September Astromusings Happy Birthday Virgos! Jupiter in Virgo, US Presidential Elections

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Virgo cardBernie SandersHappy Birthday to all the Virgos as they welcome lucky Jupiter into their sign! One lucky Virgo who is riding on a surge of popularity is US Senator Bernie Sanders who is running for the nomination of Democratic candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. He is a bit of dark horse as is the case with Jeremy Corbyn the anti-establishment candidate running for Labour leader in the UK. People who are fed up with mainstream politicians are flocking to hear both Corbyn and Sanders in their respective countries. Both Corbyn and Sanders who are older candidates were written off at first but now that they are being listened to by the people they are being taken more seriously. jeb bush and_hillary clintonThe popularity of both Sanders and Trump on the other side of the political divide confirms that people are looking for something other than the Establishment Dynasties of Bush and Clinton.

Sanders has challenged corporate-run government, big business and Wall Street bankers, championing the rights of the ordinary worker. He favours policies similar to those of social democratic parties in Europe, particularly those of the Scandinavia.

Bernie Sanders' natal chartBernie Sanders was born on 8 September 1941 in Brooklyn New York USA (time unknown). He attended Brooklyn College before transferring to and graduating from the University of Chicago. While a student, he was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League and active in the Civil Rights Movement as a protest organizer for the Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. In 1963, he participated in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Many of his policies are diametrically opposed to Hillary Clinton’s policies, his fellow Democrat presidential candidate. He opposed the Iraq War, the Wall St Bailout, the Patriot Act, Foreign US military intervention, Trans Pacific Partnership and the Death Penalty all of which Clinton supports.

His policy platform is uncannily similar to his British Labour counterpart, Jeremy Corbyn – see my previous post August Astromusings UK Elections; Many commentators have noted the consistency of his views throughout his political career. He focuses on economic issues such as income and wealth inequality, raising the minimum wage, universal healthcare, reducing the burden of student debt, making public colleges and universities tuition-free by taxing financial transactions, and expanding Social Security benefits. Sanders has become a prominent supporter of laws requiring companies to provide their workers paternity leave, sick leave, and vacation time noting that such laws have been adopted by almost every developed country. Sanders also advocates bold action to reverse global warming and infrastructure investment in the United States, with “energy efficiency and sustainability” as a prominent goal.

Sanders announced his intention to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for president on April 30, 2015, in an address on the Capitol lawn. His campaign was officially launched on May 26 in Burlington. In his announcement, Sanders said, “I don’t believe that the men and women who defended American democracy fought to create a situation where billionaires own the political process”. His entry into the race was welcomed by Senator Elizabeth Warren saying, “I’m glad to see him get out there and give his version of what leadership in this country should be.

Sanders has the Sun in Virgo in a wide conjunction to Neptune which would account for his idealism. He also has Mars conjunct Moon in feisty Aries which would give him the courage of his convictions. With Jupiter in Gemini he would have the gift of the gab and be a good networker.

He has some very supportive transits to see him through to the presidential elections and beyond. Jupiter will make 3 hits to his Sun in Virgo which should confer good fortune on him. Transiting Pluto will also make a positive trine to his Sun which would give him empowerment and broad mass appeal. Transiting Uranus will also conjunct his Moon and Mars highlighting his fighting spirit and the unique contribution he has to offer. It may also involve him in some conflict from forces that oppose his policies. Transiting Saturn has also been moving over his progressed Sun in Scorpio conferring on him gravitas and responsibility.

Donald Trump's natal chartThe other anti-establishment candidate who has been making waves on the other side of the political divide is the billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump who thumbs his nose at political correctness. He was born on 14 June 1946 at 10.54 am in Queens NY USA. He has eccentric Uranus conjuncting his Sun and North Node in Gemini opposing his Sagittarian Moon with feisty Mars perched on his late Leo ascendant. He is not going to conform to anyone’s expectations and can suffer from foot in mouth syndrome as we have seen from his blatantly sexist and racist remarks in his campaign for republican nominee for president. The Leo ascendant would give him his trademark Leo mane.

Donald TrumpHe traces his ancestry back to Germany on his father’s side while his mother came from Stornoway on the island of Lewis off the Scottish coast. Trump is a son of Fred Trump a New York City real estate developer. Donald Trump worked for his father’s firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, while attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and officially joined the company in 1968. In 1971 he was given control of the company, renaming it The Trump Organization. Trump remains a major figure in the real estate industry in the United States and a media celebrity.

On June 16, 2015, Trump formally announced his candidacy for president of the United States in the 2016 election, seeking the nomination of the Republican Party. Trump’s early campaigning drew intense media coverage and saw him rise to high levels of popular support. Trump’s campaign has seen heated criticism over his alleged racism and xenophobia, with a number of his former business partners, such as NBC Univision and Macy’s, cutting all financial ties with Trump over his remarks about Mexican undocumented immigrants at his campaign announcement. Many people wrote him off but the more provocative he becomes the more support he is garnering. He is outshining all the other 16 Republican candidates. Like Sanders he is tapping into deep anger and disillusionment with establishment candidates of the Clinton and Bush dynasties. During the debate of Republican candidates he refused to swear allegiance to the Republican Party so he could still decide to run as an independent. Commentators claim that if he does run as an independent then Hillary Clinton will become the next president. As one conservative female commentator explained it – Trump is like the exciting boyfriend but when it comes to marriage you look for something more solid.

Hillary Clinton's natal chart

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivers her

Clinton who is a Scorpio born 26 Oct 1947, 8.02 am in Chicago, Illinois, USA has had transiting Saturn, the Lord of Karma, moving over all her planets in Scorpio – Sun, Chiron, Venus, Mercury and the south node and will soon to move over her natal Jupiter in very early Sagittarius. Transiting Neptune has just moved over her IC a power point in her chart. Saturn and Neptune are both challenging energies and she has been called a most untrustworthy candidate. She is currently dealing with the email scandal that dogs her from her days as Secretary of State.However, she does at the same time have a mitigating factor with transiting Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, on her Midheaven starting its passage through her career and goals sector and will be there for most of 2016 in the run up to the presidential elections.