Happy Birthday Cancerians and Leos, Retrograde Neptune and Retrograde Venus, Winter/Summer Solstice, Jupiter Venus Conjunction in Leo, New Horizons’ Images of Pluto

4 Cancer Happy Birthday to all the Cancerians who celebrate their birthdays between June 22 and July 23 and to all the Leos who celebrate their birthdays from July 23 to 23 August.

Design by Sue Robertson

Design by Sue Robertson

neptuneRetrograde Neptune,

Neptune, the planet of spirituality dreams and visions, turned retrograde ℞ on 12 June, at 9°49 Pisces, and will resume its direct motion on 18 November, with Neptune at 7°01 Pisces. Anyone with personal planets between 6 and 10 degrees mutable that is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel this retrograde most strongly. For the next five months, our perceptions around the elusive, spiritual and transpersonal realms will become more intensified. Retrograde Neptune vibrates to a higher music. When a planet turns retrograde the energy becomes more internalised so it is an ideal time to review our inner life. Keeping a journal, recording our dreams, going on a spiritual retreat are ideal ways to attune to our deepest yearnings. It is as if we have a more finely tuned antenna to the hidden side of life beyond the veil of the mundane world. It’s a time to fine tune our inner vision and a time of heightened sensitivity and attunement to our Souls. Neptune can bring tests for us – as it requires us to be discerning so that we are not susceptible to deception and delusion. Strongly Neptunian people, that is Pisceans or those with Moon or ascendant in Pisces need to protect their boundaries so that they don’t absorb the negativity of others.

Winter/Summer Solstice

Winter/Summer Solstice occurred on 21 June when we experience the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer solstice begins at 0 degrees Cancer while in the Southern Hemisphere it marks the winter solstice. The annual journey of the Sun through the sky from the vantage point of Earth is marked at four distinct points: the spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox, and winter solstice, each at equidistant points of the year which forms the symbol of the cross within the “wheel of the year” with the sun at the centre. These four annual events marking the seasons have been celebrated since time immemorial by many different civilisations from the ancient Incas, Egyptians etc. as evidenced by the alignment of the Sun with their monuments such as the pyramids, Stonehenge etc.


Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo

New Horizons’ Flight past Pluto & Jupiter conjunct Venus

Pluto's heart

The Heart of Pluto

During the month of July we have had some spectacular celestial events such as the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Leo at 21 degrees on 1 July and the New Horizons’ dramatic flight past the dwarf planet Pluto on 14 July. New Horizons probe was programmed to gather a wealth of images and data as it sped past Pluto and its five



small moons, Charon, Styx, Nix, Hydra and Kerberos. It is interesting to note the symbolism behind Pluto and its Moons which conjure up images of the Underworld. Pluto or his Greek counterpart Hades were the gods of the Underworld ruling over earthquakes and volcanoes symbolise death and rebirth. Pluto abducted Persephone and took her to the Underworld to be his bride. The abduction of Persephone, the daughter of Demeter/Ceres, the Goddess of the Harvest caused her mother so much rage and grief that she stopped all growth until a deal was brokered between Zeus/Jupiter and Pluto where Persephone spent some of the time with her husband in the Underworld and some of the time with her mother in the Upperworld. Pluto’s Moon Charon is named after the ferryman who ferried the souls across the River Styx to the Underworld.

Charon the Ferryman

Charon the Ferryman

Nyx Goddess of the Night

Nyx Goddess of the Night

Nyx or Nix was the primordial Greek Goddess of the Night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and mothered other personified deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thantos (Death), with Erebus. In the Labour of Hercules related to Scorpio, Hercules has to slay the nine headed Hydra. At first he is unsuccessful as each time he lops off one of the heads another one grows in its place. It is only when he kneels down in the mud and lifts the creature to the sunlight that it withers and dies.

Hercules capturing Cerberus

Hercules capturing Cerberus

Kerberos was named after Cerberus the gigantic three-headed hound that guards

the gates to the Underworld. In the 12th and final labour of Hercules he has to capture and bring back Cerberus.

Greek Debt Crisis
It is interesting to see what events were occurring in the collective during this Pluto

Queue outside Bank in Athens

Queue outside Bank in Athens

phenomenon stirring up some primal energy as personified by Pluto and its Moons. We had the ‘do or die’ situation with Greek debt crisis with Greece negotiating with the troika of the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Commission for Greece’s economic survival. There has been much criticism levelled at the troika for the crippling debt burden current Greek governments have been subjected to with recurrent austerity measures which have only exacerbated the situation causing massive unemployment and despair resulting in suicides.

Delegates at the Iran-Nuclear Deal

Delegates at the Iran-Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal
Other Plutonian issues during this period on the world scene include the Iran Nuclear deal. On 14 July the very day New Horizons reached the closest Pluto in Vienna Iran and a group of six nations led by the United States reached a historic accord on Tuesday to significantly limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for more than a decade in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions.

Gill Hicks & Policeman who rescued her

Gill Hicks & Policeman who rescued her

London Terrorist Attack Revisited
Another very Plutonian incident that was revisited was the 10th anniversary of the London terrorist attack which occurred on 7 July 2005. Four Corners program on Monday 13 July featured the victims and saviours of that traumatic event where innocent people were maimed and killed. Australian survivor, Gill Hicks who featured on the Four Corners program had an emotional reunion with Pc Andrew Maxwell, one of the Metropolitan Police officers who got Ms Hicks to safety by using a makeshift stretcher to carry her out of a Tube tunnel so she could receive emergency medical treatment.

The First Anniversary of The Downing of Malaysian Airlines M17

Families remember their loved ones

Families remember their loved ones

_sunflowercloseupThe 17th July marked the first anniversary of the Malaysian Airlines M17 disaster where families and friends and strangers remembered the victims in Australia and overseas. There were tributes of sunflowers which have become a special symbol for the families of the victims. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. A few hours after departing Amsterdam on July 17, 2014, bound for Kuala Lumpur – with 283 passengers, 38 of them from Australia,  and its 15 crew was shot down while flying over territory that most were probably unaware was being torn apart by civil war.

Retrograde Venus

On 19 July Venus, the planet of love, moves into the sign of Virgo only to go retrograde on 25 July 7.30 pm AEST Sydney time and goes direct on 6 September, with erratic Uranus following suit going retrograde on the following day. Venus moves back into Leo on 31 July.


VenusI recall during the Venus Retrograde period of 2012 we had a members’ forum at our astrological society, SARS in which various members shared their insights of the symbolism of Venus Retrograde. Venus is the goddess of love and war. In handling retrograde Venus, Cheryl shared astrologer, Stella Woods’ wisdom: “Symbolically, the Venus retrograde period makes us re-evaluate our deepest values. As Venus moves towards conjunction with the Sun in this cycle), we are challenged to let go of our old ideas of purity and ‘right behaviour’… Going within (to the underworld or unconscious) a battle takes place between our values (Venus) and our essential self defeats our outmoded values, we are forced to surrender and release them. We can be reborn with new values and a more honest heart.”
Venus will spend a lot longer in a sector of your chart than usual, and functioning more like an outer planet. The effects will be felt much stronger if you have natal planets in Venus’s path. If you are in a relationship, any unresolved issues are likely to come to a head at the actual retrograde when Venus hits the planet a second time, but they should be resolved by the time the Venus Direct reached the post-shadow degree.

Venus Synodic Cycle

Venus Pentagram

Venus Pentagram

What is also very significant is Venus’s synodic cycle which forms a pentagram in the sky. Every 8 years Venus will make another point of this magical 5 pointed star so it is worth keeping a record of what happened at the Venus retrograde of 8 years ago and see if there is a pattern. If you were born during a Venus retrograde then your birth synodic cycle should also reveal some valuable information to you.This area will be vulnerable again. Possible manifestations include infidelity, jealousy and hatred – the dark side of passionate and romantic love: a cold hard look at relationships of all kinds, often leading to break-ups but also to reconciliation and to new more honest expressions of love; understanding what is needed to maintain personal integrity and awareness of hidden needs or desires which can create emotional turmoil. It can also foster self-love and raise the vibration of love enabling one to express unconditional love where one has the capacity to accept a loved one without conditions or expectations.



Design by Sue Robertson

Proud Leo claims
the centre stage of life
Sun ruled sun blessed
Strong ardent loyal
Whose noble heart emits
the vital flame
of Love

By Anne Robertson 1987

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Leo

The Personality proclaims its keyword: I rule because I am
The Soul proclaims its keyword: I am that and that am I.

Rulers for Leo
Exoteric Ruler:
Sun under the Second Ray of Love Wisdom
Esoteric Ruler:
Neptune under the Sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion
Hierarchical Ruler: Uranus under the Seventh Ray of  Ceremonial Order or Magic


Happy birthday to all the Leos who celebrate their birthdays between July 23 and August 23. Leo rules the fifth house, which represents, creativity, children and romance. It is one of the three fire signs along with Aries and Sagittarius. It is one of the three fixed signs – the others being Aquarius and Scorpio. The ruler of Leo is the Sun and marks the hottest astrological month in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the heat of Leo’s Sun which ripens the fruit produced during the period of Cancer. Like the sign Leo the heat is constant and intense. There are biblical references to Leo. In the Old Testament the tribe of Judah is ruled by Leo. There are many examples of the cat deity in the Egyptian pantheon. Egyptian King Necepsos claimed that at the Creation of the world, the Sun rose in Leo near the star of Denebola. According to Alan Oken in his book, ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’, Pliny, the Roman philosopher relates that the Egyptians worshipped this constellation because the Nile rose when the Sun entered the stars.

Hathor, the daughter of the Sun god Ra, was a dual aspected goddess. As well as being the gentle celestial cow, she had a dark side as Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess, who wreaked havoc and bloodshed on those who dared to dissent against her father’s rule. The two lion deities, ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’, are depicted as guarding the gate to the shadow world. The lion is the emblem of spiritual power and wisdom. It is a sacred symbol of Buddhism. Buddha is said to have had a pet lion which was endowed with miraculous powers, and when the Great Teacher’s death was upon him, he chose to lay down ‘on his right side after the manner of a lion.’ The imperial lion was a symbol of the power of Rome. The feeding of the Christians to the lions symbolised the might of Rome overcoming and devouring any enemy of the state. Richard the Lion Hearted of England was renowned for his ambition to recapture the holy land from the Muslims (by slaying as many of them as possible) under the newly baptised banner of the ‘Lion of Christ.’

The Constellation of Leo

Unlike the faint constellation of Cancer, Leo is a very bright and easily identifiable constellation, in keeping with Leo’s regal demeanour. It lies between Cancer in the West and Virgo in the East and is best seen, in the Northern Hemisphere, in the late winter and early spring. Leo’s body is rectangular which culminates in a triangle of the Lion’s hindquarters. He is often depicted in a crouching position, ready to pounce. His tail is extremely long and curved, the tip of which is the brightest star in the hind triangle, Denebola.The distinguishing feature of the lion is his mane, which resembles a huge inverted question mark or a giant sickle. The point of the question mark is the exceptionally bright star, Regulus, the heart of the lion. Regulus, meaning the little King, the Ruler or the Lawgiver, is one of the four royal stars. The constellation Leo has in it ninety-five stars, two of them of the first magnitude. Its Egyptian name meant ‘a pouring out’, the Nile giving its full irrigation at that season. There are three constellations associated with Leo – Hydra, the serpent, Crater, the cup, and Corvus, the raven. In the zodiac of Denderah, Leo and the three attendant constellations are pictured as forming one great sign, for the lion is seen as treading on the serpent. Corvus, the raven, is perched on the lion’s shoulder, while below is a plumed female figure, holding out two cups, the cup of experience and of suffering.

Sun, the Ruler of Leo

Just as the Sun is considered as the centre of our galaxy, in the same way, the heart is the central pulse of one’s being. Examining the glyph for Leo, it reveals that the first open circle is the vein leading to the main coronary chamber. The second open circle is the artery which takes the newly pumped blood from the heart so that it may be distributed by the circulatory system to the rest of the body. Thus Leo, like its ruler, the Sun, is the centre, the vortex to which all energy must flow and from all life-force emanates. Just as the Moon represents the feminine principle, and the mother in the birth chart, the Sun represents the masculine principle, the authority figure, creativity and the father in the birth chart. The glyph for the Sun signifies the emanation of light. The circle is the circle for infinity and the dot in the middle is the point of Light which is sent forth as the fount from which the Light comes. The Sun is the generator of life. Astrologers refer to the Sun as Individuality i.e. it is the essence of man and represents his Spirit, signifying that atom of divinity within each being. We gain some insight into the esoteric meaning of Leo by examining the fifth labour of Hercules by Alice Bailey.

The Role of Leo – the Fifth Labour of Hercules

Hercules and the Nemean Lion

In the book, The Labours of Hercules, Alice Bailey relates the test for Leo in the fifth labour of Hercules. Hercules’ teacher tells the hero that he must kill the Nemean lion that is devastating the countryside, killing the inhabitants, and causing great fear. Hercules succeeds in killing the lion by blocking one of the openings to the cave where the lion was, and killing it with his bare hands, much to the acclaim of the people who are once again able to till their lands without fear. Alice Bailey elaborates on the esoteric meaning of the number five which represents the five-pointed star, a symbol of humanity, of the individual who becomes aware of himself as the Self. In Leo, Father-spirit and Mother-matter meet in the individual whose union produces the soul or Self. Hercules symbolises the aspirant, the lion of Judah, who has to slay the lion of his personality, which in the case of Leo is pride and arrogance. Therefore, the Nemean lion symbolises the powerful personality running wild and menacing the peace of the countryside. Esoterically, the cave with its two openings symbolises the pituitary gland with its two lobes. The frontal or ante-pituitary is the seat of the rational mind, while the post-pituitary is the seat of the emotional, imaginative nature. The cave opening which Hercules blocks corresponds to the opening of the personal emotions, the post-pituitary. He enters by the cave opening represented by the ante-pituitary, enabling the subduing of the lion of personality by the higher mind.

The Leo Hall of Fame

Leos are attracted to positions of power like a moth to a flame. Leo has its share of dictators such as Napoleon, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro and Simon Bolivar.

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother

Leo is well represented in the British royal family – the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, and the Princess Royal, Princess Anne were all born under the sign of Leo. Other Leos who hold or have held positions of power include Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzeneggar,  former Prime Minister John Howard, and the former treasurer, Peter Costello.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis with her love of fashion, luxury and power is the epitome of Leo.

Leos, being ruled by the fifth house of creativity, are attracted to the screen and stage, including Robert Mitcham, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Antonio Banderas,

Dustin Hoffman

JonathonRhys-Myers, Julian McMahon, Eric Bana, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez,

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren, Michelle Williams, Audrey Tatou, Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, Kim Cattrall, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, Sandra Bullock, Patrick Swayze, Roman Polanski and Mick Jagger.

Movie moguls are also well represented in the sign of Leo such as Cecil B. De Mille, Dino De Laurentis, Jack L. Warner, Alfred Hitchcock, and Samuel Goldwyn with the roaring MGM lion. Both T.E. Lawrence, ‘the uncrowned King of Arabia’, and Peter O’Toole who portrayed him are Leos.

Writers of note include Percy Bysshe Shelley and Alfred Lord Tennyson, Emily Bronte, JK Rowling. Mme Helena Blavatsky and Dorothy Parker. Bindi Irwin the extroverted

Mme Helena Blavatsky

daughter of the late Steve Irwin illustrates the Leo’s ease before the cameras. The renowned Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, who coined the word,’ individuation’, was a Leo.

Leo Health and Anatomy

Physiologically, Leo rules the heart. Vanda Sawtell in her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, states that the cell salt for Leo is Mag. phos. which acts upon the motor nerves. Through the sensory nerves we feel pain or sensation, and response to the sensation received through these nerves results in motion or action. It is no coincidence that the Sanskrit root for Magnesium is mag., which means to love, giving it Divine connotations. Mag. phos. is the great anti-pain salt, and is indicated in all cases of cramp and spasm, or where application of heat brings relief. Headaches, neuralgias, earache, spasmodic twitching of eyes or limbs, menstrual colic, convulsions, and all heart troubles are aided by this cell salt. Mag. phos. helps one to let go and relax. Vanda Sawtell claims that the best medicine for Leos is love, peace, and harmony. They need plenty of water, sleep, deep breathing, also recreation and entertainment. With their generous natures and broad outlook they are not suited to occupations requiring petty details. They are capable of rising to positions of trust and responsibility.

The colours for Leo are gold, yellows, royal blue and red. They also respond well to the regal purple which cools their fiery temperament. Leo rules metallic gold, the royal metal. The gemstones for Leo are yellow topaz and yellow sapphire. Healing aromas include basil, cinnamon, frankincense, juniper, neroIi and rosemary. Flowers and herbs include dahlia, yellow lily, red poppy, marigold and sunflower. Homeopathic remedy is chamomilla which is indicated for treatment of colds and fevers and easing digestion and tension. Bach flower essences recommended include vine for bossiness and inflexibility and chicory for possessiveness and attention seeking behaviour. The healing musical note for Leo is E.

Re the Leo diet more vegetables and less meat is recommended to calm their fiery natures. They should avoid meats that are heating such as beef, turkey and lamb. Vegetables that contain iron such as spinach, kale and wheat grass are beneficial. Blue fruits such as grapes, berries are recommended. Nuts, raisins and lentils are also beneficial for the Leo diet.

Overview for Leo for 2014

Good news for Leo! Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance moves into your sign on 17 July 2014 imbuing you with optimism bringing you opportunities for expansion and growth. The karmic North Node, a total lunar eclipse and Mars will activate your 3rd house of communications  so it is vital that you schedule activities such as meditation, yoga or martial arts to calm the monkey mind. The third house also rules the immediate environment, neighbours and siblings and short distance travel so you need to avoid conflict with relatives and neighbours. The Full Moon Eclipse of 15 April could bring to a head so any issues will need to be resolved.


An eclipse  on 29 April in your career and status sector highlights this area and brings clarity re professional choices. It will allow a release of tension as you let go of outmoded career paths and launch yourself into more authentic career options. Mercury’s presence here from 24 April to 7 May facilitates communication and networking. Venus follows close oon the heels of Mercury gracing your career sector with her presence from 30 May to 23 June bringing harmony and cooperation with colleagues.

Work and Health

Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, continues its passage in your work and health sector which can disrupt work routines and challenge your health. Therefore, it is important to maintain good health regimes, sufficient sleep, physical exercise and a healthy diet. With Pluto moving through this sector you should not take any illness at face value. Poor health at this time is Pluto’s way of alerting us that you need to redress the imbalance in your life. Pluto brings to conscious awareness what is grumbling beneath the surface. If you are stubbornly holding down a job that makes you discontented then Pluto’s role may cause you to lose your job so that you are forced to let go and seek more fulfilling work. You may find that the routine is punishing or that your colleagues are bullying you or scapegoating you. Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in Pluto is demanding that you surrender and move on rather than hang onto a job that no longer serves any purpose in your life.


Mercury, the ruler of commerce activates your finance sector from 16 August to 2 September making it an excellent time to review your financial commitments. Venus graces your finance sector with her presence  from 6 – 29 September. Neptune, the planet of losses continues its sojourn through your 8th house of other people’s money, making it imperative that you read all contracts carefully and keep your taxes up to date. Neptune’s lesson is one of non attachement so you need to let go of any attachments to the material world.


The most active period where love and romance are concerned occurs in the early part of 2014. Gracious Venus, curious Mercury and radiant Sun all pay a visit to your relationship sector. Mercury’s presence here from 12 – 31 January encourages communication and networking. The Sun’s rays here from 21 January to 18 February encourage your love of luxury and adulation which is second nature to the Leo. Venus the planet of love graces your love sector with her presence from 6 March to 5 April 2014 which sets the tone for your love life as one of affection and romance.

Home and Family

The main players influencing your domestic sector during 2014 are serious Saturn, mercantile Mercury. gracious Venus and a solar eclipse. Serious Saturn continues its two and a half years’ sojourn in your domestic sector, bringing you more responsibility in your home and family. It will also give you an opportunity to restructure your living arrangements such as renovating or moving house or downsizing. Saturn brings a reality check as you have to set limits, time and boundaries with your loved ones as they demand more of your time. Positively, there can be a new spirit of maturity in family relationships. Mercury pays a visit to your domestic sector from 1 – 28 November making it an ideal time to organise tradespeople. Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 24 October to 16 November bringing harmony and cooperation on the home front and a desire to beautify your home.

Creativity and Children

Venus pays visits to your solar 5th house of creativity and children from 17 December 2012 to 10 December 2014 inspiring your creativity and bringing fun and pleasure into your activities with children and your romantic escapades. The Sun radiates in your creativity sector from 23 November to 21 December adding impetus to your creative urges. You may take up a hobby or just indulge your inner child. However you choose to express this energy you pleasure, fun and luxury are the name of the game. Mercury’s presence there from 29 November to 17 December facilitates communication and networking with children.

Travel and Study

There is a lot of celstial activity in your travel and study zone in 2014 with the presence of the karmic South Node, Uranus and.  the occurrence of a full Moon Eclipse. Exciting and unpredictable Uranus continues to activate your 9th house of study, travel and adventure. Jupiter activates Uranus from 17 February to 6 March 2014 making your desire for freedom paramount. This would be an ideal time to just pack your bags and escape on a journey to some exotic location or to enrol in some unusual study to satisfy your yearnings for something exciting in your life. With Venus’s influence here from 4 – 29 May making it a perfect time for that holiday romance. The full Moon Eclipse on 8 October which could bring tensions to the surface with issues to be resolved.


Venus and Mercury activate you social sector. Mercury will pay 2 visits here from  8 – 29 May and then again from 18 June to 13 July giving you opportunities for networking and communicating with your social circle. Venus graces your social sector with her presence from  24 June to 18 July adding to your charm and charisma promoting harmonious connections with your friends and associates. Spending time with your women friends or espousing women’s issues will be a priority now.


Jupiter continues its sojourn in your 12th house of karma and reincarnation until 17 July 2014 affording you time to explore the deeper meaning of life. Part of Jupiter’s visit here will be in retrograde motion from the beginning of 2014 until 7 March making it an ideal time to review spiritual issues. Sun, Mercury and Venus also pay visits here in June and July making it an ideal time for introspection and to attend a spiritual retreat and record your dreams and musings in a journal.



Kurukulla dances with one foot on the corpse of personified ego Design by Sue Robertson

Scorpio, mistress of the Underworld

with penetrating mind and eye
guards all life’s mysteries.
She dies to be reborn
like the snake that sheds its skin
She walks the path twixt
       dark and light
And rises up to reach the Sun

Anne Robertson 1987

Kurukulla, Deity of Desire and meditative symbol of Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia, dances with one foot on the corpse of personified ego. Wearing her garland of freshly severed heads, she draws her bow symbolising transformation of passion into wisdom.

Esoteric Keyword Phrases for Scorpio
The Personality calls out: Let Maya flourish and deception rule.
The Soul proclaims: Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant.

Rulers for Scorpio
Exoteric Ruler:
Mars under the Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism
Esoteric Ruler: Mars under the Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism
Hierarchical Ruler: Mercury under the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict

Happy birthday to all the Scorpios who celebrate their birthdays between October 24 and November 22. Scorpio is one of the four fixed signs, the others being Aquarius Taurus and Leo. It forms the triplicity of water signs along with Cancer and Pisces.

Symbolism of Scorpio

Its ruling planet is Pluto, the god who rules over the Underworld and its co-ruler is Mars, the god of war. In the Northern hemisphere it marks the beginning of autumn and the retreat of the animals into their hibernating caves. Scorpio has traditionally come to represent the harbinger of the dark and cold. Therefore, it symbolises regeneration when everything dies or goes to sleep until the advent of spring. It gives people a chance to balance their lives and to cultivate their inner beings. Scorpio, then, is the harbinger of the necessary sleep so that all of nature’s creations can be awakened afresh with greater strength. Scorpio rules the eighth house in the horoscope which has dominion over all the mysteries of life – sex, death and rebirth. The glyph for Scorpio, the letter m with the tail depicts the coils of the serpent, with its poisonous fangs ready to strike an adversary. It is also a symbol for the concentrated tension in the sexual organs of the male in the state of excitation.

The Constellation of Scorpio

Constellation of Scorpio

In his book, ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’, Alan Oken writes that Scorpio is among the largest of the twelve constellations and is one of the most easily distinguishable since it is composed of notably large and bright stars. The sign of the Scorpion is known for its secrecy and the constellation certainly corresponds to this characteristic. Only the tips of its foreclaws peer above the ecliptic. The rest of its magnificent body and long, arched tail remains “hidden” (though clearly visible) in the multitude of stars of the Milky Way. At the heart of the Scorpion is the giant red star Antares. It is as famous in the history of the cosmic family of stars as Scorpio itself, for in the days of ancient Egypt and Greece many temples were erected to coincide with its heavenly cycles. Antares is also at the approximate centre of the huge cloud Nebula in Scorpio. Alice Bailey in her book, ‘The Labours of Hercules’, describes Antares as one of the four royal stars, and as the reddest star in the heavens attributes its red colour to desire. There are some other constellations which Bailey says are of great interest. First there is Serpens, which symbolises the serpent of illusion, the serpent we meet in Genesis, which deluded Eve. The second is Ophiucus, the man who wrestles with the serpent. The ancient zodiac portrays the hands of this man. He seizes it with both hands and treads on its heart, which is the red star of desire. As he does this he looks towards the crown, in the constellation of Libra. Bailey explains the esoteric implications of this symbolism. The personality symbolised by Ophiucus, struggling with the serpent of illusion, with the crown held before him, towards which he aspires. The third constellation is called Hercules and portrays the aspirant looking not at the crown but at the eagle, Aquila, which symbolises the spirit aspect. He is occupied with that marvellous symbol of light emerging, which makes all victory possible.

The Eighth Labour of Hercules

Hercules doing battle with the Lernean Hydra

In her book, ‘The Labours of Hercules’, Alice Bailey elucidates the test of Scorpio. Hercules’ teacher tells him that his task is to slay the loathsome nine headed monster, the Lernean Hydra, who dwells in the stagnant, putrid swamp of Lerna. His teacher gives Hercules one word of counsel to prepare him for this labour. He says, “We rise by kneeling; we conquer by surrendering; we gain by giving up.” At first Hercules tries destroying the hydra by severing its heads but each time he does this two more grow in its place and it grows stronger not weaker with each assault. Then Hercules remembers the words of his teacher, “we rise by kneeling.” Casting aside his club, Hercules kneels and grasping the hydra with his bare hands he holds it high above him exposing it to the rays of the sun and the touch of the wind. This action causes the monster to grow weaker and weaker until it withers and dies. This monster, which thrived in the perpetual cave of night could not survive, once exposed to the light. Hercules finds the hydra’s immortal head and buries it still hissing fiercely beneath a rock. Bailey explains the symbolism behind this labour. The act of kneeling symbolises the need for humility by the disciple. The nine heads of the monster correspond to the nine personality traits that the hero has to overcome in the test for Scorpio in order to gain self mastery. She enumerates them; the first three heads are concerned with the appetite on the physical plane which are sex, physical comfort and money when used for selfish purposes; the second triune are concerned with desire on the astral plane and are fear, hate and ambition; the third triune are tests of the mind, on the mental plane, being pride, separativeness and cruelty. Bailey explains that by raising the monster to the light, Hercules seeks to bring his problem to a higher dimension and so is able to see his dilemma in the light of wisdom and eventually the tame the beast of his unconscious.

Scorpio Hall of Fame

Joseph McCarthy

Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, is the planet associated with power. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many presidents and prime ministers born under this sign, including Theodore Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Golda Meier, Charles de Gaulle, and Francois Mitterand. Just as Pluto in mythology wore a helmet to make him invisible, Scorpios are often associated with cloak and dagger activities such as were carried out in the anti communist witch-hunts by the Scorpio, Joseph McCarthy.

Bill Gates

With Scorpio’s dominion over the 8thhouse ruling other people’s money, many Scorpios are attracted to careers in banking and high finances. One very famous Scorpio who has amassed billions is Bill Gates, the founder of the computer software empire, Microsoft. He owes his success to the legendary powers of concentration of the Scorpio. Scorpio, ruling healing and transformation, attracts many healers, therapists, and psychologists. Not content with skimming over the surface of things their probing minds are perfectly suited for these professions. Its co ruler Mars which rules sharp implements such as knives and scalpels brings its share of surgeons. Their ability to ferret out the truth makes them good detectives. Other famous Scorpios who exude the famous Scorpionic magnetism and allure on stage and screen include Hedy Lamar, Diana Dors, Grace Kelly, Jodie Foster,

Julia Roberts

Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Richard Burton, Kevin Kline, Rock Hudson, Burt Lancaster, Ethan Hawke, Tom Conti, Danny De Vito, and Richard Dreyfuss.


Scorpio Health and Anatomy

Reproductive organs

The parts of the body governed by Scorpio are the reproductive organs, the bladder, the pelvis of the kidneys, the prostrate, groins, rectum, and nasal bone and septum. In her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’, Vanda Sawtell writes that the biochemic salt allocated to Scorpio is Calcium sulphate, better known as Plaster of Paris. This salt is a constituent of connective tissues, and is absolutely necessary to promote healing of all kinds. It is present in the bile, and helps destroy worn out red blood-corpuscles by extracting the water from them so that it may be used again by the body. Sulphur has always been recognised as the great purifier, and in combination with Calc. sulph. We have Nature’s great cleansing and healing agent. By the elimination of worn-out red corpuscles the blood is continually purified. Sawtell notes something remarkable about this salt i.e. Calc. sulph. coats all the vascular surfaces of the body, for these surfaces need to be protected from contact from certain fluids. By the wise provision of Mother Nature, Calc. sulph. is present in the fluids of the stomach, and it really forms a thin coating of Plaster of Paris which is not quickly affected by acid.

When this salt becomes deficient the lining of the stomach becomes irritated, causing an ulcerated stomach. All the surfaces of the body which contact moisture, such as eyeballs, nasal passages, mouth, throat, the passage-way into the stomach, the bladder, colon, etc., need the protection of this salt. When Calc. sulph. is lacking in the system we get faulty metabolism which results in boils, carbuncles, gumboils, skin eruptions, disorders of the pancreas and kidneys, chronic diarrhoea, catarrhs, constant discharge of pus from any part, and slow healing due to an unhealthy condition of connective tissue. There are some other interesting points regarding Calc. sulph. and its relation to the sign Scorpio. Calc. sulph. or Plaster of Paris forms egg shells. It is the shells which keep the contents of eggs intact and preserved so that they may fulfil their function. Scorpio rules the procreative glands which create and preserve the procreative germ cells. These germ shells are really little eggs, and must have shells to protect them so that their contents may be preserved intact. The scientific name for these shells is casts, and when there is a deficiency of Calc. sulph. these human egg shells are not strong enough to hold their contents, which then turn to pus. Lack of Calc. sulph. can cause barrenness in females and impotence in males. In the female, the ova have not sufficient Calc. sulph. to complete their casts or shells, then the disintegrated contents form pus in the ovaries and ovarian tubes. In the male, pus from the disintegrated germ cells often collects in the prostate. Fistulas, tears or openings in the wall of the bowel, are also caused by a lack of Calc. sulph.

2014 Transits for Scorpio

Halloween and All Saints Day
Not long after the Sun enters Scorpio there are the celebrations of Halloween and All Saints Day which both conjure up images of witches, hobgoblins, fairies and ghosts, all inhabitants of the Underworld.

Relationships and Personal Identity
Celestial visitors that influence your relationship sector in 2014 include Mercury, Venus and one eclipse. Venus, the goddess of love,  graces your love sector with her presence from 30 May to 23 June enhancing your opportunities for love.  A New Moon Eclipse eclipse highlights your love sector between on 29 April.

Saturn, the planet known as the Lord of Karma continues its 2 years’ sojourn in your 1st house of identity endowing you with gravitas and more responsibility. This gives you an opportunity to step up to the plate and assume your responsibilities ensuring a two-year cycle of growth and productivity. It provides a learning curve where you come up against your limitations so issues such as what can realistically be achieved and time management are paramount.

Career and Health

Lucky Jupiter enters your career sector 16 July remaining there until 11 August 2015 providing you opportunities for expansion in your career. The Sun, Venus and Mercury pay visits to your career sector, activating this area. You are sure to be noticed when the radiant Sun shines its rays on you from 23 July to 23 August. Gentle Venus graces your career sector with her presence from 13 August to 5 September bringing harmony here. Mercury visits here from 1-15 August facilitating communication and networking with colleagues. This cosmic energy culminates with a powerful solar eclipse in your sign on 23 October which can release powerful contents from the unconscious bringing inspiration and illumination.  You may experience intense emotions but once you gain clarity  you will be able to make important choices in order to move forward.
Uranus, the planet of upheaval and sudden change, is currently in your 6th house of  daily routines and health so it is a case of expect the unexpected. Positively, you may be very innovative and gain recognition for your unique contributions in the workplace. There may be sudden illnesses which may motivate you to try a new health regime. The karmic South Node and a full lunar eclipse also activate your work and health sector. The full Moon eclipse occurs 8 October.


The first half of 2014 is a relatively low-key as far as your finances are concerned so caution on expenditure would be advisable. However, from 14 September to 26 October, the entry of feisty Mars, will activate your finance sector. Venus, the planet of money, follows closely on the heels of Mars from 17 November to 10 December favouring your finances.  moves into your 8th house of shared finances should markedly improve your finances.

Home & Family

There is not a lot of planetary activity in your domestic sector in 2014 suffice for a brief visit from Mercury and Venus. Mercury visits there first from 12-31 January and then again from 14 February to 17 March facilitating communication with family members. However, from 14-27 February Mercury will be in its retrograde cycle so there may be confusion or delays in communication. Venus’s visit her from 6 March to 5 April should bring harmony on the domestic front.

Creativity and Children
Neptune continues its 14 year sojourn in your children and creativity and romance sector giving you an opportunity to enhance your creativity and learn Neptune’s important lesson of surrender and non-attachment with regards your children and your romantic aspirations. From 26 October to 1 November Neptune forms a trine with your Sun enhancing spiritual and creative endeavours. From 18 March to 7 April another cosmic visitor enters the scene – Mercury, the planet of communication, which will enhance your communication and networking in this area.


There are two cosmic visitors that illuminate your friendship sector in the 2nd half of 2014. Venus graces your friendship sector with her presence from 22 July to 16 August, promoting and harmony and cooperation within your friendships and group affiliations, especially with women friends or groups.  Mercury activates your social sector from 16 August to 2 September facilitating communication with friends and promoting your popularity.

Communications, Short Journeys and Siblings
Pluto, the planet of transformation, continues its sojourn in the third house, the domain of the immediate environment, siblings and relatives, short journeys and communications. There can be challenges in these areas of your life. Positively, it is an ideal time to do some in-depth study or research or you may discover some latent writing ability. Meditation or yoga would be an ideal way to eliminate obsessive thoughts.

Travel and Study

Your travel and study sector is highlighted with the solar eclipse of 29 April 2014. Other visitors include Mercury and Venus. Mercury,  the planet of communication  and short distance travel, pays an extended visit here from 6 April until 12 June  facilitating communication and networking in these areas. However, part of the time Mercury spends here will be during its retrograde cycle from 28 April to 21 May. This could cause delays or misunderstandings re travel plans so patience will be needed during this period. Jupiter, the ruler of your 9th house, represents a search for meaning so you may be inspired to investigate new philosophies or spiritual disciplines.  Gentle Venus also graces your travel and study sector with her presence from 1-24 May making it an ideal time to plan that special overseas trip as you will be yearning to explore wider horizons in that faraway exotic location and learn about foreign cultures.


There is a lot of activity occurring in your spirituality and karmic sector with  the presence of a karmic North Node and a total lunar eclipse occurring 15 April. Other cosmic visitors are Venus and Mercury. Mercury pays two visits punctuated by a retrograde cycle. Mercury visits from 3-27 September and then again from 11 October to 8 November, arousing your curiosity with regard to spiritual topics. You may spend your time reading books on spiritual matters or tap into your intuition or keep a dream journal to understand your deepest motivations. Venus follows on the heels of Mercury  gracing your spirituality sector with her presence from  11-23 October bringing harmony and peace and a desire to relax and retreat.


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