May Astromusings – Uranus in Taurus, Mars in Aquarius, New Moon in Taurus, Full Moon in Sagittarius, Happy Birthday Geminis!

3 Gemini

Illustrated by Sue Robertson

Have you ever met a Gemini?
There’s double trouble there
As there’s two rolled into one
He’s an artful dissembler
But he’s always lots of fun
There’s a sparkle in his eye
Betraying intelligence and wit
With his brilliant repartee
And his fondness for a jest
Every host should have one
To give his party zest

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

Happy Birthday to all the Geminis who celebrate their birthdays between May 21 and June 20. Gemini is one of the three air signs along with Aquarius and Libra. Air is the element which refers to mental qualities. Gemini is one of the four mutable signs indicating the flexibility and changeable quality of Gemini. The others being Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Gemini is the Latin word for twins which indicates their dual nature. The Gemini can be of two minds or is sometimes believed to have two or more personalities.

In Alan Oken’s book, ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’, he elaborates on the twin symbology. Among its many meanings, the glyph for Gemini symbolises the two pillars. In ancient times, the Twins were the guardians of the doorways and entrances. Pairs of gods can often be seen at the gates of Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian temples. They are often depicted as siblings. The Twin symbology also pervades Eastern mythology. In the ancient Indian epic the Mahabharata where there are two brothers, Sunda and Upsunda who are said to live together and are incapable of being slain by anyone unless they slay each other. In the Ramayana, Rama, the great Indian saint, also has a twin brother. Examples of twins also abound in the Old Testament but one myth about twins which is very significant is the Greek legend about Castor and Pollux because it links up with the constellation of Gemini of the same name.

The Significance of the Myth of Castor and Pollux

Castor and Pollux avenged the carrying off of their sister of Helen of Troy. Leda, the mother of Castor and Pollux, was seduced by Zeus/Jupiter, this time in the guise of a swan. From this union she gave birth to two eggs – from one came Helen and from the other came Castor and Pollux. There was some confusion and scandal about Castor’s real father, for he was mortal, while Pollux, on the other hand was an immortal, the true son of Zeus. Homer describes Castor as the tamer of horses, and Pollux is the immortal boxer, one who uses his hands and is fleet of foot, which typifies the Gemini. Castor is killed in battle, and Pollux, in great despair prays to his father to let him also die. Zeus responds by taking them both in the sky as the constellation of Castor and Pollux. Homer writes “They possess their life in turn, living one day and dying the next and they have gotten worship as gods” The keynote for Gemini, esoterically, is: ‘I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow.’ Alice Bailey comments that it is an astronomical fact that the star, Castor, is waning in brilliancy, while Pollux, the immortal brother, is waxing in brightness and eclipsing his brother. Pollux represents the soul while his mortal brother represents the personality.

The Constellation of Gemini
Alice Bailey has the following to say about the constellation of Gemini: Gemini has in it two stars Castor and Pollux, the Twins. These personify two major groups of stars, the Seven Pleiades, and Seven Stars of the Great Bear, which are two constellations, in the north, around which our universe seems to revolve. She writes these two groups of stars the Pleiades and the Great Bear represent God, the macrocosm, whilst in Gemini, Castor and Pollux were regarded as symbols of man, the microcosm.
Alan Oken adds: The most notable asterisms are the two great stars which bear the names of the Twins, Castor and Pollux. Castor, befitting the nature of Gemini, is really two closely placed white stars which revolve around each other. This phenomenon is called as “binary system” by astronomers, as the two stars seem to revolve around a common centre of gravity. Pollux is somewhat brighter than his brother and is orange reddish in colour. These stars lie only four and half degrees from each other and between the  were long known as the sole representatives of the entire constellation. (They were called the “Mas-mas” or Twins by the ancient Assyrians.) In time the brothers grew and many more stars were added to complete their portraiture. The ecliptic divides the Twins at the middle; their heads (Castor and Pollux) are above and are posited between the left claw of the Crab and the whip of Auriga, the Charioteer. Their feet just touch the Milky Way, above the upraised arm of the great constellation of Orion, the Hunter. The Twins are usually depicted as bound together by each other’s arms.

MercuryMercury the Ruler of Gemini – Mercury/Hermes in Mythology
We can gain insight into the Geminian nature by studying the myths of Mercury and his alter ego Hermes. Howard Sasportas, in the book ‘The Inner Planets’, co written with Liz Greene illuminates one on the role of Mercury. Mercury was conceived of an illicit union between Zeus, the King of the gods, and a mere mortal called Maia so he was born out of deceit. As the story goes he was already into great mischief even when he was still a baby in his cradle. He stole his older brother Apollo’s cattle, and by leading them out backwards made it appear as if the cattle were going in the opposite direction. When his older brother accused him of stealing his cattle he acted as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He also fashioned a lyre out of a tortoise. When he plays this instrument he charms Apollo out of his anger and he makes a deal with Apollo. In return for teaching him the lyre, Mercury must be allowed to share Apollo’s patronage of the cattle. The resourceful bargaining qualities of the Gemini nature are mirrored in Mercury’s actions. Apollo agreed to this on the condition that his miscreant younger brother swore an oath. When Mercury complied Apollo made Mercury the patron of oaths and solemn pledges and he also bestowed upon him the gift of the caduceus, a magic wand with two snakes wrapped around it which becomes one of Hermes’ most famous symbol and is an emblem of the medical profession.

Mercury is Zeus’ personal messenger and is often used to rescue others from danger. He is also a magician and charms Cerberus, the ferocious three headed dog who guards the Underworld, so he can slip in and out of the Underworld unnoticed. He is a master of magic words and magic formulas in much the same way the Gemini can charm their way out of tricky situations with their gift of the gab. The derivation of the Greek word, ‘Hermes’, is he of the stone heap, a place where travellers would stop and talk, and eventually where commercial deals took place and magic and rituals were performed hence Mercury’s rulership over commerce, transport and short distance travel. Hermes was known as the god of crossroads, borders and transitions. There is also a figure in alchemy called Mercurius which represents both the transformer and the thing which needed to be transformed. To sum up then, the agility, versatility and ingenuity of Mercury, also known as quicksilver, is very evident in the Gemini individual.



Gemini Health and Anatomy
In the human body Gemini rules the bronchial tubes and lungs, the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Kali mur., the Gemini Salt, is essential for the formation of fibrin. Every tissue and organ of the body, with the exception of bone, contains fibrin. Man’s whole garment of flesh is built upon the foundation of filaments or fibres. There is an infinitely fine network of these tiny fibres, all branching off from one another, forming the framework, as it were, upon which the tissues are built. This includes also the skin, glands and nerves. Symptoms arising from lack of Kali mur. are catarrh, congestion of bronchial tubes, swollen glands, mumps, sore throats, enlarged rheumatic joints, and swollen tonsils, all children’s diseases where there are exudations through the skin, such as measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc., for these are all disturbances of the fibrin. All cases of a very white tongue and sluggish liver and constipation, and all congestion and swellings need Kali mur. Geminis live on their nervous energy and most of their illnesses are of a nervous character. Therefore, it is vital that they learn to switch off their busy minds and relax. Plenty of sleep and proper breathing exercises would be very beneficial for them.

Gemini rules the colour yellow and also they responds well to the healing orange ray. The birthstone for Gemini is agate, the multi coloured stone and the metal is Mercury in keeping with their quicksilver personality. A homeopathic remedy beneficial for Gemini is Byronia used in the treatment of colds, flu and headaches. Healing aromatherapy oils which will help to promote calm for the excessive nervous energy of the Gemini include bergamot, lavender, lemongrass and lily of the valley. The healing musical note for Gemini is A. Diet for Gemini should include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables especially orange coloured foods such as oranges, peaches apricots, pink grapefruit, etc. which help decongest the lungs and prevent mucous. Mucous forming dairy products and salt should be avoided. Carrot juices and legumes such as lentils are also beneficial.

Gemini Hall of Fame
Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, has dominion over communication, writing, teaching, and short distance travel. Geminis are attracted to careers which utilise their great mental skills, wit and eloquence such as teaching, lecturing, politics, music, media, journalism, advertising, public relations, publishing, astrology, technology, finance and sales.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Famous Gemini writers include Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming, Thomas Hardy, Anne Frank, Colleen McCullough, Judith Wright, Salman Rushdie, M Scott Peck, Patrick White. Poets of note include W.B Yeats, Walt Whitman, Federico Garcia Lorca, Alexander Pope, Alexander Pushkin. Queen Victoria who wrote two best selling memoirs Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands was a famous Gemini.

Kylie Minogue 2

Kylie Minogue turns 50 on 28 May

Geminis who also express themselves through music and dance include Igor Stravinsky, Richard Strauss, Isaac Albeniz, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner, and Isadora Duncan. Singers include Dean Martin, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Prince, Kanye West, Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morissette, Judy Garland, and Kylie Minogue. Our Kylie who turns 50 on May 28, is getting out of her comfort zone and having a soiree in London because she reckons: “you only turn 50 once, right?” “I’m having a bit of an extravaganza.”

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

Geminis are not only agile mentally but also physically as this impressive line up of champion tennis players confirms – Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Bjorn Borg, Venus Williams, Kim Clijsters, Lindsay Davenport, Steffi Graf and Anna Kournikova.

Marilyn Monroe

The Gemini charisma translates well onto stage and screen with such show business icons as Sir Laurence Olivier, Bob Hope, Clint Eastwood, Errol

Flynn, Rudolph Valentino, Joan Collins, Marilyn Monroe, Michael J. Fox, Isabella Rossellini, Kristen Scott Thomas, Hugh Dancy, Geoffrey Palmer, Christopher Lee, and Johnny Depp.

Jacki Weaver

Jacki Weaver

Australian Gemini actors of note include Jason Donovan, Jacki Weaver, Frances O’Connor, Nicole Kidman, Anna Torv, Sophie Lowe, Pia Miranda and Gia Carides.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

Geminis are also famous for their wit as expressed by the Gemini British comedian Russell Brand and American comic Amy Schumer

Media personalities include Elsa Maxwell, Hedda Hopper and Joan Rivers.

Politicians and political activists include John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Hubert Humphrey, Rudolph Giuliani, George Bush Senior, Benazir Bhutto, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Che Guevara. Another Gemini who has been in the spotlight in the last year is President Donald Trump. Richard Di Natale. the leader of the Australian Greens is also a

Richard Di Natale

Richard Di Natale

Gemini as is .Jeremy-Corbyn_victory_05a.1442322332197Jeremy Corbyn the Leader of the UK Labour Party.

The science of astrology has also attracted its share of Geminis including Lois M. Rodden, Grant Lewi, Alexander Ruperti and Francoise Gauquelin, the French woman statistician and psychologist, who along with her husband Michel, set out to disprove astrology but instead ended up being some of its strongest exponents.

Dava Sobel

The astronomer and best selling author Dava Sobel featuring prominently in the 2012 Sydney Writers’ Festival is also a Gemini.

Overview for Gemini for 2018
Saturn, known as the Lord of Karma, is still moving through your joint finances sector so you need to take responsibility for your joint finances and taxes. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, has just moved into your spirituality sector which could add an unpredictability to this area of your life. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will pay a visit in Gemini from 30 May to 12 June facilitating communication and networking. The extended cycle of spiritual Neptune in your career sector encourages you to pursue your creative and spiritual aspirations.

Dynamic Mars will be in your relationship sector from 27 January until 17 March 2018 which will give you the impetus to deal with any your relationship issues but you need to be aware that marital disputes could flare up. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, will pay a visit to your relationship sector from 13 December 2018 to 5 January 2019 facilitating communications in your primary relationship.

Home and Family
Planetary visitors, Mercury and Venus will activate your domestic sector.  Mercury will  visit your domestic sector from 7 – 22 September facilitating communication with family members. Gentle Venus will grace your domestic sector with her presence from 11 July to 6 August bringing harmony on the home front.

Creativity, Children and Romance
The focus will be on your romance and children sector with visits from Venus and Mercury. Venus will grace your romance and creativity sector from 7 August to 9 September which should bring pleasurable romantic encounters, enhance your personal creativity and relationships with your children. Your ruler, quicksilver Mercury, pays a visit there from 23 September to 10 October affording you an opportunity to initiate conversations with your children and romantic partners while bringing a sense of fun to your relationships with children or affording you an opportunity to explore your inner child.

 Neptune, the planet of spirituality, continues its passage through your 10th house of career. This cycle will emphasise the spiritual and creative side of your career. Your interactions with your colleagues will be motivated by altruism and sensitivity. You may be drawn toward pursuing a spiritual or artistic career. You may even experience confusion about what career to pursue. Ultimately, Neptune may beckon you toward a career of selfless service.

Work and Health
Jupiter is currently moving through your work and health sector. From 9 March to 10 July Jupiter will be in its retrograde phase turning the energy inward. From 10 July onwards when Jupiter turns direct Jupiter’s energy should be beneficial in these areas of your life.

Travel and Education
Your travel and education sector will be highlighted with the karmic South Node and two eclipses – the first eclipse is a solar partial eclipse on 15 February and the second one will be a total lunar eclipse on 27 July.  Dynamic Mars will pay two visits to your travel sector from 17 May to 13 August and then again from 12 September to 15 November. Part of Mars’ visit here will be in its retrograde phase from 27 June to 13 August, turning the energy inwards. Quicksilver Mercury will be there from 1-18 February activating this area of study and travel making it an ideal time to undertake a study tour.

Your finance sector will be highlighted with a partial solar eclipse which occurs 13 July. Two planetary visitors will be Mercury and Venus.  Quicksilver Mercury which rules commerce pays a visit to your finance sector from 13 – 29 June facilitating communication and networking with your business dealings.  Venus which rules finance graces your financial sector with her presence from 20 May to 13 June. Pluto, the planet of transformation, continues it sojourn through your debt and taxes sector which would act as a catalyst for you to transform this area.

Friends, Groups and Goals
Chiron, the wounded healer, has moved into your eleventh house of friends groups and goals. Gentle Venus pays a visit to your social sector from 7 – 31 March bringing harmony to your friendships and opportunities for pleasurable socialising. Mercury will pay a visit to your social sector from 7 March to 13 May facilitating communication and networking in your social circles.

Siblings, Neighbours and Communication
Your third house of siblings, neighbours and short distance travel is highlighted by the karmic North Node and two eclipses – the first eclipse is a total lunar eclipse occurring 31 January and the second one occurs on 11 August 2018.

The focus will be on  retreat and contemplation when your 12th house of spirituality, karma and seclusion is activated by a visit from Mercury from 17 May to 6 June. Venus follows close on the heels of Mercury gracing your spirituality sector with her presence from 7 June to 5 July. You may be inspired to spend time in a retreat or health farm nourishing body, mind and soul. It is an ideal time to keep a dream journal exploring the realms of your unconscious yearnings or take up meditation, yoga or martial arts to find extra meaning in your life. It is a time to protect your boundaries so that you can recharge your batteries and feel rejuvenated.

Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius – its impact globally
The mover and shaker, unpredictable Uranus, moved into Taurus on 16 May on the same day that feisty Mars entered Aquarius. These two planets will form a square which creates a volatile energy and an impulse to rebel and break free from restrictions. On the global scene we can see the escalating conflict in Israel on the 70th anniversary of the formation of Israel as over 60 dispossessed Palestinian demonstrators have been killed and thousands more have been wounded by the Israeli soldiers.

Moon Jae-in Kim Jong-un & Trump

Moon Jae-in, Kim Jong-un & Donald Trump

North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un suddenly pulled out of talks with South Korea and went further threatening to cancel the summit with Trump scheduled for 12 June in Singapore if the US pushes for a one-sided deal.

Mahathir Mohamad

Mahathir Mohamad aged 92 after his election victory


Anwar Ibrahim with his wife and daughter after his release from prison

There was a tectonic shift in politics in Malaysia with the incumbent party was defeated in the federal elections by former prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, 92,  last week after a stunning upset vote, defeating not just his former protégé, but the very party he helped create. Motivated by a desire to oust Prime Minister Najib Razak, the scion of a political family who was embroiled in a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal, Malaysians voted in record numbers. One day he is in prison. The next, Anwar Ibrahim is Malaysia’s leader-in-waiting. In a historic week in Malaysian politics that shocked the nation, the ruling party was kicked out of office after more than 60 years in power. Anwar Ibrahim, after being granted a royal pardon was released from prison after serving five years on charges that were widely seen as politically motivated. Anwar born 10 Aug 1947 Bukit Mertajam Malaysia (time unknown) is currently experiencing a Jupiter Return which coincides with his being liberated. The vanquished former Prime Minister Najib Razak who under investigated for widespread corruption has less favourable transits with transiting Pluto squaring his Saturn and Neptune and transiting Uranus square his Sun. The Plutonian energy undermines his authority while the Uranian brings sudden change toppling him from power.

School Massacre in Texas
Another manifestation of the volatile Mars Uranus combination is the latest school massacre which occurred 18 May US time. A 17-year-old student armed with a shotgun and pistol yelled”Surprise!” before opening fire in a Texas high school, killing nine fellow students and a teacher, authorities say, in an attack similar to the massacre at a Florida high school in February. The suspected shooter also had explosive devices that were found in the school and nearby, said Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who called the assault “one of the most heinous attacks that we’ve ever seen in the history of Texas schools”


Cuban Plane crashes just after take-off

More than 100 people have died after a Boeing 737 airliner crashed near Cuba’s main airport in Havana, the country’s worst air disaster in decades. Three women were pulled alive from the wreckage, but are said to be in a critical condition. The plane, which was nearly 40 years old, was carrying 105 passengers and six crew members. Cuban authorities have launched an investigation, and two days of national mourning have been declared.

Volcano in Hawaii

Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

Taurus also represents the Earth and with the volatile Uranus Mars combination we have seen eruptions of the volcano in Hawaii. A massive plume of ash rising from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano prompted a warning yesterday to pilots planning to fly over the area. The eruption isn’t just dangerous to people on the ground anymore — it could also bring down planes.

New Moon in Taurus and Full Moon in Sagittarius
The New Moon at 24 degrees Taurus 36 occurs on 15 May at 9.47 pm AEST Sydney time. Taurus is one of the triplicity of earth signs representing our finances, material possessions and our security needs so there will be a focus on these issues, especially with the entry of Uranus in Taurus. The New Moon is a time for setting our intentions which culminates at the Full Moon. There will be a Full Moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius 10 on 30 May AEST Sydney time. Sagittarius represents freedom, travel, philosophy, the law and higher education so these issues may come into sharp focus.

Gemini Greeting Card illustrated by Sue Robertson
Gemini Poem by Anne Robertson
Esoteric Astrology Volume 3 Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey
Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell
The Inner Planets by Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene





February Astromusings – Happy Birthday Pisceans!

12 Pisces

Illustrated by Sue Robertson

Pisces the two fish
swim through
the unfathomable depths
Body and soul bound by
the silver cord
The soul struggles to
break free of its earthly bonds
to reunite with the Source
and bring Light to the World

(c) Anne Robertson 1987

No fairy tale relates the soul’s journey of Pisces more poignantly than Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. She undergoes sacrifice, great physical pain and personal suffering in return for the attainment of an ideal. She surrenders her beautiful voice, severs her links with her loved ones, and endures unbearable physical pain with every step she takes in return for an immortal soul and the love of a mortal prince who is unattainable. Redeemed from her suffering, she spends the rest of her life in service to others. Both Pisces and its polar opposite sign, Virgo, symbolise service.

Happy birthday to all the Pisceans, who celebrate their birthdays between February 18 and March 20. Pisces, whose symbol is the two fish swimming in opposite directions, is one of the three water signs. Pisces is one of four mutable signs the others being Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

The constellation Pisces comprises the northern and the southern fish, joined together by a rope attached to each of their tails. The fish and the cord form a giant horizontal “V,” at the apex of which is Pisces’s brightest star, Al Rescha, an Arabic word meaning “the Cord” Esoterically the two fish symbolise the Body and the Soul held together by a band – the Sutratma of Eastern philosophy, the Silver Cord in the Bible. The journey of the two fish is symbolic of the journey of humanity toward evolution in consciousness as the soul tries to free itself from the bondage of the ego.

The Age of Pisces
The outgoing Age of Pisces was marked by the birth of Christ, and Christianity commemorates His crucifixion and resurrection, so Pisces is the archetype of the Saviour which represents great suffering and redemption. Pisces falls during Lent, the period of fasting which precedes Easter. During the 500 years before Jesus’ birth, many of the founders of today’s religions were born, including Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao-tse and Confucius. Jesus’ ministry not only laid the foundation for the 2000 year period now coming to a close but for a 26,000 year period referred to as ‘the Great Year’. The Piscean symbolism permeates Christianity. ‘Icthys’, the Greek name for Jesus, means fish. The twelve disciples of Jesus were from the ranks of fishermen. Jesus is said to have fed the multitudes with loaves and fishes. In the early days of Christianity in Rome, Christians, fearing persecution, would identify each other by drawing a picture of a fish in the sand or have a fish painted on the palm of their hand. The Age of Pisces has been marked by religious devotion and worship whereas the Age of Aquarius will focus on cultivating the Divine within humanity.

Neptune the Ruler of Pisces
Pisces’s ruling planet, Neptune, or Poseidon as he was known to the Greeks, ruled over his watery domain with his trident in his hand. In Greek mythology the universe was divided into three realms assigned to the three brothers. The heavens were assigned to Zeus-Jupiter, Hades-Pluto ruled over the Underworld, and Poseidon-Neptune ruled the oceans. The glyph for Neptune is a pictograph of the trident held in the hands of Poseidon. Neptune’s trident is his attribute of power reflecting the lunar crescent which links him to the realms of the instincts and watery depths of the unconscious. Before the planet Neptune was discovered in 1846 Jupiter ruled Pisces. When each planet is discovered it indicates a new level of evolution in the consciousness of humanity. As mentioned in my previous article, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, was discovered at the time of the French revolution and the American War of Independence, while the discovery of Neptune coincided with the spiritualist movement and the founding of the Theosophical Society. Neptune’s two moons, Oberon and Titania which bear the names of the King and Queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Nights Dream’ are symbolic of the dream-like, elusive quality of Pisces and its ruler, Neptune. We can gain an idea of the power of Neptune from the Tower card as depicted in Liz Greene’s Mythic Tarot in which Poseidon, portrayed with a fish’s tail, points his trident at the tower, causing lightning to strike it and cracks begin to appear in its edifice. Neptune rules spirituality and the arts. In its capacity as the planet of spirituality it teaches us non-attachment, because as soon as we identify with a thought, a possession, or a loved one, Neptune can dissolve it.

The Lesson of Neptune in the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice
Neptune’s lesson of non-attachment is nowhere more powerfully evoked that in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus and Eurydice, the newly weds, are very much in love, but instead of fulfilling their wedded bliss, Eurydice steps on a snake, is bitten and dies. The devastated bridegroom, Orpheus, who cannot accept his fate, sets out to retrieve his beloved. Orpheus is the typical Neptunian hero, a poet and musician whose songs and music uplift the spirits. With his music he charms the dog, Cerberus, that guards the Underworld, and persuades its inhabitants, Pluto and Persephone, to allow him to bring Eurydice back to the Upper world. They grant his wish on one condition – that he does not turn around and look at her until she has arrived in the upper world again but he cannot resist the temptation to gaze into the eyes of his beloved and she dissolves before his very eyes and with it his hopes for future happiness. There are always sacrifices and adjustments demanded by Neptune. The promise of happiness and fulfilment is often illusory. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus so requires a selfless love rather than self-gratification.

The Twelfth Labour of Hercules – The Capture of the Red Cattle of Geryon

In this the last of the twelve labours of Hercules the Teacher said to Hercules, ” Before the last gate now you stand, One labour yet remains before the circle is complete, and liberation is attained. He is told to proceed to Erytheia where great Illusion is enthroned where Geryon, the monster of three heads, three bodies and six hands, is lord and king. Unlawfully he holds a herd of dark red cattle. Hercules is told by his teacher that he must drive the herd from Erytheia to their Sacred City. He is warned to look out for Eurytion, the shepherd and his two headed dog Orthrus. His Teacher advises Hercules to invoke the aid of Helius which Hercules does, making offerings to Helius the god of fire in the sun. His offerings were rewarded with the gift of a golden chalice which provided safe protection for his journey across the tossing seas to Erytheia.

Hercules killed the double headed dog Orthrus which guarded the cattle but spared the life of the shepherd Eurytion. Hercules then proceeded to kill the monster Geryon. Hercules placed all the cattle in the golden cup in which he had sailed over to the island, took them to the Sacred City, and offered them in sacrifice to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. The Teacher greeted Hercules with the words, “Welcome, O Son of God who is also a son of man. The jewel of immortality is yours. By these twelve labours have you overcome the human, and put on the divine. Home have you come, no more to leave. Upon the starry firmament your name shall be inscribed, a symbol to the struggling sons of men of their immortal destiny. The human labours ended your cosmic tasks begin. From out of the Council Chamber came a voice that said, “well done, O Son of God.”

Alice Bailey explains the symbolism of the red cattle as that of the lower desires which are guarded by the shepherd, which is the mind, the two headed dog representing the matter aspect and the psychic nature. The reason that Hercules spared the shepherd symbolising the mind as the mind can still be the shepherd of the cattle but the two headed dog the psychic-emotional nature and the matter aspect, Hercules killed, which means that they were deprived of any power. The keeper of the cattle, the form aspect was killed but the shepherd and the cattle were raised up in the golden cup which symbolised the Holy Grail. Bailey goes onto explain that Hercules the World Saviour has fulfilled his function of lifting up humanity.

The Constellation of Pisces
Alice Bailey explains that the sign of Pisces marks a triangular place in the heavens, a symbol of reality. The sign rules the feet hence the idea of treading the Path and attaining the goal has been the underlying spiritual revelation of the Piscean age. Pisces symbolises the death to the personality and also the death of the world saviour for it is the sign of crucifixion and marks the end of the zodiacal cycle.

The first constellation in Pisces is that curious cluster of stars called “The Band”, connecting the two fishes, one fish headed straight to the north and the other swimming on the horizon. The fish headed toward the north is the symbol of the aspirant to the mysteries while the fish on the horizon represents the average person.

The second constellation is Andromeda, the chained woman.  Alice Bailey alludes to three women among the constellations and explains their symbolism: There is Cassiopeia in Aries representing matter seated in her chair, dominant; Coma Berenice in Virgo who sacrificed her hair to be of service, representing the soul only beginning to assert itself. Andromeda the chained woman in Pisces represents matter harnessed.

The third constellation in Pisces is the King named Cepheus, the husband of Cassiopeia and the father of Andromeda. Bailey claims this suggests that “The King” represents the Spirit or Father aspect.

Alan Oken in his book ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’ has this to say about the constellation of Pisces: The waters of space obscure this constellation even more than they do in Aquarius however because of its very distinct shape it is easier to identify. Although it is one of the faintest of the twelve zodiacal asterisms it is one of the longest measuring about 41 degrees of celestial longitude. It is composed of the northern and southern fish joined together by a rope attached to each of their tails. the northern fish is the smaller of the two: it swims toward the constellation of Andromeda and the great nebula which lies within its boundaries. The southern fish swims under the great square of Pegasus the Flying Horse, and points its nose in the direction of Aquarius.

South of Al Rescha (also called “the Knot”) is Cetus the Whale, and east of the upper arm of the “V” is Aries.

Piscean Anatomy and Health
Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and if we take into account the Universal Law, ‘As Above So Below’ it follows that Pisces rules the feet, the last part of the body. Added to this is the fact that March, the month in which Pisces falls, is derived from the Latin word, ‘margo’, which means extremity, limit, edge, boundary, or attainment.

Metaphysically, Pisces is related to understanding, and good understanding is necessary before we can travel far mentally. Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, often referred to as a psychic sponge so they need to protect their boundaries to avoid being overwhelmed by other people’s negative vibes. They need to have periodic retreats from the world to recharge their batteries.

Anatomically Pisces also rules the pineal gland, the lymphatic system, the aura and parts of the nervous system receptive to psychic impressions. An afflicted Neptune can lead to auto-immune disorders or conditions difficult to diagnose. In her book, ‘Astrology and Biochemistry’ Vanda Sawtell describes the role of the cell salt related to Pisces: “The Biochemic cell salt related to the sign Pisces is iron or Ferrum phos. Iron has an affinity for oxygen which together produce red blood. When iron is lacking the blood is pale and anaemic. Physiologically, iron which is related to Pisces, is in charge of the transport system of the body, just as our feet have charge of the transport of the body as a whole. Deficiencies of iron in the blood can cause inflammation or congestion, injuries and haemorrhages, dull throbbing headaches, insomnia, sore throat, lumbago, heart palpitations, emotional disturbances, colds and chills especially when feverish, rheumatism, fractures, cuts, sprains, bruises anaemia, depression, or listlessness.”

Pisceans can be prone to allergies caused by foods such as milk and dairy products. They need to include foods in their diet which keep their lymphatic system flowing, such as fish, a good source of protein, lemon, lime, cranberry and apple juice, leafy green salads and vegetables such as cabbage and celery, and grains such as brown rice, and potatoes and kumara. Exercises that encourage deep breathing such as yoga or pilates would also be beneficial. Neptune rules drugs and alcohol, therefore Pisceans or people with strong Neptune placements can be very prone to addictive behaviour.

Because of their compassionate natures they need to be discerning in whom they help and beware of a tendency toward martyrdom. The gemstone for Pisceans is aquamarine.  Bach flower essences that can relieve the Piscean tendency toward physical and mental exhaustion are hornbeam, and scleranthus for changeability, indecisiveness and moodiness. A homeopathic remedy indicated for heat exhaustion, headache, nausea and cramps, Veratrum album, would be beneficial for the  Piscean. Aromatherapy oils that would be a healing balm for the sensitive Piscean include sandalwood, jasmine, myrrh and ylang-ylang. The healing musical note for Pisces is B.

The Piscean Hall of Fame
Neptune rules the 12th house which deals with sacrifice, the unconscious mind, mysticism, imagination, illusion, intuition, confinements and past lives. For this reason people born under the sign of Pisces or having strong 12th house placements are often drawn to careers in the arts or spiritual endeavour. Anatomically Pisces rules the feet so it is not surprising to see that the famous ballet dancers, Nijinsky and Nureyev were Piscean. Pisceans exude an aura of glamour and a certain mystique which makes them well suited to the stage or screen.

Famous actors include Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine, Drew Barrymore, Leo McKern of Rumpole fame, Glenn Close, Liza Minnelli, Lynn Redgrave and Julie Walters.  Famous Piscean singers include Johnny Cash, Neil Sedaka and George Harrison. Piscean composers in the Hall of Fame include Chopin, Handel, Vivaldi, Ravel and Rossini. Piscean writers who have entranced their readers with their vivid imaginations include Kenneth Grahame, the author of The Wind in the Willows, the poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Dr Seuss whose stories have enchanted many children. Those Pisceans listed amongst the famous painters are Michelangelo, Botticelli and Renoir.
Pisceans who have contributed to the mystical realm include Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, a very gifted healer and medium, the Dutch psychic Gerard Croiset, the Indian mystic Meher Baba, Rudolph Steiner the founder of the Anthroposophical movement and Roberto Assagioli the visionary psychiatrist who developed Psychosynthesis.



Neptune Transits
Every one of us experiences Neptune transits in our life. These transits can either enhance our sensitivity, intuition, compassion and creativity if they are positive transits, or if they are challenging transits can bring about confusion, deception, loss, sacrifice and suffering in our lives in order to teach us the lesson of non-attachment. Neptune’s cycle is approximately 160 years therefore it doesn’t complete a full circle and return to its natal place in the span of a lifetime. Neptune transits occur in the middle to late twenties around the time of the first Saturn Return, enabling us to aspire to our ideal of what we could be. A major Neptune transit occurs around the age of 42 coinciding with the Uranus opposition which represents the mid-life crisis and its subsequent search for meaning. In our mid fifties there is another Neptune transit which can enhance spiritual growth. The final major Neptune transit that we are likely to experience if we live into our eighties occurs in our mid eighties, around the same time as the Uranus Return which marks a time of reflection, not only of life and death but also of what lies beyond.


 Overview for Pisces for 2017

Neptune in Pisces
Soulful Neptune continues it sojourn in its home sign of Pisces bringing spiritual upliftment and creative inspiration for all Pisceans. Neptune will be in your home sign of Pisces until January 2026 when it will change signs moving into Aries. Sometimes you may feel a bit lost or confused as if you have lost your moorings but your ruling planet Neptune is beckoning you to attune to your highest spiritual and creative potential.

Saturn is continuing its sojourn through your career sector and will be there until December 2017. This will bring more hard work and responsibility and a certain gravitas.

Work and Health
Your work and health sector is highlighted by two eclipses – a lunar eclipse on 11 February and a solar eclipse on 21 August.

The karmic north node which charts your destiny is in Virgo and is also continuing its sojourn through your relationship sector. Other cosmic visitors that will be in your relationship sector are Mercury, Venus and Mars. Quicksilver Mercury will be there from 26 July until 10 September facilitating communication in your relationships. However, part of Mercury’s stay there will be in retrograde motion from 13 August to 4 September which could bring confusion and misunderstandings. Feisty Mars will make its presence felt in your relationship sector from 6 September to 22 October giving you the impetus to assert your needs in your relationship. Gentle Venus will grace your relationship sector with her presence from 21 September to 14 October bringing harmony and romance to your relationships.

Unpredictable Uranus continues its journey through your 2nd house of finances, possessions and values. This brings both uncertainty and excitement to your financial life. It encourages you to be innovative to develop your own unique approach to managing your finances rather than going with the status quo. You may use your ingenuity to devise your own money-making schemes. Jupiter moved into your debt and tax sector in September 2016 and will remain there until 10 October 2017. Part of Jupiter’s passage here will be in retrograde motion from 6 February 2017 to 8 June 2017 so you need to take care with your budget and taxes.

Home and Family
 Dynamic Mars will be in your domestic sector from 22 April to 4 June imbuing you with plenty of energy to deal with family matters and assert your needs. Communicative Mercury will pay a visit to your domestic sector from 7 to 21 June  giving you an opportunity to network with your family and have any conversations on family matters. Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 6 to 31 July making this an ideal time for any family get togethers.

Travel and Education
Quicksilver Mercury will pay a visit to your travel and education sector from 18 October to 5 November facilitating communication here. Feisty Mars pays a visit to your travel and education sector from 10 December 2017 to 26 Jan 2018 imbuing you with energy to pursue these areas of your life. Venus will grace you with her presence from 8 November to 1 December which would be an ideal time for a romantic getaway or pleasure cruise.

Friendships, Groups and Goals
Powerful Pluto continues to make its presence felt in your eleventh house of friends, groups and goals causing you to make radical changes in this area of your life. Your power and influence will be felt in groups situations. You may act as a catalyst for change for your friends or there may even be some power struggles resulting in a friendship coming to an end. You may radically alter your goals including your life purpose as Pluto’s impact is felt here. Venus graces your friendship sector with her charming presence  from 26 December 2017 to 18 January 2018. This should promote affection and harmony in your  social circles and group activities. 

Your spirituality sector will be highlighted by a partial lunar eclipse on 7 August 2017. A solar eclipse aligns with karmic South Node in your solar first house on 26 February.

Pisces Greeting Card Illustrated by Sue Robertson
Pisces Poem by Anne Robertson
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Soul-Centred Astrology: A Key to your Expanding Self  by Alan Oken
Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey
Astrological Keys to Self-actualization & Self-realization by Clara A. Weiss
Astrology and Biochemistry by Vanda Sawtell


June Astromusings -The Mars Factor, New Moon in Gemini

Mission to MarsThe fascination for the red planet Mars has long been in the collective unconscious of us Earthlings. There have been many missions to Mars some failures and some successes. Since 1996, Mars exploration has undergone a Renaissance, with data from four orbiters and four landed missions developing a revolutionary new view of Mars as an Earth-like world with a complex geologic history. Richard Branson-and-Virgin-GalacticThe British entrepreneur, Richard Branson,  described the future of American spaceflight, saying that people will eventually settle on Mars — and he hopes to be one of the first.  Branson isn’t alone in dreams of life on Mars. SpaceX is also developing a reusable orbital launch system that would make spaceflight affordable and permanent Mars settlement a reality.

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus book The book Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus written Men are From Mars Women are from Venus Broadway showby relationship counsellor, John Gray Ph.D proved popular in the self help category. This publication led to further books on this topic, board games and a Broadway show of the same name etc. However, it could be argued that this is a bit too simplistic as Dr Carl Jung would describe the masculine principle, Mars, as the woman’s animus, and the feminine principle, Venus, as the man’s anima. Both sexes are capable of assertiveness, anger and aggression as well as being harmonious and loving. It may be that women are conditioned to be more placating and less assertive but it doesn’t necessarily preclude assertiveness or aggression in their nature.

Poor old Mars has had a bit of a bad press going back to Hellenistic astrology where Mars along with Saturn were classed as ‘malefics’ i.e. the baddies. However, it depends how one uses one’s Mars energy whether it is constructively or destructively channelled. I have been thinking a lot about Mars energy lately with the anger exploding on an individual and collective level. We have the collective anger that the Machiavellian Donald Trump is tapping into and exploiting in the US presidential primaries, the prevalence of mass shootings in the US, the recent election in the Philippines of President Rodrigo Duterte who supports killing journalists and criminals, the Paris riots over Hollande’s proposed workplace reforms, the collective outrage against the gang rape of the teenage girl in Brazil, not to mention the scourge of global terrorism and closer to home the ugly clashes between pro and anti refugees in Melbourne and the rage against the Baird government’s forced council mergers and the WestConnex etc.

It is no accident that Mars energy is currently so prevalent as Mars was conjunct the last powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius. It has now retrograded back into volatile Scorpio. Mars energy is quite complex and we only have to study the mythology of Mars and Aries to gain an insight into it. Aries glyphAries’ ruling planet Mars, or Greek Ares is the God of War. In its highest aspect Mars serves as the vehicle of new outpourings of energy into the material world, which, if used constructively can bring advancement to humanity.

Mars ancient glyph 2The ancient glyph for Mars, a circle with a cross on top, represents the sceptre, the symbol of authority and royalty. It is Venus turned on its head.Mars glyph The second glyph that is currently used  is an image of the shield and lance as well as depicting the erect phallus, a symbol of virility and procreative powers. In the Roman Pantheon Mars was accorded great honours. Mars was second only to Jupiter-Zeus, The Romans attributed many positive qualities to Mars. He was the great god of Nature, a giver of fertility, a protector of fields and herds, as well as a general inspiration to all new projects and ideas. It was in his honour that the Romans dedicated their first month, March, which coincides with the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere.

Positive Attribute of Mars
Let us examine the positive attributes of Mars. Apart from representing aggression and anger, Mars can represent nobility, courage, heroism, daring, invincibility, stamina, enterprise and physical courage as expressed by the exploits of ancient heroes such as Hercules, Theseus and Jason etc. Aries rules the head so it also symbolises ideals. In alchemy Mars is equated with sulphur and was often referred to as the wolf. Romulus & RemusThere is an interesting synchronicity with Mars being the father of the twins, Romulus and Remus who were suckled by a she-wolf and raised by shepherds and who grew up to found the city of Rome. In the alchemical context sulphur represents the aggressive instinct, the primal life force, the bestial aspect before it is subject to those transformative forces which will result in humanisation. Each of the planets represent a different stage of our personal development. In its raw force Mars represents the ‘terrible twos’ stage with tantrums like volcanic eruptions.

Donald Trump, Sandra Fluke, Megyn Kelly, Hillary ClintonThe Mars Factor in Donald Trumps’s natal chart
It is interesting to note that Mars is one of the most prominent planets in Donald Trump’s natal chart with Mars in fiery Leo placed in the first house of ego ruled by Aries. Trump is notorious for his dummy spits, arrogance and narcissistic behaviour so characterisic of unevolved fire sign energy.

In its destructive mode as expressed by Donald Trump, Mars energy can be crude, cruel, insensitive, petulant, combative, bullying, violent and egotistical. He has offended women, the disabled, Latinos, blacks, Muslims, American Indians, journalists, other politicians to name but a few. His behaviour is reminiscent of the schoolyard bully where the Mars energy runs rampant with absolutely no filter. He belittles his political opponents, taunting them with derogatory adjectives such as ‘little’ Marco for Marco Rubio and ‘crooked’ Hillary for Hillary Clinton and ‘Pocahontas’ for Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Trump would be what Liz Greene refers to on her section on Mars in the book The Inner Planets the ‘Berserker’ of Teutonic version of Mars, drunk on the wine of combat.

Trump rally violence in New MexicoWe have seen the recent riots at his rallies in New Mexico and Santiago. Trump’s use of Mars is divisive and polarising pitting one side against the other, threatening to build a wall between America and Mexico – a symbol of his own inner divisiveness.

French blockadeRiots in France against labour reforms
Meanwhile in France three months of student and union-led protests against Hollande’s Socialist government labour reforms have descended into violent clashes between demonstrators and police around the country. Unions have threatened to disrupt transport for the millions of visitors to the Euro 2016 football championship which kicks off across France on June 10. The contentious issue around these reforms will give employers more flexibility to hire and fire.

Protest against council mergersMeanwhile at home in Sydney about 200 protesters, angry at the NSW Government’s decision to merge Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville councils into one entity, and the WestConnex project drowned out Inner West Council administrator Richard Pearson during the meeting at Petersham on Tuesday night.

Anti Iskam protest in MelbourneIn Melbourne last weekend there were ugly clashes between pro refugee and anti refugee protesters. Police used pepper spray to separate more than 300 angry protesters as anti-Islam and anti-racism groups clashed in the streets of Melbourne.

The 3 Hs – Hopelessness, Helplessness and Hostility
However we choose to express our anger individually or collectively, psychologists all talk about the 3 Hs – hopelessness, helplessness and hostility. There is a sense of powerlessness that often accompanies our angry outbursts. I know for myself I have Mars conjunct my natal Moon representing emotions in Gemini in the 6th house of work and health. I find that the I can blow off steam by venting my anger verbally. It might be in the form of yelling expletives at politicians on TV whose views and policies don’t concur with my own. Having Mars in the house of health I can suffer from inflammations, digestive or gynaecological problems. I find that practising martial arts provides a good outlet for expressing my Mars energy.

Martian Heroines in Mythology and History
Both mythology and history abound with Martian heroines. In mythology there are  the Amazons, Egyptian Sekhmet, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Pallas Athena etc. In history we have such


Queen Boadicea

feminine role models as Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc and Boadicea to name but a few. As Liz Greene acknowledges the expression of Mars may be more basic, urgent and literal for men. Traditionally, the channelling of Mars energy for women, the ‘fairer sex’, has been limited and circumscribed. Women have to learn to channel the Mars energy constructively and even if they do so can still be labelled as ball breakers or bitches etc.

Psychologists refer to natural root aggression which endows us with the will to unfold more of who we are and grow into our full potential. Healthy aggression leads to independence, autonomy and individuality. It is more dangerous to suppress our drives and aggression as it can lead to passive aggression, sexual dysfunction, illnesses such as migraines and gastro-intestinal problems as well as depression.

The suppression of the natural Mars energy can play havoc in intimate relationships if one partner denies their Mars energy the other partner may act it out for them. There can be covert Mars energy showing up as the passive aggressive, the hen-pecked husband, the woman playing the role of victim or martyr. Liz Greene refers to the trio of closeness, dependency and anger when we are close to someone we are likely to project our unresolved infantile complexes onto them.

Rosie BattyDomestic and Family Violence
When we look at the alarming occurrence of family or domestic violence in Australia and across the world we can begin to see how vital it is for both men and women to have a healthy constructive outlet for their Mars energy. Statistics show two women are murdered by their partners every week in Australia. There are many initiatives set up now to rehabilitate and re-educate men on how to handle their anger. We all need to take responsibility for our anger. As Dr Carl Jung theorised we are often both repelled and fascinated by our own shadow contents. Many people are attracted to violent movies and video games. According to Jung people who commit murders, atrocities, rapes etc. are carrying out the collective rage. This may be unpalatable to some but it is worth giving it some consideration.

New Moon In Gemini
There is a New Moon in Gemini 4/5 June. It will be at 14 degrees 53 on 5 June at 12.59.31 am Sydney time. This New Moon will be conjunct Venus forming a grand mutable cross with Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. This could be chaotic energy making it difficult to handle. However, the grand trine in Earth with Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury should help to bring some stability and balance to the more chaotic energy of the grand mutable cross.

Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology by Alan Oken
The Inner Planets by Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene

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