April Astromusings – Retrograde Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, Easter Full Moon in Libra – Notre Dame Fire, Full Moon Wesak Festival in May

Illustrated by Sue Robertson


Taurus, golden eyed
bull of God
worshipped with song and dance
in ancient fertility rites
slow sure sensual
sow your seeds
ensuring Mother Nature’s bounty

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Taurus
The Personality asserts: Let struggle be undismayed
The Soul sounds its note: I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined

Rulers for Taurus
Exoteric Ruler:
Venus under the Fifth Ray of Concrete Mind or Science
Esoteric Ruler: Vulcan under the First Ray of Will or Power
Hierarchical Ruler: Vulcan under the First Ray of Will or Power

Happy Birthday to all the Taureans who celebrate their birthdays between April 21 and May 21. Taurus forms part of the triplicity of Earth signs with Capricorn and Virgo. Taurus, the Bull, is the sign of fertility as traditionally in the Northern Hemisphere, it brings the regenerative life force of Spring. The glyph for which represents the full Moon with a crescent moon attached to it. The Full Moon can be seen as the Celestial Mother and the upturned crescent moon as the cow’s horns, another symbol of its fecundity. In the Age of Taurus (C.4220 BC-C.2160 B.C) the Egyptians established their vast agricultural empire through an economy based on slavery.

During the Age of Taurus the cult of the bull and cow was prevalent. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped Isis as the Crescent, crowned with the headdress of the cow horns, the Horned Goddess, the cow, and as such was identified with Hathor the Cow-Goddess who preceded her. Isis’s husband Osiris, was also worshipped as a horned deity, known as the bull god, Apis. The veneration of the Bull was also prevalent in other cultures, for example the Bull of Minos known as the Minotaur of the Cretan Labyrinth. At certain times of the year young boys and girls were sacrificed to the Bull God. During these festivals young people danced upon the bulls and jumped through their horns in the arenas, a custom which was the precursor of the modern practice of bullfighting. The glyph for Taurus also represents the parts of the body ruled by this sign: the neck, throat and the shoulders.

Venus and Vulcan, the Ruling Planets of Taurus
The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the patroness of the arts. When she is favourably placed in a horoscope she will bestow her bounty of charm, beauty, creativity, sociability and wealth on the recipient. Taurus rules the second house of the horoscope which governs finances, material possessions and values. In keeping with the Law of Attraction, Venus governs desire and sexuality. Because of the earthiness of their nature, Taureans are challenged to overcome their weaknesses on the physical plane i.e. the desire nature and stubbornness to transmute this into aspiration and goodwill.

The esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan, the god of the Hammer and the Forge. His role is to beat “base metal” into a more refined state for spiritual purposes which aids in this transmutation. Esoterically, Taurus is referred to as the golden eyed Bull of God, with its keynote being: “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light”. This connotes that the goal of the aspirant in the second sign is illumination. The second Labour of Hercules sheds more light on the tests facing the hero in the sign of Taurus.

Hercules Captures the Cretan Bull

The Second Labour of Hercules – The Capture of the Cretan Bull

In the book, ‘The Labours of Hercules’, Alice Bailey elucidates the test of Taurus. Hercules is told by his teacher to capture the sacred Bull of Minos to save it from being sacrificed, and ride it from Crete to the mainland where he is to deliver it to the three Cyclops, Brontes, Steropes and Arges, who dwell in the Holy Place. This, Hercules succeeds in doing by chasing the bull from one corner of the island to another, mounting it and riding it through the waves to the mainland.

There is much symbolism involved in this apparently straightforward labour which Hercules has to complete. Minos, the King of Crete, who owned the sacred bull also possessed the maze which has ever been the symbol of the great illusion. The island of Crete with its maze and its bull is an outstanding symbol of the great illusion. It was separated from the mainland, and illusion and bewilderment are characteristics of the separated self. The bull represents animal desire which must be caught and mastered and chased from one point to another in the life of the separated self. Hercules must hand over the bull to the three Cyclops who represent the initiates, having the single eye which symbolises the third eye. It also refers to the Bull’s eye in the constellation of Taurus. In other words the task of Hercules is to overcome desire, transcending the personality self and aligning it with his Higher Self to achieve illumination.

The Constellation of Taurus

Alan Oken in his book Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology observes that Manilius calls Taurus “dives puellis” – Latin for rich in maidens a reference to the fact that within its demibody are the Pleiades or Seven Sisters and the Hyades, the seven mythological daughters of Atlas and Aethra and half sisters of the Pleiades. The Hyades form the great V of the reddish star Aldebaran often called the “Eye of the Bull.”

Under the title of The Theme of Illumination Alice Bailey explains the esoteric significance of the constellation of Taurus. Taurus is one of the most interesting of the zodiacal constellations, the Cross of the Disciple. The “eye of the bull” in Taurus, the magnificent fixed star, Aldebaran, is one of the reasons why this constellation is regarded as conferring illumination. In ancient days it was called the leading star of the heavens, and Taurus has always been connected with light and, therefore, with Christ, who proclaimed himself as the Light of the World. Light, illumination and sound, as expressed of the creative force: these are the three basic ideas connected with this constellation. The “interpreter of the divine voice”, as Taurus was called in ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into Christian terminology and called “the Word made flesh.”

Bailey continues: ‘The following is of interest’ she includes an excerpt from The Zodiac – A Life Epitome by Walter Sampson: “The bull or the cow is the symbol of this sign, and in the celestial chart it will be observed that the little group of stars called Pleiades are represented just at the shoulder of the bull. Now, in Egyptian sculpture, or painting, the Pleiades are sometimes represented by the figure of the dove with wings outspread over the bull’s saddle. The dove as we remember, is the bird sacred to Venus, and as the Pleiades are part of the constellation Taurus and as we shall see, more Taurean in nature, if possible, than Taurus itself, the dove becomes a specially appropriate symbol for this little star-group.”

Taurean Hall of Fame

David Attenborough

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, has dominion over the arts, culinary activities, nature, money, and sensuality. Therefore Taureans are attracted to careers in fields such as music, massage, banking, real estate, farming, gardening, and hospitality. An example of a Taurean who represents a big corporation is Mar An example of the Taurean affinity with nature is evident in the books and documentaries on nature by the famous Taurean, David Attenborough.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Taureans are well represented in business such as Mark Zuckerberg the chief executive of Facebook.

Piketty-capital-21st-centuryThomas Piketty, a French economist whose work focuses on wealth and income inequality is a Taurean. He is a professor at the The School for Advanced Studies of Social Sciences, associate chair at the Paris School of Economics and Centennial professor at the International Inequalities Institute, which is part of the London School of Economics (LSE). Piketty is the author of the best-selling book Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2013), which emphasises the themes of his work on wealth concentrations and distribution over the past 250 years.

Taureans are well represented in the field of music with such classical musicians as Brahams, Tchaikovsky and Yehudi Menuhin. The prima ballerina, Margot Fonteyn, and Fred Astaire were also born under the sign of the bull. Other famous musically gifted Taureans include, Irving Berlin, Burt Bacharach, Enya, Cher, Shirley Temple,

Barbra Streisand

Shirley MacLaine, Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Collins, Lesley Gore, Duke Ellington, Glen Campbell, Roy Orbison, Pete Seeger and  the crooners, Perry Como and Bing Crosby.
Actors of note include Rudolf Valentino, Lionel Barrymore, Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda, Orson Welles, Pierce Brosnan, Gerry Seinfeld, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Glenda Jackson, Uma Thurman,

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellwegger, Michelle Pfeiffer and Joanna Lumley. Writers of note include William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, Anthony Trollope, Vladimir Nabokov, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Daphne Du Maurier, Charlotte Bronte, and James Barrie who created the favourite children’s book Peter Pan.

Taurus is potentially a sign of power and it has had its share of rulers who have brought stability but it also has had its share of tyrants who have abused their power. Queen Elizabeth II who has her ascendant in steadfast Capricorn and celebrates her 93rd birthday

Mary Robinson

on April 21 2019, epitomises the stable, pragmatic monarch. Mary Robinson, the former president of the Irish Republic and Commissioner for Human Rights for the United Nations, who also exudes this Earth Mother quality, has both her Sun and Moon in steady Taurus. A quality which has reassured many people in times of conflict, both on a national level and in the international arena. Other Taureans who have made their presence felt include Catherine the Great,  Golda Meir,  Eva Peron, Czar Nicholas II, Vladimir Lenin, Hitler, Robespierre, Oliver Cromwell, Ho Chi Minh, Emperor Hirohito, Harry S. Truman, Saddam Hussein. and Pope John Paul II. Some spiritually inclined Taureans include Gautama Buddha,



Krishnamurti, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Jesuit priest and mystic.

Taurus Health and Anatomy
Taurus is represented in the human body by the cerebellum, or lower brain, and neck, ears, lower jaw, throat, liver and gall bladder. In her book ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, Vanda Sawtell writes that the biochemic cell salt for Taurus is Nat. sulph. and is the first cell salt to become deficient where symptoms of disease in the Taurean native are observed. The chief work of Nat. sulph. is to eliminate excess water from the body. In the hot moist weather the atmosphere becomes heavily charged with water, and is breathed into the blood through the lungs. Blood becomes overcharged with water from an atmosphere overcharged with moist vapour, and not from the water we drink. One molecule of the Taurean salt has the chemical power to take up and eliminate from the system two molecules of water. Therefore, the more surplus water there is to be thrown out of the blood, the more sodium sulphate is required.

Biliousness and malaria are the effects of a deficiency of this salt. Chills and fevers are Nature’s methods of getting rid of surplus water, through violent muscular, nervous, and vascular spasms and perspiration. There are some people who put on weight in spite of careful dieting. This is because the lymphatic system becomes slowly engorged with excess fluid derived from the atmosphere through the breath. These people need plenty of Nat. sulph. to carry away this excess fluid.

One of the weaknesses of Taureans is over indulgence, so moderation in eating and drinking needs to be cultivated. Because Nat. sulph. works with the fluids of the body it is one of the most important salts affecting the digestive organs. The bile of the liver, the pancreatic juices, and the secretions of the kidneys all depend for their normal functioning upon a proper supply of Nat. sulph. Bile disorders of which there are many, range from sluggish liver and tiredness in the early morning, to gall stones, jaundice, stoppage of the bile duct, and constipation. Diabetics need Nat. sulph. because it stimulates the secretions of the pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

When the digestive organs are not functioning harmoniously, then sore throats and colds are frequent. The following are suggestions for liver and throat complaints. Balmony is good for jaundice conditions; Agrimony is good for both liver and kidney troubles and helps the assimilation of food; Centaury is also a good tonic for the liver; A combination of both Agrimony and Centaury is helpful for jaundice conditions, and corrects the kidneys at the same time. Golden Seal is very helpful for bilious subjects; Dandelion is excellent for the liver and as a dyspeptic remedy. Red Sage is helpful for Laryngitis and Raspberry leaves and Mulleins also make good remedies for sore throats.

Taurus rules the colours turquoise, brown and russet. The gemstone for Taurus is emerald and the metal is copper. An ideal homeopathic remedy for the sluggish Taurean digestive system is Belladonna. Aromatherapy oils suitable for the Taurean temperament include patchouli, rose and ylang-ylang. The healing musical note for Taurus is A# (A sharp). Taureans should avoid fattening, starchy foods or liquors because of their proneness to gout. Citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit, as well as bananas and melons are beneficial for Taureans. The Taurean diet should include carrots, celery, spinach, beans and peas.

Full Moon Festival in May– Wesak Festival – 18/19 May 2019

Taurus is especially connected to the Buddha as Buddha is said to have been born, reached enlightenment and died in the sign of the Bull. The Buddha taught that the path of detachment from the desire is the vehicle for the entrance of Light. These events are celebrated each year at the Wesak Festival, the time of the full Moon when the Sun is in Taurus. The Full Moon occurs at 27 degrees Scorpio 39 on 19 May. It is so-called as the ceremony of Wesak is held in the actual Wesak Valley in the Himalayas at the time of the Full Moon of May. Wesak, the Sun in Taurus Full Moon, is the most powerful Full Moon of the year.

According to mystics the ceremony marks the return of the Buddha to help regenerate the Earth. He is said to return at this time each year to bring new light to the world. He appears above a flat rock on which a great crystal bowl filled with water rests. It is said that He and His great Brother, the World Teacher of Love, work in the closest cooperation for the spiritual benefit of humanity. Through the Buddha the wisdom of God is poured forth. Through the World Teacher of Love, the Love of God is poured forth. At the end of the ceremony the water in the bowl is distributed to all the participants who drink from their cups and share it with others. This beautiful water ceremony of communion is symbolic of the Age of Aquarius which we are entering, the Age of the Water Bearer.

Overview for Taureans for 2019
 Your travel and education sector is highlighted by a series of eclipses and the karmic lunar nodes and the presence of Pluto and Saturn. The karmic North Node and an eclipse occur in your third house of  the immediate environment. The mover and shaker Pluto continues its sojourn through your travel and education sector facilitating major changes in this area of your life. Erratic Uranus has made its dramatic re-entry into your sign and lucky Jupiter is continuing its passage through your debt, taxes and inheritance sector.

Mercury, the planet of communication, pays an extended visit to your relationship sector from 4 October to 3 December, facilitating communication in your relationships. Part of Mercury’s time here will be in retrograde motion from 31 October to 19 November which could cause confusion necessitating clear communication. Venus graces your relationship sector with her presence from 9 October to 1 November bringing harmony and pleasure to your relationships.

Creativity, Children and Romance
 Both Mercury and Venus visit your 5th house of creativity, children and romance. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit here from 30 August to 14 September encouraging communication with your children and lovers and providing opportunities to learn new hobbies. Venus graces this sector from 22 August to 14 September bringing harmony and inspiration in these areas of your life.

Home and Family
 A total lunar eclipse which occurs on 21 January 2019 highlights your domestic sector Two celestial visitors,  Mercury and Venus will activate your home and family sector. From 12 – 29 August Mercury, the messenger of the gods will pay a visit there. This encourages communication within your family and any commercial transactions. Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 29 July to 21 August bringing harmony and opportunities to beautify your home.

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, will pay a visit to your career and goals sector from 25 January to 10 February facilitating communication and networking in your career. Venus graces your career sector with her presence from 2 – 26 March bringing harmony in your career.

Work and Health
Mercury, the messenger of the gods pays a visit here from 15 September to 3 October providing opportunities for communication and networking. Venus, the planet of love and finances will grace you with her presence here from 15 September to 8 October bringing harmony. in the work place.

Dynamic Mars will be in your finance sector from 1 April to 16 May imbuing you with the energy to deal with your finances.  Mercury, the planet of commerce will be there from 22 May to 4 June facilitating communication in this area. Lucky Jupiter moves into your debt and taxes sector 9 November 2018 and will remain there until 2 December 2019.. Venus, the planet of love and money, will grace your own money sector with her presence here from 10 June to 3 July which should enhance your finances.

Travel and Education
Your travel and education sector is highlighted by the karmic South Node and two eclipses. The first eclipse is a solar partial eclipse on 6 January and the second eclipse will be a partial lunar eclipse on 16 July 2019. Pluto, the planet of transformation, continues it sojourn in your ninth house of travel, publishing and higher education, guaranteeing that any travel, writing, publishing or study undertaken could prove life changing for you. Serious Saturn moves into your travel and study sector on 21 December 2018 and will remain there until 17 December 2020 adding gravitas to this area of your life. This sector of adventure, travel, study and publishing is also activated with a visit from both Mercury and Venus. Venus pays a visit here from 4 February to 1 March stimulating your passion for study and travel. Mercury pays a visit to this sector from 6 – 24 January  stimulating your desire to study, write and travel.

Friendships, Groups and Goals
Neptune, the planet of spirituality, continues its lengthy sojourn in your eleventh house of friends, groups and goals. Neptune’s lesson is non-attachment so you may find that you have to surrender some of your cherished goals or experience some losses or sacrifices in your friendships or group affiliations. Positively, you will gain a deeper spiritual awareness through your friendships, awakening your compassion and inspiring you to join groups which espouse altruistic goals. Mercury’s extended visit here from 11 February to 17 April will give you an opportunity to extend your social networks and communicate with your peer groups. Part of Mercury’s passage here will be in retrograde motion from 5 – 27 March so there could be some confusion during this period. Venus, the planet of love and harmony, visits your friendship sector from 27 March to 20 April bringing social harmony.

Chiron, the wounded healer, has entered your twelfth house of the unconscious and karma which brings an opportunity to heal wounds in your psyche. You may undertake psychotherapy or be inspired to keep a dream journal recording the messages from your unconscious, releasing untapped potential. Since the twelfth house is concerned with karma, people and circumstances from your past may reappear where there is unfinished business to be resolved.

Easter Full Moon in Libra 18/19 April
The Full Moon in Libra occurs at 29 degrees 07 on 19 April AEST. Libra rules the seventh house which focuses on achieving harmony in your intimate relationships and partnerships. Venus, the ruler of Libra is conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter which promotes conviviality for the festive season. Erratic Uranus is conjunct the Sun which encourages independence and individuality and a craving for exciting new experiences. With the Full Moon at 29 degrees the critical last degree of the sign there will be an urge to complete something.  With Pluto squaring the Full Moon the urge for change becomes more pressing.

Notre Dame on fire

Holy Smoke – Notre Dame de Paris burns
On my first trip to Europe having graduated with a major in French and having taught in secondary schools in Sydney I was eager to visit the City of Lights and I still remember after all these years the breathtaking sight of Notre Dame Cathedral. I breathed in the beauty, grandeur and spiritual power of this iconic monument. The soul of Paris is Virgo the Virgin – and Notre Dame (Our Lady) is its personification. The fact that it was built upon the site of an ancient temple of Isis, one of the three goddesses of Virgo – Eve, Isis and Mary reminds us of the fact that the patriarchal Catholic Church appropriated the goddess religions. 

Notre Dame cathedral is one of a group that were all dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Notre Dame. The physical locations of these cathedrals form a pattern that venerates the constellation of Virgo. The tradition of the Knights Templar and the sacred geometry of these buildings are well known to students of The Mysteries.

Like everyone who witnessed this calamitous burning of this beautiful monument dating back 850 years on my TV screen I looked on in disbelief. It could not have been a coincidence that this occurred at the beginning of Holy Week, a precursor to Easter. What was Our Lady’s message to us all as we witnessed this sacred monument on fire and the toppling of its steeple? For astrologers it serves as a powerful symbol foreshadowing the end of the 2000 years of the Age of Pisces with its faith based religions. It also serves as a reminder of the hierarchical power base of the Roman Catholic Church where women are relegated to minor roles and where widespread sexual abuse of children and women and its subsequent cover up by clergy has brought the church into such disrepute. It is also a reminder of how the church has strayed so far from the message of Jesus who turned the tables of the money lenders and instead worships materialism amassing extreme wealth in the coffers of the Vatican.

The position of the planets is very informative as the Moon was in Virgo square to fiery Mars in Gemini. As they fought to put out the fire by 5 am on the following day the Moon had moved into an even closer square. The Sun was in the Mars ruled fire sign of Aries and although Mars was in the air sign of Gemini it seemed to further fan the flames.

Notre Dame is not only the heart of Paris but also the heart of France which in turn is at the heart of Europe which may have ramifications for European unification and reforming of the EU vis a vis the Brexit crisis. President Macron has promised to rebuild Notre Dame within five years and has received donations from French billionaires and has called on architects to help rebuild it to its former glory. Despite this the incontrovertible truth is that the destruction of major parts of the monument bring into sharp focus the themes of death and rebirth, a fitting analogy for the Easter message of death and resurrection. Is Our Lady signalling that it is time for end of the Catholic Church as we know it so that from the fires of destruction a new spirituality can rise like the phoenix from the ashes more commensurate with the upcoming New Age of Aquarius?

Other planetary signatures at the time of the fire include a cardinal grand cross between the Sun in Aries, Pluto, Saturn and the  karmic South Node all conjunct in Capricorn and Earth. Karmically this destruction by fire serves as a purification process for past sins.  There was a certain ominousness about the fire.  In the words of Christ, ” I come not to bring peace but a sword” (the sword of truth) to awaken people to the need to adopt true Christian values lost largely to a world that worships material values so symbolic of the outgoing Piscean Age. While all this money was poured into constructing opulent buildings many people suffered from severe poverty. The recent demonstrations of the Gilets Jaunes is a modern example of people rising up against the neoliberal state.

In the words of Alice Bailey “The churches—materialistic, hide-bound and submerged in their theological concepts, seeking political power or possessions, emphasising stone buildings and cathedrals whilst neglecting “the Temple of God, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”—are occupied with the symbols and not with the reality.” The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey. p.471.) – and the Notre Dame fire signifies: 

First and foremost this fire serves a great cleansing and purification of Paris and France that will lay the groundwork for real spiritual progress for itself and for Europe.

NostradamusWhat is also of great import is that the great French seer, Nostradamus, who used both astrology and scrying for his prophecies predicted just such a fire in his quatrains over 500 years ago.  Nostradamus published Les Propheties in 1555 – The Prophecies.

Chef d’Aries, Jupiter et Saturne,
Dieu eternel quelles mutations?
Puis par long siecle son maling temps retourne,
Gaule et Italie, quelles emotions?

The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn,
God eternal, what changes can be expected?
Following a long century, evil will return
France and Italy, what emotions will you undergo?

Notre Dame FireIn the event chart if the Notre Dame fire 15 April 2019, 6.20 pm Paris France the planetoid, Chiron is at the ‘head’ or beginning of the zodiac sign Aries, a fire sign. Chiron is at 3 degrees Aries here, exactly quincunx the Moon at 3 degrees Virgo. Uranus is close by at 2 Taurus.

Jupiter is at 24 Sagittarius, the sign which rules religion, aligning with Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn and Venus at 23 degrees Pisces. Capricorn represents structure, tradition and the establishment. Pisces rules Christianity – the two fishes. The Age of Pisces spans the 2000 years since the birth of Christ.

Saturn is at 20 degrees Capricorn, conjunct the South Node at 21 degrees Capricorn – again this is a picture of hierarchy, monuments and tradition. The North Node at 21 Cancer represents patriotism, family, home and country is its polar opposite.

Nostradamus’s observations were right. When Notre Dame burned, as Chiron moved into Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius (religion) and Saturn in Capricorn (the elite) did form unusual patterns –  the Catholic Church, the Vatican and all Italy were also powerfully affected. The fire destroyed the cathedral just weeks after Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, and a leading figure at the Vatican, was gaoled on sex abuse charges against boys within his ‘care.’ Evil did return to us and the reference to the long century alludes to the millennium – the Age of Pisces.

Is Nostradumus’s use of the words Dieu eternelle a play on words for the French President Emmanuel Macron? Emmanuel is derived from the Hebrew name עִמָּנוּאֵל (‘Immanu’el) meaning “God is with us”. This was the foretold name of the Messiah in the Old Testament.

It is also noteworthy that the tweets of both President Macron and of the UNESCO  echoed the words of Nostradamus, “quelles emotions”, in alluding to emotions.

Nostradamus’s use of the word Chef (head) which is French slang for a head electrician or gaffer. The planet Uranus is symbolised by electricity. It was found in the year that Galvani discovered ‘animal electricity.’

Uranus also rules shock – and revolution. It moved out of Aries in March 2019, in a cycle which can only take place every 80 years. On the night of the Notre Dame fire it stood in Taurus, the sign of great wealth – the kind of fortune owned by the Vatican – making a rare, close pattern with Chiron in Aries. The ‘chief electrician’ (Uranus) in Aries only recently left the building, in March 2019, weeks before the Notre Dame Fire. Is this another example of word play from Nostradamus? Double meaning? He is notorious for it, in his famous Prophecies.


The Foundation of Notre Dame
The natal chart of Notre Dame shows Uranus at 5 Taurus which means Notre Dame is heading for her historic Uranus Return in 2019 when transiting Uranus returns to its original position of 5 degrees Taurus. In fact, Uranus will slowly cross her Mercury and Jupiter over the next seven years. Uranus, the planet of shock, electricity, revolution and radical new reinvention is triggering Notre Dame’s chart. Taurus rules the vast wealth of the Roman Catholic church, as well as the charitable donations being made by French luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Jessica Adams poses the question about the following translation of Nostradamus’s famous quatrains. Is this Brexit and Louis Vuitton?

“Fleet, forces, water, wind of shadow to fear,
Sea and land in a truce. The friends has joined L.V.”

The Mercury Retrograde Shadow period ended on April 18th, 2019. It has coincided with the supposed date of Britain’s chaotic departure from France and the European Union.

Is Brexit ‘sea and land in a truce’ perhaps? Gucci and Louis Vuitton (behind the famous L.V. monogram logo) have just joined in giving more than $300 million to the Notre Dame rebuilding. Friends indeed. These generous donations by the wealthy elite only added fuel to the fire sparking further angry demonstrations by the gilets jaunes (yellow vest protesters during Easter.

The Almanac of 1562 from Nostradamus, leaves us with:

“The hidden desire for the good will succeed,
Religion, peace, love and concord:
The nuptial song will not be completely in accord…”

This is reminiscent of the beautiful hymns sung to Notre Dame by the heart broken Parisens as she burned and they prayed. Perhaps it could be alluding to a civil partnership – equal marriage – that is the ‘nuptial song’ that is not completely in accord, the Vatican having chosen not to support it. It is certainly food for thought.

Chiron in Aries

Chiron,  referred to as the wounded healer which has been in Pisces for almost ten years moves into Aries on 17 April returning briefly to Pisces from 25/26 September 2018 to 18 February 2019, after which Chiron will remain in Aries until 2026. The energy of Pisces and Aries is diametrically opposite. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing pioneering and enterprise and brash individualism whereas Pisces which is the twelfth sign of the zodiac represents sacrifice and merging with the Universe. This represents a shift in consciousness and how we will meet challenges and resolve our emotional wounds. The last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968-1976 when there was a collective groundswell against the Vietnam War which finally brought about peace.

Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto
In April Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all station retrograde. During the station of a planet the energy is at its most intense. This will serve as preview of what to expect when these three planets make a triple conjunction in Capricorn in 2020. This powerful trio in the sign of Capricorn which rules the Establishment will undermine institutions, government regulations and corporations forcing us to discard outmoded systems and methods to replace them with ones more relevant for the 21st century.

Retrograde Jupiter
Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion will station retrograde at 24 degrees Sagittarius 21 on 11 April, turning direct at 14 Sagittarius 30 on 11 August. Jupiter rules the law, philosophy, higher education, travel and foreign affairs so it is an ideal time to reassess these areas.

Retrograde Saturn
Serious Saturn will station retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn 31 on 30 April, turning direct at 13 degrees Capricorn 55 on 18 September. Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma and represents authority, responsibility and hard work. When a planet turns retrograde the energy is directed inward so it could be a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety and fear. Retrograde Saturn means that whatever area of responsibility you have is so important, extra time is needed to take stock and make sure everything is in order before you proceed.

Retrograde Pluto
Transformative Pluto follows suit turning retrograde at 23 degrees Capricorn 09 on 25 April and turns direct at 20 Capricorn 38 on 3 October. Pluto represents power, control, obsessions and compulsions so when Pluto turns retrograde it is a time to take stock of your power drives, compulsions, obsessions or addictions or those of others who are impacting on your life.

Uranus in Taurus
After seven years in the sign of Aries, Uranus had its first entry into Taurus on 16 May 2018. On the same day dynamic. Uranus will return briefly into Aries from 7 November 2018 before fully entering Taurus on 7 March 2019 where it will remain until 26 April 2026. Uranus rules revolutions, rebellions and the collective while Taurus represents your money, wealth, property and values and the polar opposite sign of Scorpio rules joint finances, inheritances, death and taxes. Therefore, you need to fasten your safety belts to prepare for a radical change in how finance and financial institutions operate. While Uranus was hovering on the cusp of Taurus in 2018 we were already catching a glimpse here in Australia of how it is impacting on the financial services sector such as the Big Four banks and AMP etc. as they came under scrutiny with Royal Commission into the Financial Services Sector as their arrogance, lies, deceit and obfuscation are exposed. The ATO (the Australian Taxation Office) has also come under fire for its cynical actions and bullying of operators of small business so that they can gain funds unethically and illegally. Uranus’s entry into Taurus heralds a critical mass which will act as a catalyst for radical change in business and finance.

Overseas we have seen the Taurean CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, under increasing scrutiny with its cavalier handling of our data allowing such data collecting companies as Cambridge Analytica to have access to our data. Facebook is facing international investigations into the illicit harvesting of users’ personal data. The information was collected by Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm that backed President Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

The recent tragic massacre in Christchurch uploaded on Facebook by the perpetrator and allowed to run for more than 17 minutes has put more pressure on Facebook and Youtube etc. to monitor its content. Mark Zuckerberg has now called on governments and other bodies to increase regulation around the sorts of data in which Facebook traffics. He’s hoping to get out in front of heavy-handed regulation and get a seat at the table shaping it.

It is interesting to note that Facebook was established on 18 May 2012 during the time the Sun was in Taurus. Looking at the event chart of Facebook, four planets Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Moon are all in the sign of Taurus while Zuckerberg himself has the Sun and Venus in Taurus. Therefore, Uranus’s transit through Taurus will impact Zuckerberg’s personal planets as well as those of Facebook heralding radical changes in how Zuckerberg and Facebook operates.

Facebook has banned “praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism on Facebook and Instagram,” because that “it’s clear that these concepts are deeply linked to organized hate groups and have no place on our services.”Microsoft has called for the tech industry to set a uniform approach to violent, extremist content following the sickening massacre of Muslims attending mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand by a white supremacist earlier this month.

OxycontinProtest against Sacklers

Citizens take on Big Pharma
Uranus rules groups and associations so being in Taurus it could also involve class-action lawsuits by groups which could be crowdfunded online or by other collective means. People are likely to take things into their own hands to fight against the exploitation of big corporations. One case in point is the more than 600 cities, counties and Native American tribes from 28 states have filed a federal lawsuit against eight members of the Sackler family – owners of the pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma LP – accusing them of creating the opioid addiction crisis through ownership of the company that manufactures the painkiller Oxycontin. Like other suits that have been filed, this one alleges the Sackler family made a

fortune by using deceptive marketing to sell addictive and potentially deadly painkillers.

Citizens take the initiative on climate action in regional Australia

Tathra meeting for climate action

Meeting of Tathra Residents for action on climate change

In my previous post I mentioned one of the impacts of Uranus moving into Taurus would be a critical mass on action on climate change.
4 Corners
program on Monday 1 April, Climate of Change featured a meeting of Tathra residents. Dr Matthew Nott, a local doctor, noted that he is really detecting a very strong mood for change in regional Australia. He said, “People really are searching for leadership on climate change but particularly also in regional areas appreciating that renewable energy offers us a huge economic opportunity. ”
His community group is pushing for the town – and the Shire – to fully embrace renewable energy.

A proposition by Dr Nott that they have a vote on a 100 percent renewable energy target by 2030 for the Bega Valley Shire starting right here in Tathra was carried with one of objection that the time frame be 2025 instead off 2030. Dr Knott said, “We also put it to our community that we wanted to paint the water tower in Tathra with that target. I think that we’ll give Tathra a sense of pride that we’re leading the way nationally in Australia when it comes to climate change solutions.

Climate change has been on the minds of many here in Tathra since parts of the town were destroyed by a bushfire last year. Scientists have long warned the risk of extreme weather events will increase as the planet gets warmer. Right now, global temperatures are projected to rise by up to three degrees above pre-industrial levels.

Dr Bill Hare said, “By the time we get to three degrees warming, I think we’ll have a continent that is ecologically transformed. It won’t be like the continent in which many of us grew up in. Summers will be a time to fear, I think, particularly around southern coastal regions, rather than the time that they are now, for people to enjoy themselves. And what we’ve seen over the last summer is just the beginning of that. We’re only at one degree warming now. Think three degrees, you think a lot more. The world’s current plan to slow global warming is the Paris agreement – signed by more than 170 countries in 2016.” Under that deal Australia pledged to reduce its emissions by 26 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, but right now there is furious debate about whether Australia is on track to meet that target.

Mina Guli marathon runner for WaterMina Guli Australian Marathon Runner raise awareness re World’s Water Crisis

Mina Guli is the founder and CEO of Thirst. Thirst is a group promoting saving water by educating young people. Running marathons is “my way of representing just how big this water crisis is,” says Guli, an Australian corporate-lawyer-turned-activist who founded Thirst in 2012 to educate the next generation about the importance of water conservation. Thirst launched on World Water Day 2012 with two education workshops of 1000 students each. It has conducted on campus education programs for more than 40,000 children in Chinese schools and universities, and 300,000 young people at workshops, events and music festivals. It has established 120 student clubs in 12 provinces across China, and created online communities in popular media.[5] In an attempt to raise awareness of water shortage challenges, Guli attempted to run 100 marathons in 100 days but was forced to stop on day 63 with a fracture in her femur. However people joined in her initiative and she completed her marathon in a wheel chair.

Shorten vs MorrisonTwo Bulls Lock Horns – 2 Taureans vying to be Prime Minister in the upcoming Federal Elections in Australia

Two Taureans who are in the fight of their life are PM Scott Morrison and Opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten. What is fascinating is that they are born only one day apart and one year apart. Shorten, the elder of the two, is born on 12 May 1967 in Fitzroy, Melbourne while Morrison was born on 13 May 1968 in Sydney. Scott Morrison after much game playing called the election for 18 May. Without birth times for the two opponents it is difficult to make any firm prediction. Added to this more and more people are taking advantage of pre poll voting and postal votes before the actual election day. Shorten and Morrison are presenting Australians with radically different choices. Morrison, under the Liberals is favouring more tax cuts for the higher income bracket or “the big end of town” and the baby boomer cohort while Labor is pitching to the lower to middle income bracket and the younger generations locked out of the housing market.  Morrison brandishing a piece of coal in parliament is emblematic of the Liberal Coalition’s lack of action on climate change.

Taurus Greeting Card Illustrated by Sue Robertson
Taurus Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
Notre Dame: The Soul of Paris by Phillip Lindsay
Nostradumus and the Notre Dame Horoscope by Jessica Adams

July Astromusings – Happy Birthday Leos, Eclipse Cycle, Retrograde Mercury

Illustrated by Sue Robertson

Proud Leo claims
the centre stage of life
Sun ruled sun blessed
Strong ardent loyal
Whose noble heart emits
the vital flame
of Love

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Leo
The Personality proclaims its keyword: I rule because I am
The Soul proclaims its keyword: I am that and that am I.

Happy birthday to all the Leos who celebrate their birthdays between July 23 and August 22. Leo rules the fifth house, which represents, creativity, children and romance. It is one of the three fire signs along with Aries and Sagittarius. It is one of the three fixed signs – the others being Aquarius and Scorpio. The ruler of Leo is the Sun and marks the hottest astrological month in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the heat of Leo’s Sun which ripens the fruit produced during the period of Cancer. Like the sign Leo the heat is constant and intense. There are biblical references to Leo. In the Old Testament the tribe of Judah is ruled by Leo. There are many examples of the cat deity in the Egyptian pantheon. Egyptian King Necepsos claimed that at the Creation of the world, the Sun rose in Leo near the star of Denebola. According to Alan Oken in his book, ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’, Pliny, the Roman philosopher relates that the Egyptians worshipped this constellation because the Nile rose when the Sun entered the stars.

Hathor, the daughter of the Sun god Ra, was a dual aspected goddess. As well as being the gentle celestial cow, she had a dark side as Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess, who wreaked havoc and bloodshed on those who dared to dissent against her father’s rule. The two lion deities, ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’, are depicted as guarding the gate to the shadow world. The lion is the emblem of spiritual power and wisdom. It is a sacred symbol of Buddhism. Buddha is said to have had a pet lion which was endowed with miraculous powers, and when the Great Teacher’s death was upon him, he chose to lay down ‘on his right side after the manner of a lion.’ The imperial lion was a symbol of the power of Rome. The feeding of the Christians to the lions symbolised the might of Rome overcoming and devouring any enemy of the state. Richard the Lion Hearted of England was renowned for his ambition to recapture the holy land from the Muslims (by slaying as many of them as possible) under the newly baptised banner of the ‘Lion of Christ.’

The Constellation of Leo

Unlike the faint constellation of Cancer, Leo is a very bright and easily identifiable constellation, in keeping with Leo’s regal demeanour. It lies between Cancer in the West and Virgo in the East and is best seen, in the Northern Hemisphere, in the late winter and early spring. Leo’s body is rectangular which culminates in a triangle of the Lion’s hindquarters. He is often depicted in a crouching position, ready to pounce. His tail is extremely long and curved, the tip of which is the brightest star in the hind triangle, Denebola.The distinguishing feature of the lion is his mane, which resembles a huge inverted question mark or a giant sickle. The point of the question mark is the exceptionally bright star, Regulus, the heart of the lion. Regulus, meaning the little King, the Ruler or the Lawgiver, is one of the four royal stars. The constellation Leo has in it ninety-five stars, two of them of the first magnitude. Its Egyptian name meant ‘a pouring out’, the Nile giving its full irrigation at that season. There are three constellations associated with Leo – Hydra, the serpent, Crater, the cup, and Corvus, the raven. In the zodiac of Denderah, Leo and the three attendant constellations are pictured as forming one great sign, for the lion is seen as treading on the serpent. Corvus, the raven, is perched on the lion’s shoulder, while below is a plumed female figure, holding out two cups, the cup of experience and of suffering.

The Leo Hall of Fame
Leos are attracted to positions of power like a moth to a flame. Leo has its share of dictators such as Napoleon, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro and Simon Bolivar.

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother

Leo is well represented in the British royal family – the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, and the Princess Royal, Princess Anne were all born under the sign of Leo. Other Leos who hold or have held positions of power include Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzeneggar,  former Prime Minister John Howard, and the former treasurer, Peter Costello.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis with her love of fashion, luxury and power is the epitome of Leo.

Leos, being ruled by the fifth house of creativity, are attracted to the screen and stage, including Robert Mitcham, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Antonio Banderas,

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman

JonathonRhys-Myers, Julian McMahon, Eric Bana, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez,

World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' "Enchanted" - Arrivals

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren, Michelle Williams, Audrey Tatou, Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, Kim Cattrall, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, Sandra Bullock, Patrick Swayze, Roman Polanski and Mick Jagger.

Movie moguls are also well represented in the sign of Leo such as Cecil B. De Mille, Dino De Laurentis, Jack L. Warner, Alfred Hitchcock, and Samuel Goldwyn with the roaring MGM lion. Both T.E. Lawrence, ‘the uncrowned King of Arabia’, and Peter O’Toole who portrayed him are Leos.

Writers of note include Percy Bysshe Shelley and Alfred Lord Tennyson, Emily Bronte, and JK Rowling at Harry Potter premiereJK Rowling who is currently enjoying the limelight with the premiere of her latest Harry Potter play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Mme Helena Blavatsky and Dorothy Parker. Bindi Irwin the extroverted

Mme Blavatsky

daughter of the late Steve Irwin illustrates the Leo’s ease before the cameras. The renowned Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung,images Carl Jung who coined the word,’ individuation’, was a Leo.

Leo Health and Anatomy

Physiologically, Leo rules the heart. Vanda Sawtell in her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, states that the cell salt for Leo is Mag. phos. which acts upon the motor nerves. Through the sensory nerves we feel pain or sensation, and response to the sensation received through these nerves results in motion or action. It is no coincidence that the Sanskrit root for Magnesium is mag., which means to love, giving it Divine connotations. Mag. phos. is the great anti-pain salt, and is indicated in all cases of cramp and spasm, or where application of heat brings relief. Headaches, neuralgias, earache, spasmodic twitching of eyes or limbs, menstrual colic, convulsions, and all heart troubles are aided by this cell salt. Mag. phos. helps one to let go and relax. Vanda Sawtell claims that the best medicine for Leos is love, peace, and harmony. They need plenty of water, sleep, deep breathing, also recreation and entertainment. With their generous natures and broad outlook they are not suited to occupations requiring petty details. They are capable of rising to positions of trust and responsibility.

The colours for Leo are gold, yellows, royal blue and red. They also respond well to the regal purple which cools their fiery temperament. Leo rules metallic gold, the royal metal. The gemstones for Leo are yellow topaz and yellow sapphire. Healing aromas include basil, cinnamon, frankincense, juniper, neroIi and rosemary. Flowers and herbs include dahlia, yellow lily, red poppy, marigold and sunflower. Homeopathic remedy is chamomilla which is indicated for treatment of colds and fevers and easing digestion and tension. Bach flower essences recommended include vine for bossiness and inflexibility and chicory for possessiveness and attention seeking behaviour. The healing musical note for Leo is E.

Re the Leo diet more vegetables and less meat is recommended to calm their fiery natures. They should avoid meats that are heating such as beef, turkey and lamb. Vegetables that contain iron such as spinach, kale and wheat grass are beneficial. Blue fruits such as grapes, berries are recommended. Nuts, raisins and lentils are also beneficial for the Leo diet.

Overview for Leo for 2018
The karmic North Node is in your sign of Leo and there will be two eclipses in your sign of Leo – the first being a total lunar eclipse occurring on 31 January and the second is a solar total eclipse on 11 August 2018. Uranus the planet of sudden change has moved into your career and goals sector

Your career is activated by unpredictable Uranus bringing opportunities for change and innovation in your career. You may be drawn to careers in astrology, healing, science or IT. Mercury’s presence here from 14 – 29 May facilitates communication and networking. Venus graces your career sector with her presence from 1-24 April bringing harmony and cooperation with colleagues.

Work and Health
Pluto and Saturn are in your work and health sector. Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, continues its passage in your work and health sector which can disrupt work routines and challenge your health. Therefore, it is important to maintain good health regimes, sufficient sleep, physical exercise and a healthy diet. With Pluto moving through this sector you should not take any illness at face value. Poor health at this time is Pluto’s way of alerting us that you need to redress the imbalance in your life. Pluto brings to conscious awareness what is grumbling beneath the surface. If you are stubbornly holding down a job that makes you discontented then Pluto’s role may cause you to lose your job so that you are forced to let go and seek more fulfilling work. You may find that the routine is punishing or that your colleagues are bullying you or scapegoating you. Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in Pluto is demanding that you surrender and move on rather than hang onto a job that no longer serves any purpose in your life. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, will also be in your career sector until December 2020. This will bring hard work and responsibility in this area of your life. Part of Saturn’s passage here will be in its retrograde phase from 18 April to 5 September making it an ideal time to reconsider your plans or take extra to assess options before taking action.

Mercury, the ruler of commerce, will pay an extended visit to your finance sector from 7 – 22 September. Venus graces your finance sector with her presence from 11 July to 6 August.  Neptune, the planet of losses, continues its sojourn here making it imperative that you read all contracts carefully and keep your taxes up to date. Neptune’s lesson is one of non attachment so any attachments to the material world can be tenuous.

Your relationship and partnership sector is highlighted being activated by the presence of the karmic South Node and two eclipses as well as dynamic Mars. The first eclipse is a solar partial eclipse which occurs on 15 February and the second is a total lunar eclipse which occurs here on 27 July. Feisty Mars pays two visits to your relationship sector from 17 May to 13 August and then again from 13 September to 15 November. Gracious Venus, curious Mercury also pay a visit to your relationship sector. Mercury’s presence here from 1-18 February encourages communication and networking. Gentle Venus’s presence here from 18 January to 10 February promotes love and harmony in your primary relationships.

Home and Family
The main players influencing your domestic sector during 2018 are lucky Jupiter, quicksilver Mercury and gentle Venus. Jupiter will remain here until 8 November 2018. Jupiter’s presence here could see additions to your family or renovating your home or using your home as a base for study. Mercury pays a visit to your domestic sector from 11 – 31 October making it an ideal time to communicate and network with family members and organise tradespeople. Venus will pay two visits to your domestic sector the first being from  from 10 September to 31 October and then again from 3 December 2018 to 7 January 2019 bringing harmony and cooperation on the home front and a desire to beautify your home.

Creativity and Children
The Sun radiates in your creativity sector from 23 November to 21 December adding impetus to your creative urges. You may take up a hobby or just indulge your inner child. However you choose to express this energy, pleasure, fun and luxury are the name of the game. Mercury’s presence there from 1 November 2018 to 5 January 2019 facilitates communication and networking with children.

Travel and Study
Venus’s presence here from 7 – 31 April makes it a perfect time for that holiday romance. Quicksilver Mercury’s presence here from 7 April to 13 May facilitates communicating and networking. Chiron, the wounded healer, is also moving through your travel and study sector.

Venus and Mercury activate you social sector. Mercury will pay a visit here from  7 – 21 June giving you opportunities for networking and communicating with your social circle. Venus graces your social sector with her presence from  6 – 31 July adding to your charm and charisma promoting harmonious connections with your friends and associates. Spending time with your women friends or espousing women’s issues will be a priority now.

Your spirituality sector is highlighted by a solar partial eclipse on 13 July.  Mercury and Venus pay visits here in May and June,  making it an ideal time for introspection and to attend a spiritual retreat and record your dreams and musings in a journal.

New Moon in Leo 13 July, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 28 July, Solar Eclipse Supermoon 11 Aug
The New Moon occurs at 20 Cancer 41 on 13 July 12.47 pm AEST Sydney time. The New Moon marks the beginning of an entire new cycle of activity. It is a time to sow seeds which will come to fruition at the Full Moon phase. Being in the sign of Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon it will bring emotional intensity, especially with transiting Pluto opposing the New Moon. A mitigating factor will be that dreamy Neptune is making a nice trine to the New Moon. This will be a precursor to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 28 July and then the Solar Eclipse Supermoon in Leo on 11 August.

Putin Trump cartoonTrump Putin cartoon 2Trump Putin cartoon 3Trump Putin cartoon 4Trump Putin cartoon 5Trump Putin cartoon 6Merkel stares down Trump at the G7 summitTrump Trudeau cartoonDuring an eclipse cycle things come to head and this eclipse cycle with Trump’s performance on the world stage has been no exception to this rule. On the very eve of the July 13 eclipse Mueller issued an indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officer in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton presidential campaign.

In a short time Trump has managed to insult all his allies including Justin Trudeau of Canada, Angela Merkel and Theresa May. He has trashed all alliances, NATO, the EU, the WTO and Theresa May’s handling of Brexit while cosying up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin supporting Putin against his own intelligence community over Russian cyber attacks in the 2016 US elections causing outrage and accusations of actions beyond high crimes and misdemeanours and into the realm of treason from the former CIA Director, John Brennan.

In fact in an interview on CNN by Christiane Amanpour Richard A Clarke, former US National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, went so far as to say that Trump’s behaviour left him no alternative but to draw the conclusion that Trump is a ‘controlled asset’ explaining that is the term we use in the intelligence community when we have someone in another government who for whatever reason does what we want them to do because we are bribing them or we have something on them that is what is called a ‘controlled asset’. So strong was the outcry including from many Republicans that he had to backpedal claiming he misspoke. Meanwhile in Moscow they are popping champagne corks claiming the summit a great success while the Finnish media has characterised the summit as Trump 0 Putin 1.

Richard A. Clarke claimed that there is a great danger that the relations between the US and Russia will be even worse than during the Cold War. Clarke quoted Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, who said the lights are blinking red – it’s like pre 9/11 the Russians are doing things like cyber attacks on our power grid. Clarke explained Coats meant two things: 1. attacks on our infrastructure and 2. their ongoing attempts to affect our election system to affect the votes.

Trump witch hunt cartoon

Trump's bromance with Putin

From Russia with Love

President Trump has warned special counsel Robert Mueller against investigating his family’s finances including its links with Russian oligarchs which would involve Trump’s taxes taking it beyond the scope of the probe into ties between his administration and Russia in an interview with the New York Times in July 2017, he is seeing if his lawyers can undercut the extent of the investigation by Robert Mueller. He has also asked his lawyers about a possible presidential pardon for himself and his inner circle.

Just as I was about to conclude this post the bombshell news broke that Trump has invited Vladimir Putin to the White House in the Northern autumn not long before the US mid term elections. The White House made this announcement without informing the Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence was caught unawares when a journalist informed him of Trump’s decision on national television. The normally circumspect James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence in a interview on CNN said the following of Coats’ situation “I would resign in a heartbeat, particularly after being publicly thrown under the bus, internationally thrown under the bus by the president.” When questioned further Clapper added, “I think that I would have felt so irrelevant and so ineffective that I would leave, but that’s me. And that is a very individual personal decision.”




Trump Mueller Time1


Trouble with Brexit
Theresa May & Boris Johnson cartoonTrouble has been brewing in the UK with both Cabinet members David Davis, Brexit minister, and Boris Johnson, the foreign minister, resigning in protest over Theresa May’s plans to seek a ‘soft Brexit’ in talks with the EU. Brexiteers say this approach gives away too many concessions to Brussels and represents a betrayal of the EU referendum vote.

Rescue of Thai Boys Trapped in Cave
Thai Boys trapped in caveThai Boys in hospitalThai Boys freedDr Richard HarrisThe event that captured the whole world’s attention during the eclipse was the dramatic rescue of the Wild Boars, the Thai soccer team of twelve boys and their coach who kept them calm through teaching them to meditate. First there were fears that they would never be found after many days’ searching until John Volanthan, one of two experienced British cave divers, discovered them all alive in the far recesses of Tham Luang Cave. That discovery triggered the rescue effort that brought to safety via a three day diving mission, organised by Thai Navy SEALs and a global team of cave-diving experts. It was the one feelgood outcome amongst a plethora of negative news stories. There were two poignant events, the first one being the death of Saman Kunan, the Thai Navy Seal who cut short his holiday to join in the rescue mission and the other was the sad news of the passing of his father that greeted Dr Richard Harris, a key figure in pulling off the daring rescue, just as he emerged from the cave.

The Symbolism of the Cave
Myths abound with stories centred around caves. Rescues from caves project a strong archetypal image.

Theseus and the Minotaur
An ancient Greek myth that comes to mind is The Minotaur where the hero or initiate, Theseus, has to slay the monster, the Minotaur. He is led out of the cave by the beautiful Ariadne who symbolises the power of the feminine wisdom.

Another allusion to the cave myth is embodied in the later incarnation of the Greek Hecate. Queen of Witches and Mistress of the Crossroads. Hecate’s association with caves links her to the liminal – the link between the Upper world and the Underworld of Hades, the realm of Pluto or Hades. Hecate, the torch bearer, guides Demeter, the mother of Persephone. Esoterically it involves an initiation for the hero or heroine.

The Wheel of Fortune and the Role of the Three Moirai in the Cave
In Liz Greene’s mythic tarot The Wheel of Fortune card portrays three women, the three Fates or Moirai in a dark cave. The three Fates wove the thread of a human life in the secret darkness of their cave. The youngest Fate, Clotho who represents the Crescent Moon was the Spinner spinning thread from a golden spindle and Lachesis the Full Moon is a handsome mature woman, the Measurer, measuring a length of thread between her hands while Atropos the old woman, whose name means ‘she who cannot be avoided’ is the Cutter, holding a pair of shears. The cave represents the womb from which life springs or the tomb to which it returns

The Myth of Tham Luang Non – the Reclining Lady’s Big Cave
There is also a myth associated with the cave in which the boys and their soccer coach were trapped. In Buddhist Thailand, the relationship between human and cave is one that involves domestication. Caves are thought to harbour a special kind of substance-like power, which may be accumulated by the virtuous men who dare to enter them. Ascetic religious practitioners such as monks and hermits carry out these practices. By meditating inside a cave, they tame the wild side of such power, transforming it into something that is beneficial to society. The shrines and offerings that can be seen inside caves throughout the kingdom are precisely meant to appease the spirits of whoever managed to domesticate that power, in exchange for their protection.

Tham Luang Nang Non—literally, “the reclining lady’s big cave”—is inhabited by the spirit of a princess from the ancient local kingdom of Chiang Rung. Myth has it that the princess was impregnated by a commoner and that she sought refuge inside the cave while running away from her father, the king, who disapproved of her lover. Her plan was to rest inside the cave until her lover returned with some food, but the man was killed by the king’s soldiers. As a result the princess stabbed herself to death. Her blood became the Mae Nam Mae Sai river, her reclining body becoming the Doi Nang Non mountain. She is now the guardian spirit (jao thi) of the cave—an obvious allusion to her own genitalia—and visitors are advised to worship her before venturing inside, or risk being killed by floods.

The Power of Prayer and Positive Thought
With people around the world praying for the safe return of the twelve boys and their coach the power of the collective good will was realised with the torrential rain holding off until the rescue mission was completed. Not long after they had all been rescued one the pipes burst causing the cave to flood. The rescuers escaped just in time.

Statelessness of Three Boys and Their Coach
Another issue which came to light was the fact that three members of the team, as well as their coach, are stateless ethnic minorities. UNHCR estimates that at least 440,000 people are stateless in Thailand, yet the actual figure is thought to be around 3 million. Of the stateless Wild Boars, the most background information is known about the coach Ekkapol Chantawong, who is a member of the ethnic Shan minority. Born in Myanmar and orphaned at a young age, he entered the monkhood in Thailand for nearly a decade, a common option for orphans without financial support.

Another Boar, Adul Sam-on, 14, was brought to Thailand by his parents at age 6 from the conflict-ridden Myanmar territory of Wa, in the hope of an education. Many reports have stated that Adul’s grasp of English was crucial to communications between rescue divers and the trapped soccer players. Little information has been reported about the backgrounds of the other two stateless players, Pornchai Kamluang and Mongkhol Boonpiam; however, it has been reported that the three boys all have Thai ID cards, granting them some basic rights. The coach, however, has no legal status.


Super Saturday By-elections coincide with Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Susan Lamb with Bill ShortenRebekha Sharkie & Georgina DownerJustine Keay & Bill ShortenMeanwhile closer to home in Australia we are gearing up for Super Saturday on 28 July which involves 5 by-elections brought about by the dual citizenship fiasco. This coincides with the next eclipse on 28 July, the Full Moon lunar eclipse. There is a fixed T square between Sun, Mars and Uranus which is a very volatile combination.  The five seats up for grabs are Longman in Qld held by Labor’s Susan Lamb, Braddon in Tasmania held by Labor’s Justine Keay, Mayo in South Australia held by the Independent and former Nxt senator, Rebekha Sharkie, Fremantle held by Labor’s Josh Wilson and Perth formerly held by Labor’s Tim Hammond the only one who was not caught up in the dual citizenship fiasco but resigned for family reasons. A lot is at stake for the two major parties, especially Labor with the two Labor seats of Braddon and Longman hanging in the balance under Bill Shorten who reassured everyone that Labor had a rigorous vetting process.

 Total Lunar Eclipse July 2018Mercury Stations Retrograde and Mars Turns Direct
Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde for the second time this year in Leo on 26 July. This could cause confusion, misunderstandings and delays, especially with regard the results of the by-elections. Mercury stations retrograde at 23 degrees Leo 27 turning direct on 19 August at 11 degrees Leo 12. Dynamic Mars stations direct on 28 August inspiring new motivations and objectives.

My Personal Experience of the Recent Eclipse – A Burst Hot Water Tank Floods My Carpet
I was holding my breath wondering what catastrophe would befall me when I realised that the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse was not only conjuncting my natal Sun Mercury in the 8th house but also was opposed by transiting Pluto on 13 July 2 days before my birthday. My birthday celebrations went unmarred by any cataclysmic event but the impact of an eclipse does not necessarily occur on the day of the eclipse as the effects of an eclipse are ongoing. However, on the afternoon of 18 July I was sitting writing this blog post when I heard a loud bang. I looked up thinking that something must have fallen off my bookshelf but saw nothing so I continued working on my post. It was only after I stood up and went to walk into the bathroom that I saw that the carpet was saturated and realised with horror that the hot water tank inside my built-in wardrobe had burst causing the water to inundate the carpet of my main room. The positive aspect about Pluto transits is that it promises rebirth. My old hot water tank was taken away and a new hot water tank was installed outside on the balcony out of harm’s way. The hot water tap expelled all the dirty water out of the old pipes. The carpet cleaning team sucked out all the excess moisture, shampooed and deodorised the carpet and used a antibactericide followed by a drying process with 4 machines blowing the carpet dry. While the whole process was an ordeal the final outcome which involved purging and purification brought about a a rebirth and sense of renewal.


Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
The Mythic Tarot Book: A New Approach to the Tarot Cards by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene


Tony Abbott as PM – A Blow for Women’s Rights and a Catastrophe for Climate Action

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I have to admit I have been very slack as far as keeping up with my blog. I started writing this post at the beginning of the school holidays here on picture perfect sunny day in Sydney the day after the spring equinox and now daylight saving is here and the school holidays have drawn to a close. So summer is on its way. We have already had a grim warning with early bush fires. We have the warmest winter in 150 years with very little rain and already our average temperatures for spring are in the mid  to high 20s rather than the usual low 20s yet the climate change deniers still have their heads in the sand! The left and the Greens have been in mourning with the election of the Liberal National party to government on 7 September led by Tony Abbott who has had declared in the past that “climate change is crap” and that “carbon dioxide is invisible” therefore inferring it is of little consequence.


Tim Flannery

Axed Climate Commission reborn as Climate Council

However, with my Sagittarius rising I am an eternal optimist and see positive signs of the progressive forces regrouping. Within days of the newly elected Abbott government being elected the LNP axed the Climate Commission headed by Tim Flannery and other experts. Positively there was such a protest against this ecovandalism that Tim Flannery announced they have been reborn as the Climate Council funded entirely by people’s donations. I was heartened by Monday’s Q&A  with Dr Suzuki as david-suzukiguest speaker and the reception he received from the audience. I don’t have a birth time for David Suzuki but he has the Sun and Mars in Aries squaring Pluto in Cancer making him a formidable environmental warrior. A leading Canadian scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, David Suzuki. is  host of the long-running CBC program, “The Nature of Things,” seen in more than 40 countries, Suzuki has helped educate millions about the rich biodiversity of the planet and the threats it faces from human-driven global warming. In 1990 he co-founded the David Suzuki Foundation, which focuses on sustainable ecology, and in 2009 he was awarded the Right Livelihood Award.

“Think Globally and Act Locally” – David Suzuki

Suzuki has condemned the corporate sector for their contamination of the public dialogue and the claimed the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC has become ultra conservative and contaminated by corporate interests. The last question on Q&A was posed by a young woman who asked that with all the doom and gloom that can dishearten people what lessons in the world can inspire us? Suzuki’s reply is that is to think globally and act locally. You need to think locally and act locally to act globally. He cited two very inspiring examples the first was the movement of urban agriculture in Canada locally grown organic food driven by young people. The second one was one that Suzuki claimed he is very excited about and that is the movement known as Pachamama  meaning earth mother.

Ecuador Pachamama

Pablo Fajardo, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Chevron, standing on oil pipelines near the town of Lago Agrio, Ecuador.

Pachamama in practice in Ecuador

In Ecuador they have enshrined Pachamama in their constitution were the first people to successfully sue a road building company for polluting the Vilcabamba River on and destroying half of the farm lands. They sued the company on behalf of the Vilcabamba River and won the first ever case of its kind in the world. The company had to clean up the river.

The Dangers of Fracking

In response to a woman’s question about fracking in the Gippsland where valuable assets are being made secondary to mining interests Suzuki said that fracking was one of the dumbest things there is. He warned that they have no idea what there is under the ground, especially in Australia where there is a scarcity of water.

Albanese and Shorten

Bill Shorten & Anthony Albanese

Democratising of the Labor Party

I have been watching the ALP members’ forums with the two contenders Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten addressing an audience re their vision for the future in the hope of being elected as the next Labor opposition leader and future prime minister. Our former PM Kevin Rudd’s new laws democratising the way of electing the Labor leader involving the Labor party members in the electoral process for the first time is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully the new Labor opposition can put behind it the disunity caused by infighting and rebuild and rejuvenate and make itself electable in three years time.

Abbott’s Problem with Women

Julia Gillard's misogyny speech

Julia Gillard’s ‘misogyny’ speech

Abbott PM swearing-in chart is very revealing as to what we can expect during the term of Abbott’s tenure as PM. Ed Tamplin commented on Abbott’s natal chart (4 November 1957 4. 00 am London UK), in particular the difficult Moon placement in Libra being the focal planet, the only planet in the western hemisphere forming part of a yod with Neptune and Pluto. This indicates his problem with women which was highlighted by Julia Gillard’s now famous ‘sexism’ speech which went viral globally. Looking at the swearing-in chart (18 September 2013 10.28.53 am Canberra) Neptune and the Moon at the IC reinforce his problem with women. He made headlines when it was revealed that there would be only one woman in his cabinet – his Deputy, Julie Bishop and the foreign minister.

Tony Abbott with women pre & post election

Tony Abbott’s double standards with women pre & post-election

Tony Abbott’s Double Standards in his Relations with Women – Family/Cabinet

Some commentators have accused Abbott of using his daughters to help overcome his image as sexist only to have women so poorly represented in his cabinet. His excuse was lame as he said he was disappointed that there were not more women but there were more “very good and talented women knocking at the door”! It is a pity he has locked the door and thrown away the key! He rationalised that if Sophie Mirabella had not lost the seat of Indi she would have been in the cabinet. Australia is now the laughing-stock of the world as far as female representation in government is concerned. Liberal Senator Sue Boyce called his exclusion of women “shocking and I think it’s embarrassing, and it’s not just embarrassing nationally but I think it’s embarrassing internationally.”

Ita Buttrose

Ita Buttrose

Ita Buttrose has lashed out at the fact that Tony Abbott’s new cabinet only contains one woman, saying it is unacceptable in 2013 and proves a glass ceiling still exists in Australia.

Ita Buttrose – Australian of the Year, health campaigner, and former high-profile editor of Cleo and Women’s Weekly magazines – joined that chorus of criticism on Tuesday, describing Bishop as the “token woman” in cabinet.

“A glass ceiling still does exist in Australia. We’re told it doesn’t, but that’s a nonsense. It does exist,” Buttrose told ABC Radio.


Julie Bishop – “token woman”

“I’m sure Julie Bishop is accustomed to being the token woman throughout her career, and here she is being the token woman again.”

Chris Bowen

Chris Bowen

Labor’s interim leader Chris Bowen said the “cabinet of Afghanistan now has more women than the cabinet of Australia.” A country in which the Taliban have ruthlessly suppressed women’s rights. It is not surprising to learn that Abbott has just been awarded the Ernie award for the most sexist comment of the year.


Cathy McGowan

Coalition sources have accused Cathy McGowan the incoming independent MP for Indi who defeated Sophie Mirabella, of being partially responsible for the lack of women and the absence of a science minister in Tony Abbott’s first cabinet. “That’s a very long bow to draw, isn’t it?” Cathy McGowan told Guardian Australia. “I can’t take any responsibility for Tony Abbott’s choices. He made his choice and the people of Indi made their choice. There isn’t any connection between the two.”

In an article, “There’s no skirting it: Abbott is helping deny women a voice” by freelance journalist Clementine Ford she says In contrast “when Kevin Rudd re-assumed the prime ministership in late June, his cabinet reshuffle resulted in the promotion of three more women to his ministry. His decision distinguished it as the most gender equitable cabinet in Australian political history so far, with a balance of 14 men to six women.

Tanya Plibersek

Tanya Plibersek

Penny Wong

Penny Wong with daughter

For a brief time, we had talented women such as Tanya Plibersek, who worked with bipartisan groups to quietly have RU486 (the abortion drug Abbott wielded veto power on as health minister to prevent its passage into Australia) listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme so that all women in Australia would have access to medical terminations; Penny Wong, an openly gay Asian-Australian whose sexual orientation and ethnicity were a welcome challenge to a political cast of characters unrepresentative of Australia’s diversity; and Jenny Macklin, whose instrumental role in delivering a national disability insurance scheme will enable thousands of Australians living with disability to achieve a higher level of self-determination.

There were others, talented women elected into government because the ALP enforces necessary quotas to encourage the participation and elevation of women into Australian political life. There are equally talented women in the Liberal Party, whose contribution to government would be significant were there a concerted effort to dismantle the socially legislated structures in place designed to keep them out of leadership roles.

But the Liberals have no such policies to ensure their promotion, preferring instead to refer to the furphy of ”merit” when it comes to their elected officials and their promotions. Indeed, Abbott himself said that he was ”disappointed” there weren’t more women in cabinet – as if he isn’t directly responsible for their absence – but that they were right there ”knocking on the door”. We are left to believe that the Liberal Party has no women other than Julie Bishop who it considers good enough to be trusted with a cabinet portfolio.”

Apart from Abbott’s problem with women, Neptune on the IC of his swearing-in chart also indicates secrecy and deception and we have already seen that during the election campaign Abbott put a gag on his candidates about talking to the electorate and the media. He is continuing that policy having only weekly reports on the asylum seekers’ situation and John Ruddick a prominent NSW Liberal member is facing a five-year suspension from the party for giving a 10-second comment on ABC TV’s 7.30 last week.  On the program last week he called for an extension to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s reform ban on lobbyists holding Liberal party positions. His response to his suspension was: ”They’re suspending me for five years because I’m the biggest threat to the factional stranglehold they’ve had in decades.”

LNP MPs Wedding Rorts – to Tony Abbott’s Iron Man Events

Barnaby Joyce & George Brandis

Barnaby Joyce & George Brandis Wedding rorts

Gina Rinehart wedding in India

Serial wedding rorter Barnaby Joyce at lavish Indian wedding as guest of Gina Rinehart

Another scandal the LNP MPs wedding rorts has come to light and seems to be escalating with more revelations every day. Starting with the revelation of George Brandis and Barnaby Joyce claiming for attending the shock jock Michael Smith’s wedding. To add insult to injury Barnaby Joyce seems to be a serial offender as he and the Liberal deputy leader, Julie Bishop, and backbencher Teresa Gambaro also claimed more than $12,000 taxpayer-funded travel entitlements after mining billionaire Gina Rinehart flew them to a lavish Indian wedding in 2011.

Former Liberal leader Dr John Hewson said, “I don’t believe in unlimited access to the public purse”:

He added, “any new prime minister must set clear standards for the team as the ”fish rots from the head”.

Dr John Hewson

Dr John Hewson

Dr Hewson further cautioned Coalition MPs about ”running on the line that [they] want to control government expenditure” and at the same time waste taxpayers’ money on their personal lives.

Abbott at Sophie Mirabella's wedding

Abbott at Sophie Mirabella’s wedding

Mr Abbott also confirmed he repaid $1095 spent in travelling to the wedding of former colleague Sophie Mirabella seven years ago. The return of the money was prompted by media inquiries last week. However now it has come to light about his claims for his Pollie pedal

Liberal opposition leader Tony Abbott

Pollie Pedal PM Abbott

The prime minister acknowledged he claimed expenses totalling several thousand dollars for his annual Pollie Pedal – a cycling event which raises funds for charity. He said this practice was entirely appropriate because a number of political events were on the schedule.

“I believe that all of my claims have been within entitlement,” Abbott told reporters in Bali. He also said that he would not be changing the rules re MPs’ entitlements. All these previously hidden events coming to light involving secrecy and deception and dishonesty reflect the Moon Neptune conjunction on the IC of Abbott’s swearing-in chart as PM. Polls taken by Fairfax show overwhelming opposition by the public to the wedding and sports rorts. To be continued …….