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The ancient art of astrology has been practised throughout the ages all over the world, such as Babylon, Egypt, the Mayan civilisation, Asia, Europe, Elizabethan England etc.

Your birth chart provides a personality profile and a map of your potential.

Astrological Counselling Specialising In
Relationship Dynamics (synastry & composite chart)
Transitional Life Phases (transits & progressions)
Prenatal Patterns in the birth chart
Life Path (karmic patterns)
Women’s Health
Transpersonal Psychotherapy (subpersonalities and archetypes)

Anne’s Astrological Consultations
With her background in astrology, Psychosynthesis, Jungian mythology, tarot, numerology and healing, Anne draws a wide range of skills together to facilitate the client to acquaint themselves with the subpersonalities and archetypes in their birth chart and illuminate their darkest shadows to gain a deeper self-awareness to transform and heal themselves.



Numerology is the science of names and numbers. Your numbers and name at birth provide a key to your potential, your life lessons and current cycles. The science of numbers is an ancient form of divination which traces its origins back to ancient Atlantis, through to the Mystery Schools of ancient Greece and to the modern day. The Egyptian Priests of Memphis are quoted as saying, “The Science of Numbers and the art of will power are the keys of Magic that open the Gates of the Universe.” Pythagoras, one of the most renowned philosophers of ancient Europe is generally accepted as the founder of the Science of Numbers. He established a school of learning at Crotona where he taught the Science of Numbers and the Theory of Magnitude.

Tarot Cards, Angel Cards and Cartouche
The ancient art of tarot is another means of divination. The tarot serves as a powerful tool to access the unconscious and bring the underlying conflicts to conscious awareness to be resolved. There are many different decks of tarot from the A.E Waite Rider Tarot with which students generally learn. There is The Mythic Tarot pack designed by Juliet Sharman-Burke and astrologer Liz Greene.

Angel therapy cards

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards designed by Doreen Virtue, psychologist and clairvoyant enable the reader to convey messages to the client from the angels to initiate healing and help release fears and emotional blocks. They also give guidance about one’s life purpose.


Cartouche shaped royal sarcophagi

Cartouche is referred to as an “Oracle of Ancient Egyptian Magic.” The archetypal principles employed in the Cartouche are Universal. The word “cartouche” is derived from the French word meaning an oval or oblong figure, especially as it relates to Egyptian monuments or papyri, which contained the name of a sovereign or person of rank or note. Names can easily be recognised among lines of hieroglyphics because they are encased in a box like figure – see illustration. The cartouche can also act as a bridge between daily life and the transpersonal or Higher Self.
Horoscope Spread
There a 2 main spreads. The horoscope spread is so named as it assumes the shape of the birth chart with each card representing one of the twelve houses corresponding to an area of life.
Star Spread
This is an ideal spread if the querent has one main issue they want answered, as it can be more concise, especially where individual questions are involved. the cards are laid out at the points of the star. Each point has a specific meaning and the order of the procedure also carries a special significance according to old Egyptian magic.

The Chakras

Spiritual Healing
When spiritual healing occurs the healer is seen as an instrument for “divine intervention”.  Spiritual healing in its purest form relies totally on the intervention of a “higher intelligence”  or sometimes referred to as the “Source” — the healing occurs spontaneously without the healer making conscious choices. Usually a spiritual healer does not rely on particular techniques but is guided by their healing guides in conjunction with the healing guides of the person receiving the healing. The healing occurs on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Spiritual healing occurs when there is a cooperative liaison between the healer, the Source and the person receiving the healing. See my post St Mary of the Cross, Miracles and other Numinous Events.

Counselling – Psychosynthesis

Star Diagram

Psychosynthesis as its name suggests involves integrating of the psyche with the Will being an integral part of the Self (see diagram opposite).  Its founder Dr Roberto Assagioli, a visionary Italian psychiatrist envisaged synthesis on many different levels – on the individual, community and global level, as well as synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophy and wisdom. In the Psychosynthetic model the Will is multi-dimensional – there is Strong Will, Skillful Will, Good Will, Transpersonal Will and Universal Will. Assagioli claimed that the Self equals awareness plus choice. Psychosynthesis is a spiritual or a transpersonal psychotherapy in that Assagioli claimed that first and foremost we are a Soul with a personality.
The aim of Psychosynthesis is first to synthesise the disparate often conflicting parts of the personality self e.g. the inner critic or dictator may be at odds with the rebel or free spirit. Identification with subpersonalities can lead to distortion. By using techniques such as disidentificaton exercises the person can detach from the mind, body and emotions and attune to the Higher Self by taking on the role of the Observer. Once integration of the personality is achieved, there is potential  for integration of the personality self with the Higher Self or Soul. This involves the synthesis of love, mind and will. For more information see page About Psychosynthesis.


The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas
Numerology The Romance in Your Name by Juno Jordan
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
The Mythic Tarot Book by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene
Rider Tarot by A.E Waite
The Way of Cartouche
by Murry Hope
The Act of Will by Roberto Assagioli

Location: Sydney Australia

Also available for consultations in Fiveways Paddington Sydney Australia
at Organic Lifestyle Store
For Bookings contact Anthia Koullouros on (02) 9380 7863Egyptian Scarab
or contact Anne directly on +61 431 471 994

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