. You may feel a desire to escape from the mundane world and attend a spiritual retreat, meditate or listen to soulful music or keep a dream journal. Neptune is about surrender and forgetting self to achieve union with a higher power so you may be inspired to be of service perhaps through working for a charity or learning one of the healing arts. Quicksilver Mercury, the messenger of the gods, pays a visit here from 11 Feb to 17 April arousing your curiosity about matters spiritual. It may encourage communication on other than verbal levels such as practising meditation, attuning to your dreams or receiving other insights. Part of Mercury’s passage here will be in retrograde phase from 5 – 27 March. Venus will be there from 27 March to 20 April. However you choose to attune to Neptune’s higher vibrations, it will be in this sector of your chart until March 2025, giving you lots of opportunities to connect with your soul.

HermesMercury Retrograde
Mercury turns retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces 39 on 6 March stationing direct again at 16 degrees Pisces 06 on 29 March. This retrograde phase can cause confusion and delays and missed appointments so it is important to double check your appointments. travel arrangements and purchases. There can also be challenges with transport or strikes. There could be more confusion than usual with nebulous Neptune uniting with retrograde Mercury. Positively, it is an ideal time to review, research and plan activities. 

Autumn/Spring Equinox – 20/21 March
The Sun’s entry into Aries coincides with the Autumn/Spring Equinox as well as the Full Moon SuperMoon on 21 March.  Uranus’s entry into Taurus and Chiron’s entry into Aries will set a new paradigm seeding exciting new innovations and technologies as well as valuing the environment. The Sun enters Aries at 8.58 am on 21 March and the Full Moon SuperMoon occurs at 00 degrees Libra 09 at 12.42 pm. This confluence of three significant events brings powerful energy in its wake. The Aries Libra polarity asks us to balance ego driven urges with more altruistic motives. The Full Moon in Libra will focus on bringing harmony and fairness to relationships.

Aries Ingress
Aries Ingress 2019In the Aries Ingress chart Chiron, the planetoid of healing, is in close proximity to the Sun bringing healing into focus. Coupled with the recent entry of Uranus in Taurus the focus will be on healing not only of the individual but also healing of our planet. We are already seeing the promotion of sustainable energy in the marketplace by big business and financial regulators. On 12 March the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Guy Debelle, opened his address at a Public Forum run by the Centre for Policy Development with the lines from Dorothea McKellar’s iconic poem, ‘I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding plains.’ to explain how climate change is affecting monetary policy. In an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald of March 14 former energy industry executive, Ian Dunlop, warns politicians who are dragging their feet on action on climate change with the heading: As an ex-coal boss, I’m telling pollies: wake up to climate peril. He continues – To prevent catastrophic tipping points, stop investing in fossil fuels now.the

Menindee fish killIn the chart of the recent New Moon on 7 March Neptune is less than a degree away from this New Moon, infusing the collective consciousness with inspiration. Neptune rules water including the oceans, rivers, flooding, fish, reefs, sea level rise, melting glaciers and water conservation are highlighted by the Pisces New Moon. The recent Menindee Lakes fish kill alerts us about the need to be conscious of how we manage this precious resource.

Climate change protest in WashingtonStudent protest against polliesClimate change Protest in Australia
Stop AdaniStudent protest against Scomo

School Strike 4 Climate.The growing movement for action on climate change is reaching a critical mass. People polled on the biggest issue in the upcoming NSW elections cited cited climate change and we just witnessed another huge protest for action on climate change by young people both uni students and school students across the globe inspired by the Swedish school student, Greta Thunberg who has now been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. More than 240 scientists have already signed a document supporting students around the world in their demand for bold action to make sure the world they grow up in is livable.

Holding People in High Places to Account
The South Node is swiftly approaching Saturn and Pluto which are now only four degrees in orb from an exact alignment. For people living in the eastern states of Australia, especially Melbourne, the South Node is on the Ascendant, so the connections that this aspect brings, will be especially relevant here. This could trigger a big political shake up, with the clock ticking on a 2019 Federal election. With the combination of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, people in the Establishment and institutions such as the government, the church, institutions of higher learning etc. will be held to account not only nationally but on a global level. We have just witnessed the sentencing of Cardinal George Pell to six years gaol for child sexual abuse of two choir boys and is now is a registered sex offender. Oh how the mighty have fallen! In the words of David Marr in the Guardian, “This secular country at the far end of the Earth stood up to Rome to hold the first national inquiry into the role of faiths – particularly the Catholic faith – in a systematic, old and hidden regime of child abuse.”

Celebs charged in college bribery scandal
FBI Charges Rich and Famous for College Bribery
As the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and the karmic South Node tightens more members of the Establishment and institutions are being caught out in committing fraudulent activities the latest institution to be caught out is fraud perpetrated by universities and colleges. Fifty people in six states have been charged by the Justice Department for taking part in a major college admission scam. They include Hollywood actresses such as Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, business leaders and elite college coaches, thirty-three well-heeled parents, private admissions counsellors and exam administrators They have been charged in a scheme to buy spots at Yale, the University of Southern California and other big-name colleges. The fallout from the scandal has already exposed an array of illegal practices. But there has long been a legal, if pricey, way to game the admissions process: the help of private college consultants. The case underscored the racial and economic disparities that plague access to higher education.

Aries Greeting Card Illustrated by Sue Robertson
Aries Poem by Anne Robertson
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice Bailey
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
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February Astromusings – Happy Birthday Pisceans! Mars in Taurus, Chiron in Aries, Full Moon SuperMoon in Virgo, Retrograde Mercury

12 Pisces

Pisces the two fish
swim through
the unfathomable depths
Body and soul bound by
the silver cord
The soul struggles to
break free of its earthly bonds
to reunite with the Source
and bring Light to the World

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

No fairy tale relates the soul’s journey of Pisces more poignantly than Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. She undergoes sacrifice, great physical pain and personal suffering in return for the attainment of an ideal. She surrenders her beautiful voice, severs her links with her loved ones, and endures unbearable physical pain with every step she takes in return for an immortal soul and the love of a mortal prince who is unattainable. Redeemed from her suffering, she spends the rest of her life in service to others. Both Pisces and its polar opposite sign, Virgo, symbolise service.

Happy birthday to all the Pisceans, who celebrate their birthdays between February 19 and March 20. Pisces, whose symbol is the two fish swimming in opposite directions, is one of the three water signs. Pisces is one of four mutable signs the others being Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

The constellation Pisces comprises the northern and the southern fish, joined together by a rope attached to each of their tails. The fish and the cord form a giant horizontal “V,” at the apex of which is Pisces’s brightest star, Al Rescha, an Arabic word meaning “the Cord” Esoterically the two fish symbolise the Body and the Soul held together by a band – the Sutratma of Eastern philosophy, the Silver Cord in the Bible. The journey of the two fish is symbolic of the journey of humanity toward evolution in consciousness as the soul tries to free itself from the bondage of the ego.

The Age of Pisces
The outgoing Age of Pisces was marked by the birth of Christ, and Christianity commemorates His crucifixion and resurrection, so Pisces is the archetype of the Saviour which represents great suffering and redemption. Pisces falls during Lent, the period of fasting which precedes Easter. During the 500 years before Jesus’ birth, many of the founders of today’s religions were born, including Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao-tse and Confucius. Jesus’ ministry not only laid the foundation for the 2000 year period now coming to a close but for a 26,000 year period referred to as ‘the Great Year’. The Piscean symbolism permeates Christianity. ‘Icthys’, the Greek name for Jesus, means fish. The twelve disciples of Jesus were from the ranks of fishermen. Jesus is said to have fed the multitudes with loaves and fishes. In the early days of Christianity in Rome, Christians, fearing persecution, would identify each other by drawing a picture of a fish in the sand or have a fish painted on the palm of their hand. The Age of Pisces has been marked by religious devotion and worship whereas the Age of Aquarius will focus on cultivating the Divine within humanity.

Neptune the Ruler of Pisces
Pisces’s ruling planet, Neptune, or Poseidon as he was known to the Greeks, ruled over his watery domain with his trident in his hand. In Greek mythology the universe was divided into three realms assigned to the three brothers. The heavens were assigned to Zeus-Jupiter, Hades-Pluto ruled over the Underworld, and Poseidon-Neptune ruled the oceans. The glyph for Neptune is a pictograph of the trident held in the hands of Poseidon. Neptune’s trident is his attribute of power reflecting the lunar crescent which links him to the realms of the instincts and watery depths of the unconscious. Before the planet Neptune was discovered in 1846 Jupiter ruled Pisces. When each planet is discovered it indicates a new level of evolution in the consciousness of humanity. As mentioned in my previous article, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, was discovered at the time of the French revolution and the American War of Independence, while the discovery of Neptune coincided with the spiritualist movement and the founding of the Theosophical Society. Neptune’s two moons, Oberon and Titania which bear the names of the King and Queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Nights Dream’ are symbolic of the dream-like, elusive quality of Pisces and its ruler, Neptune. We can gain an idea of the power of Neptune from the Tower card as depicted in Liz Greene’s Mythic Tarot in which Poseidon, portrayed with a fish’s tail, points his trident at the tower, causing lightning to strike it and cracks begin to appear in its edifice. Neptune rules spirituality and the arts. In its capacity as the planet of spirituality it teaches us non-attachment, because as soon as we identify with a thought, a possession, or a loved one, Neptune can dissolve it.

The Lesson of Neptune in the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice
Neptune’s lesson of non-attachment is nowhere more powerfully evoked that in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus and Eurydice, the newly weds, are very much in love, but instead of fulfilling their wedded bliss, Eurydice steps on a snake, is bitten and dies. The devastated bridegroom, Orpheus, who cannot accept his fate, sets out to retrieve his beloved. Orpheus is the typical Neptunian hero, a poet and musician whose songs and music uplift the spirits. With his music he charms the dog, Cerberus, that guards the Underworld, and persuades its inhabitants, Pluto and Persephone, to allow him to bring Eurydice back to the Upper world. They grant his wish on one condition – that he does not turn around and look at her until she has arrived in the upper world again but he cannot resist the temptation to gaze into the eyes of his beloved and she dissolves before his very eyes and with it his hopes for future happiness. There are always sacrifices and adjustments demanded by Neptune. The promise of happiness and fulfilment is often illusory. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus so requires a selfless love rather than self-gratification.

The Twelfth Labour of Hercules – The Capture of the Red Cattle of Geryon

In this the last of the twelve labours of Hercules the Teacher said to Hercules, ” Before the last gate now you stand, One labour yet remains before the circle is complete, and liberation is attained. He is told to proceed to Erytheia where great Illusion is enthroned where Geryon, the monster of three heads, three bodies and six hands, is lord and king. Unlawfully he holds a herd of dark red cattle. Hercules is told by his teacher that he must drive the herd from Erytheia to their Sacred City. He is warned to look out for Eurytion, the shepherd and his two headed dog Orthrus. His Teacher advises Hercules to invoke the aid of Helius which Hercules does, making offerings to Helius the god of fire in the sun. His offerings were rewarded with the gift of a golden chalice which provided safe protection for his journey across the tossing seas to Erytheia.

Hercules killed the double headed dog Orthrus which guarded the cattle but spared the life of the shepherd Eurytion. Hercules then proceeded to kill the monster Geryon. Hercules placed all the cattle in the golden cup in which he had sailed over to the island, took them to the Sacred City, and offered them in sacrifice to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. The Teacher greeted Hercules with the words, “Welcome, O Son of God who is also a son of man. The jewel of immortality is yours. By these twelve labours have you overcome the human, and put on the divine. Home have you come, no more to leave. Upon the starry firmament your name shall be inscribed, a symbol to the struggling sons of men of their immortal destiny. The human labours ended your cosmic tasks begin. From out of the Council Chamber came a voice that said, “well done, O Son of God.”

Alice Bailey explains the symbolism of the red cattle as that of the lower desires which are guarded by the shepherd, which is the mind, the two headed dog representing the matter aspect and the psychic nature. The reason that Hercules spared the shepherd symbolising the mind as the mind can still be the shepherd of the cattle but the two headed dog the psychic-emotional nature and the matter aspect, Hercules killed, which means that they were deprived of any power. The keeper of the cattle, the form aspect was killed but the shepherd and the cattle were raised up in the golden cup which symbolised the Holy Grail. Bailey goes onto explain that Hercules the World Saviour has fulfilled his function of lifting up humanity.

The Constellation of Pisces
Alice Bailey explains that the sign of Pisces marks a triangular place in the heavens, a symbol of reality. The sign rules the feet hence the idea of treading the Path and attaining the goal has been the underlying spiritual revelation of the Piscean age. Pisces symbolises the death to the personality and also the death of the world saviour for it is the sign of crucifixion and marks the end of the zodiacal cycle.

The first constellation in Pisces is that curious cluster of stars called “The Band”, connecting the two fishes, one fish headed straight to the north and the other swimming on the horizon. The fish headed toward the north is the symbol of the aspirant to the mysteries while the fish on the horizon represents the average person.

The second constellation is Andromeda, the chained woman.  Alice Bailey alludes to three women among the constellations and explains their symbolism: There is Cassiopeia in Aries representing matter seated in her chair, dominant; Coma Berenice in Virgo who sacrificed her hair to be of service, representing the soul only beginning to assert itself. Andromeda the chained woman in Pisces represents matter harnessed.

The third constellation in Pisces is the King named Cepheus, the husband of Cassiopeia and the father of Andromeda. Bailey claims this suggests that “The King” represents the Spirit or Father aspect.

Alan Oken in his book ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’ has this to say about the constellation of Pisces: The waters of space obscure this constellation even more than they do in Aquarius however because of its very distinct shape it is easier to identify. Although it is one of the faintest of the twelve zodiacal asterisms it is one of the longest measuring about 41 degrees of celestial longitude. It is composed of the northern and southern fish joined together by a rope attached to each of their tails. the northern fish is the smaller of the two: it swims toward the constellation of Andromeda and the great nebula which lies within its boundaries. The southern fish swims under the great square of Pegasus the Flying Horse, and points its nose in the direction of Aquarius.

South of Al Rescha (also called “the Knot”) is Cetus the Whale, and east of the upper arm of the “V” is Aries.

Piscean Anatomy and Health
Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and if we take into account the Universal Law, ‘As Above So Below’ it follows that Pisces rules the feet, the last part of the body. Added to this is the fact that March, the month in which Pisces falls, is derived from the Latin word, ‘margo’, which means extremity, limit, edge, boundary, or attainment.

Metaphysically, Pisces is related to understanding, and good understanding is necessary before we can travel far mentally. Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, often referred to as a psychic sponge so they need to protect their boundaries to avoid being overwhelmed by other people’s negative vibes. They need to have periodic retreats from the world to recharge their batteries.

Anatomically Pisces also rules the pineal gland, the lymphatic system, the aura and parts of the nervous system receptive to psychic impressions. An afflicted Neptune can lead to auto-immune disorders or conditions difficult to diagnose. In her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’ Vanda Sawtell describes the role of the cell salt related to Pisces: “The Biochemic cell salt related to the sign Pisces is iron or Ferrum phos. Iron has an affinity for oxygen which together produce red blood. When iron is lacking the blood is pale and anaemic. Physiologically, iron which is related to Pisces, is in charge of the transport system of the body, just as our feet have charge of the transport of the body as a whole. Deficiencies of iron in the blood can cause inflammation or congestion, injuries and haemorrhages, dull throbbing headaches, insomnia, sore throat, lumbago, heart palpitations, emotional disturbances, colds and chills especially when feverish, rheumatism, fractures, cuts, sprains, bruises anaemia, depression, or listlessness.”

Pisceans can be prone to allergies caused by foods such as milk and dairy products. They need to include foods in their diet which keep their lymphatic system flowing, such as fish, a good source of protein, lemon, lime, cranberry and apple juice, leafy green salads and vegetables such as cabbage and celery, and grains such as brown rice, and potatoes and kumara. Exercises that encourage deep breathing such as yoga or pilates would also be beneficial. Neptune rules drugs and alcohol, therefore Pisceans or people with strong Neptune placements can be very prone to addictive behaviour.

Because of their compassionate natures they need to be discerning in whom they help and beware of a tendency toward martyrdom. The gemstone for Pisceans is aquamarine.  Bach flower essences that can relieve the Piscean tendency toward physical and mental exhaustion are hornbeam, and scleranthus for changeability, indecisiveness and moodiness. A homeopathic remedy indicated for heat exhaustion, headache, nausea and cramps, Veratrum album, would be beneficial for the  Piscean. Aromatherapy oils that would be a healing balm for the sensitive Piscean include sandalwood, jasmine, myrrh and ylang-ylang. The healing musical note for Pisces is B.

The Piscean Hall of Fame
Neptune rules the 12th house which deals with sacrifice, the unconscious mind, mysticism, imagination, illusion, intuition, confinements and past lives. For this reason people born under the sign of Pisces or having strong 12th house placements are often drawn to careers in the arts or spiritual endeavour. Anatomically Pisces rules the feet so it is not surprising to see that the famous ballet dancers, Nijinsky and Nureyev were Piscean. Pisceans exude an aura of glamour and a certain mystique which makes them well suited to the stage or screen.

Famous actors include Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine, Drew Barrymore, Leo McKern of Rumpole fame, Glenn Close, Liza Minnelli, Lynn Redgrave and Julie Walters.  Famous Piscean singers include Johnny Cash, Neil Sedaka and George Harrison. Piscean composers in the Hall of Fame include Chopin, Handel, Vivaldi, Ravel and Rossini. Piscean writers who have entranced their readers with their vivid imaginations include Kenneth Grahame, the author of The Wind in the Willows, the poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Dr Seuss whose stories have enchanted many children. Those Pisceans listed amongst the famous painters are Michelangelo, Botticelli and Renoir.
Pisceans who have contributed to the mystical realm include Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, a very gifted healer and medium; the Dutch psychic, Gerard Croiset; the Indian mystic, Meher Baba; Rudolph Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophical movement; and Roberto Assagioli, the visionary Italian psychiatrist who developed Psychosynthesis.



Neptune Transits
Every one of us experiences Neptune transits in our life. These transits can either enhance our sensitivity, intuition, compassion and creativity if they are positive transits, or if they are challenging transits can bring about confusion, deception, loss, sacrifice and suffering in our lives in order to teach us the lesson of non-attachment. Neptune’s cycle is approximately 160 years therefore it doesn’t complete a full circle and return to its natal place in the span of a lifetime. Neptune transits occur in the middle to late twenties around the time of the first Saturn Return, enabling us to aspire to our ideal of what we could be. A major Neptune transit occurs around the age of 42 coinciding with the Uranus opposition which represents the mid-life crisis and its subsequent search for meaning. In our mid fifties there is another Neptune transit which can enhance spiritual growth. The final major Neptune transit that we are likely to experience if we live into our eighties occurs in our mid eighties, around the same time as the Uranus Return which marks a time of reflection, not only of life and death but also of what lies beyond.


 Overview for Pisces for 2019
Soulful Neptune continues it sojourn in its home sign of Pisces bringing spiritual upliftment and creative inspiration for all Pisceans. Neptune will be in your home sign of Pisces until January 2026 when it will change signs moving into Aries. Sometimes you may feel a bit lost or confused as if you have lost your moorings but your ruling planet Neptune is beckoning you to attune to your highest spiritual and creative potential. Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, will move out of your your sign and enter Aries on 19 Feb on the same day as the Sun enters Pisces. Lucky Jupiter continues its passage through your career sector until December 2019.

Planetary visitors to your career sector include Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Quicksilver Mercury pay a visit here from 11 February to 4 March facilitating communication and networking in your career. Venus will grace your career sector with her presence from 27 March to 20 April bringing harmony here. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune continues its passage through your career sector until 2 December 2019 bringing opportunities for expansion and promotion in your career.

Work and Health
Your work and health sector is highlighted by a total lunar eclipse on 21 January.
Other cosmic visitors that will be in your relationship sector are Mercury, Venus and Mars. Quicksilver Mercury will pay two visits here – the first from 28 June to 9 July and again from 12 – 29 August facilitating communication in your relationships. However, part of Mercury’s stay there will be in retrograde motion from 7 July to 12 August which could bring confusion and misunderstandings. Feisty Mars’s presence here from 2 July to 18 August embolden you to achieve your goals.

Unpredictable Uranus continues its journey through your 2nd house of finances, possessions and values. This brings both uncertainty and excitement to your financial life. It encourages you to be innovative to develop your own unique approach to managing your finances rather than going with the status quo. You may use your ingenuity to devise your own money-making schemes. Chiron, the wounded healer, moves into your finance sector on 19 February.

Home and Family
Cosmic visitors to your domestic sector include Mercury and Venus and Mars. Communicative Mercury will pay a visit to your domestic sector from 22 May to 4 June  giving you an opportunity to network with your family and have any conversations on family matters. Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 10 June to 3 July making this an ideal time for any family get togethers. Dynamic Mars visits your domestic sector from 1 April to 16 May imbuing you with the energy to get your domestic and family affairs in order.

Creativity and Children
The karmic north node which charts your destiny is in Cancer in your children and creativity sector. Your creativity and children sector will be highlighted by a solar total eclipse on 2 July 2019. Cosmic visitors include Mercury and Venus. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit from Venus will be here from 4 – 28 July bringing harmonious relations with your children and enhancing your creativity.

Travel and Education
Quicksilver Mercury will pay an extended visit to your travel and education sector from 4 October to 9 December facilitating communication here. Part of Mercury’s visit here will be in retrograde phase from 31 October to 19 November which could bring confusion or delays so you need to check your travel documents and read the fine print of legal documents. Feisty Mars pays a visit to your travel and education sector from 20 November 2019 to 3 January 2010 imbuing you with energy to pursue these areas of your life. Venus pays a visit here from 9 October to 1 November which would be an ideal time for a romantic getaway or pleasure cruise.

Friendships, Groups and Goals
Your social sector is highlighted by the karmic south node as well as two eclipses – the first being a solar partial eclipse on 6 January and the second a partial lunar eclipse on 16 July. Both powerful Pluto and serious Saturn continue to make their presence felt in your eleventh house of friends, groups and goals causing you to make radical changes in this area of your life. Your power and influence will be felt in groups situations. You may act as a catalyst for change for your friends or there may even be some power struggles resulting in a friendship coming to an end. You may radically alter your goals including your life purpose as Pluto’s impact is felt here.Saturn’s presence here from 21 December 2017 to 17 December 2020 will enable you to consolidate your goals and cement your friendships and group affiliations. Venus graces your friendship sector with her charming presence from 4 February to 1 March and then again from 27 November to 20 December. This should promote affection and harmony in your  social circles and group activities. 

Quicksilver Mercury will pay a visit to your spirituality sector from 25 January to 10 February facilitating communication here.  it would be an ideal time to keep a journal to record your dreams. Gentle Venus will grace your spirituality sector with her presence from 2 – 26 March making it an ideal time to commune with the beauties of nature or attend a health resort.

Mars Enters Taurus and Chiron Enters Aries
It is always a significant event when planets change signs and two such events have happened within a few days of each other. Mars moved into Taurus on 14 February at 9.51 pm and the planetoid, Chiron, the wounded healer, moved out of Pisces and into Aries on 18 February at 8.08 pm. This indicates a quantum leap in collective consciousness from visionary Pisces into the warrior energy of Aries. Mars is currently conjunct erratic Uranus on the ascendant of Australia’s chart, hence the hot dry weather giving rise to bush fires and drought. Transiting Saturn is conjunct Venus in Capricorn indicating loss.

Full Moon in Virgo – Snow SuperMoon
There will be a Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo 42 on Wednesday 20 February at 2.53 am AEDT Sydney time. This will be the biggest Supermoon of 2019 and therefore will be highly charged. A SuperMoon refers to the fact that it will appear bigger and brighter than usual as it is closer to the Earth. Supermoons intensify the emotional vibrations and with the Full Moon trining the Mars Uranus conjunction  it will be an even more emotionally charged time. Virgo is an earth sign that brings practicality, discernment and attention to detail and with the Sun in Pisces there is a need to balance the two diametrically opposed energies of the Virgoan attention to detail and more transcendant Piscean vibrations. Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all in the earth sign Capricorn bringing groundedness while the Sun Mercury and Neptune are all in water sign Pisces bringing heightened compassion and sensitivity.

Retrograde Mercury
The Trickster, Mercury stations retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces 39 on 6 March beginning his backwards dance in the sky until it stations direct on 29 March at 16 degrees Pisces 06. This could be a period of confusion and misunderstandings, delays missed appointments and transport strikes. Mercury rules all forms of communication – internet phone etc. so there could also be cyber attacks. This will be a particularly chaotic time with nebulous Neptune conjuncting Mercury during its retrograde phase. Therefore, you need to check all travel documents and times. It is not a good time to sign contracts. Your time is best spent in reviewing or reassessing issues congruent to where Mercury falls in your chart.

Young Women Rising –  Warrior Queens for action on climate change
” Make the Earth Greta Again!” Out of the mouth of babes.
Greta Thunberg at Climate conference in PolandWith the approach of International Women’s Day on 8 March I would like to devote this piece to two very notable young women whose ideas and actions are capturing global attention. The first is Greta Thunberg, the young 16 year old Swedish student and warrior for climate change action and the second is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newly elected Latina US congresswoman.

Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old school student born on 3 January 2003 (time unknown) in Sweden (probably Stockholm). Greta is a Swedish political activist working to stop global warming and climate change. In August 2018, she rose to prominence for starting the first school strike for climate change action outside the Swedish parliament building, inspiring strikes by school students around the world to draw attention to the urgency of global warming. Thunberg credits the teen activists at Parkland school in Florida, who organized the March for our lives, as the inspiration to begin her school climate strike.

Swedish wildfires

Swedish wildfires in 2018

As of December 2018, more than 20,000 students held strikes in at least 270 cities. On 20 August 2018, Thunberg, then in ninth grade, decided not to attend school until the 2018 Swedish general election on 9 September after heatwaves and wildfires in Sweden. Her demands were that the Swedish government reduce carbon emissions as per the Paris Agreement and she protested via sitting outside the Riksdag every day during school hours with the sign Skolstrejk för klimatet (school strike for the climate).

She participated in the Rise for Climate demonstration outside the European parliament in Brussels. In October 2018, Thunberg and her family drove in an electric car to London, where she addressed the ‘Declaration of Rebellion’ organized by Extinction Rebellion opposite the Houses of Parliament. In November 2018, she spoke at TedXStockholm and in December 2018 she addressed the United Nations Climate Conference.  She spoke about realising, when she was eight-years-old, that climate change was man made and wondering why it was not headline news on every channel. She thought we should handle the crisis as if there was a world war going on. Speculating that her children and grandchildren would ask her what action she had taken, she concluded with “we can’t change the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.”

Greta, Jane Goodall, Bono Marc Benioff-WEF-thumb-group

Greta in company with Jane Goodall, Bono and Marc Benioff on stage at the World Economic Forum

She addressed the COP24 United Nations climate change summit on December 4, 2018 and also spoke before the plenary assembly on December 12, 2018.

Sign “Follow Greta! Strike for climate” in Berlin (14 December 2018).

On 23 January 2019, Greta arrived in Davos after a 32-hour train journey, in contrast to the many delegates who arrived by up to 1,500 individual private jet flights, to continue her climate campaign at the World Economic Forum. She told a Davos panel “Some people, some companies, some decision makers in particular have known exactly what priceless values they have been sacrificing to continue making unimaginable amounts of money. I think many of you here today belong to that group of people.” Later in the week, she warned the global elite that “Our house is on fire” adding “I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. We owe it to the young people, to give them hope.”

Seeing the World through someone on the autism spectrum
In December 2018, Greta described herself as having been “diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism”. To lower her family’s carbon footprint she insisted they become vegan and give up flying. In an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN Amanpour said that Greta has taken the world by storm and captured our hearts and imagination and our attention. Amanpour noted that Greta uses a logic usually associated with adults. Greta admitted that she consults scientists so that she presents the facts in her addresses. Greta acknowledged her aspergers which she said causes her brain to work differently and that she sees the world in black and white. She admitted that the world leaders treat her with respect but react with nervous laughter when she takes them to task for their lack of action on climate change. In response to Amanpour’s question of young people leading the way Greta said that we young people have to hold the adults accountable for their actions. Greta said that survival from global warming is a black and white issue.

At the TEDxtalks she elaborated on her perspective on being on the autism spectrum. “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrom, OCD, and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary. Now is one of those moments… I think that in many ways, we autistic are the normal ones, and the rest of the people are pretty strange, especially when it comes to the sustainability crisis, where everyone keeps saying that climate change is an existential threat and the most important issue of all and yet they just carry on like before.”

Greta with father Svante

Greta with her father Svante Thunberg

Greta with mother Malena

Greta with her mother Malena who defends her daughter’s stance on global warming

She comes from a family with a theatrical background. Her mother is Swedish opera singer, Malena Ernman, who has given up her career at Greta’s insistence to reduce their carbon footprint because it entailed flying. Her father is actor Svante Thunberg and her grandfather is actor and director Olof Thunberg.

Looking at Greta’s natal chart she has the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn with Venus conjunct Mars in Scorpio. The strong Capricorn element would endow her with practicality with a strong drive to achieve her goals. The Scorpio element would cause her to be magnetic and intense as is witnessed by her addresses to the UN, Davos World Economic Forum and TEDxtalk.

Esoterically, she has strong first, third and seventh rays. The first ray known as the will ray endows her with leadership potential, persistence and a strong sense of purpose. Coupled with the third ray she is mentally agile with a capacity for abstract thinking as well as being a skilful communicator and strategist. The seventh ray enables her to be well organised, socially aware as well as refined with an ability for attention to details. With Mars in strong aspect to both Jupiter and Uranus as well as Jupiter being in trine to Pluto she has enormous energy at her disposal to pursue her goals and with Saturn in Gemini she is capable of  disciplined and logical thinking with the ability to organise details. In alignment with her being on the autism spectrum she pulls no punches preferring straight talk.

The Neptune Uranus in Aquarius and Pluto in Sagittarius Generation
She belongs to the current young generation born with Neptune and Uranus in humanitarian enlightened Aquarius. She also has Uranus conjunct Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy, endowing her with an original and intuitive mind and being at the vanguard of social reform. She also belongs to the Pluto in Sagittarius generation which will challenge and tear down old beliefs and ideologies to rebuild new principles according to the zeitgeist.

To quote Greta, “We have to understand the emergency of the situation. Our leadership has failed us. Young people must hold older generations accountable for the mess they have created. We need to get angry, and transform that anger into action.”…. “You only speak of a green eternal economic growth because you are too scared of being unpopular. You only talk about moving forward with the same bad ideas that got us into this mess, even when the only sensible thing to do is pull the emergency brake. You are not mature enough to tell it like it is. Even that burden you leave to us children. * * * And if solutions within the system are so impossible to find, then maybe we should change the system itself.” In the words of a slogan at a recent protest in Berlin against lack of inaction on climate change – “Make the world Greta again! “

Prizes and Awards
Already at this young age Greta has received accolades and acknowledgement for her stand on global warming. Greta was one of the winners of Svenska Dagbladet’s debate article writing competition on the climate for young people in May 2018. She was also nominated for the electricity company Telge Energi’s prize for children and young people who promote sustainable development, Children’s Climate Prize, but declined because the finalists would have to fly to Stockholm. In November 2018, she was awarded the Fryshuset scholarship of the Young Role Model of the Year. In December 2018, Time magazine named Greta Thunberg one of the world’s 25 most influential teenagers of 2018. Watch this space.

Alexandria-Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Meanwhile across the Atlantic in the US another young woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aged 29, made history becoming the youngest ever congresswoman in the US. She shocked the establishment when she won the Democratic primary in June 2018, unseating Rep. Joe Crowley. Crowley, the fourth-ranking House Democrat, represented the Bronx and Queens district for 10 terms and was predicted by many to replace Nancy Pelosi as minority leader. He had not faced a primary challenger since 2004.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez holding town hall meetingsShe spent her time since the primary holding town hall meetings in her district and campaigning for fellow progressive candidates like Cynthia Nixon and Zephyr Teachout.


The rising political star is a former organizer for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and previously worked for the late Senator Ted Kennedy. She formerly served as an education director at the National Hispanic Institute.

She ran an entirely grassroots campaign, with a progressive platform that included the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, tuition-free college, a federal jobs guarantee, universal Medicare, gun control, an end to private prisons and access to affordable housing.

In addition to becoming the youngest woman elected to the House, she is also the first representative to fully reflect the demographics of the 14th District. “Our district is 70 percent people of color, and we have never had a person of color represent us in American history,” she told NowThis. Roughly 50 percent of the citizens in her district are immigrants.

On her twitter feed she wrote,”Can’t help but reflect this Election Day: As my family in Puerto Rico watches me run for Congress, they still don’t have the right to vote in federal elections — despite being subject to federal lawmakers.” 

Alexandria's Green New Deal jpegOcasio-Cortez launches the Green New Deal

A week after being elected as New York’s 14th District congresswoman, Alexandria joined a protest by a group of young environmental activists urging Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the presumptive House Speaker, to lead the party in developing a comprehensive, ambitious plan to address climate change in the next congress.

Ocasio-Cortez’s move immediately catapulted the idea, until then a somewhat fringe proposal called the Green New Deal, into the mainstream. In the month since the sit-in, which was coordinated by the the youth-led organization Sunrise Movement36 members of Congress joined Ocasio-Cortez in supporting the plan with more than 300 local and state officials across the U.S. also threw their support behind the proposal in an open letter.

The Green New Deal, an ambitious reform that seeks to tackle climate change and income inequality in the next decade, used to be discussed mostly on the fringes. But Ocasio-Cortez helped launch it into the nation’s consciousness soon after being elected, leading to an electrifying debate over how the nation plans to fight the threat of climate change. It worked: According to a mid-December poll, a staggering 81% of registered voters said they supported some the general policies discussed by Green New Deal proponents, including transitioning the U.S. to using 100% clean energy and providing training for green jobs. Per the survey, 92% Democrats, 88% Independents, and 64% Republicans supported the proposal.

Who is this young ‘upstart’ who stunned the Democratic Establishment? Ms Ocasio-Cortez,  was born in New York to a father from the Bronx and a mother from Puerto Rico.

Destiny written in the stars – asteroid 23238 Ocasio-Cortez
Her destiny seems to be written in the stars as the International Astronomical Union named the asteroid 23238 Ocasio-Cortez after Ocasio-Cortez when she was a senior in high school in recognition of her second-place finish in the 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

In 2011, she graduated from Boston University with a degree in economics and international relations, before moving back to the Bronx and working as a waitress and bartender to help supplement her mother’s income as a cleaner and bus driver, according to The Intercept. Her father had died of a heart attack three years earlier.

Under the threat of foreclosure, her mother and grandmother were forced to sell the family home and move to Florida. The same year, 2016, Ms Ocasio-Cortez began campaigning for Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign to win the Democratic presidential nomination, which he ultimately lost to Hillary Clinton.

Following her victory, Bernie Sanders said: “She took on the entire local Democratic establishment in her district and won a very strong victory. She demonstrated once again what progressive grassroots politics can do.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with Cynthia NixonCynthia Nixon, the former Sex and the City star running for New York governor, described Ms Ocasio-Cortez as the “future of the Democratic Party”.

“Alexandria and I are joining together to take on the old boys club, rejecting corporate money and run people-powered campaigns that envision a progressive New York that serves the many, not just the few who can afford to buy influence,” she said.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's natal chartAlexandria was born on 13 Oct 1989 at 11.50 am in the Bronx New York. Looking at her chart she has a stellium in Libra – Sun, Juno, Mars Mercury in the 10th house of career. Mars in Libra conjunct the Sun in Libra would make her a warrior for justice and fairness as evidenced by her policy program. The preponderance in Libra would give her a charming manner and appeal. Her Sagittarius ascendant and her Aries endow her with idealism, visionary and enthusiasm. Her most elevated planet is Mercury the planet of communication which is further enhanced by her Moon in the third house of communication which is capable of swaying the masses. With Pallas Athena, the Warrior Queen conjuncting her Aries Moon would enable her to mobilise the vital energy to fight for her beliefs, especially for minority groups. With Hygeia, the planet of healing, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in her first house she would be able to slip into many different roles. Like her younger Swedish sister, Greta, she has a strong third ray endowing her with the gift of the gab, being mentally agile as well as strategic.

 Uranus (1988 – 1996) in Capricorn & Neptune in Capricorn (1984 – 2000) Generation
Alexandria is born with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn and the interpretation aptly describes the role of Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow millennials. This generation born with Uranus in Capricorn will introduce new structures, possibly governmental or business structures. It indicates a time of consolidation of original ideas and a practical building of new ways. This generation born with Neptune in Capricorn possesses the ability to apply discipline on the spiritual path. They will possess the wisdom to incorporate both the old and new spiritual values to form a firm foundation for future spiritual growth. Alexandria is also born with Neptune and Uranus conjunct This generation will bring about changes in the perception of the places of science and spirituality in society. There may be a merging of the two.

First Saturn Return
At age 29 Alexandria has just experienced her first Saturn Return which can be a steep learning curve as the individual facing their limitations gains wisdom and maturity. In January 2019 Jupiter, the ruling planet of her ascendant crossed over her ascendant which would imbue her with a sense of optimism and give her opportunities to assume a teaching role inspiring others with her visions for a better future for the planet.

Pisces Greeting Card Illustrated by Sue Robertson
Pisces Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell


January Astromusings – Happy Birthday Aquarians! Happy Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig! Total Lunar Eclipse and Super Moon

Illustrated by Sue Robertson

Aquarius the water carrier
pours forth the Waters of Life
that fountain of Light
which purifies the minds
of women and men
awakening in their hearts
the Divine seed of Love

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

The male and female water carriers pouring the waters of consciousness, an act which symbolises the equal contribution of masculine and feminine energies, the rational and intuitive, the union of which is vital for the psychic harmony and evolution of all planetary life in the Age of Aquarius.

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Aquarius
The Personality sounds his note: Let desire in form be ruler
The Soul proclaims: Water of Life, I am poured forth for thirsty men.

Rulers for Aquarius
Exoteric Ruler:
Uranus under the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law and Organisation
Esoteric Ruler: Jupiter under the Second Ray of Love Wisdom
Hierarchical Ruler: The Moon under the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict

Aquarians – The Age of Aquarius – Cycles of Uranus

Happy birthday to all the Aquarians whose birthdays fall between January 21 and February 18. Aquarius, known as the water bearer, is one of the three air signs often mistakenly thought be a water sign but Aquarius, the water bearer, is pouring the waters of consciousness for the evolution of all humanity as we enter the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and its co ruler is Saturn also the ruler of Capricorn.

Uranus was discovered in 1781 which coincides with the French Revolution and the American War of Independence. Thus Aquarians are often seen as reformers or revolutionaries or non-conformists. Aquarians are renowned for their eccentricity like their ruling planet, Uranus, which travels in a freakish way – instead of spinning like a top like any other planet, Uranus rolls on its belly making it appear as if its five moons revolve backward. Uranus is named after Ouranus, the sky father in Greek mythology. Hence, Uranus symbolises lightning and can unleash a force more potent than anything previously known. While Uranus was transiting the sign of Capricorn, representing the establishment, the Berlin wall came down. In February 1962 there was a line-up of planets in Aquarius which could cause people born at this time to be either genii or ‘mad’ or at the very least downright eccentric!!

Aquarian Hall of Fame

Galileo Galilei

There is a saying, “ As the Aquarian thinks so the rest of the world will think in fifty years time.” Over seventy percent of people in the hall of fame have their sun or ascendant in Aquarius. When we look at the hall of fame of Aquarians we can see that this indeed is the case. Galileo was a famous Aquarian whose scientific theories threatened the religious thought of the day – he was so ahead of his time. Another famous Aquarian scientist, Charles Darwin, whose theories on evolution challenged the existing scientific and religious thought, caused a schism in the Christian church.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s revolutionary stand on slavery split the United States and Roosevelt’s radical new economic program was met with bitter opposition by the establishment.

Oprah Winfrey Receives Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden …

Jan 7, 2018 – Uploaded by NBC

Oprah Winfrey

▶ 9:4

Jan 7, 2018 – Uploaded by NBC

Another Aquarian whose impassioned speech for universal equality electrified the Golden Globes is Oprah Winfrey and has led to speculation of her taking a tilt at the presidency in 2020. In her speech Oprah made reference to the impact it had on her as a little girl watching Sidney Poitier whom she described the most elegant black man she had ever seen receive the Oscar for best actor at the 1964 Academy Awards. At that stage her mother cleaned other people’s houses for a living. Oprah added “In 1982, Sidney received the Cecil B. DeMille Award right here at the Golden Globes, and it is not lost on me that at this moment, there are some little girls watching as I become the first black woman to be given this same award. She also made reference to the fact that the press is under siege these days. She continued: “What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. And I’m especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. Each of us in this room are celebrated because of the stories that we tell. And this year we became the story. But it’s not just a story affecting the entertainment industry. It’s one that transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics, or workplace. So I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they, like my mother, had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue. In a true Aquarian manner she included all the other people who are also affected by this struggle for equality and fairness: They’re the women whose names we’ll never know. They are domestic workers and farm workers. They are working in factories, and they work in restaurants, and they’re in academia and engineering and medicine and science. They’re part of the word of tech and politics and business. They are athletes in the Olympics, and they are soldiers in the military.”

Oprah went on to pay tribute to two remarkable black women: “And there’s someone else: Recy Taylor, a name I know and I think you should know too. In 1944, Recy Taylor was a young wife and a mother. She was just walking home from the church service she’d attended in Abbeville, Alabama, when she was abducted by six armed white men, raped, and left blindfolded by the side of the road coming home from church. They threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone, but her story was reported to the NAACP, where a young worker by the name of Rosa Parks became the lead investigator on her case. And together they sought justice. But justice wasn’t an option in the era of Jim Crow. The men who tried to destroy her were never persecuted. Recy Taylor died 10 days ago, just shy of her 98th birthday. She lived as we all have lived, too many years in a culture broken by brutally powerful men. For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men, but their time is up. Their time is up. Their time is up.

And I just hope – I just hope that Recy Taylor died knowing that her truth, like the truth of so many other women who were tormented in those years and even now tormented, goes marching on. It was somewhere in Rosa Parks’ heart almost 11 years later when she made the decision to stay seated on that bus in Montgomery. And it’s here with every woman who chooses to say, “Me too” and every man, every man who chooses to listen. In my career what I’ve always tried my best to do, whether on television or through film, is to say something about how men and women really behave, to say how we experience shame, how we love and how we rage, how we fail, how we retreat, persevere, and how we overcome. I’ve interviewed and portrayed people who have withstood some of the ugliest things life can throw at you, but the one quality all of them seem to share is an ability to maintain hope for a brighter morning, even during our darkest nights. So I want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon.

Oprah’s conclusion was inspirational and had a prophetic ring to it. It was also sounded a note of optimism in keeping with her Sagittarius Moon and ascendant and : “And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say, “Me too” again. Thank you.”

Oprah Winfrey's natal chart

Rosa ParksRosa Parks, the civil rights activist to whom Oprah paid tribute in her Golden Globes speech is also an Aquarian born 4 February 1913 in Tusgekee, Alabama at 5.12 am. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement, whom the United States Congress called “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement” due to her sparking of the Montgomery bus boycott, leading to a 21/12/1956 Supreme Court order outlawing discriminatory practices on Montgomery buses. It was on 1 December 1955 that the soft-spoken 42-year old seamstress left work to catch the bus home. When the bus became loaded the driver told her to give her seat to a white man – and she refused – almost single-handedly starting the modern civil rights movement. She said, “I had been pushed as far as I could stand to be pushed. I had decided that I would have to know once and for all what rights I had as a human being and a citizen.” She displayed great courage in opposing the status quo in keeping with Mars on her ascendant.

Parks’ act of defiance and the Montgomery bus boycott became important symbols of the modern Civil Rights Movement. She became an international icon of resistance to racial segregation.


Rosa & Raymond Parks

She and her husband, Raymond Parks, also an Aquarian born 12 February 1903 organized and collaborated with civil rights leaders, including Edgar Nixon, president of the local chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People); and Martin Luther King Jnr, a new minister in town who gained national prominence in the civil rights movement.

Parks received national recognition, including the NAACP’s 1979 Spingarn Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Congressional Gold Medal, and a posthumous statue in the United States Capitol’s National Statuary Hall. Upon her death in 2005, she was the first woman and third non-US government official to lie in honour in the Capitol Rotunda. California and Missouri commemorate Rosa Parks Day on her birthday February 4, whilst Ohio and Oregon commemorate the occasion on the anniversary of the day she was arrested, December 1.

Rosa Parks's natal chart

Oprah Winfrey's natal chart

Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer

Both Aquarians, Germaine Greer and Betty Friedan, challenged the tenets of patriarchy and pioneered the modern feminist movement. Enough said!

The Age of Aquarius

Most people would remember the words of the famous song from the musical, Hair, which was staged to much acclaim in the early 1970’s: “We are at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” Some people were under misapprehension that the Age of Aquarius was something that occurred then and is now over but it was actually referring to the fact that we are on the cusp of Age of Aquarius, and the outgoing Age of Pisces which began around the time of the birth of Christ.

According to Dane Rudhyar in his book, ‘Astrological Timing of the Transition to the New Age’, during the incoming Age of Aquarius, calculated to be from the year 2060, there will be a return to the principles of the great spiritual teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, Pythagoras, Lao Tse and Confucius who represent the seed period of the Age of Pisces. Each Age has a seed period – at the turn of the 20th century there appeared Illuminati such as Helena Blavatsky who founded the Theosophical Society, and wrote books under the guidance of the Masters of Wisdom as did Alice Bailey who established an esoteric school and the International Goodwill Movement. Other great spiritual teachers dedicated to reviving the Ancient Wisdom teachings include the Indian sage, Krishnamurti, Rudolph Steiner who founded the Anthroposophical movement, and Roberto Assagioli who formulated Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal form of psychotherapy with branches worldwide that focusses on aligning the personality Self with the Higher Self.

The Eleventh Labour of Hercules

A clue to the role of the Aquarian and the meaning of the Age of Aquarius can be found in the esoteric teachings of Alice Bailey in her book, ‘The Labours of Hercules’. Each labour corresponds to the task to be undertaken by each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The eleventh labour for Aquarius is to clean the dung out of the Augean stables which symbolises purging the planet of the all the excesses of the outgoing Age of Pisces i.e. materialism, dualism, emotionalism, religious fanaticism, glamour, lower psychism, to prepare humanity to embrace the Aquarian concepts of group consciousness, universal brotherhood, humanitarian endeavour, planetary awareness, the reunion of science and spirituality, and the equal representation of masculine and feminine energies.

Dane Rudhyar, prophesised that the Age of Aquarius would be an Age of androgyny. Each Age lasts approximately 2,000 years and we are in a transition period between the two Ages which is currently causing much stress and tension on the planet so it is vital that we evolve in consciousness by aligning our personality Self and Higher Self to cope with the accelerated changes in keeping with the Age of Aquarius which will be an age of synthesis.

The Ages proceed in the opposite direction to the zodiac because of what is called the precession of the equinoxes. Supporting this concept of purging or cleansing is the fact that the month that Aquarius falls in – February, derived from the Latin word, Februarius, means purification. The glyph for Aquarius, the two wavy lines represents the ankles, the serpent of wisdom, and the Egyptian hieroglyph for the Nile. The top line represents the feminine i.e. intuition and the bottom line represents the masculine and the rational. Aquarius also rules science, technology, telecommunications, electronics, telepathy and astrology, careers in which Aquarians are strongly represented.

Aquarian Health and Anatomy

Anatomically Aquarius rules the ankles, the calves, circulation, and electrical waves in the nervous system, the pituitary gland and the aura. The biochemic cell salt for Aquarius is Natrum Mur; or what is usually known as common salt. Vanda Sawtell, in her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, explains the function of Natrum Mur:  “Natrum Mur is found in every tissue and fluid in the body and this cell salt regulates the flow of fluid through the tissues. Therefore Natrum Mur is needed in all cases where there is a disturbance in the distribution of water, where the surface is either too dry or too moist which can cause colds, dryness of mouth, constipation, shingles, blisters, eczema, indigestion, anaemia, hay fever, cracking joints, restlessness and irritability. Lack of Natrum Mur may cause sleeplessness when too little fluid is present, and the brain tissues become dry, or it may cause a heavy tired, drowsy feeling if too much water is present in the brain tissues.”

Foods which stimulate the circulation of blood are beneficial for Aquarians. These include chilli, cayenne pepper. Red coloured foods such as beetroot, radishes, red peppers, strawberries would also be of benefit. Exercises such as Yoga, Pilates, and qigong which encourage regular breathing and purify the blood will enhance the Aquarian well-being. Bach flower remedies indicated for Aquarians are impatiens and patchouli water violet. Aromatherapy oils that would be soothing for the Aquarian include lavender, lemon verbena. Gemstones for Aquarians are Turquoise, Amazonite and Malachite. Tuning forks developed in Switzerland which sound a note corresponding to each of the planets audible to the human ear provide a means of healing with sound. The healing musical note for Aquarius is G.

 Overview for Aquarians for 2019
Transformative Pluto continues its sojourn through your 12th house of karma and the unconscious bringing about deep inner transformation. Lucky Jupiter has moved into your social sector giving opportunities to expand your social networks. Karmic Saturn has moved into your 12th house of karma adding a serious tone to spiritual pursuits.

Neptune and Chiron are continuing their sojourn through your finance sector. Their presence in your solar second house of finances, possessions and values which will encourage you to re-evaluate how you handle your finances and possessions. You may find that if you were always very organised with regards to your finances that Neptune will teach you to go with the flow rather than calculate every last dollar when doing your budget. Its lesson of non attachment may encourage you to donate to charities or use your finances in a more altruistic fashion. Venus, the goddess of Love and money, graces your money sector from 27 March to 20 April enhancing your financial prospects.

Celestial influences in your friendship sector in 2019 include Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.  Venus graces your social sector with her presence from 8 January to 3 February enhancing your social life. Quicksilver Mercury  will pay two visits to your friendship sector from 13 December 2018 to 5 January 2019 and then again from 11 – 29 December 2019 promoting communications and networking in your social circle. Lucky Jupiter will be in your social sector from 9 November 2018 to 2 December 2019 bringing opportunities for you to expand your social networks and your goals.

Your career aspirations will be supported by the presence by Venus and Mercury. Venus will pay two visits to your career sector from 3 December 2018 to 7 January 2019 and then again from 9 October to 1 November 2019. Quicksilver Mercury will visit your career sector from 4 October to 9 December 2019 facilitating communication and networking in your career. Part of Mercury’s time here will be in the retrograde phase from 31 October to 19 November where there could be some confusion or misunderstandings. It would be an ideal time to review aspects of your career. Your work and health sector is highlighted by the karmic north node and a solar total eclipse which occurs on 2 July.

Home and Family
The major celestial influences in your domestic sector in 2019 are Mercury and Venus Venus brings harmony, beauty and a spirit of cooperation among family members from  16 May – 9 June. Mercury pays a visit to your domestic sector from 7 – 21 May facilitating communications and networking with family members.

Children and Creativity
 Venus, the planet of love, will grace your children and creativity sector with her presence from 10 June to 3 July promoting cordial relationships with your children and enhancing your creative inspiration. Mercury will visit your children and creativity sector from 22 May to 4 June promoting communication between you and your children and encourage your inner child.

Your marriage and relationship sector is highlighted by the presence of a total lunar eclipse which occurs 21 January. A visit from Sun and Venus to your love sector will bring vitality and harmony to your intimate relationships and business partnerships. Venus will grace your relationship sector from 29 July to 21 August enhancing your relationships. Mercury pays a visit here from 12 – 29 August facilitating communications and networking in your most intimate relationships and business partnerships. Dynamic Mars will activate your relationship sector from 2 July to 18 August adding verve to your relationships but there can be conflict if your Martian energy isn’t channelled in a constructive manner.

Dynamic Mars will make its presence felt in your travel and higher learning sector from 5 October to 19 November, imbuing you with the energy and enthusiasm to conquer hitherto unexplored territories whether through travel or study. Both Venus and Mercury pay visits to your travel and education sector. Venus lights up your travel and adventure sector from 15 September  to 8 October bringing opportunities for you to realise a long yearned for trip to some exotic location or a holiday romance. Since the 9th house also rules over travels of the mind you may undertake that longed for study course. Mercury activates your travel and study sector from 15 September to 3 Oct motivating your desire to explore new avenues of learning or travel.

Your spirituality sector is highlighted by the karmic South Node and two eclipses the first being a solar partial eclipse on 6 January and a partial lunar eclipse on 16 July. Your spirituality sector is also activated by the presence of Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Venus bringing strong emphasis to this area of your life. Saturn’s presence here from 21 December until 17 December 2020 will encourage you to take this area of your life very seriously, especially with the added presence of transformative Pluto. You may delve into the area of psychotherapy, rebirthing, dream analysis or explore past lives. However you choose to channel this energy it is likely to prove life changing. Quicksilver Mercury will visit your spirituality sector from 6 – 24 January facilitating communication and networking in this area of your life. Gentle Venus will grace your spirituality sector with her presence from 4 February to 1 March bringing harmony.

Uranus Transits
Regardless of what sign we are born under we all experience Uranus transits, which like the Saturn transits represent a rite of passage. Uranus, along with the two other outer planets, Neptune and Pluto, are often referred to as the ‘Ambassadors of the Galaxy’ or transpersonal planets. Accordingly, when we have Uranus, Neptune or Pluto transits they involve collective issues not just personal ones. Unlike Pluto transits which build up to a climax causing transformation, Uranus transits are more cataclysmic, bringing sudden unexpected change of a liberating nature, jolting one into awareness.

We experience Uranus transits at age 14 which coincide with puberty and then again around age 20 which mark the end of adolescence and a drive toward autonomy and individuation. Another Uranus transit accompanies the first Saturn return around age 28 supporting the changes that need to be made at this time. A major Uranus transit occurs between 38 and 45 depending when one is born, which, along with the Pluto square to Pluto, heralds the midlife crisis. When this occurs it marks a time of disassembling the self and putting the self together again in a new form, and integrating the previously unrealised parts of the psyche into conscious awareness. Uranus transits occur again around 56 and then again in the early sixties and seventies coinciding with retirement and liberating the individual from the expectations of society. At age 84 one will experience the Uranus Return i.e. Uranus returns to the place where it was at the time of birth. This indicates that a major cycle of life is completed – symbolising a time of reviewing one’s life and preparing for the next phase.

Betty Friedan

It is interesting to note that the famous Aquarian feminist, Betty Friedan, died on her 85th birthday in February 2006, not long after her Uranus Return, having accomplished her mission for this life time.

Lunar Total Eclipse & Super Moon 20/21 January 2019
The next eclipse is a Lunar Total Eclipse which occurs in 0 degrees 52 on 21 January 4.16 pm AEDT Sydney time which coincides with the entry of the Sun into Aquarius. This Full Moon is a SuperMoon which is the first in a sequence of three SuperMoons where the Moon is perigee closer to the Earth than usual causing it to appear larger in the night sky. This will be the final eclipse in the Leo Aquarius series. Leo rules the 5th house of romance, children as well as creative self expression and individuality while its polar opposite Aquarius focuses on the collective and humanitarian endeavour. It also gives you an opportunity to heal your heart and expand your capacity for love. We had our first Solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 6th beginning the 18-month Capricorn/Cancer series which continues until June 2020.

As Eclipses are one of the most powerful catalysts for influencing ‘the greater collective’ and Capricorn rules the Establishment, business and government systems of our planet we can expect major shakeups to current models. This dynamic is further emphasised with the presence of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.

There is some erratic energy during the lunar eclipse with unpredictable Uranus squaring the eclipse forming a T square. Mitigating factors include the conjunction of the two benefics, Jupiter and Venus in the fire sign Sagittarius trining Mars in the fire sign Aries bringing boundless enthusiasm and optimism. This augurs well for all types of relationships making it easier to bond with loved ones. The eclipse is conjunct the lunar nodes in Cancer and Capricorn so there is a need to balance career and ambition with nurturing instincts. The word Eclipse comes from the Greek word “ekleipsis” meaning “to abandon, to leave, to vanish” – and that’s exactly what we may experience during a Lunar Eclipse – the desire to surrender and let go of parts of our self that limit our greater potential.

Both UK for its Brexit fiasco and the subsequent impasse and the US for the government shutdown and Mueller probe into the President’s dealings with Russia are currently in the spotlight. brexit failureOn 15 January 2019 Theresa May’s Brexit deal was resoundingly defeated with MPs voting 432 to 202 to defeat the proposal, the worst parliamentary defeat for a government in recent British history. An unprecedented 118 of her own Conservative MPs — both Brexiteers and supporters of EU membership — joined forces to vote down the deal. The massive defeat, the worst since the 1920s, will mean further turmoil for British politics only 10 weeks before the country is due to leave the EU on March 29.

The result was widely expected but is still devastating for Mrs May, whose fragile leadership is now under siege as her two-year strategy of forging an amicable divorce with the EU collapses. Immediately after the vote, Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled a motion of no confidence in the Government, calling the defeat “catastrophic”.

brexit referendum chartThe natal chart of the Brexit Referendum which occurred on 23 June 2016 at 7 am London UK reveals the narrative. It has a Cancer Sun and ascendant indicating that the electorate are concerned about the future of their homeland displaying their patriotism. The Moon is in detached Aquarius in the 7th house representing the EU. However, the most revealing characteristic is the Grand Cross to the planet Mercury in Gemini indicating the people are of two minds. The planets which are activating the Referendum Mercury are Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. This configuration to Mercury represents the confusion of the voting public and as mentioned in my previous post the deceptiveness of the cabal of agitators for a Brexit. There will be no ‘Plan B’ deal, but May is supposed to present something by Monday at the latest. Monday is the day of the Full Moon and total lunar eclipse which falls on the UK’s Jupiter, which should help to give a greater sense of unity and optimism.

us govt shutdowntrump's wallMeanwhile across the Atlantic the partial government shut down now  continues with a show down with the House Democrats and Donald Trump agitating for money for his wall. On Saturday in the US President Donald Trump offered limited protections for so-called Dreamer immigrants in exchange for $5.7 billion to build his proposed border wall. Even before his remarks Saturday, Democrats reject the offer as inadequate. Congress and the White House are trying to end the longest government shutdown ever now in its 30th day. The partial government shutdown has led to about 800,000 federal workers missing paychecks and disrupted some key government services.

The olive branch comes as Trump faces pressure to end the partial closure that has inflicted financial pain on government workers, and disrupted services from food inspection to airport security. The president’s demand for money to construct the barrier — and Democrats’ refusal to fund it — led to the funding lapse that polls say Americans are increasingly blaming on Trump. Trump is increasingly between a rock and a hard place with Democrats rejecting his proposals outright and the hard right attacking him for being too ‘conciliatory’.

Some pro-Trump conservatives who back the president’s immigration policy criticized his sweeteners for Democrats on Saturday. Rep. Steve King, an Iowa Republican who recently sparked bipartisan condemnation for racist comments about white supremacy, tweeted: “NO AMNESTY 4 a wall!”whilst firebrand media personality, Ann Coulter, also tweeted that “Trump proposes amnesty.” She added: “We voted for Trump and got Jeb!” biwheel us sibley chart & total lunar eclipse 21 jan 2019Looking at the US Sibley chart in relation to the eclipse the Eclipse Mars squares the US chart’s Sun while the Eclipse Saturn opposes the US chart’s Sun. The South Node of the Eclipse conjuncts the US chart’s Pluto – quite volatile energy!

chinese new year of the earth pigChinese New Year of the Yin Earth Pig
Chinese New Year in 2019 starts on Tuesday, February 5th and ends on January 24th, 2020. Conforming to the Chinese horoscope , the year of the Yin Earth Pig 2019 comes right after the Year of the Yang Earth Dog (2018) and before the year of the Metal Rat (2020). The Earth Pig is the last of the twelve Chinese Animals in their 12 year cycle just as Pisces is the last of the twelve signs of the zodiac, the sign of release of the old in preparation for a rebirth in 2020. The year 2019 adds up to 12 or a 3 numerologically. The Yin energy of the Pig  equates perfectly with the soft, sensitive nature of the Pig who loves peace and avoids conflict. Pig is mild and a lucky animal representing carefree fun, good fortune and wealth.
Personality traits of the people born under the sign of the Pig are happy, easy-going, honest, trusting, educated, sincere and brave. The possible dark sides for Pig people are stubbornness, nativity, over-reliant, self-indulgent, and materialistic. They are sometimes regarded as being lazy but will work hard when they have a purpose! Globally the good natured peace-loving vibrations of the pig year should replace the conflict driven energy of the Dog year promoting more compassion, peace and harmony.

Pigs aren’t noted for their financial acumen so we may experience issues with global finances and stock markets. Therefore the support of Feng Shui earth cures and enhancers will not only protect against a financial loss but also help to also generate wealth.
Prominent world leaders who are strong metal people and will be adversely affected include UK PM Theresa May and Japan’s Shinzo Abe. Leaders such as Russia’s President Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping whose favourable elements are metal and earth will enjoy a lucky phase.

Year of Pig 2019 – A Year of Fortune and Luck
You are a “Pig Chinese Zodiac native” if you are born in one of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 .

According to the Chinese astrology, 2019 is a great year to make money, and a good year to invest! 2019 is going to be full of joy, a year of friendship and love for all the zodiac signs; an auspicious year because the Pig attracts success in all the spheres of life.

Famous Pig Personalities

lucille ballewen mcgregorwoody allenrachel weiszjulie andrewsronald reaganamy winehousemark wahlbergeminent pig personaltieshillary clinton pig personality

Famous Pig personalities include Lucille Ball, Ewen McGregor, Woody Allen, Rachel Weisz, Julie Andrews, Ronald Reagan, Amy Winehouse, Mark Wahlberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hillary Clinton.


Aquarius Greeting Card Illustrated by Sue Robertson
Aquarius Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell


December Astromusings -Happy Birthday Capricorns, Full Moon in Cancer, Summer/Winter Solstice, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn – Brexit, All the Presidents Men and Women?! – Trump, Political Upheaval in Australian Politics


Illustrated by Sue Robertson

Capricorn the sea goat
emerges from the ocean
Sure footed she begins
her arduous climb
to the mountain top
Forsaking mere ambition
She kneels in humility
upon the rocky summit
and receives the vision
which unlocks the secrets
to the door of life

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

The card depicts Mother Hulda, an archetypal wise old woman from Teutonic folklore, who was popularised by the Grimm Brothers. A spinner and weaver, she symbolises the workings of fate and Mother Nature, rewarding diligence and humility, and punishing idleness and greed.

Summer/Winter Solstice
Blessings for the Summer Solstice, or Winter Solstice if you are reading this in the northern hemisphere. The Summer Solstice which occurs 22 December 2018 Sydney coincides with the Sun entering Capricorn at 9.22 am Sydney time. The solstice occurs when the sun appears to reach its most northerly or southerly point, relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. Solstice literally means “sun stands still” – the sun appears to rise in the same place for three days as it rounds the curve of its cycle.

Solstice celebrationsThe solstice has been celebrated and revered in most world cultures since time immemorial, through ritual and ceremony, welcoming the rebirth of the Sun and invoking spiritual forces during the solstice “doorway”.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all and happy birthday to all the Capricorns who celebrate their birthday from 22 December to 20 January.

Capricorns often receive a bad press with people dismissing them as ambitious, boring etc. In keeping with the analogy of the sure footed mountain goat climbing the mountain to reach the summit they are the achievers of the zodiac. One only has to look at people such as the media personality Ita Buttrose and politicians like the former Prime Minister, Paul Keating, to see how successful they can be.

The life of the iconic Ita inspired the popular tele movie Paper Giants, immortalised by the actress Asher Keddie, which scored high viewer ratings. They are far from being dull, as colourful characters like Keating still make newsworthy material long after their political demise with people flocking to see the musical, ‘Keating’.

Their ruling planet is Saturn which rules the tenth house in the chart, governing career and public life. Their motto could be slow and steady wins the race. What is not so well known is that esoterically, Capricorn is the gateway into spiritual incarnation. Therefore, their ascent to the mountaintop not only symbolises their worldly success but also their spiritual attainment. Their birthday falls between December 22 and January 20, therefore heralding the advent of Christmas which coincides with the solstices – winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere. The Sun is in Capricorn for one week in December and three in January. The word January is derived from Janus, an ancient Roman God, who is depicted in statues as having two faces, one of a young boy and the other of an old man, thus symbolising the past old year and the future new one.

The Constellation of Capricorn

In his book Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology Alan Oken states that Capricorn is the most inconspicuous constellation in the Zodiac. It is chiefly known for the nature of its brightest star which is actually a cluster of five suns called the Algedi. The entire constellation resembles a cocked hat or a flying bird much more than it does a goat. On the western tip (of the bird’s wings) is the cluster of five already referred to and on the eastern side is another relatively bright star called Deneb Algedi ( the tail of the goat).

The Sea-Goat will appear directly in the south when the Northern Cross (or Cygnus the Swan shines directly overhead in the early autumn sky. Deneb the Tail of the Swan) is a brilliant white star directly to the north of Deneb Algedi. Altair, the first-magnitude star in Aquila the Eagle, is also directly north of the Algedi in the western portion of the constellation.

Alan Oken points out that Capricorn contains two objects of astronomical interest. The first is a global cluster southwest of Deneb Algedi. The second phenomenon, called the Capricornids, consists of a shower of long, bright, slow moving meteors which occurs each year in late July.

The Goat’s position lies entirely below the celestial equator and is surrounded by Sagittarius on the west, Aquila on the northwest, Delphinus and Cygnus due north, Aquarius on the east, and the constellations of Microscopi and Pisces Austrinus on the south.

Alice Bailey adds her esoteric interpretation of the constellation of Capricorn. She refers to three constellations connected to Capricorn. One is called Sagitta the arrow but has no connection to the sign Sagittarius. In the sign of Sagittarius there is the archer whereby the achieving aspirant pierced the personality. In Capricorn the arrow comes from the cosmic source piercing the heart of the son of God , called the Christ, the nearest to us of the great world saviours, ” a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief”. He was pierced by the arrow Sagitta, the cosmic arrow. Alice Bailey elaborates on this theme writing that the Hebrew name for this arrow means “the desolate one”, and the path that every disciple treads is necessarily a lonely one. The path of the initiate is more lonely still. The path of the world saviour is the most lonely of all.

Aquila, the eagle, is regarded as being as closely related to Capricorn as to Sagittarius. You have the bird of light (symbol of the highest aspect of man) manifesting as the soul (the second aspect) which has achieved.

In Delphinus Alice Bailey remarks about the interesting constellation that holds in it an amazing piece of symbolism. It is pictured in an ancient zodiac as a fish full of life leaping out of the water into the air and playing. That is the symbol of the son of god who, working under the law, takes form and lives in the water and the air and since he is no longer held by the physical law he can play with the forces of nature.

Saturn or Kronos in Mythology

To understand the symbolism behind Capricorn we need to look at the mythology behind its ruler Saturn. Saturn has many different guises – he is sometimes depicted as Father Time or the Grim Reaper with his scythe or the Lord of Karma, the Taskmaster or the Devourer. His Greek name is Kronos from where the word, ‘chronology’, meaning time is derived. Kronos was the youngest of twelve Titans, born anthropomorphically of Ge – Gaia/Earth and Ouranos – Uranus/Sky. Kronos castrated his father Ouranus. Following this coup d’etat, Kronos married his sister Rhea who gave birth to four children whom he promptly swallowed, on hearing a prediction that he in turn would be overthrown by one of his children. Rhea tricks her husband by hiding the youngest child, Zeus, and giving Kronos a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes which he swallows instead, hence the reference to the Devourer.

When Zeus reaches manhood he liberates his siblings from their father’s body and after a 10 year battle Zeus in turn emerges triumphant just as his father before him had usurped power from his father, Ouranos. Therefore, Kronos or its Roman counterpart, Saturn, in our chart is associated with time, karma, the authority figure, the teacher, the father, discipline, restriction, separation, boundaries, the physical body, diligence, responsibility, guilt, depression and vulnerability. Alice Bailey in her book, The Labours of Hercules, illuminates us further on the role of Capricorn.

The Tenth Labour of Hercules

Hercules’ Teacher tells him that his tenth task is to rescue Prometheus from his terrible  suffering in Hell, that of being chained to a rock and having his liver pecked at by vultures; the punishment meted out to him for stealing the fire of the gods. His suffering made even more terrible by the fact that he cannot die, being immortal. Before he can rescue Prometheus he must slay Cerberus, the triple-headed dog that guards the Underworld.

Hercules begins his descent into Hades or Hell until he comes to the river Styx that the souls of the deceased must cross. So sombre is the visitor from the upper world that Charon, the ferryman, forgets to charge Hercules the customary fee. After an encounter with the ugly snake-haired Medusa he has an audience with Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, who asks him what a living mortal is doing in his realms. When Hercules tells Hades what his mission is, he informs him that first he must conquer Cerberus with his bare hands, a feat no one has yet performed. If he is successful, Hades tells him he may unbind the suffering Prometheus. Hercules succeeds in slaying the snarling Cerberus by grasping the central head in a vice like grip, and causing its strength to gradually subside. Having conquered the dreaded Cerberus, he then sets free Prometheus by breaking his chains.

Bailey explains the symbolism of the three heads of Cerberus. The three heads symbolise sensation, desire and good intentions. The central head which was grasped by Hercules was the most important one, since desire underlies all sensations. The third head is good intentions not carried out. The tail of Cerberus is made of serpents which Bailey states typifies all illusions that impede the progress of spiritual life.

Capricorn Health and Anatomy

Anatomically, Capricorn rules the skin, teeth, knees and skeleton, sometimes causing these to be vulnerable areas for Capricorns or those with a Capricorn ascendant or Saturn prominent in their charts. The book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, written by Vanda Sawtell links the biochemic salts to the twelve signs of the zodiac. She states that biochemistry is an ancient Sanskrit science which was rediscovered by Dr Schuessler in the nineteenth century.

The Biochemic cell salt allocated to Capricorn is Calcium Phosphate, the principle salt used in the bony framework of the body. The body requires more Calcium phosphate than any other mineral salt as it not only plays a vital role protecting bones and teeth but also assists in assimilation and digestion. Capricorns or indeed anyone with any of these deficiencies will benefit from taking this vital cell salt. Other illnesses associated with Capricorn or Saturn afflictions are stiffness of joints and muscles, chronic rheumatic complaints, arthritis, chills, colds, catarrh and flu, deafness and depression. It is also linked to the gall bladder, calcium metabolism and anti-peristaltic movement.

Capricorn is a cold sign so Capricorns would benefit from more heat producing foods such as curries, hot soups and other spices. Bach flower remedies include mimulus, rock water and red chestnut. Homeopathic remedies include Belladonna, Nux vomica and Natrium muriaticum. Aromatherapy oils which would be beneficial are cypress, honeysuckle, myrrh and patchouli. The healing musical note is F# (F sharp).

Capricorn Hall of Fame
Capricorns are born managers and administrators, being willing to work long and hard to achieve their goals. Since they are born under the sign which rules status, prestige and worldly acclaim they want more than just a job with a good income. They want recognition for their talents.

Capricorns are drawn to careers such as banking, accountancy and insurance, and politics. Like their fellow earth sign, Virgo, Capricorns have phenomenal organisational skills and self-discipline. Their ruler, Saturn, which represents tradition, inclines Capricorns toward careers in large corporations or established business or the civil service.

Saturn rules structures so it is not surprising that many Capricorns choose careers in real estate, property development, the building and construction industry or architecture. Rules and regulations belong to Saturn’s domain, making law, especially corporate law an attractive option for Capricorns. Success seems to come naturally to Capricorns, as is the case with the billionaire Howard Hughes, Conrad Hilton, and Aristotle Onassis.

With their natural Saturnian attributes the mantle of authority sits easily on their shoulders, as is the case with political leaders such as William Gladstone and David Lloyd George. However, when Saturnian energy is misused there can be an abuse of power such as with J Edgar Hoover’s witch-hunts of Communists or the scandal of “Watergate” which occurred under the watch of Capricornian President, Richard Nixon.

Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

Joan Baez

Music is also a natural Capricorn attribute with Elvis Presley, Joan Baez, Odetta and Marianne Faithful numbered among their ranks.

Capricorn has its share of spiritual proponents in Johannes Kepler, Kahlil Gibran, Alan Watts, Maharishi Makesh Yogi, Martin Luther King Jnr., and the saints Therese Lisieux, and Bernadette of Lourdes and Saint Mary of the Cross

Saint Mary of the Cross


Overview for Capricorn for 2019

Pluto continues its passage through your sign, Capricorn, bringing change and transformation in its wake. Saturn, your ruling planet, continues its passage through your sign, Capricorn. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, continues its passage through your domestic sector bringing the unpredictability in this area of your life. Lucky Jupiter has moved into your spirituality sector which could send you on a quest to understand the deeper meanings of life.

Two planetary visitors will move through your career sector. Both quicksilver Mercury and Venus will move here on 15 September. Mercury here will promote communications and networking with your colleagues.

Mercury and Venus will activate your finance sector. Mercury, the planet of commerce, will visit here from 25 January to 10 February and Venus, the planet of finance, will grace your finance sector with her presence from 2 – 26 March. A total lunar eclipse occurs on 21 January 2019 in your 8th house of debt, taxes and other people’s money putting the spotlight on these issues.

Travel and Higher Education
There are three planetary visitors that will be in your travel and higher education sector. Feisty Mars will be there from 19 August to 4 October which will imbue you with the energy to pursue any activities in these sphere of your life. Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure, visits your travel and education sector from 22 August to 14 September making it an ideal time for that romantic getaway or pleasure cruise. Mercury’s presence here from 30 August to 14 September will facilitate your capacity for study and research.

Communication and Immediate Environment
Your communication and immediate environment sector is being activated by feisty Mars, nebulous Neptune and Chiron. Dynamic Mars makes its presence felt here from 16 November 2018 to 1 January 2019. During this time you could find yourself embroiled in disputes with siblings or neighbours but once Mars makes its exit you should be able to tune into the gentler Neptunian energy which would enhance your intuitive and creative power as well as the healing vibes of Chiron.

Home and Family
Uranus, the co ruler of Capricorn and the planet of upheaval and sudden change, continues its passage through your solar 4th house of home and family so you can expect changes in this area of your life. It could be summed up as “Expect the unexpected! ” Feisty Mars will make its presence felt when it enters your domestic sector from 2 January until 14 February. Mars here could cause domestic disputes but if  this energy is channelled constructively it could imbue you with the energy to needed to make a difference on the home front. It would be an ideal time to move house or undertake renovations, especially when Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 21 April to 15 May the urge to beautify your home will be strong. Venus will also inspire you to entertain and will promote harmonious family relations. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit to your domestic sector from 18 April to 6 May encouraging communicating and networking with family members.

Romance, Children and Creativity
Cosmic visitors include Mars, Mercury and Venus. Feisty Mars visits your creativity and romance sector from 15 February to 31 March imbuing you with the energy to deal with this sphere of your life but with the proviso that you don’t antagonise lovers or your children with your zeal. Venus, the Goddess of Love, graces your children and romance sector with her presence from 16 May to 9 June bringing creative inspiration, fun and pleasure to the areas of romance and children. Mercury pays a visit from 7 – 21 May encouraging communication with your children. The normally serious Capricorn should be able to down tools and embrace the inner child and have some fun!

Your relationship, marriage and partnership sector is highlighted with the karmic north node by a solar total eclipse on 2 July 2019. Venus’s presence here from 4 – 28 July  will enhance your love prospects. Mercury will pay two visits here – the first visit is from  from 5 – 27 and then again from 20 July to 11 August. This will facilitate communications within your intimate and business partnerships. Part of Mercury’s passage here will be in its retrograde phase from 20 July to 1 August which could cause misunderstandings in your intimate relationships and partnerships.

Venus lends her charm here from 3 December 2018 to 7 January 2019 allowing you to forge positive bonds with friends. Communication and networking is emphasised when Mercury pays a visit here from 10 – 20 December encouraging socialising and expanding your social networks. You are bound to have a busy social calendar.

Lucky Jupiter will move into your spirituality sector on 9 November 2018 remaining there until 2 December 2019. Jupiter is where you seek meaning in life so you will be exploring your deeper spiritual urges. Quicksilver Mercury spends an extended visit here from 1 November 2018 to 5 January 2019 facilitating  communication in this area of your life. It would be an ideal time to keep a journal of your dreams and spiritual aspirations. Part of Mercury’s time here will be in retrograde motion from 17 November to 5 December which will encourage introspection.

Full Moon in Cancer 23 December 2018
The day after the Sun enters Capricorn and the summer/winter solstice there is a Full Moon in Cancer.  With the Full Moon in the watery sign of Cancer emotions may come to the fore. It is important that we nurture ourselves at a time when many people are caught up in the pre-xmas rush. Cancer rules the hearth and home and so it is the ideal time to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn
We are feeling the effects of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn both on a personal and collective level. Capricorn which rules the 10th house on a mundane level represents the Establishment, government, status quo, stability, structures etc. but with Pluto which rules earthquakes and volcanoes in Capricorn we are feeling seismic shifts globally and now with Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn known as the Lord of karma we are beginning to reap what we have sown. In 2020 Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter or Greek Zeus as king of the gods rules over law, philosophy, ideals and religious beliefs and when in contact with other planets has the effect of exaggerating the energies. Therefore with these three in the mix we can expect big changes in our institutions and our worldview. We can see the disintegration of the old world order with the Trump presidency and Brexit and the polarisation of political views in Europe and Australia.

Biwheel UK union transitsBrexit
Just as we are born under certain sun signs so too are countries.  Both UK and the Australia are Capricorn countries while the US is the polar opposite being a Cancerian country celebrating its independence on 4 July. The UK Constitution chart is 1 January 1801 while the Australian Federation chart is 1 January 1901. The US  Sibley chart is 4 July 1776 at 5.10 pm, Philadelphia USA. Therefore, these three countries are being affected by Pluto and Saturn’s passage through Capricorn. While the UK has the Sun in Capricorn its Moon is in emotional Cancer. The Moon also represents the public and since June 2016 when the Brexit vote took place which shocked all the pundits when the verdict was leave the EU rather than the expected remain it threw the country into turmoil so typical of a Pluto Moon opposition.

Brexit protestLinks with Brexit campaign and Trump campaign
Pluto in Capricorn conjures up underhand methods and plutocrats. Negatively, Pluto can represent intrigue, betrayal and power struggles. Since the Brexit vote it has come to light that there were links with Brexit campaigners and the Trump campaign. We saw images in the media of former UKIP leader Nigel Farrage cosying up to Donald Trump. There were a cabal of billionaires and plutocrats plotting behind the scenes for some years to bring about Brexit to further their own interests ahead of the national interest. There are other cosmic players in the mix – Uranus moved into the money sign of Taurus Brexit mad hatter's partythis year shaking up global finances, and Neptune, the planet of illusion and deception, is approaching a square to UK chart’s Mercury, the planet of the mind and commerce. This Neptune Mercury square indicates that the British public have been confused and deceived with their misplaced idealism as well as being a hoax engineered by puppet masters behind the scenes. In May 2019 about two months after Brexit becomes official if parliament votes for the deal the UK will have a progressed lunar return. When Pluto has completed its transits opposing UK charts Moon it will then be Saturn’s turn to oppose the Moon which will have three hits in the first week of May, mid June and Mid December 2019. Keeping in mind that the Moon represents the public it doesn’t augur well for the public’s mood. To add insult to injury Uranus which entered Taurus in May 2019 will square Jupiter on and off causing more tension. This erratic energy could force some radical changes.

Theresa May BrexitThe hapless PM Theresa May who actually voted to remain in the referendum has been left to clean up the mess of the two men instrumental in the Brexit referendum, Nigel Farrage and former PM David Cameron who called the referendum. Theresa May is a Libran who is trying to negotiate a middle road but in the process is pleasing neither side of the argument. Transiting Saturn is currently squaring her natal Sun so she is having a steep learning curve carrying the burden of Brexit for the nation. It is reminiscent of the myth of Sisyphus whose punishment is to roll the rock up the mountain only for it fall down again and so the task begins all over again. There seem to be three options: to accept the deal currently on the table or a hard Brexit advocated by the hard right Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg or the third option which is gaining some traction – to hold a second referendum strongly advocated by former Labour PM Tony Blair. Jean-Claude Juncker complained that the UK’s Brexit position was “nebulous and imprecise” and demanded that May bring forward clear proposals for potential clarification. This is an apt description considering the Neptune transit to the UK chart.

No Deal Brexit Contingency Plans
As the prospect of a no deal looms larger Emergency no-deal Brexit contingency plans are now being implemented as government and cabinet ministers have agreed, including reserving ferry space for supplies and putting 3,500 armed forces personnel on standby to deal with any disruption. Downing Street said it would send advice on preparing for no-deal to all UK businesses and suggested they should begin implementing their own contingency plans as they saw fit. Citizens will be informed how to prepare through a “range of channels” that could include TV adverts and social media. Ministers agreed to allocate money from a £2bn contingency fund to departments such as the Home Office and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. HMRC will prepare a 100-page pack for all UK businesses on preparing for no-deal, and will send out about 80,000 emails to businesses. If this option eventuates Britain will be entering uncharted waters.


 Stormy weather mapMichael Cohen network

All the Presidents Men – Trump – Trump’s Pit Bull bites his master – Cohen tells all

Meanwhile across the Atlantic things are heating up for Trump with the Mueller probe edging closer to the President and his family and their financial dealings. The latest Trump crony to be charged and sentenced to three years prison is Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer”, Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen was born 25 August 1966 (birth time not known) in Long Island NY. His natal chart and transits tell the story. As a teenager Cohen read Trump’s book, Art of the Deal so when the opportunity arose he jumped at the chance to work for Trump, In April 2018 the FBI raided Cohen’s office and home resulting in Cohen being charged amongst other things for lying to Congress. Cohen pleaded guilty in August to tax fraud, lying to banks and violating campaign finance laws. The campaign finance charges relate to hush money payments to porn star, Stormy Daniels, and Playboy model, Karen McDougal. Cohen pleaded guilty in November to lying to Congress about an aborted deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. That case was lodged by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Cohen  told a court: “I felt it was my duty to cover up his (Trump’s) dirty deeds.” “I blame myself for the conduct which has brought me here today,” he said. “And it was my own weakness and a blind loyalty to this man” — a reference to Mr Trump — “that led me to choose a path of darkness over light”.Michael Cohen went down over tax and bank fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to congress about Mr Trump’s business dealings in Russia.

He lied to Congress to create the impression that negotiations to build a Trump tower in Moscow were over before the 2016 campaign was properly underway, something that doesn’t reflect well on the President as the intersecting pieces of the Russia puzzle come together.

Cohen Trump Stormy KarenMore directly though, it’s Cohen’s claim that he made, and deliberately concealed, hush money payments to Trump’s alleged mistresses Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal at the direction of his boss that has the President lashing out accusing him of being a liar and a rat.

Constituting a criminal campaign finance violation, the payments could also eventually land the President in jail if he’s proven to have been involved (although probably not until he’s out of office).

Cohen apologised to the “people of the United States” and told the judge he took full responsibility for his actions. “Recently the president tweeted a statement calling me weak and it was correct but for a much different reason than he was implying. It was because time and time again I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds” he said. This is the guy who just last year said he’d take a bullet for the President.

He explained that he’s been “living in a personal and mental incarceration ever since the day that I accepted the offer to work for a real estate mogul whose business acumen that I deeply admired”.This was the day he was getting his freedom back, he said.

Looking at Cohen’s chart, his Sun in in early Virgo in a very tight conjunction with the fixed royal star Regulus and the asteroid Vesta. At the time Cohen’s offices and home were raided by the FBI transiting Uranus was squaring Cohen’s natal Mars indicating the element of surprise. This action has turned Cohen’s life upside down. Just as Cohen’s life has been disrupted in turn he now is becoming the disrupter threatening Trump’s reputation and career. This Uranus Mars transit returned in November this year. On 10 December this year Pluto trined Cohen’s north node or destiny point giving him an opportunity to clean his karmic slate by co-operating fully with the Mueller investigation transforming his life and values. It is interesting to note that his south node where he is coming from in past lives is conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. The lowest vibration of Neptune is deception, lying and obfuscation. Likewise the lowest manifestation of Scorpio is ruthlessness and manipulation. Neptune also squares Cohen’s Mercury and Venus facilitating his ability to lie for others to obfuscate others’ misdeeds, especially when it comes to amorous peccadilloes.

Cohen & Trump

Trump’s loyal “fixer” turns “rat”

It is also noteworthy to view some problematic issues in the synastry between Cohen’s and Trump’s charts. Michael Cohen’s Saturn squares both Trump’s Sun and Moon and Cohen’s Pluto and Uranus in Virgo square Trump’s Sun, North node and Uranus in Gemini and his Moon in Sagittarius. There are also challenging Neptune aspects between them which may at first have had them in each other’s thrall but which would eventually lead to misunderstandings, deception and disillusionment. The Mars contacts between their two charts would have encouraged them to take risks ending badly for both of them. The Uranus transits seem to have given Cohen a wake-up call. To choose whether to take a higher road and co-operate with the FBI probe or to remain loyal to his former master, Trump, for whom he famously said he would take a bullet. He is having a hard karmic lesson of the danger of living vicariously through others. Instead he needs to claim his individuality rather than risk being enmeshed with others. Transiting Pluto is coming up to oppose his natal Jupiter culminating in February 2020 so Cohen will be challenged to transform his beliefs and value system. 


Cohen & Avenatti

Another Michael who has been just as ferocious in pursuing his goals as his namesake and Michael Cohen is Michael Avenatti, the lawyer, entrepreneur and racing car driver who has been representing the adult film actress, Stormy Daniels. As Stormy Daniels’ lawyer he has played the role of Michael Cohen’s nemesis. As their synastry reveals there is no love lost between them with Avenatti’s Aquarian Sun opposite Cohen’s Sun causing a clash of egos. They also have Mercury opposite Mercury as well as Avenatti’s combative Mars square Cohen’s powerful Pluto. making for an explosive combination.

Who are these two Michaels fighting over? None other than the adult actress, Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford, Trump’s mistress, who claimed she was paid hush money by Cohen in November 2016 just prior to the presidential elections. This affair with then citizen Trump is unravelling and is proving to be the undoing of Michael Cohen and potentially of Trump if it leads to an indictment of Trump after he leaves office. Stormy Daniels was born on 17 March 1979 at 1.10 am in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, is a Piscean with her Sun conjunct Juno in Pisces revealing a lot of feminine allure. Her Moon is in passionate Scorpio and her love planet, Venus, is in the detached sign of Aquarius which would suit her form of business. The other woman in the hush money scandal is Karen McDougal, the former Playboy bunny, with whom Trump is alleged to have had an affair not long after Melania gave birth to their son, Barron.

Trump's kids & Jared KushnerTrump family

Trump & his Family’s Dirty Business Dealings

US President Donald Trump’s troubled charity foundation has agreed to close down amid allegations that he and others illegally misused its funds. The move was announced by the Attorney General of New York State, Barbara Underwood, who will supervise the distribution of its remaining monies. She has accused Mr Trump and his three eldest children of using it for private and political gain. This is just one of several legal cases currently swirling around Mr Trump and his family. Others include a wide-ranging special counsel investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia headed by former FBI chief Robert Mueller.

In a statement, the Attorney General said there had been “a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation – including unlawful co-ordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and wilful self-dealing, and much more”.

She continued: “This amounted to the Trump Foundation functioning as little more than a chequebook to serve Mr Trump’s business and political interests.”

Donald Trump’s charitable foundation is being dismantled, but the headaches it has created for the president aren’t going away anytime soon.

According to New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, her investigation into alleged misconduct could still result in millions of dollars in penalties and sanctions against the president and his three oldest children.

As the Washington Post has reported, Mr Trump frequently used his family foundation – which was funded in large part by outside donations – as a resource to settle business lawsuits and, during the 2016 presidential campaign, as a political tool.

Biwheel Donald Trump & transitsIt is interesting to note the transits of the main players in this dirty dealing. Trump himself has transiting Pluto conjuncting his vertex in his 5th house of children. Transiting Saturn is also moving through his 5th house of children inconjunct his natal Pluto in his karmic 12th house. This would push him out of his comfort zone into unknown territory. Transiting Pluto will also inconjunct his north node in the 10th house of career in January, September and October in 2019. All these Pluto and Saturn transits will cause a lot of upheaval for Trump and his children. Trump will have to deal with a series of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter inconjuncts in 2019 which have a certain fatedness about them and could cause loss and separation for him.

Two of Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jnr and Erik, as well as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner are all born under the sign of Capricorn so will also be at the brunt of Pluto and Saturn transits on their Sun. In the case of Donald Trump Jnr. born on 31 December 1977, 5.20 pm in Manhattan NY, USA transiting Saturn will move into his 7th house of relationships, marriage and partnerships. He is currently separated from his wife. The 7th house can also involve legal issues. Ivanka is the exception being born on 30 October 1981 no known time so she has a Scorpio Sun. She will have Uranus inconjunct Uranus and Saturn square Saturn as well as some tricky Neptune transits.

As this all unravels with Trump’s shady business dealings and links with Russia and his election campaign more nefarious dealings are likely to be exposed with some predicting this will be much bigger than Watergate with no historical precedent. To be continued through 2019 and 2020 as Mueller joins the dots as he follows 17 different investigations on Trump and Russia! With the Democrats having gained majority in the House there are bound to be more clashes in 2019 as the Democrats use their newly gained power.

More chaos has occurred in the White House with Trump’s tweet announcing his sudden decision to pull troops out of Syria blindsiding his administration and Republicans leading to the resignation of General Mattis one of the last “grown ups” in the White House. Some commentators have claimed that this is a typical Trump stunt to distract from the increasing spotlight in his family financial scandals being exposed by the Mueller investigations.

Schumer, Trump & Pelosi

Chuck Schumer, Donald Trump & Nancy Pelosi

In the words of the the leading House Democrat Nancy Pelosi: “You have leaders, great leaders who have left the administration in dismay and the rest of them have left in disgrace. And that’s what this administration has been about,” Nancy Pelosi will be a force to be reckoned with born on 26 March 1940 (time not known) in Baltimore, Maryland with her Sun in feisty Aries, the Moon in Scorpio and a stellium in Taurus.

Biwheel Australian swearing in chart & transitsAustralian Institutions Challenged and Tall Poppies Cut Down
What has been the fallout here of Saturn and Pluto’s transit through Capricorn in Australia’s chart? As I write this piece today Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is exactly conjunct the Sun in the 10th house of our chart. Pluto is also moving through the 10th house which represents government. Saturn is the ruler of both Capricorn and the 10th house representing the Establishment, institutions, traditions, the status quo. We have seen the Banking Royal Commission where the CEOs have been called to account for their corrupt and immoral dealings with the public. The Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse of Children has exposed the extent of institutions across the board abusing children. With the impetus of the #metoo movement  we have witnessed some tall poppies cut down to size in the entertainment industry such as the screen and stage icons Geoffrey Rush and Craig McLachlan who have been accused of sexual harassment by their female co-stars. Sporting institutions have had their share of scandals too.

Barnaby Joyce & VickiAndrew Broad sugar baby scandal

Liberal Coalition government hasn’t fared any better with sex scandals of former Nationals’ leader Barnaby Joyce and National MP for Mallee, Andrew Broad, being forced to step down. Broad’s lurid texts to a woman called Amy twenty years his junior whom he met in Hong Kong highlighted both his hypocrisy as a a family man with conservative values as well as the fact that there are only two women in the National Party. The loss by the Liberals of the three by-elections brought on by the dual national fiasco which brought kudos to Labor’s leader Bill Shorten caused rebellion in the ranks of Liberal party’s hard right ending in the demise of Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership.

Kerryn PhelpsWith the immediate resignation of Malcolm Turnbull leaving his blue ribbon Liberal seat of Wentworth up for by-election. The shock win of the Liberal jewel in the crown by the Independent Dr Kerryn Phelps for the first time in history was not the last shock to be sustained by the Liberal Coalition. In the Victorian state election there was a massive swing against the Liberals forcing not only the Liberal opposition leader, Matthew Guy, but also the Liberal powerbroker, Michael Kroger, to fall on their swords.

Student protest

School Students Strike against Inaction on Climate Change
Thousands of schoolchildren across Australia walked out of class on 30 November to demand action by the federal government on climate change. The “Strike 4 Climate Action”, inspired by 15-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg, brought together children in capital cities and 20 regional centres such as Ballarat, Newcastle, Townsville and Cairns. A large protest was also held in Hobart on Thursday. More than a thousand primary and secondary students filled Sydney’s Martin Place and students in Melbourne marched through the streets, bringing traffic to a standstill.

The reactions of both the prime minister and Matt Canavan show how out of touch this Liberal National coalition really is: The prime minister, Scott Morrison, had earlier this week urged students this week not to take part and told them to be “less activist”. On Friday, the resources minister Matt Canavan said he would prefer students to learn about mining and science. “These are the type of things that excite young children and we should be great at it as a nation,” he told 2GB radio. “The best thing you’ll learn about going to a protest is how to join the dole queue.”

As we approach a state election in NSW in March and a federal election in May 2019 the NSW Liberals are desperate to differentiate themselves from their federal Liberal counterparts on issues such as climate change and Gonski funding etc. Their Liberal Party colleagues are regarded as dinosaurs on such vital issues as climate change, women’s issues and other vital social issues. People have now been describing the Liberal party of not so much as having a woman problem but actually a man problem. This was amply illustrated in the recent Liberal party spill for the top job when former foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop was overlooked by her colleagues in favour of her male colleagues Peter Dutton

Julie Bishop's red shoes

Julie Bishop donates her iconic red shoes to Democracy Museum

and Scott Morrison leading to Bishop’s famous red shoes statement of female empowerment. This led to other Liberal women MPs expressing their sisterhood by also wearing red in Liberal women in red

SArah Hanson-Young & David Leyonhjelm

Sarah Hanson-Young takes on David Leyonhjelm

parliament after being bullied by their male colleagues during the spill motion to choose a prime minister to replace Turnbull. In fact Liberal moderate and Cabinet Minister Kelly O’Dwyer told colleagues the Liberals are widely regarded as “homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers” as a post-election crisis meeting of federal MPs triggered deep divisions in Canberra. The other terrible injustice women MPs have had to suffer in parliament visited on them by their male colleagues or by the media is “slut shaming. Labor MP Emma Husar, Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young have both been victims of innuendoes and vicious rumours designed to malign their reputations. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th house of Australia’s chart is certainly helping to highlight our failings and helping to mature us as a nation. 

As the year 2018 closes the statistics for the number of women who have been killed by a partner or ex-partner has reached the alarming number of 68 for the year far more people than are killed by terrorist acts in Australia. Family violence is a national crisis but the government funding for this epidemic is totally inadequate in comparison to the amount poured in from government coffers for terrorism.

City Tattersall's Clun in Brisbane

President Stuart Fraser welcomes the decision to allow female membership

To end on a more positive note Brisbane Tattersall’s Club, previously an exclusive male bastion has just voted to allow women to become members. The club was founded in 1865 by “a group of gentlemen” prominent in the Queensland thoroughbred horse racing industry. It describes itself as “one of Australia’s most prestigious private membership clubs” and a “home away from home” for its members. This is one of the effects of Pluto in Capricorn tearing down old establishments to bring renewal in keeping with the times. Let us hope that 2019 will bring more peace, compassion, hope and stability to the world. 


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